Light disposes of darkness in a room fast. No matter how small the source of light, its degree of intensity makes all the difference, in the room at home or business premises.

LED Lights are widely used today in homes and business premises. This is in line with the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act directive requiring 25% efficiency on house lights.

The range of LED Lights products provides an unrivalled combination of maximum performance, at a truly low cost.

LED lights have a higher return on investment compared to compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs). Time and space won’t allow highlighting all the benefits of LED lights in this article.

Here are the top 10 benefits of LED lights for home and business respectively.

“Charity begins at home,” the old proverb says.

LED lights in the Home: Why should you consider LED lighting for your household?

LED Lights Save Energy

LEDs give up to 90% effective lights in comparison to incandescent bulbs. That is a huge difference, and it saves energy. You also save money on electricity bill through low power consumption at home.

In addition, the energy from LEDs bulbs mainly produces light, unlike incandescent bulbs energy which turns into heat. That is a plus for environment friendliness.

LED Light Bulbs Last Longer

When is the last time you changed LED Light Bulb in the house? A while back. LEDs have longer lifespan in the home where light is frequently needed day and night.

Get 25,000 hours or more up to 50,000 hours followed by CFL bulb giving you 10,000 hours. LED Light Bulb is a big bargain buy because it lasts longer. This means no common with.

You get low cost lighting maintenance from LEDs as well as save energy, and time on frequent light bulb change on burnt out Halogen bulbs with 1,000 hours lifespan.  LED Lights bulbs last ten times longer than other bulbs.

LEDs Light Colour Codes


LEDs light bulb colour codes determine a range of different temperatures. LED colour codes vary between soft white to bright daylight.

Soft white LED Light is ideal for bedroom environment in the home. This colour is good for maintaining routine sleep schedule in order to get the recommended 7-9 hours of quality sleep.

Warm white LED Light is good for home kitchen and bathroom. It illuminates the area to prevent accident using sharp objects, touching hot pans in the kitchen, reading in the study room or applying make-up in the bathroom.

LED Light Bulb Tones Down Room Light Brightness.

You want the kid’s bedroom to favourable for sleeping without switching the light off to avoid darkness, which scares the daylight out of the child. LED bulbs give home owners the opportunity to reduce the intensity of light in the room.

Married couples looking romantic feeling are able to create the desired room atmosphere with LED Light dimming facility to reduce light brightness. In the process you save energy, time and money on electric power consumption.

LED Light Bulbs are Safe to Touch

Incandescent bulbs 90% energy and 80% of CFLs energy turn into heat. You must give these bulbs time to cool during replacement to avoid getting burnt.

CFLs and incandescent bulbs might be cheap to buy, but expensive to maintain in the long run with health risks.

LEDs Light bulbs score big in turning 90% of the energy into light. You can touch and hold LED Light Bulb, which has been on for 24 hours, and not get burned. This leads to the conclusion that LED Lights are safer to use in the home.

You have a head start with LED Lights in the home. Take the step of using LED Lights to the next level in business premise.

LED Lights in Business Premises

The popularity of LED Lights has crept into the light bulb industry with inevitable conclusion that using LED Light bulb in business premises is the way to go in the 21st century and beyond.  The reason is simple. Business is fast paced activity requiring instant action.

LEDs Instant Light

In these days of instant cash, instant coffee in business, instant light is no exception. Gone are the days of waiting for lights to come on from incandescent bulb, (no pun intended).

LED Lights bulbs are designed to turn into full glow right away. There is no time lapse between hitting the switch and light coming on from LEDs. No risk of LEDs bulb blow up common with halogen and CFLs low-energy bulbs.

Bright white colour bulbs mentioned in home light improvement is also good in business premises.  Daylight bulbs in business represent creative space to come up with new product ideas and improved service delivery.

LEDs are Heavy Duty

LED Lights are made out of strong concrete materials, and do not depend on neon gas to produce light.

LED Lights work in extreme weather conditions. These light bulbs are made to withstand biting cold temperatures where other light bulbs fail. You can trust LED Light Bulbs to deliver lights on promise the business premise in such places as Iceland with extreme weather environment.

LED Light Bulb is Emission Free

The use of LEDs to illuminate buildings and outdoor spaces reduced the total carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of lighting by an estimated 570 million tons in 2017. This reduction is roughly equivalent to shutting down 162 coal-fired power plants, according to IHS Markit

Place two, one LED Light and CFLs bulbs used as security light on business premise, side by side. Take a close look. Compare and contrast these two bulbs over designated period of use.

You will notice that there is a coating inside CFLs Bulb glass filters and none on LED Light Bulb. You don’t need further proof. There is the evidence to prove that CFLs Bulbs produce UV rays emission. LED Light Bulb is emission free.

LED Light is Environmental Friendly

LED Lights popularity does not only come from emission free advantage in business premise mentioned above.  LEDs reduce lethal mercury produced by other low quality light bulbs, which are harmful to the environment.

LEDs are health risk free, cost effective and environmental friendly. This makes LEDs stand out alone in a class of its own.

LED Light Largest Selection

LED tube is perfect for business premises. You want to cheer up employees and customers with bright commercial space, use LED tube to improve the commercial premise.

Choose LED panel lights from a variety of shapes and sizes to light up the business space. LED panel lights are also used as street lights, in parking spaces, and outdoor scenes.

