7 best vanity lights to buy in Australia

Last updated on May 17, 2022

Space lighting has always been a major interest for Australians. 

Over time, modern and advanced lighting fixtures have revolutionized the lighting industry. 

With evolving trends in the space lighting niche, new kinds of products are continuously being introduced in the market to satisfy customer needs.

Among various lighting fixtures, vanity lights have become quite popular with the increased focus on interior decoration. 

They come in a wide variety to meet different consumer requirements. Vanity lights are a great tool to adequately meet both space lighting and interior décor needs.

What is a Vanity Light?

A vanity light is a purpose-built lighting fixture, that is exclusively designed to light up bathroom vanities. 

Their focused illumination ensures a pleasing and satisfying experience for users by creating an ambiently lit environment.

A vanity is basically the sink along with storage space and a mirror meant for hygiene and grooming activities. 

Vanity lights are meant to illuminate these vanity spaces to help the user perform their grooming tasks. As such, they are an indispensable component of every bathroom.

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Types of Vanity Lights

Vanity lights vary significantly in their designs and material in order to cover different requirements of bathroom vanities. 

From lighting to décor, vanity lights fulfil a wide range of purposes to enhance the user experience.

Vanity lights of many different types are available in Australian markets. Here are a few types of vanity lights you will find in the bathroom lighting niche.

1. Vanity LED Strips

The LED strip is a popular type of vanity light that provides a diffused kind of lighting experience to the users. 

These lights develop an overall outlook and theme for the bathroom lighting giving it an aesthetic appearance. They serve to create an ambience in your bathroom vanities for a relaxing experience.

2. Vanity Mirror Lights

Mirror LEDs are particularly designed to illuminate the surroundings of bathroom vanity mirrors. 

They are a great option for task lighting to allow users to perform more precise activities. They ensure an adequate lighting experience for you without straining the eyes.

3. Vanity Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are ceiling-mounted lights that are extensively used to illuminate bathroom vanities for different purposes. 

They provide a more minimalistic and focused illumination, and allow you to conveniently perform your tasks without being blinding.

4. Vanity Tube Lights

The tube LEDs perform vanity illumination with utmost precision and adequacy. 

They are wall mount tube-shaped lights that can be installed above vanity mirrors and offer diffused light for your vanity tasks. 

They are a great fit for classical and traditional bathroom themes.

5. Vanity Scones

Scones are a highly popular type of vanity light that usually frames the vanity mirrors. 

They are often preferred by users because of their relaxing illumination that enables you to perform precise grooming tasks. 

They prevent straining of the eyes by offering a more balanced lighting experience.

Why should you use a vanity light?

Vanity lights offer many benefits other than just lighting up the vanity space. 

With their versatile nature and different designs, they fit well with a wide range of interiors and décor themes. 

Here we will discuss a few major reasons why you should you use a vanity light for your bathroom.


Vanity lights are a great means of creating an ambience in your bathroom. 

With vanity lights installed in your bathrooms, you get to relish a more natural environment and pleasing aesthetics.

Such an ambient environment allows you to perform your grooming and hygiene tasks with more ease and comfort. 

This consequently ensures a more soothing and relaxing experience with adequately lit bathroom vanities.

 Visibility Enhancement

Vanity lights enhance visibility in your bathrooms by providing a more focused and effective illumination.

This visibility and resultant depth of visual perception are particularly important for users. 

This helps you perform precise tasks like shaving, trimming, skincare, and grooming activities perfectly. This enhanced visibility also helps you reach for bathroom articles more easily.

 Space Décor

Bathroom décor is considered in both household and corporate sectors to add to the overall property worth. 

Evolving lifestyle trends have led to more interest in bathroom decor in all kinds of residential and commercial properties.

Vanity lights are an effective means of enhancing the interior décor of the bathroom by illuminating vanities. 

Vanity lights come in various designs and colours that go well with different interior themes, and as such, play a vital role in the décor enhancement of bathroom vanities.


In comparison to conventional lights, vanity lights offer more diverse features to the users. 

Among these, a major advantage is their cost-effective affordable routine operation. 

Vanity lights, particularly the ones incorporating LED features, ensure highly budget-friendly functionality. This leads to cost savings without compromising the lighting experience.

Best Vanity Lights to Buy in Australia

With evolving lifestyle trends, the importance of décor – including bathroom décor- has increased, and subsequently, vanity lights have gained significant importance. 

This has led to the introduction of a wide range of vanity light products in the market with new and advanced features.

