Gyms, fitness clubs and training centers require adequate, focused and efficient lighting.

According to research, light and colour have a huge impact on our mood, productivity, and general well-being. Light is highlighted in psychology, for the huge role it plays in decreasing depression and increasing cognitive performance and capability.

It is essential to have good quality and efficient lighting in gyms to help customers properly exercise and boost their performance.

Importance Of Effective Lighting in Gyms

light for gym

Improves focus during exercise:

Effective lighting in gyms can increase focus during exercise. Living in worlds of repetitive cycles of light and darkness (day and night) our brain has become prone to reaction from lightwaves emitted by natural and artificial sources of light

Good lighting in any space, most notably gyms, can help athletes better focus on their training sets and instructions, can keep customers alert and can motivate gym-goers with positive energy to push through hard exercises.

Creates the perfect mood

Calm, comfortable and relaxed settings call for warm lights, with candle effect color temperature, which can create a perfect mood for unwinding after a long day, or for a romantic setting.

Lighting color and effect can have a crucial impact on the mood of the space and can shift the mood to suit the requirements.

This can be directly applied to gyms and workout areas: different exercises might require a range of lighting effects to set a different mood. The same workout room with the same lighting layout can have a toned down mood with relaxed effects for yoga classes on one hand, and can also have an upbeat, energetic and lively mood for cycling classes  on the other.

The space mood can also greatly increase workout efficiency and performance, and depending on the types of classes and exercises, it is advisable to get expert advice from gym designers to find the best fit for the spaces.

Creates the right ambience in workout classes

Besides increasing focus, proper gym lighting looks into a number of requirements and details from a number of exercises.

Ensuring the specific exercise has the right lighting can be of great value to boost the interest in the class, create a great ambiance, reduce anxiety, help clients loosen up and guide them more smoothly through the exercise.

Improves performance

Reduced anxiety usually results in better and more work completed.

Proper lighting with suitable colors not only reduces anxiety, but also has a significant impact on our lives. This impact matches the effect of any interior item or color, like furniture or wall color, on our daily mood.

Natural lighting, for example, has a very positive effect on our mood and alertness. In the same manner, gym lighting can be approached to match the lighting characteristics with the gym interior specifications to greatly improve performance.

Creates the feeling of more space

Given that several gyms are located in underground or small spaces which could get crowded, effective lighting is essential to give the customers the illusion of more open and aired spaces. This lighting effect can calm stressed customers and free up their mind during the workout and prevent claustrophobic or choked up feelings.

The illusion of wider and open space can help create a remarkable exercise experience.

Gym Lighting Options and Outcomes

low gym light

A gym or fitness club that is not equipped with proper and effective lighting can become a health hazard for its customers, resulting in accidents, injuries and bad business for the gym owners.

Workout injury is a general term for all forms of injury that could occur during a workout. Examples of workout injuries include sprains, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, falls, etc. One of the root causes for common injuries is low visibility measures in the gym, due to insufficient or poor lighting.

It is important to note that the more active the exercise is the greater the light level needed to adjust to the fluid movement and decrease the risk of injury.

Gym experts recommend using bright lights, such as LED battens for workout rooms with high intensity movement.

What are LED Batten and Panel Lights?

Piso Thin Panel Teknik

LED battens and Panel lights are two types of LED lighting fixtures that have rapidly taken over the market replacing fluorescent tubes, and have become staple products in all types of projects. They are durable, energy-saving, and long-lasting lights with high lighting characteristics and uniform lighting distribution.

Why should you choose a LED batten or Panel option?

Although gyms can be lit using several types of lighting options, LED battens and Panels are the best-suited, based on multiple factors:

It is always advisable to seek out expert support and hire a professional to assist in the assessment and selection.

How Does Lighting in the Gym Affect  Health And Performance?

With its proven capability to relax the mind, ease tension and greatly affect performance, effective LED lights systems are essential in all spaces, least of all the gym.

Besides improving performance, lightwaves from effective gym lighting can stimulate the brain and keep customers alert, reducing down time, anxiety and accidents. 

