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Last updated on June 14, 2022

People buy ceiling fans based on compatibility with home decor and performance characteristics such as sound, accessibility, and flexibility.

On top of these qualities, smart ceiling fans have evolved to incorporate other excellent features that cool your home and circulate the air efficiently. 

Smart ceiling fans that are available in the market have features such as: 

Smart Features

The best smart ceiling fans include smart features such as compatibility with smart home devices like Amazon Alexa and Google assistant. Such features are needed for voice activation functionality.


Air conditioning is the primary reason people buy ceiling fans. A good fan should provide good air circulation with minimal energy input. Smart ceiling fans have unique curved blades that provide efficient airflow.

General Aesthetic 

Most smart ceiling fans will work nicely with your home decor.

However, its appearance would depend on installation recommendations, such as maintaining a distance of 8-10 inches between blades and ceiling, and individual style expectations. 

Modern styles are usually preferred to old-fashioned style, and ceiling fans are no exception—the modern looking smart ceiling fans are very popular.

App compatibility

Smart ceiling fans are operated on a software app that needs to be installed on your PC or phone.

Choosing the best ceiling fans would enable the usability of compatible apps on iOS and Android phones. Additionally, you should consider an option that includes remote operation through WiFi. 

This guide has compiled some of the best smart ceiling fans one can buy. Let’s hop in!

Best smart ceiling fans reviews

If you wish to buy the best ceiling fans, feel free to check the comparative and detailed review list below.

It discusses the best smart ceiling fans on the basics of affordability, air circulation, compatibility with apps, availability of smart features, appearance, performance, and installation.

1. Fan force Smart Falcon II 52″ Premium ABS Anti-Rust 4 Blades Ceiling Fan

Fan force Falcon II ceiling This fan could be termed to be designed purposely for Australian climates.

Its installation procedure is simple and it can efficiently work both indoors and outdoors. 

This ceiling fan is digitally operated through the Brilliant Smart app. It easily pairs with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, a feature that facilitates voice commands.

Key Features

  • Can pair it with IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant
  • Has WiFi connectivity
  • Conducive airflow rate of about 11,314 m³/hr
  • Has powerful and proficient motor of 60w
  • Appropriate for a raked ceiling
  • Completely reversible for Summer and Winter seasons
  • Fully installation kit for remote control and LED Light
  • Corrosion-resistant blades
  • Compatible on WiFi routers with a frequency of up to 12.4GHz. 5.0GHz frequency is incompatible currently
  • Light button and three-speed wall control switches
  • Diecast aluminum motor casing

2. Brilliant Smart Bahama WiFi 52″ DC Ceiling Fan with 18W LED Light & remote

Bahama ceiling fan is a WiFi-powered fan that can be controlled and operated from any place, both indoors and enclosed outdoor areas.

The fan can be operated in various ways including The Brilliant Smart app, Amazon Alexa,  Google Assistant, and remote control.

Consequently, the fan can be automatically set to respond accordingly concerning temperature, humidity, and any other prevailing weather conditions.

Depending on room temperature, three modes are set to automate its operation: –

Sleep mode: sets the fan at low speed, used mostly at night hours

Nature mode: it will vary the speed on the fan to suit the prevalent breeze

Wake up mode: in this mode, the fan will function purposely to wake you up. The light turns on, and the speed increases drastically up to maximum.

Key Features

  • Powerful and effective 32W motor 
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Sensational airflow at 9,328m³/hr
  • 3 x ABS blades with a blade pitch of 14°
  • 18W LED light cluster
  • 1000 lumens LED brightness
  • Incorporates CCT shading technology 
  • Suitable for both summer and winter seasons
  • 5-speed remote control with timer
  • 52″ blade diameter

3. Fanforce Smart Hawk II 48″ Anti-Rust ABS 4 Blades Ceiling Fan with E27 Light

Fanforce Hawk II ceiling fan is a WiFi-enabled fan, purposely designed for Australia. It can be used both for indoors and covered outdoor spaces.

The fan incorporates three control methods: via Brilliantsmart app, using voice note through pairing with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and via remote control. 

Additionally, the Fanforce Hawk II ceiling fan is bundled with the operation modes: sleep, nature, and wake-up.

These modes enable you to automate the fan operations by speed control, depending on your preferences.

