Guide to buying electric blankets

Last updated on May 13, 2022

Many people use an electric blanket during colder months to keep themselves warm. It is an attractive option to keep yourself warm, because it does not increase your monthly electric bill. 

An electric blanket contains integrated electrical heating wires. It only heats the fabric and provides a source of warmth to those under it.

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Tips to use an electric blanket safely

A with all electric devices, there is a fire risk involved. 

The best way to reduce the electric blanket fire risk is to make sure that you turn it on shortly before getting into bed. 

Some additional guidelines are:

  • Electric blankets are not recommended for overnight use.
  • Electric blankets can interfere with the body’s nocturnal temperature cycles thus interfering with sleep.
  • You should not use them with double adapters.
  • Never lay on top of them while they are running.
  • Do not fold the blankets while you are using them
  • Do not allow your infants to use the electric blankets.
  • Make sure not to place your electric blanket in a washer. Some manufacturers say that it is safe to place it in a washer, but there is a risk of damage to the electric system.

Folding your electric blanket will increase the risk of damaging the wiring. Make sure to hang or roll the blanket when you store it. If you have stored your electric blanket for a long period, make sure to check it for any issues before you use it. 

Each year thousands of blankets are recalled, and it is important to know the potential problems than to just assume that nothing bad can happen.

If you notice the appearance of wear and tear on the blanket, make sure to replace it. 

If your blanket is 10 years old or more, it should also be replaced regardless of its appearance. You should take help from Fire Testing Services to help ensure your electric blanket safety.

An important home fire safety and burn prevention tactic is the proper use electric blanket. 

When the electric blankets are not properly used, they can harm or even kill someone. You need to invest a few minutes only to inspect the blanket and a little more time to use it cautiously.

Is electric blanket useful?

An electric blanket keeps your body at the same temperature throughout the night. With the use of an electric blanket, your sleep is not interrupted, and you wake up energized and refreshed.

Using an electric blanket also keeps your bed warm at a perfect temperature. 

The risks of electric blanket usage can be reduced by understanding the proper way to use and maintain your product correctly.

If you keep your heated blanket on one area for too long, then it might get too hot or cause burns. 

An electric blanket can also cause miscarriage in pregnant women, so it is important to be careful in this case.

Pros and Cons of using an electric blanket

Pros of using electric blanket

 Relieves pain:

The heat provided by your electric blanket can help reduce cramps and lower tightness in muscles. 

These electric blankets are not made to relieve major pain, though they can help increase the blood flow in the body, and that in turn helps with minor cramps, aches, or pains.

➡  The electric blanket helps you save energy:

Electric blankets are very energy efficient. These blankets do not heat the entire room but they only use enough energy to keep you warm. 

If you buy higher quality, thicker blankets, you can save money because thicker blankets stay warm for longer even when they are not plugged in and also heat up faster. 

These blankets also have an auto-off feature so you don’t have to worry about them overheating after you fall asleep or running all night long.

➡  Electric blankets provide better sleep:

These blankets provide you with better quality of sleep. Sudden temperature changes can interrupt your sleep, make you sick, and might cause you to toss and turn all night. 

Sometimes, due to headaches, grogginess, and fatigue, you can be pulled from a deep sleep. 

But your electric blanket is going to keep your temperature consistent, so your sleep cycle will not be disturbed.

  1. Electric blankets can also help you improve your mood:

Warmth naturally calms your body and mind, so sleeping with a heated blanket instead of a normal one can boost your mood. 

Since our body uses a lot of energy to stay warm, you may feel stressed or anxious on cold nights. In this case, a heated blanket would help you lower the amount of energy the body needs to keep a consistent body temperature.

Cons of using electric blanket

  1. Not washable:

Since people sleep in their beds for about six to eight hours every night, bedding needs to be washed at least twice a month. 

And one of the biggest downsides of electric blankets is that they are not washable, because when such blankets are placed in water or a cycle, the wiring used in the blanket may be damaged. 

The easiest way to avoid this problem is by using a removable cover over the blanket, then you can wash the cover separately.

2. There is a fire risk to an electric blanket:

Just like other electrical appliances, heated blankets can also be dangerous to some extent; for instance, they can be fire hazards. 

If you leave them on for an extended time, this can increase the chance of something dangerous happening. Electric blankets also cause increased risk of heart stroke.

Fortunately, a newer electric blanket has an automatic shut-off mechanism to prevent it from overheating or any other mishap. 

Nevertheless, you need to be cautious because older blankets do not have this feature, so make sure you do not accidentally leave your electric blanket turned on when you fall asleep or when you are not using it.

3. Electric blanket is not pet friendly:

Animals love to snuggle in the warmth of a heated blanket and when they use one, this can help relax excited or agitated animals. However, such electric heated blankets can cause some risk to your furry pets in case they decide to claw, scratch, or chew on the blanket while it is switched on.

Types of electric blankets:

There are many types of electric blankets including, under blankets, over blankets, throws, and duvets. 

These do not heat the atmosphere so an electric blanket would not replace the source of heat in your home.

Sometimes, due to the brisk chills of winter, a regular blanket is not enough. In these cases, an electric blanket is very helpful to ensure a comfortable sleep during the night.

These blankets are made from a heavy, sturdy material and have an internally integrated wiring system that provides warmth and heat through coil wires. 

When you plug these blankets into your electrical outlet, you can set them on different levels of heat. Most of the time an electric blanket is made from a combination of acrylic material and polyester.

Common brands offer blankets with at least three heat levels – low, medium, and high. 

Some electric blankets are made for a double bed and that might come with adjustable heat levels on each side. You can change the level of heat through an attached remote with the flick of a button.

Guide to buying an electric blanket

➡  Moisture-wicking fabrics keep you warm and dry:

To stay warm and cozy and not overheated, you need to make sure that your blanket is made out of natural fibres like silk, wool, and cotton, which takes moisture away from the body. These fabrics are way better than their synthetic counterparts.

➡ There are options of electric blankets for those who have some allergies:

If you are prone to sniffles, watery eyes, and sneezes then you can choose to put a cover on your electric blanket so you can wash it. This is the easiest and fastest way to eliminate allergens.

➡ An electric blanket is safe as it has low maintenance:

If you like a warm, toasty bed then you should consider an electric blanket that is an auto shut-off feature after an electric blanket is once warmed up to a specified temperature. 

Most of the new electric blankets have this modern feature, so one must choose an auto shut-off electric blanket. 

Some remote controls also have 10 settings, a pre-heat setting after a specified period of time.

➡ Every other blanket differs in the amount of warmth they provide:

You have already read about the types of the electric blankets in this article, so the warmth of blankets varies according to the features of an electric blanket.

Make sure to get yourself a suitable electric blanket that meets your requirements.

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