Get the largest selection of LED Light Bulbs for home and business premises to suit specific needs. LED Light Bulbs come in different sizes and shapes to match your light fixtures.

Whether you are ready to switch from incandescent bulbs, LEDs are ready for you. LEDs offer financial, environmental, and fashion freedom to get what you want at pocket-friendly prices.

So, spend on LED Lights today to save money, time and energy for tomorrow.

Want to Upgrade to LEDs? Request a FREE LED Assesment

    As anyone who owns or runs a small business will testify, little detail matters.

    Even things that can seem superficial like the choice of lighting can actually make a huge difference.  choosing the right lighting options for your business is not an easy task, especially with so many options.

    Differences can vary from how comfortable or productive employees or clients are – to financial differences in maintenance or initial instalment.

    The exceptional efficiency of LED lighting can bring tremendous benefits for us and the environment.

    Whether you are deciding on what lighting to use or for a new space or exploring alternatives, whatever the reason for your interest in LED lighting is, we will cover it here.

    Why Should a Small Business Care About Lighting?

    Whether it’s for an office or a business that serves consumers directly, lighting can make a huge difference in mood and productivity as well as make massive savings on energy costs.

    Even though at one point we might have thought that “light affects productivity” was just an idea, recent research suggests that this phenomenon exists and whether we believe in it or not, according to a huge study done by Staples, it affects our mental health.

    Effect of LED light for Businesss

    LED Versus other Lights for Small Business

    LED lights are more expensive to install than others, like fluorescent and halogen lights, so why do it?

    While LED lights might be cheaper to install, their maintenance and energy savings more than make up for it.

    The secret is in how LED technology works and how incredibly efficient it is compared to other traditional options.

    Ordinary incandescent bulbs pass a current through metal that’s located within them and as a result light is emitted, but with LED technology electrons pass through a semi-conductor.

    This fortunately for us means there is no filament to wear out, also the reason why they don’t get anywhere near as hot as their alternatives.

    Less wear also of course means less changing of light bulbs. On average LED lights last 10-20 times the time of their halogen or incandescent equivalents.

    Additionally, it’s important to mention that another benefit LED’s efficiency brings us, is its brightness. LEDs generate more lumens (measuring unit for brightness) per watt than its alternative bulbs.

    How Much Can a Small Business Save With LEDs?

    Over the years, more and more businesses are making the switch from traditional to LED lighting, why would this be?

    This will come as no surprise, but the number one reason is the savings on their energy bills. As it turned out Halogen bulbs utilize around 5 times the energy that a LED light would.

    While true for any business, it’s especially true for small businesses where every cent saved or earned counts.

    Making the switch to LED lighting could possibly reduce the costs by up to 90%.

    For small businesses reducing energy costs by 20% could be as valuable as increasing sales by 5%.

    How much will you Save with LED’s. Use our LED savings calculator to find out!

    What LED Options Are There?

    Not all LEDs are created equal, which could be one of their pros. There is a diverse selection of LEDs depending on the function, budget, and purpose of your specific business.


    These are your typical, everyday light bulbs seen just about everywhere. While they are visually similar to traditional bulbs, as mentioned they are more efficient. Good pick for any building.


    You will encounter panel LEDs most often in big office settings, their big size and wide coverage range make them the top pick for large buildings. Most times serves the same function as the old fluorescent tube bulbs.

    Coloured LEDs

    Certain LED lights are colour adjustable. They are usually controlled via remote, giving the ability to change between white and warm colours.

    While this feature might seem like a gimmick, in reality, it is very useful for the productivity and health of employees. Ideally, as the days go on, you want warmer and warmer colour temperatures.

    Coloured LEDs allow you to have many colour temperatures in one light source.

    Tube LEDs

    Tubular shape LEDs are just like what they sound like, tube-shaped long LED lights, used for big spaces and office settings. Like the panel LEDs, perfect for covering big areas.

    Smart LEDs

    In recent years, smart LEDs have been on the rise.

    Initially seen as just a gimmick or a fun thing to have – now essential to the everyday operations of many small and big businesses alike.

    One of the biggest money, energy, and time saver for small businesses is automation. Having processes automated means saving time and human resources, which of course means cutting down costs.

    Now you won’t have to worry about one of your employees leaving the lights on for the whole weekend by accident.

    Smart LED lights are usually controlled via custom downloadable applications. Features include but are not limited to:

    • Schedules times for turning on/off or switching colour temperatures
    • Automated dimming
    • WI-FI connectivity and full remote control
    • Integrated motion sensors

    Environmental factors and incentives

    As mentioned before, LEDs are better for the environment, and in 2021 being or not being eco-friendly can change a whole lot in how consumers perceive small businesses and LEDs significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

    This is so important to the developed world, that on September 1st of 2018 halogen light bulbs were completely banned in Europe.

    According to researchers, this ban could save up to and possibly more than 15m tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

    This global push towards the move to LEDs means that there could be incentives available for your small business.

    To see if there are incentives in your local area and whether or not your small business is eligible for them, you can contact your local energy company.

    In many cases, they can provide the relevant.

    Using incentives can further cut down costs for your small business and reduce the only big hurdle to converting to LED, which is the initial instalment cost.

    Now you should have a better idea as to what LEDs are all about. Using LED lighting can save money for your small business and keep it more eco-friendly, which benefits both the environment and your brand,




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