In general, when anyone buys a product, they go to find durable products that can last and serve the intended use. The same applies to lighting systems.

The importance of great lighting systems can’t be overemphasized. A well-lit space improves its ambience and makes it more inviting.

However, there are several types of lights in the marketplace. It may not be easy to choose amid the variety.

Are you looking for super-efficient lights for your home or office? Look no further!

These panel lights are the best you can have.

What are LED Panel Lights?

types of LED Panel Lights

These lights are the best for indoor spaces.

For those that have grown used to fluorescent ceiling lights, LED panel lights replace them adequately. They are generally considered as safer and better options.

They are technologically efficient, have several innovative features and benefits that improve our standard of living. So, what are these features?

Let’s find out

What are their main features?

These lights are produced such that it illuminates an environment better than its counterparts.

As the name implies, this type of lighting uses Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology, so it’s generally considered safe.

The LED Panel lights consist of a lightweight aluminium frame with three layers- a light guide plate, diffuser, and LED chips.

A light guide plate helps to direct and emanate the light in front.

The diffuser is placed in front of the guide plate to distribute the light evenly. It eradicates any bright spots near them.

The LED chip is an important component of the panel lights because it transforms the electrical energy into light.

There are high-power and low-power LED chips and are divided into three types by colours- blue, red, and green (these colours produce white light)

The frame is one of the most important parts of the panel light as it averts leakages. Are you worried about how safe will these light be?

You don’t have to worry. They come with heat sinks.

Benefits of LED panel lights

High brightness

The selling point of Panel lights is their brightness.

Their top-notched sealed design and reflective panel produce highly bright lights. The panel lights are also made with good aluminium and an effective photoconductor plate.

Do you want bright lights in your space? Use LED panel lights. No other lights easily beat brightness from LEDs.


LED panel lights are durable. In theory, the lifespan of an LED is up to 100,000 hours if it’s used for 8 hours per day.

This means that it could last for 27 years comfortably. If that isn’t something amazing, then nothing else is.

Easily adjusted

The colours can be easily adjusted, depending on circumstances or what the client wants. This is almost impossible with other types of light.

If you’re worried about radiation, then you don’t have to be. There is no radiation. LED panel lights produce soft eye-friendly light at all times.

Resistant to shock

Other lights are made from tungsten glass, but LED panel lights are made from a hard resin.

This makes them resistant to external shocks like “bumping” and helps them to adapt to different temperatures easily.

Benefits of LED Panel Light in an infographic

So, having seen the benefits, how can you choose the right LED panel lights?

How to choose the right LED panel lights.

What is the intended purpose?

LED panel lights have a wide range of applications, both for residential and commercial use.

Knowing the intended purpose will help you choose the right type of light. The type of LED panel lights used in offices and conference rooms may not be the same as those used in auditoriums or hospitals.

What type of LED panel lights do you want?

There are different panel lights, from square panels, rectangular panels, edge-lit panels, white light LED panels, RGB colour switching panels, back-lit panels, round panels, etc.

Installation methods

Not all LED panel lights are installed in the same way. There are three major ways of installing LED panels:

suspended, surface mounted and recessed LED panels.

You can install suspended LED lights by suspending them under a mounting body.

The light hangs from the ceiling through cables. Surface-mounted LED Panels are easy to install.

All they need are some holes on the surface for the screw to go in, and that’s it. Recessed LED panels are produced to fit into conventional ceiling systems.

Watts and lumen

Watt is the measurement of energy consumption via a light source.

You can measure watts with lumens to find out how energy efficient an LED panel light is.

Lumens measure the total amount of light reflected from a light source. There are different recommended illuminance rates depending on the intended use.

LED panel lights produce more light with less energy. Therefore they release more lumens per watt.

As a beginner, there are several LED panel light options in the marketplace.

How do you make the best purchase decision?

Here are some helpful tips

Tips to consider when buying LED panel lights


You don’t need more lights for more power. LED lights enhance efficiency and deliver higher output with less energy consumption.

Note this, especially when dealing with large commercial projects. It will help you to save a lot.

Colour temperature

Colour temperature affects how the light is portrayed, and it’s dependent on what the customer wants.

Every application demands a particular colour. Colour temperature is very important because it affects the human brain.