LED batten lights and Panel Lights are particularly suitable for gyms, as they offer a wide and versatile range of benefits. LED bulbs are free of toxic gases and thereby keep the gym environment and the customers safe from inhaling harmful gases.

These LED lights can be essential in avoiding workout injuries caused by low visibility, and in reducing anxiety promoting a relaxed feeling, boosting mental health, resulting in a superior workout setting.

Proper and effective lighting in the gym is dependent on the use of the space, how it matches with the interiors and how it reflects on people. All these factors result in a specific selection of light fixtures with exact lumen outputs and uniform lighting distribution.

Get a free Gym lighting consultation or get in touch if you would like to discuss your gym lighting goals. We will help you make the right choice.

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    Light disposes of darkness in a room fast. No matter how small the source of light, its degree of intensity makes all the difference, in the room at home or business premises.

    LED Lights are widely used today in homes and business premises. This is in line with the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act directive requiring 25% efficiency on house lights.

    The range of LED Lights products provides an unrivalled combination of maximum performance, at a truly low cost.

    LED lights have a higher return on investment compared to compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs). Time and space won’t allow highlighting all the benefits of LED lights in this article.

    Here are the top 10 benefits of LED lights for home and business respectively.

    “Charity begins at home,” the old proverb says.

    LED lights in the Home: Why should you consider LED lighting for your household?

    LED Lights Save Energy

    LEDs give up to 90% effective lights in comparison to incandescent bulbs. That is a huge difference, and it saves energy. You also save money on electricity bill through low power consumption at home.

    In addition, the energy from LEDs bulbs mainly produces light, unlike incandescent bulbs energy which turns into heat. That is a plus for environmental friendliness.

    Energy saving comparison chart

    LED Light Bulbs Last Longer

    When is the last time you changed LED Light Bulb in the house? A while back. LEDs have a longer lifespan in the home where light is frequently needed day and night.

    Get 25,000 hours or more up to 50,000 hours followed by a CFL bulb giving you 10,000 hours. LED Light Bulb is a big bargain buy because it lasts longer. This means no common with.

    You get low-cost lighting maintenance from LEDs as well as save energy, and time on frequent light bulb change on burnt-out Halogen bulbs with 1,000 hours lifespan.  LED Lights bulbs last ten times longer than other bulbs.

    LEDs Light Colour Codes

    LED light color temperature

    LEDs light bulb colour codes determine a range of different temperatures. LED colour codes vary from soft white to bright daylight.

    Soft white LED Light is ideal for the bedroom environment in the home. This colour is good for maintaining routine sleep schedule in order to get the recommended 7-9 hours of quality sleep.

    Warm white LED Light is good for the home kitchen and bathroom. It illuminates the area to prevent accident using sharp objects, touching hot pans in the kitchen, reading in the study room or applying make-up in the bathroom.

    LED Light Bulb Tones Down Room Light Brightness.

    LED lighting in the kitchen

    You want the kid’s bedroom to favourable for sleeping without switching the light off to avoid darkness, which scares the daylight out of the child. LED bulbs give homeowners the opportunity to reduce the intensity of light in the room.

    Married couples looking romantic feeling are able to create the desired room atmosphere with LED Light dimming facility to reduce light brightness. In the process, you save energy, time and money on electric power consumption.

    LED Light Bulbs are Safe to Touch

    Incandescent bulbs 90% of energy and 80% of CFLs energy turn into heat. You must give these bulbs time to cool during replacement to avoid getting burnt.

    CFLs and incandescent bulbs might be cheap to buy, but expensive to maintain in the long run with health risks.

    LEDs Light bulbs score big in turning 90% of the energy into light. You can touch and hold LED Light Bulb, which has been on for 24 hours, and not gets burned. This leads to the conclusion that LED Lights are safer to use in the home.

    You have a head start with LED Lights in the home. Take the step of using LED Lights to the next level in the business premises.

    LED Lights in Business Premises

    LEDs in business premises

    The popularity of LED Lights has crept into the light bulb industry with the inevitable conclusion that using LED Light bulb on business premises is the way to go in the 21st century and beyond.  The reason is simple. Business is a fast-paced activity requiring instant action.

