10 Best motion sensors to buy in Australia

Last updated on June 14, 2022

Motion sensor lights are getting increasingly better known as property owners understand that anybody attempting to break into their house is searching for a chance to stow away.

Obscurity gives them a great chance to do as such. Nonetheless, leaving your external lights on all night is an extraordinary way of piling up your power bill. So what’s the arrangement?

The appropriate response is straightforward: Motion sensor lights.

As an ever-increasing number of mortgage holders put resources into these, it’s simpler to see the advantages. You can turn them off during the day and turn them on around evening time. They save your money and keep you safe; all simultaneously.

What’s not to adore? In case you’re on the lookout for movement sensor lights, you’ve gone to the ideal spot.

Automate your home when you buy the best smart home sensors from

Here, we’ve recorded the six top elements you ought to think about when you’re picking which motion sensor lights you need to introduce in your home. This should help you as you continued looking for the ideal motion sensor lights.

Factors to consider in selecting your motion sensor

Light reach

One of the main things you ought to do is check out your yard. Which regions would you like to be illuminated? From that point, you’ll need to perceive the width, length and range of the motion sensor.

How far will the light reach? What number of Lumens do they put off? Will it be sufficient to prevent somebody who may break into your home?

Ensure you crunch the numbers so you can get the right lights for your home circumstance. When you introduce your lights, it’s nice to do a couple of trials with them.

You’ll need to be certain that the light reach covers spaces of expected concern, including entryways and window wells.


Firmly identified with the light range of your motion sensor lights is the position you anticipate utilizing for them.

You’ll have to take estimations to guarantee that any place you choose to put your lights, you will not be leaving any vulnerable sides for a likely interloper.

Do you have the capacity to introduce lights in the spots you need? Trying to introduce them close to your entryways and windows is great since that is the place where potential interlopers will attempt to strike.


How rapidly do the lights respond?

When they turn on, how long will they remain on? How close does an individual need to get for the movement sensor to kick in?

Ensure you pose every one of these inquiries in regards to the responsiveness of the lights you’re buying. The reactivity will decide if the lights work the manner in which you need them to. Additionally, you need lights that will satisfy your hopes and guard them.

It’s likewise great to be certain what the pace of bogus cautions is. How frequently will the lights respond to a passing vehicle or a squirrel meandering around in your yard? In the event that your motion sensor is working appropriately, then you’ll easily be able to avoid break-in scares.

Power Source

Motion sensor lights accompany a wide range of power sources to browse and select. Some are sun oriented controlled, charging during the day.

Others work on batteries while others are designed into your framework. Knowing your choices and taking into account which is best for you is totally crucial when you’re picking movement sensor lights for your home.


How long are the lights you’re thinking about totally solid?

Will they work appropriately for a long time? How before long will you have to supplant them? Also, it’s great to ensure that your lights are climate verified and can withstand the different temperatures you’ll find in your locale.

There are an assortment of choices and the solidness of your lights is consistently worth considering alongside the cost.


Cost is consistently something so important to think about. Take a cautious note of your value range and the choices it gives you. Attempt to find lights that are the most financially savvy.

You’re searching for usefulness and great valuing matched together. Remember that while it might appear to be alluring to get your whole home all at one time, you should cautiously financial plan and plan for what works best with your monetary circumstance.

If you cautiously think about your choices, we are sure that you’ll track down the ideal motion sensor lights for your home. Remember these six elements when you’re shopping and you’re certain to be happy with your decision.

Top 10 Motion Sensor Light to buy in Australia

Lampada Senso 180° Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor

The 180° Outdoor Motion Sensor by Lampada is arranged unequivocally for the action of security and pathway lighting.

This sensor can be wired to your lights so they come on when an individual walks around. Lampada Sensor detects in a full 180° point with a 12m acknowledgement run and can be between 5 sec – 10 min.

This sensor has manual work allowing you to turn your lights on directly, at whatever point required.

With an IP65 confirmation rating, this development sensor is extraordinary for outside movement in all conditions.

Brilliant Eye 360° Recessed Microwave Motion Sensor

The Eye 360 Microwave Security Motion Sensor by Brilliant is a microwave-based sensor that can identify and spot movement through plastic, meagre non-metal materials and glass.

Recognizes in an entire 360-degree point with a 16-meter location go and can be powered within a time range of ten seconds to twelve minutes. IP20 indoor utilize as it were.

Crompton 180° Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor

This Crompton Wall Mounted PIR Sensor is 12m with a flat curve sensitivity of 180° and the affectability and time settings are customizable.

You can sidestep the PIR sensor with a manual abrogate. This protection rate for the sensor is known to be IP44, it is appropriate for securing outside applications, dividers and under roof.

The product is designed with Silver completion.

Philips Hue Wireless Outdoor Motion Sensor

This controls your outside lights consequently by adding a Philips Hue Outdoor sensor to your framework.

You can put the sensor anyplace as it is battery fueled and totally remote. Essentially stroll by to trigger your lights. Some Excellent components of Philips Hue Wireless Outdoor Motion Sensor incorporate

A warm glad welcome: Experience the solace of your lights turning on naturally when you arrive at home. Unload your vehicle, go into your home, all with the comfort of your open air lights.

Are you expecting a visitor? Welcome them with lights delicately turning on as they approach the front entryway.

Installed surprisingly fast: The outside sensor is not difficult to mount and is completely wireless. So you needn’t bother with a circuit repairman to have it installed.

