What is a parking light?  

Parking light is an important way to give an enhanced user experience in a parking lot that promotes optimized operations, supports safer driving, and improves sustainability.

In order to improve one’s parking lot lighting; the usual option is to properly install LED lighting. With that, it’s essential to find a reliable company to provide you with practical advice regarding the optimization of your lighting plan.

Why is lighting important in the parking lot?

If you want to optimize your parking lot management, you should consider the benefits of using reliable parking lot lighting.

However, it isn’t easy to jump on the bandwagon to have your parking lot lighting upgraded. Obviously, one of the best alternatives is to use LED lighting technology.

Interestingly, here is the list of essential reasons to think about when upgrading your parking light to LED lighting.

✔ Provides safety for everyone

Parking lot lighting ensures safety in the parking lot. Basically, it’s a perfect way to protect an unguarded area against criminals at night.

In addition, well-lighted parking eradicates dark spots, including gaps in the coverage of the security camera.

The people who can benefit from well-managed parking lot lighting are the occupants, drivers, and employees.

With that, you can avoid crimes by making sure that the parking area is bright and with uniform illumination.

✔ Ensures diminished maintenance cost

These days, it’s also highly recommended to use LED lighting to promote a reduced maintenance budget in running your business. After all, managing a parking lot is all about safety, durability, and sustainability.

✔ Promotes the increase of productivity

Good lighting also ensures increased productivity in your business.

If drivers and customers enjoy remarkable lighting fixtures, they’ll feel safe and confident in contributing their part to the venture.

Another example is the feeling of security that customers experience while using the parking space at a shopping mall.

As a result, there will be an increase in sales as the employees have more people to serve during business hours.

✔ Prevents accidents in the parking lot

Many parking lot managers are able to prevent accidents due to proper parking lighting installation. Basically, drivers should be able to spot individuals within the vicinity and other parked cars.

What are major parking light restrictions?

The usual parking area restrictions prevent managers to run the place properly. These challenges include a high ceiling, lack of natural light, dust formation, and difficulty in maintaining it.

If you’re able to consider all of these factors, it would be easier to work with a parking lot lighting installation service provider. Tell them your specific needs upfront.

It’s also necessary to have a regular inspection of the parking area in order to assess a lot of factors such as dust, debris, and trees that may have grown near your parking lot.

In that way, you can find the right solutions to the challenges in managing parking space.

Which lighting solutions are there for parking lots?

Before choosing your lighting fixture, you should be able to determine the best type of lighting in the parking lot.

Then, you should consider the ambience that you like, the height of your ceiling, and the types of lighting that are best for your parking lot. Here are some types of lighting for you.

➡ LED Batten Light

If you’re vying for recessed, suspended, or surface-mounted installation in your parking lot, one of your alternatives is the LED Batten light.

It has protective features against the elements such as dust, heat, and more.

Parking light: Savings on Maintenance Costs and Energy 

Basically, you can take advantage of the efficiency of LED lighting for your parking lot area. Aside from generating high-quality light, it can also use up to 80% less energy compared to traditional lighting systems.

Additionally, LED lighting promotes a lower maintenance budget for your business. After all, LED light products are known to have a long lifespan because of their remarkable design.

The gradual decrease of output meant you wouldn’t need to change your parking lot lighting fixtures for so many years. As a result, you can lower costs in terms of maintenance.


Dimming Solutions for Parking Light

If you’re concerned about lighting control in your parking lot, you can opt for LED lighting fixtures with dimming functionality. One of the benefits of using the said technology is the ability to fully control the light based on your specifications.

The personal dimming control of LED lighting fixtures can help every occupant in the parking a-lot adjust the light output based on their needs. An example of this would be in their individual garages within a strata unit.

Some LED products also provide a dimming solution in conjunction with sensor technology. Both of these functionalities are considered energy savings mechanisms. They both ensure productivity and promote full facility operations.

Motion Sensor to Help Lighting Management in the Parking Lot

LED Lighting for Parking

These days, parking lot managers rely on the latest technology for easier administration of the area. One of the useful lighting fixtures in the parking lot is motion sensor products.

Since most of the occupants prioritize their safety in a parking area, motion sensors in LED light technology are the paramount consideration.

The basic capability of motion sensors is that they only light up when movement is identified.

No wonder it’s perfect for the parking lot premises and even the surrounding areas. LED occupancy sensors also consume less energy and provide quality lighting.

Are LED lights safe for parking lots?

LED lights are safe for parking lots. Nowadays, a lot of industry experts claim that you can make your parking area safer and more secure by opting for LED lighting technology.

With that, you can ensure a positive user experience for all the occupants of your parking lot.

Aside from that, LED lights are also known to provide bright and smooth illumination that decreases shadows.

In that case, you’ll be able to give everyone confidence and a sense of security while using the parking lot.