    LEDs Instant Light

    In these days of instant cash, instant coffee in business, instant light is no exception. Gone are the days of waiting for lights to come on from incandescent bulb, (no pun intended).

    LED Lights bulbs are designed to turn into a full glow right away. There is no time lapse between hitting the switch and light coming on from LEDs. No risk of LEDs bulb blows up common with halogen and CFLs low-energy bulbs.

    Bright white colour bulbs mentioned in-home light improvement is also good in business premises.  Daylight bulbs in business represent creative space to come up with new product ideas and improved service delivery.

    LEDs are Heavy Duty

    LED Lights are made out of strong concrete materials and do not depend on neon gas to produce light.

    LED Lights work in extreme weather conditions. These light bulbs are made to withstand biting cold temperatures where other light bulbs fail. You can trust LED Light Bulbs to deliver lights on promising the business premise in such places as Iceland with extreme weather environment.

    LED Light Bulb is Emission Free

    The use of LEDs to illuminate buildings and outdoor spaces reduced the total carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of lighting by an estimated 570 million tons in 2017. This reduction is roughly equivalent to shutting down 162 coal-fired power plants, according to IHS Markit

    Place two, LED Light and CFLs bulbs used as security light on business premises, side by side. Take a close look. Compare and contrast these two bulbs over a designated period of use.

    You will notice that there is a coating inside CFLs Bulb glass filters and none on LED Light Bulb. You don’t need further proof. There is evidence to prove that CFLs Bulbs produce UV rays emission. LED Light Bulb is emission-free.

    LED Light is Environmental Friendly

    LED Lights popularity does not only come from the emission-free advantage in the business premise mentioned above.  LEDs reduce lethal mercury produced by other low-quality light bulbs, which are harmful to the environment.

    LEDs are health risk-free, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. This makes LEDs stand out alone in a class of their own.

    LED light's environmental benefits

    LED Light Largest Selection

    LED tube is perfect for business premises. You want to cheer up employees and customers with bright commercial space, use LED tube to improve the commercial premise.

    Choose LED panel lights from a variety of shapes and sizes to light up the business space. LED panel lights are also used as street lights, in parking spaces, and outdoor scenes.

    Get the largest selection of LED Light Bulbs for home and business premises to suit specific needs. LED Light Bulbs come in different sizes and shapes to match your light fixtures.

    Whether you are ready to switch from incandescent bulbs, LEDs are ready for you. LEDs offer financial, environmental, and fashion freedom to get what you want at pocket-friendly prices.

    So, spend on LED Lights today to save money, time and energy for tomorrow.

    Want to Upgrade to LEDs? Request a FREE LED Assesment

    As anyone who owns or runs a small business will testify, all details matter, even the smaller details that may seem superficial such as lighting.

    However, lighting is a big factor in ensuring your business runs on track with regards to employee efficiency, work place safety, mental health and drive as well as aesthetic qualities can be provided through different uses of lighting options.

    Currently there are a vast array of different types of lighting options available, this can cause troubles for some businesses when it comes to finding the right option that would suit them and the business.

    Hopefully this chapter will help explain more details and provide the information required in order to pick out and install the right lights for your business.

    In particular, the exceptional qualities and efficiency of LED lighting can bring tremendous benefits for both the work place and the environment.

    Whether you are deciding on what lighting to use or for a new space or exploring alternatives, we will cover the many options available LED lighting today.

    Why Should a Small Business Care About Lighting?

    Whether it’s for an office or a business that serves consumers directly, lighting can make a huge difference in the mood of the environment and productivity of the workers as well as provide massive savings on energy costs.

    The idea of light affecting productivity in work has been around for some time, however there is some truth to the idea. A study conducted by Staples suggests it does and can even affect our mental health.

    Effect of LED light for Businesss

    LED Versus other Lights for Small Business

    LED lights are more expensive to install compared to other available options such as fluorescent and halogen lights, so why do it?

    While LED lights might be more expensive to install initially, their maintenance and energy savings more than make up for it.