Simply unload the sensor, set it up through the application and install it any place you like. Arranging the sensor and setting the sunlight and movement affectability is additionally done through the Philips Hue application.

Place it where you need: The pack accompanies distinctive mounting parts so you can mount it on a level divider, or on the inward or external corner of a divider or post.

You can likewise mount it on a post or downpour pipe. So it’s ideally suited for your front yard, around your entryway, the carport or any spot around your home where it makes a difference.

Requires a Philips Hue Bridge: Connect your Philips Hue lights with the bridge to control your lights from your advanced cell or tablet through the Philips Hue application. Or on the other hand, control your Philips Hue lights with the Philips Hue dimmer indoor switch for on/off and darkening functionalities.

Resistant to every single climate condition: This Philips Hue outside sensor is uniquely intended for use in open air conditions and has gone through thorough tests to guarantee its exhibition. This light is planned with IP54: it is shielded against water sprinkled from any course. The item will withstand weighty precipitation and other climate conditions.

Scare away excluded visitors: Thanks to the enormous viewpoint and recognition range the open air sensor will recognize any development close to your home. It can straightforwardly turn on your open air lights to uncover excluded visitors in the light. You can set the indoor lights to turn on so it seems as though you’re home, in any event, when you’re not.

Automatically turn on the lights you need: The open air sensor turns on your Philips Hue lights naturally when someone cruises by, open air and indoor. By associating the sensor to your extension by means of the Philips Hue application, you can pick which lights continue, even inside your home.

Additionally, pick the scene or light setting that ought to be set off. The coordinated nightfall to-day break sensor guarantees your lights possibly switch on when it is really dim external assisting you with saving energy.

Zencontrol 360° Recessed Microwave Motion Sensor

This is a sensor with a Recessed Mount. The Indoor Microwave Sensor by Zencontrol Identifies in an entire 360 degree point with a 12 meter identification run and can be powered on within a time range of 10 seconds to 12 minutes.

It is an IP20 rated sensor. It comes with surface and recessed mounting options. With 12 months warranty Zencontrol recessed motion sensor is an excellent product.

Diginet SmartScan MKII 360° Recessed PIR Motion Sensor

The Diginet Smart Scan MKII Sensor comprises of two things; a 360 degree high definition passive infrared (HDIR™) i.e a 360 degree superior quality uninvolved infrared sensor head and a control/transfer module.

The sensor head is recessed into roofs and has a position of safety trim and misty arch focal point for detecting development across short and long reach in addition to encompassing light levels.

Change sliders for time and light levels are tactfully concealed in the protected sensor head.

The control module, which switches the heaps, are thin lines and effectively fit into the roof space through the sensor head gap.

Intended for both minor and significant development, the sensor head has 864 fields of view (FOV) guaranteeing solid activity up to 7m width in various applications (for example office or hall establishments).

Brilliant 360 PIR Surface Mount Security Motion Sensor

This Detects an entire 360 degree point with a 4.5 meter recognition go and can control on between 10 seconds to 4 minutes.

It is used indoors alone. Another key component of The Three Sixty Security Sensor is that it is cost-friendly and has more subtleties of Brilliant 360 PIR Surface Mount Security.

The Three Sixty Security Sensor by Brilliant Lighting is a surface mounted infra-red based sensor with a multi-sectioned focal point for better identification.

Ventair Exhaust Fan Infrared Motion Sensor & Timer

This Ventair Exhaust Fan Motion Sensor and Run On Timer have an infrared sensor locator that capacities naturally when entering a space in a range between 1 to 5 meters.

This Motion Sensor is viable with all Ventair Exhaust Fans and can be designed to run between 1 to 20 minutes.

Brilliant Smart Boxer WiFi 110° Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor

The Brilliant Smart Boxer Outdoor Sensor is an incredible way of adding progressed PIR movement location components to your lighting.

With in-assembled BrilliantSmart innovation, you can undoubtedly change the sensor settings from anyplace by means of application or voice control or physically.

Splendid Smart Boxer WiFi 110° Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor Create timetables to robotize your home.

The Smart PIR sensor can be utilized to robotize your day by setting clocks and booking your smart devices to turn on or off on explicit occasions, in view of development location.

It also controls from any place by application or voice control. Control your outdoor sensor independently or collectively with the free BrilliantSmart App.

On the other hand, you can utilize voice orders when matched with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Eglo Detect Me 6 360° Surface Mounted PIR Motion Sensor

Safety & comfort – select from the wide range of DETECT ME stand-alone sensors for convenience and security.

This device is a passive infrared motion sensor that’s has a detention angle of 360°. It has a detection of around 12m. Eglo motion sensor is rated IP44 as regards the protection rating and its timer setting is between 10 – 900 seconds.

Frequently asked question about motion sensors

What cause my motion light to stay on?

Several things can cause your motion detector to stay on, including age, storm damage, a power surge, improper installation, and improper settings. A few issues are easy to correct without professional help. But it is important to get something of high quality during purchase.

Why is my motion sensor light always blinking red?

The flashing red light on a motion detector indicates that the device is in its walk test mode. In this mode, a user can walk around the area and check to make sure that motion is being detected. To do this, simply remove the battery for the motion sensor. This will cause the device to power off.

How to I clean my motion sensor?

Use a soft cloth moistened with a cleaning solution such as window cleaner. Remove accumulation of dust and mildew, as well as any insects and spider webs from the fixture and bulb. Pay particular attention to cleaning the lens of the infrared sensor that switches the light on when motion is detected.

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