Key features

  • ABS molded blades
  • Corrosive resistant blades
  • Powerful 55W DCC motor
  • 48″ blades 
  • Optimum airflow at 9,429 m³/hr
  • Snap-Connect wiring & fittings allow easy installation
  • A light kit that takes 2 x E27 Edison screw light globes
  • 3-speed wall control with light switch included
  • Effectively used for summer and winter
  • Pairable with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Suitable for raked ceiling up to 20°
  • WiFi-enabled

4. Brilliant Smart Mercury WiFi 52″ 3 Handcrafted Timber Blades Ceiling Fan

Brilliant Mercury ceiling fan is a product of Brilliant smart technology that is WiFi-enabled and handcrafted with timber blades.

The fan is automated through three setup modes: sleep mode, nature mode, and wake-up mode used to create your preferred cooling condition through speed regulation.

Additionally, the Brilliant Mercury ceiling fan is made to pair with Amazon and Google Assistant, enabling control via voice command.

Other ways to control this kind of fan are through the Brilliant Smart app and remote control.

Key Features

  • 52″ blades
  • Optimized airflow at 8,979m³/hr
  • handcrafted solid timber blades
  • 3-speed wall controller.
  • Installed indoors or enclosed undercover outdoor 
  • Suitable for raked ceilings up to 32°
  • Paired with Amazon Alexa and or google assistant
  • Can work on summer and winter seasons
  • Powerful 50W AC motor
  • It can work on a 12.4GHz WiFi router, but its workability is opposed to a 5.0GHz bandwidth WiFi router

5. Fanforce Smart Hawk II 48″ Anti-Rust ABS 4 Blades Ceiling Fan

As a product of Brilliant Smart technology, Fanforce Hawk II ceiling fan is a WiFi-enabled fan designed to be used all year by its summer-to-winter reversible function.

This fan is designed to be used both inside and outside under cover. 

The compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant makes it possible to use voice commands to control it. The fan can also be controlled using the Brilliant Smart app and remote control.

Key Features

  • Pairs with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Three fan modes: sleep mode, nature mode, and wake up mode
  • Summer to winter functionality
  • Four 48″ blades
  • Powerful 55W motor
  • Works both on inside and outdoors
  • ABS molded plastic blades
  • 9,429 m³/hr maximum airflow
  • 3-speed wall control included
  • Functional on raked ceiling up to 20°
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant blades

6. Brilliant Smart Amari 52″ DC ABS 4 Blade Ceiling Fan with Remote

The Amari ceiling fan is a smart technology product that is WiFi-enabled and purposely made for indoor, covered outdoor and covered coastal spaces.

The fan can be controlled via the Brilliant Smart app, remote control, or voice commands with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. 

The fan is digitally designed such that it can operate from any place at any time.

Key Features

  • 52-inch blades
  • Wifi-enabled
  • Anti-rust and non-corrosive blades
  • ABC molded plastic blades
  • Powerful and proficient 35W DC motor
  • Maximum airflow of 14,788 m³/hr
  • Effectively works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT
  • Suitable for raked ceilings up to 10°
  • 6-speed remote control
  • Reverse functionality on summer and winter
  • Uses Quick Connect Plug System for easy installation

7. Brilliant Smart Amari 52″ DC ABS 4 Blade Ceiling Fan with 24W LED Light & Remote

This smart ceiling fan is similar to Brilliant Smart Amari 52″ DC ABS 4 Blade Ceiling Fan with Remote, but this model comes with 24W LED.

Otherwise, it is suitably designed for indoor, covered outdoor and covered coastal spaces. 

Like the other Brilliant Smart fans, this fan can be is controlled via the Brilliant Smart app, control remote, or voice commands initiated through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Using this type of ceiling fan provides the opportunity to switch between Warm, Cool, or Daylight color temperature through the trio-color technology integrated into the ceiling fan. 

Overall characteristic features of Brilliant Smart Amari are considerable and desirable to its users.

Key Features

  • 24W LED
  • Tri-color technology
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Works on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Efficient and powerful 35W DC motor
  • Maximum airflow: 14,788 m³/hr
  • ABC molded blade of long lifespan
  • Corrosive and UV resistant blades
  • 6-speed remote control 
  • Suitable for raked ceilings up to 10°
  • Summer to winter reversible functionality
  • Brilliant’s Quick Connect Plug System 
  • 1700 lumens brightness output quality

8. Fan force Smart Falcon II 52″ Premium ABS Anti-Rust 4 Blades Ceiling Fan with E27 Light

Fan force Falcon II ceiling fan is transformed by innovative technology with WiFi connectivity and designed for indoors and covered outdoor uses.