    The reason for this is due to how LED technology works and how incredibly efficient they are compared to other traditional options.

    Ordinary incandescent bulbs pass a current through a metal that’s located within them towards the centre, and as a result light is emitted, but with LED technology electrons pass through a semi-conductor.

    This fortunately means there is no filament to wear out and another reason why they don’t get anywhere near as hot as their alternatives.

    Less wear also of course would lead to less light bulbs needed to be changed over time. On average LED lights last 10-20 times the time of their counterpart halogen or incandescent lights.

    Additionally, a significant point to mention for LED lights is their brightness. LEDs generate more lumens (measuring unit for brightness) per watt than alternative bulbs.

    How Much Can a Small Business Save With LEDs?

    Over the years, more and more businesses are making the switch from traditional to LED lighting, why would this be?

    This will come as no surprise, but the number one reason is the large savings possible on their energy bills. As it turns out halogen bulbs utilize around 5 times the amount of energy that a LED light would.

    While this is an important factor for any business, it’s especially true for small businesses where every cent saved or earned helps significantly as they grow.

    Making the switch to LED lighting can lead to large cost savings due to the lower energy use per light and with certain lights can reduce the costs by up to 90%.

    For small businesses reducing energy costs by 20% could be as valuable as increasing sales by 5%.

    How much will you Save with LED’s. Use our LED savings calculator to find out!

    What LED Options Are There?

    Not all LEDs are created equal, which can also be seen as one of their pros. There is such a diverse selection of LEDs available today depending on the function, budget, and purpose of your specific business.


    These are your typical, everyday light bulbs seen just about everywhere. While they are visually similar to traditional bulbs, as mentioned earlier, they are more energy-efficient whilst providing the same solution, a great. pick for any building and business.


    LED panels are most often used in big office settings, their big size and wide coverage range make them the top pick for large buildings. They are usually used to replace the older, inefficient fluorescent tube lights and provide the same function with a better light output.

    Coloured LEDs

    Certain LED lights are colour adjustable. They are usually controlled via remote, giving the ability to change between white and warm colours.

    While this feature may seem more of a niche than anything, in reality, it is very useful for improving the productivity and mental health of employees. Ideally, as the days go on, the colour can be adjusted to warmer colours as the working day comes to a close.

    Coloured LEDs allow you to have many colour temperatures in one light source.

    Tube LEDs

    Tubular shape LEDs are just like what they sound like, tube-shaped long LED lights, used for big spaces and office settings. Like the panel LEDs, perfect for covering big areas.

    Smart LEDs

    In recent years, smart LEDs have been on the rise.

    Initially seen as another niche idea – now essential to the everyday operations of many small and big businesses alike.

    One of the best ways for businesses of all levels, big and small to save time and money is through automation. Having processes automated means saving time and human resources, which of course means cutting down costs.

    Now you won’t have to worry about one of your employees leaving the lights on for the whole weekend by accident.

    Smart LED lights are usually controlled via custom downloadable applications. Features include but are not limited to:

    Environmental factors and incentives

    As mentioned before, LEDs are better for the environment. In 2021 being eco-conscious or eco-friendly can change a whole lot in consumer views towards a small businesses and on top of this LED lights significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

    This has become a big part of businesses and other places in general in the developed world that on September 1st of 2018 halogen light bulbs were completely banned in Europe.

    According to researchers, this ban could save up to and possibly more than 15m tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

    This global push towards the move to LEDs means that there could be incentives available for your small business.

    To see if there are incentives in your local area and whether or not your small business is eligible for them, you can contact your local energy company.

    In many cases, they can provide the relevant.

    Using incentives can further cut down costs for your small business and reduce the only big hurdle to converting to LED, which is the initial instalment cost.

    Now, hopefully you have a better idea as to what LED lights are all about. Using LED lights can potentially save a lot of money for your small business whilst keeping it more eco-friendly.

    Additionally, LED lights are better long-term compared to traditional lights which is something to keep in mind for a small business where these finances can then be used elsewhere to help it grow.