Colour temperature can make you more or less alert, active, or awake.

Emergency versions

Consider emergency versions like a power failure.

When installing the lights, make provision for extra emergency panels in strategic places like escape routes. Since they use up less power, they can last for three hours or more.

Types of panel lights

Different LED panel lights have their respective applications. Figure out what you need the lights for and choose one appropriately, considering the circumstances and cost.

Are LEDs really efficient?

How efficient are LED panel lights?

LED panel lights are the most efficient lighting options you can ever find.

They have grown in popularity and used widely because they’re energy-efficient, saving over 80% of energy and producing brighter and softer light than their counterparts (fluorescent lights)

Still not convinced?

How can LED Panel lights save your money?

Everyone loves great product alternatives that can help them save money, no matter how little, and lighting options aren’t an exception.

LED lights are more energy-efficient than fluorescent bulbs. They dissipate little heat and don’t contain mercury, unlike their counterparts. They also have a longer lifespan.

Now, with all these features, one may think that they’re more expensive. But that’s not the case. Whenever a new technology emerges, it often runs at a high cost.

Like solar panels, LED panel lights ran at a higher cost initially, but with time, the price reduced as more options became available.

However, LED lights help you to save money not just by being affordable but by reducing the energy cost over a period.

For instance, if you replace 5 to 7 bulbs in your house with quality lights, you could save $75- $100 every year.

Then, imagine replacing every bulb in your home or office with panel lights and have them run for years.

The financial benefits are endless.

Now, do LED Panel lights work all the time efficiently?

What can affect the performance of LED panel lights?

LED panel light is made up of different components. The quality of each of these can directly affect the performance of the LED panel light. The components are:

  • Aluminium Frame
  • Diffuser
  • Light guide plate
  • Reflective paper
  • Back plate
  • LED chip set
  • The PCB
  • The led driver

Now, is it possible to dim LED lights?

Yes, it is.

How to make LED panel lights dimmable

When you want to make dimming changes, ensure that your LED panel supports it or at least the dimmer.

LED panel lights can be made dimmable by adding a dimmer to the power LED driver.

dimmer for LED Panel Lights

Although it’s advised to seek the help of a professional, the main way of dimming lights is by limiting the electrical signals from the main source which requires technical handling.

What size of LED panel light is best for you?

LED Panel Size Guide

They come in various sizes, depending on the intended use. There are several sizes available for different types, but here are sizes for common LED light panels.

  1. Round panel light: 120mm, 200mm, 300mm, LED panel diameter sizes. These are often used in small offices, houses, toilets, etc.
  2. Square panel lights: 600mm x 600mm, and 300mm x 300mm sizes. These are often used for hospitals, schools, or any other place that needs recessed ceilings.
  3. Rectangle panels: 600mm x 300mm, 1200mm x 600mm, and 1200mm x 300mm. These are often used in warehouses, large offices, or any other open space.

Where can LED panel lights be used?

The applications of these lights are massive.

They can be used anywhere, from homes, offices, schools, warehouses, large auditoriums, hospitals, town halls, or any other place that needs an effective lighting system.

Best LED panel light options

Ultra-Slim panel lights

Do you want an effective LED light that’s super thin?

Look no further, as the Ultra Slim LED panel lights are easily available. They are super thin and can fit into any space.

They are glare-free and can be used in homes, hotels, offices, classrooms, hospitals, etc.

They are also affordable, and the energy costs you’d save over a period will be worth the investment.

Spring Mounted panel lights

This is an amazing LED light that was specifically designed to suit all professional office lighting needs.

It’s glare-free and provides bright and soft lighting conditions to create the perfect work environment for you.

Do you want to join the upgrade? Here’s how

How to upgrade halogen light to LED panel lights

The faster you replace halogen lights with LEDs, the more energy costs you save. If there are mains, they usually have pegs.

You can replace them all at once. But if they are low-voltage bulbs, it’s more complex. They’d most likely have a transformer in the light or ceiling fitting.

Some bulbs have an inner circuitry system that deals with these transformers, but if they don’t, get an LED driver.

The reason is that the transformer might be too overwhelming for the small electricity amount that the LED lights may need.

You’re advised to seek help from a professional electrician.


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