The fan is controlled in three ways: via the Brilliant Smart app, via remote control, and via voice commands with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

The Fan force Falcon II ceiling fan includes modes that automate your preferable personalized surrounding conditions. Sleep mode sets the fan at the lowest speed during nighttime.

Natural mode is ideal to create a cooling breeze by varying the fan speed. Wake-up mode aims to wake you up by turning the light on and increasing the fan blade speed  to maximum value.

Key Features

  • 52″ blades diameter
  • Powerful 60W motor
  • Maximum airflow: 11,314 m³/hr
  • Wifi-enabled
  • ABS molded plastic blades
  • The blade is highly corrosive resistant
  • A light kit that takes 2 x E27 Edison screw light globes 
  • Suited for raked ceiling up to 23°
  • Summer to winter reversible functionality
  • Diecast aluminum motor housing
  • 3-speed wall control with light button
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Smart ceiling fans buying guide

Suppose you are on a mission to acquire an excellent smart ceiling fan for your home. Your decision should be guided by the features of the fan.

A smart ceiling fan, to be considered best, should be ideal in features such as:

Blade type and size 

A good fan should have durable, non-corrosive, and anti-rust material for the blades. Additionally, a good fan blade should have a blade diameter of 40″ and above for better airflow.

Control settings

It’s highly recommended that when choosing a fan to buy, go for the one that can incorporate different control methods.

Most of the fans on this list include control via the Brilliantsmart app, remote control, and voice commands via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Engine power 

You would agree that for a fan to work effectively, it should be powered by a powerful and efficient motor, whether DC or AC.

Many smart ceiling fans have a 35W+ motor, which is a good selection. Also, the fan should be energy-saving to reduce energy costs.

Automation modes 

Sleep mode, nature mode, and wake-up mode are three available modes that will allow you to set your personalized cooling breeze. A good fan should offer such a feature.

Other essential features that you should go looking for the best ceiling fan to buy Include:

  • Wifi-enabled
  • Rate of airflow
  • Light kit
  • Reversible functionality on summer and winter seasons
  • Installation ease and low cost
  • Technology advancements

Also, it is essential to consider other non-feature factors associated with a particular fan.

Such non-feature factors to consider include availability, cost of buying, after-sales services such as warranty, among others. 

Frequently asked questions about smart ceiling fans

How do I choose the best smart ceiling fan?

Choosing the best smart ceiling fans should be determined mainly by your expectations and needs.

As the primary reason for purchasing ceiling fans is air conditioning, you should choose what will provide excellent room air circulation to the occupants in the room. 

Since a regular fan can also provide air conditioning, the smart ceiling fan should provide smart technology features, such as control via WiFi or Bluetooth.

Nevertheless, these preferences should not stop you from choosing the right features of smart ceiling fans such as durability of blades, energy-saving attributes, and operational modes.

Is buying smart ceiling fans a good idea?

Yes. People who hail from parts of the world that have severe weather conditions all year can best describe how good it is to have a ceiling fan in your home.

Over the hot summer months, a ceiling fan helps create a cooling breeze in your home. During the winter season, having ceiling fans enables you to experience a warm breeze.

Therefore, it is good to obtain a ceiling fan to help moderate weather conditions that are not conducive for your livelihood.

How to install smart ceiling fans?

When you have bought your ceiling fan, you may be compelled to hire technicians for the installation. However, it’s not necessary to be an installation expert to install a ceiling fan correctly. 

You can always do it yourself and reduce expenses incurred. After buying your ceiling fan, an installation manual is packed with the product.

It should take you a few hours to go over the manual and master the well-elaborated steps of installing and assembling the parts of your smart ceiling fan. 

However, it is equally vital first to learn the precautions involved.

Once everything is ready find a strategic location on your ceiling where you could set up your fan and deploy the steps explained in the manual to install the fan yourself. 

How much do smart ceiling fans cost?

The cost of buying smart ceiling fans varies from one product to another. Likewise, the cost will differ on the type of fans due to differences in the features of each fan. Therefore, whenever you need to buy a ceiling fan, first inquire from your dealer, but the prices can range anywhere between $300 to $1000.

Wrapping up

Purchasing a ceiling fan for your home is a great idea to navigate hard summer and winter conditions. Due to advanced technology, smart ceiling fans have evolved and can be operated anytime from anywhere. 

Therefore it’s up to you to select the smart ceiling fan that satisfies your needs. However, please don’t be shy to choose from the listed products. They are listed because they are both market and workability proven. 

The aforementioned smart fans are efficient in providing good air circulation to your space, while cooling or warming them as per the environment.

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