The 7 best black floor lamps to buy in Australia

Last updated on June 8, 2022

In this article, we will look at the seven best black floor lamps to buy in Australia, based on your preference and requirements. Following is a summary of our selection.

Best black floor lamps summary

1. Most Modern- Nance Floor Lamp – Matt finish

Nance black floor lamp

Well suited for the modern home, the Nance Black Floor lamp is ideal for adding a stylish twist to your space with its interesting tripod style. This floor lamp is stylish yet different and perfect to add a wow factor to your home decor. 

Key features

  • 1 x 8W = 75w Dimmable Led Globe (Globe not included, additional cost)
  • Dimmable with purchase of dimmer switch
  • IP Rating- IP 20
  • Inline on/off switch
  • Power rating- 240V
  • Colors-
    • Frame/ Matt black
    • Shade/ Black Fabric
  • Dimensions- Height 1590MM
    •  Shade size 450mm x 290mm
    •    Base Width- 600mm

2. Most Affordable- Beat Floor lamp – Black

Beat black floor lamp

With its curved arm and large head, the Beat Black Floor Lamp is ideal for any space that needs to be illuminated, while making an impression on your guests. 

Key features

  • Globe specifications: 
    • 1 x E27 Globe 40 W Max unless an LED option is chosen
    • 1 x 8W= 75W Dimmable LED Globe (Globe is not included in additional cost.)
  • Colors include black base and black shade
  • Dimensions: 
    • Height- 1500mm
    • Shade Diameter- 250mm
    • Shade Height- 120mm
    • Base Diameter- 250mm
  • In-line On/Off switch at the base of the lamp
  • Dimmable option available if a dimmer switch is purchased
  • Power Rating: 240 V
  • IP Rating: IP20

3. Versatile usage – Denise Floor Lamp- Black

The Denise floor lamp is the most versatile because it suits most décor. Adding warmth to your space, this lamp is ideal for a slightly bigger space such as a dining room, family room, or study.

Key Features

  • 1 x 8W= 75W Dimmable LED Globe (Additional cost for Led)
  • Globe Specifications
  •         1x E27 Globe (s) 40W Max
  • Dimensions
  •         Height- 1600mm
  •         Shade Width- 450mm
  •         Base Width- 600mm
  • In-line On/Off Switch at base of lamp
  • Dimmable options are available when the dimmer switch is purchased
  • Power Rating: 240V
  • IP Rating: IP20

4. Most Stylish- Drake Floor Lamp – Black

Marked by elegance, style, and luxury, the Drake black floor lamp has a contemporary look and feel to add the ultimate touch to your special area. It is made of a combination of opal and metal glassware that provides the perfect warmth. 

Key Features

  • Dimmable Globe options (sold separately) 
  •         With 1 x 4w= 40w Dimmable Led Globe (Additional cost)
  • Frame color- Matt Black
  • Globe color- Opal Matt
  • Globe specification
  •         1 X E27 Globe 40w max
  • Dimensions
  •         Height- 1640 mm
  •         Glass- 300 mm
  •         Base- 340 mm
  • Inline on/off switch
  • Dimmable when the dimmer switch is purchased
  • IP Rating- IP20
  • Power Rating- 240 V

5. Most Minimalist- Sammy Floor Lamp – Black

With an adjustable metal frame, this lamp is perfect for any spot in your home. The adjustable frame makes it easier to light any area without much effort making it a perfect minimalist design ideal for a living room.

Key Features

  • No globe included
  •         Dimmable Led options available at extra cost
  •         1 x 8w= 75w Dimmable Led option
  • Constructed from
  •         Frame- Metal
  • Shade- Black
  • Color
  •         Frame- Black
  •         Shade- Black
  • Globe specifications
  •         1 x E27 Globes 40w Max
  • Dimensions
  •         Height- 1990mm (Adjustable)
  •         Projection- 1480mm (Adjustable)
  • Shade size
  •         Top width- 315mm
  •         Bottom Width-480mm
  •         Height-280mm
  • Base size- 430mm
  • Inline on/off switch
  • Dimmable when a dimmer is purchased
  • Power Rating- 240v
  • IP rating- IP20

6. Best for Industrial Spacing – Klop Floor Lamp

Klop black floor lamp

This floor lamp is a perfect choice for lighting industrial spaces or industrial-styled décor. With its pipe-like lines, this lamp makes for a great decorative choice.  

Key Features

  • No globe included (supply your own)
  •         For an additional cost, 1 x 25w Dimmable G95 carbon Filament Globe
  •         For additional cost, 1 x 6w= 60w G95 Dimmable Led Globe
  • Specifications 
  •         Constructed from Metal
  •         Color- Black
  •         Globe Specifications- 1 x E27 Globes 40w Max
  • Dimensions    
  •         Height- 1630mm
  •         Projection- 240mm
  •         Base Size- 250mm
  • Inline on/off switch
  • Dimmable options are available when a switch is purchased
  • Power Rating- 240v
  • IP Rating- IP20

7. Best for long term energy efficiency – Tyler LED Floor Lamp- Black

Tyler black floor lamp

Modern and stylish, this black floor lamp features a flexible neck and has the latest LED technology making it ideal for long-term energy efficiency. The Tyler comes in 3 stylish colors, black being the most modern and blends in with anything.

Key Features

  •  Globe specification
  •         1 x 6w LED Globe (Included)
  •         Equivalent to 30w Halogen
  •         Globe Color- Warm white- 300k
  • Dimensions
  •         Height- 1520mm (Nominal)
  •         Base Width- 230mm
  •         Switch Height- 1000mm off the floor
  • On/off switch
  • Power Rating- 240v
  • IP Rating- IP20

Munazza Umar

Munazza holds a degree in electrical engineering. She loves writing about energy efficiency, energy hacks, and environmental sustainability.

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