    Downlight Installation in Sydney (NSW energy saving scheme)

    Why should you install LED Downlights?

    Downlights are recessed luminaires, usually installed in the ceiling, allowing the light source to come from the above top plane. They produce a bright directional light.

    Once installed, you will be able to see the internal light bulb and surrounding circular bezel.

    This bezel can come in a number of different finishes, from brushed aluminium to brass to black or white ceramic, making it easy to match the downlight with your room’s décor.

    LED downlights offer a range of benefits for the users, with the most important point being significantly reduced power consumption.

    In fact, if you opt to shift from traditional fixtures to these, you can reduce the operational costs of lighting significantly.

    Even after long hours of usage, LED downlights to produce far less heating effect than other basic halogen options, which is another backing for the energy-efficiency claim.

    Now, if we take the total time into consideration, then any LED downlight, on average, puts forth 20,000 hours, which is quite impressive for the price range.

    Lastly, one of the major reasons why one should get these lights installed is the rebate benefits offered by the Australian government.

    Under the ESS scheme, you can get the total cost of an LED upgrade subsidized and a 5-7 year product warranty.

    Complete LED Downlight upgrade from as little as $33 – Saving up to 93% off your lighting costs! Learn More

    Who can benefit from NSW downlight installation scheme?

    LED downlights offer a long-lasting lighting option and are therefore preferred as the perfect solution for use in both households and the workplace.

    Most commonly, downlights are installed in the living room and kitchen areas. However, due to their flexible design, they add charm to any room.

    Whether for a home, shop, or office, LED downlights are highly versatile. Downlight installation can be the perfect solution if you are looking to cut your energy bills at:

    Can u install downlights on your own?

    Putting facts technically; yes! As the whole process of installing a downlight includes no more complexities than what is involved in putting up any basic light fixture, you can do it on your own.

    However, for safety purposes, it is always better and more beneficial to get professional technicians involved. Besides, they have deep knowledge about the procedure and can provide answers about any after-installation care you might have.

    Downlight installation in Sydney by E-green Electrical

    Downlight installations in Sydney have recently become increasingly popular, mainly due to their sleek and stylish design, low power consumption, sustainability and more particularly due to the financial aid provided by the Australian government under the NSW energy saving scheme.

    This energy-saving scheme is directly helping people in Sydney to slash their energy bills dramatically.

    The financial incentives provided under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme grants E-Green Electrical the gateway to claiming the subsidies on your behalf so you only need to pay a fraction of the standard price for your LED upgrade.

    People who want to get downlights installed professionally might wonder where they can get it done from, and E-green Electrical, with its premium industry standing, can come to their aid.

    Complete LED lighting upgrade from as little as $33

    E-green employs excellent trained and skilled electricians to get the work done with complete perfection. It boasts stellar 5-star reviews from numerous satisfied customers, plus it is the pioneer of clean energy in the Australian power sector.

    Furthermore, E-green will go above and beyond to help its customers to benefit from the government rebates and the ESS scheme. As a result, the consumers derive pure satisfaction from the quality of service.

    Downlight Installation Process:

    1️⃣ Contact E-Green Electrical through the contact form on our website or give us a call on 1300 326 636.

    2️⃣ A dedicated energy efficiency expert will get in touch. We will inform you about the rebates, your options and provide you with a quote.

    3️⃣ Once approved, our LED installation team will complete the job. The installation process may vary from a few hours to a day depending upon different factors.

    4️⃣ E-green electrical will claim all government rebates available. This is why you receive a heavily discounted LED Upgrade.

    5️⃣ Once we have installed your energy-efficient lighting you will start saving right away. Your electricity bill will drop and you will be using fewer valuable resources.

    What are the changes u will notice after downlight installation?

    Once you get LED downlights installed at your home, the following changes will be evident;

    How much can u save by upgrading your lights to LED downlights?

    Well, the answer depends upon the type and quality of LED downlights you’ve installed and also on the time you’re using them for. Still, if you upgrade from basic halogen bulbs or CFLs to LEDs, you can easily save more than 80% of your monthly energy bills.