However, buying a vanity light from such a diverse variety can be confusing for potential customers. 

Here we will review the 7 best vanity lights you can buy in Australia.

1. Drake 20 Flush Light

Drake flush vanity light

Drake 20 flush light is a classic and traditional design vanity light for illuminating bathroom vanities. 

Its conventional spherical design makes it a versatile addition to all sorts of bathroom decors. 

The product can either be mounted on a ceiling or walls, depending on the needs of the users.

Drake 20 optimally fits with traditional as well as modern interiors. 

It not only provides a top-notch illumination to vanities, but significantly enhances bathroom décor themes too.

Key Features

  • Metal and glass construction
  • Frame colour of matt nickel with a slight shine
  • Opal matt shade colour
  • 240 volts power rating
  • IP rating of IP20
  • ASA: Australian Standards Approved
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

2. Goth 2L Wall Light

wall vanity light

Goth 2L wall light is an elegant vanity light that comes as a wall mount light. 

It offers dual fixtures to install 2 light bulbs together for enhanced illumination. 

It is a fine product to illuminate your bathroom vanities with the best lighting experience.

Goth 2L wall light is a great option for elegant décor themes, giving your bathroom vanities a more unique look. 

Along with its lighting function, it complements your bathroom vanity décor too, giving it a more stylish touch.

Key Features

  • Metal and glass construction
  • Elegant frame colour of black and brass
  • Clear glass shade colour
  • Dual light fixtures
  • 240 volts power rating
  • IP rating of IP20
  • ASA: Australian Standards Approved
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

3. Goth 4L Wall Light

Goth 4L wall light is a wall mount vanity light that is highly durable. 

This product comes with 4 light fixtures projecting from nickel rods and a black tube. 

With its 4 lights provision, it is great for bigger bathroom vanities to provide adequate space lighting to the user.

Goth 4L wall light is a good fit for traditional as well as modern décor themes making it a versatile vanity product. 

Its potential for incorporating multiple lights provides more extended vanity lighting for precision-requiring tasks and ambience.

Key Features

  • Metal and glass construction
  • Frame colour of black and nickel rods
  • White opal glass gross shade colour
  • 4 lights fixtures
  • 240 volts power rating
  • IP rating of IP20
  • ASA: Australian Standards Approved
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

4. Sara 7L Wall Light

sara wall vanity light for bathroom

Sara 7L wall light is a wall mount vanity light that comes in the form of a bar. 

Its distinctive design gives an improved look to your bathroom vanities, particularly those with a dark theme. 

It comes with a provision to install 7 lights in the light fixtures within the wall mount bar.

Sara 7L wall light is a particularly great option to install along the mirrors to improve the visual experience for the user. 

Its metal construction makes it an immensely durable vanity lighting option for your bathrooms. 

Sara 7L vanity light enables the users to precisely perform their grooming activities easily.

Key Features

  • Durable metal construction
  • Modern frame colour of matt black
  • 7 light fixtures
  • 240 volts power rating
  • IP rating of IP20
  • ASA: Australian Standards Approved
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

5. Oras 24W LED Wall Light

Oras 24 watt LED wall light is a wall mount bar-shaped light built specifically to illuminate bathroom vanities. 

This product with its chrome frame is an elegant addition to your bathroom interior. 

Its enhanced lighting experience ensures an ambient environment for your vanities.

Oras 24 watt LED light comes with a colour-changing feature using an inbuilt switch. 

The LED colours can be changed between 3000k, 4000k, and 5000k. 

This makes Oras LED a versatile product to match various themes of interior décor. This product goes well with dark, light, and even colourful bathroom interiors.

Key Features

  • Chrome frame with opal diffuser
  • Non-replaceable 24 watts LED light
  • Colour changing using an inbuilt switch
  • The light output of 1600 LM
  • Color Render Index (CRI) > 84
  • Power factor > 0.90
  • The beam angle of > 120̊
  • 240 volts power rating
  • IP rating of IP44
  • ASA: Australian Standards Approved
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty

6. Domus 10W Mirror LED Light

Domus 10 watt mirror LED light is a highly versatile vanity light that can adequately illuminate bathroom vanities. 

The beautifully designed Domus 10 watt LED fits well with all sorts of traditional and modern bathroom decors. 

It is a great wall mount LED particularly designed to illuminate the mirror sides of vanities.

The tubular Domus 10 watt LED light offers a colour-changing feature to provide a more customized lighting experience to its users. 