5 Tips to Correctly Light the Parking lot

LED Lighting for Parking

Providing efficient lighting fixtures in the parking lot should be the ultimate goal of property managers.

The immensely positive results of proper lighting in the parking lot lead to safety, sustainability, increased productivity, and savings for the company.

If you’re curious as to the means of installing correct lighting at the parking space, here are 5 tips for you.

🟢  Provide Enough Lighting

These days, the usual choice in providing sufficient lighting in the parking area is using LED light technology. Obviously, the primary reason that you should opt for the product is to provide adequate lighting.

If you’re able to prioritize this, you can ensure the safety of the occupants in the parking area, including the employees and drivers.

In relation to adequate lighting, the light should be equally distributed all over the premises. After all, uneven distribution of light may lead to accidents.

One option is to install lighting fixtures that automatically provide light once it starts getting dark.

🟢  Promote Energy Efficiency

Why is that energy efficiency in the parking area is important? Well, the ideal way to run a parking area is to embrace sustainability and durability at all times.

In other words, you can properly provide lighting in the parking area if you can make sure that it could last up to 13 hours a day.

By using LED light, you can ensure that the energy is efficient in managing the parking vicinity. Aside from its affordability and environmentally-friendly feature, LED lighting products can cut your power usage in half.

🟢  Choice of Lighting Solutions

In upgrading your lighting solution for the parking area, it’s necessary to discover the LED equivalent to your existing fixture, and then finalize which kind of items would be best suitable for the size of your parking lot.

In addition, you should determine the lumen output, ceiling height, and beam angle of the parking space.

After careful consideration, you can choose which bay lighting to use in the parking premises. For example, you can opt for a high bay light if the ceiling height of the parking area is greater than 20 feet.

🟢  Installation of Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are also called dusk-to-dawn lights.

They’ll also light up once a person walks nearby. It’s wise to use motion sensors because you can decrease your energy consumption by up to 80%.

In that case, motion sensors respond to the natural light nearby, lighting up automatically when the sky gets dark and turns off during sunrise.

Simply put, it’s not necessary to install lighting that needed to be lit the whole night.

🟢  Lighting Maintenance Tasks

The parking lot is one of the important spaces of every business establishment. No wonder it’s important to manage it well.

One of the essential elements in properly managing a parking area is to have a reliable maintenance schedule.

Nowadays, the first step of maintaining one’s parking spot is the inspection of your lights and poles. With that, you can check monthly the wide range of factors that affects illumination such as dust, nearby properties, and debris.

In addition to a monthly maintenance schedule, you can also plan for a lighting upgrade in order to prioritize longevity, safety, and the aesthetics of the parking area.

If there are burnt-out bulbs, replace them immediately. For brighter illumination, you can choose to use LED lighting.

Lastly, upgrade your fixtures from time to time. It includes lamps and other lighting materials in the parking lot.

Basically, lamps can diminish their efficiency by as much as 40% over just a few years that will surely result in inefficiency.

The basis of this upgrade is to provide adequate lighting that allows it to illuminate down to the floor area.

Frequently Asked Questions on Parking Lights

LED Lighting for Parking

🟢  What Power is good for Parking Area Lighting?

One of the best power fixtures for parking lots is LED light. Generally, a parking area lighting product is in the form of poles and floodlights that require a huge budget for you.

However, you can save cash by using LED lighting technology for your parking area.

🟢  How Bright Should the Lighting Be?

The lighting in your parking should be remarkably powerful, bright, and dependable. The brightness should be enough to promote high visibility.

It should have a uniformity ratio of 3:1 since the goal is high efficiency to protect all occupants of the parking lot and even the nearby premises.

🟢  What Colour Temperature is Good for Parking Area Lighting?

If you’re managing a parking lot, you should opt for the best colour temperature of its lighting. Usually, light bulbs have three colour temperatures such as soft white, bright white, and daylight.

In a parking area, the best colour temperature is between 4000K and 7000K. Simply put, the higher the Kelvin, the whiter the colour temperature is.

🟢  How Efficient are Parking Area Low Bay and High Bay Lighting?

If you want to know the efficiency of your parking lighting, knowing the difference between low bay and high bay parking light fixtures shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Interestingly, both types of lighting fitting are perfect for stronger power and reduction of glare.

They’re also incredibly efficient in diffusing light, illuminating parking spaces, and allowing light flows down to the floor.

🟢  How Much Money will LED Light Save Compared to Halogen and Fluorescent Lighting?

 One of the benefits of using LED light fixtures in the parking lot is decreasing maintenance costs.

So how much cash you can save by using the said type of lighting product? Basically, a specific LED lighting fixture can save you between $100 and $500 annually.

Are you looking for LED upgrades for your parking lot? Get in touch today. We will provide you with a FREE QUOTE to upgrade your parking lights to LED!


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