    Furthermore, the rebates provided by the Australian government help with the installation costs and warranty.

    If you want your business to thrive, it all starts with the office building. Taking control of your use of lighting will help you improve your office building and the way you spend money.

    Lighting accounts for upward of 40% of the energy that you use in your commercial building. Without question, LED provides the best office lighting solutions on the planet right now.

    Here’s what you should know about LED panel lighting.

    It Saves an Abundance of Energy

    Investing in commercial LED lighting lets you save plenty of money on your energy bills. Lowering your bills means lower overhead costs, which makes your company more profitable.

    Not only do LED lights save 75% more energy, but they also run cooler while still giving you amazing performance. Saving energy also makes your company more eco-friendly. The government even offers an energy program that gives you the opportunity to upgrade to LED for only $33.

    Taking the time to reduce your company’s carbon footprint lets you remain environmentally conscious. Customers today support businesses that are socially conscious, so this practice can build long-term equity.

    The Lights Work Better and Keep You Productive

    LED lighting is also a more effective form of lighting to use in your office. The difference in brightness is tremendous when you switch to LED. As such, you and your employees won’t have to strain when using your devices for hours on end.

    Poor vision can lead to fatigue and stress, both of which hurt productivity. Instead, switching to LED lights will help everyone feel engaged and aware when they’re on the clock.

    You Can Integrate Them With Different Forms of Technology

    Companies also use LED lighting because it’s easy to integrate with smart technology. Automation is popular right now because you can control energy costs and control everything from your lights to your HVAC system.

    You can use LED panel lighting and office automation to control the intensity of your lights and how long they’re in use. Automation lets you control your lights remotely, even changing the colours that they emit.

    They Last Longer in Your Building Through Constant Use

    You’ll get the biggest return on investment (ROI) from LED panel lighting because they last longer. These lights are durable and will give you the most bang for your buck.

    They won’t burn out as quickly as traditional light sources, and you can count on them to keep your office well-lit over the course of the year.

    Companies that sell these LED lights can also offer you a variety of warranties. These factors minimize your maintenance costs and keep your office at its absolute best.

    Invest in LED Panel Lighting for Your Office

    These points show exactly why LED panel lighting is worth your time and money. Investing in LED lighting in your office will serve you no matter what kind of company you run.

    We’re happy to sell you what you need when you’re ready to start experiencing tremendous savings and efficiency. We offer some best lighting products on the market and can help you with a variety of other electrical services for your building.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about the LED products that we offer.

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      Why LED Light Replacement?

      Make the Switch to LED Lights for Ultimate Savings, Safety, And Convenience.

      Make The Switch to LED Lights

      The LED light offers significant energy savings over incandescent, halogen, and compact fluorescent alternatives. On average, LEDs consume 80% less energy as compared to incandescent light bulbs.

      We provide the best-LED lights and qualified electricians in Sydney to help your household or business become more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

      Benefits of LED Light Replacement

      Besides being energy-efficient, LED lights also last much longer than regular lights. A longer life span means lower carbon emissions which are better for the environment.

      Since they last longer they don’t need to be replaced as frequently which makes them a great bang for your buck.

      LED lights are healthier and contain no toxic elements like mercury. Most regular lights contain wasteful chemicals that can’t even be disposed of in landfill waste because of contamination.

      Getting rid of them is expensive and an unnecessary hassle you can avoid with an LED light change over.

      Because they don’t get as hot as traditional lighting, they are also safer to use and keep in your home or office worry-free.

      While running at cooler temperatures, they focus light in a single direction for a better quality of light distribution. This means fewer LED lights are needed to achieve the same level of brightness as traditional lights.

      Work With Us For Your LED Light Replacement Needs

      E-Green Electrical are Sydney’s LED light experts. We have been helping our clients save money and the environment.

      We are familiar with the various energy efficiency government rebates available to get you the best prices. Our electricians are skilled and reliable and will always provide solutions suited to your specific needs.

      Ready to Upgrade Your Lights?

      Fill out our contact form today and an E-Green Electrical consultant will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your LED lighting replacement needs.



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