It offers more focused illumination for precision-demanding tasks to be carried out. 

Hence its versatility makes it a great fit for lighting and décor requirements.

Key Features

  • Wall mount mirror light
  • Tubular aluminium construction
  • Opal frost polycarbonate diffuser
  • 240 volts power rating
  • 10 watt LED light
  • Tri-color technology of 3000k, 4000k and 5700k
  • IP rating of IP40
  • 3 years replacement warranty

7. Eglo Palmera 4.5W LED Light

Eglo Palmera 4.5 watt LED light is a wall mount vanity light with a stylish and elegant design meant to illuminate bathroom vanities. 

The product comes with an adaptable design that matches traditional and stylish interiors.

Eglo Palmera 4.5 watt LED provides a top-notch lighting experience for users to carry out grooming tasks. 

Its minimalistic and compact design makes it a great fit for smaller installation spaces too. 

You can particularly install these lights above vanity mirrors to enjoy adequate task lighting for activities requiring precision.

Key Features

  • Wall mount LED light
  • Matt opal glass diffuser
  • 240 volts power rating
  • 4.5 watt LED light
  • Brightness output of 480 LM
  • IP rating of IP44
  • 5 years replacement warranty

6 Things to Consider when buying Vanity light

With so many varieties available in the vanity lighting niche, making a smart choice is never an easy task.

Over time, more vanity lighting products are being introduced in the market making it more difficult to select one for your vanity requirements.

However, considering a few factors can help you go for the optimal product for you. 

Here we will discuss 6 things you must consider when buying a vanity light to make the smartest purchase.

1. Budget and Costs

Cost is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a vanity light. 

This not only includes the upfront product price but associated costs of operations, installation and maintenance too. Always opt for a product that fits well within your budget range.

Besides that, consider the watt power of different products to determine their energy consumption. 

In a nutshell, a product that is easy to install and doesn’t require too much maintenance will help you save money without compromising on performance.

2. Product Design

Vanity lights come in a wide variety of designs. They can be bars, strips, pendants, or other designs. 

Apart from that, their material, colours, and the number of fixtures vary as well. The choice of the design is always up to your preferences and requirements.

Always go for the product that fits well with the interior theme of your bathroom vanities to have a more consistent look. 

Also, consider your potential usage and decide what kind of design would be right for you accordingly.

3. Light Color

Vanity lights vary in their colours to match various kinds of bathroom interiors and vanities.  

Hence, it is very important to consider the colour of the vanity lights to match your taste and preferences.

Where most vanity lights come with a single light colour, some come with a colour-changing feature too. This colour-changing technology might help you use your vanity light for different purposes. 

The varying colours enable you to relish a more ambient vanity environment

4. Brightness

The brightness of a vanity light is important to consider when buying one. The brightness of the vanity light is given in the form of Lumens. 

It is important to consider the lumens of the vanity light product you are about to purchase.

In the case of ceiling mount vanity lights, those with high lumens can be a good option. However, for wall mount and mirror lights, carefully assess the lumens of the product. 

Too high or too low brightness, in this case, may not provide adequate task lighting and result in straining of the eyes.

5. IP Rating

Ingress protection (IP) rating demonstrates the extent of protection of a product. 

It is an important indicator to determine the durability and resistibility of a product to unfavourable conditions. 

The IP rating is an important factor to consider when buying a vanity light.

Vanity lights often encounter unfavourable bathroom conditions like water exposure and moisture, so it is necessary to consider the IP rating of the vanity light product. This will help you determine which product is more durable and resistant to such conditions.

6. Product Warranty

All products, especially electric ones, are prone to operational faults and breakdowns. 

Vanity lights are relatively more prone to such faults because of their frequent exposure to water and moisture. 

Hence it is quite important to consider the product warranty to deal with any such product faults.

The duration of the warranty varies from product to product. 

Most of the products come with warranty periods of 1 year, 2 years, or up to 5 years. 

Always consider whether the product offers a warranty and the duration of the warranty. As a rule of thumb, the longer the warranty duration, the better.

Best vanity lights – Wrapping Up

With evolving lifestyle trends in Australia, bathroom decors are becoming significantly important. 

Vanity lights not only light up bathroom vanities but significantly enhance the interior décor too. For this reason, many varieties of vanity lights are available in the market today.

However, selecting a vanity light from such a variety is never easy. To help you with this task, we have reviewed the 7 best vanity lights to buy in Australia and highlighted the 6 main factors to consider when making a purchase.

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