A bathroom ceiling fan is a ventilation fan that helps to remove moisture and odors from the bathroom.

Ceiling mounted ventilation fans are a great way to keep your bathroom well ventilated and smelling fresh. They also help to reduce condensation and dampness, which can cause problems with mold and mildew.

A bathroom ceiling exhaust fan helps maintain a refreshing ambiance by clearing out steam, smells, and other airborne contaminants.

When choosing ceiling mounted fans, make sure to select one that is the right size for your bathroom. If the fan is too small, it will not be effective at clearing out all the foul air.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a bathroom ceiling fan, such as the size of the room, the type of ventilation you need, and the style of the fan.

The most important factor to consider when choosing a bathroom ceiling fan is the size of the room. The larger the room, the more powerful the fan will need to be.

The type of ventilation you need will also affect the size of the fan you choose. If you only need to clear out a small amount of steam, then a small fan will suffice.

However, if you have a larger room or need to clear out more steam, then you will need a more powerful exhaust fan.

The style of the fan is also important. You want to choose a style that will complement the décor of your bathroom.

There are many different styles of bathroom ceiling fans available, so you should be able to find one that will fit in with your bathroom’s design.

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What is the right place to install a bathroom exhaust fan?

The first thing you need to do is identify where the fan will be most effective. It is important to place the fan near the source of the steam or moisture, such as the hot shower or bathtub.

You also want to make sure that the fan is not placed too close to any windows, as this can cause drafts.

Finally, you want to make sure that the fan is placed at least 3 feet away from any doors, as this will help to prevent any noise from escaping into other parts of the house.

How to choose the right type of bathroom ceiling fan?

Now that you know where to install your bathroom ceiling fan, you need to choose the right model.

There are many different models of fans available, so you need to find one that is the right size for your room and has the features you need.

Some of the things you might want to consider are the noise level, the CFM rating, and the warranty.

The noise level is important because you do not want the fan to be too loud. The CFM rating is important because this will determine how much air the fan can move.

The warranty is also important because you want to make sure that the fan is covered in case it breaks down.

How to install an exhaust ceiling fan in the bathroom?

Now that you know where to buy your bathroom ceiling fan, you need to install it.

The first thing you need to do is find the studs in the ceiling. Once you have found the studs, you need to mark them so you know where to drill the holes.

Then, you need to drill the holes and screw in the brackets that will hold the fan.

Next, you need to attach the wires to the fan and then to the electrical box. Finally, you need to put on the cover and turn on the fan.

Can I put a ceiling fan above the shower?

You should not put a ceiling fan above the shower because it can cause condensation to form on the ceiling. This can lead to problems with mold and mildew.

It is best to install the fan in another location, such as near the door or window, to ensure that it is not too close to the shower.

How often should I clean my bathroom ceiling fan?

You should clean your bathroom ceiling fan at least once a year to prevent dirt and dust from building up.

If you live in an area with high humidity, you may need to clean the fan more often.

You can clean the fan by using a vacuum with a brush attachment or by lightly dusting it with a cloth.

Does exhaust ceiling fan ensure fresh air?

Bathroom ceiling fans are designed to remove moisture and improve ventilation in your bathroom. By Removingist air, they help to prevent mold and mildew from forming. This helps in the circulation of fresh air.

Do bathroom exhaust fans need to be vented outside?

Bathrooms need ventilation. When the fan has no way to reach an inside wall, it must be vented out from the side wall. This style of ductwork and ducting are normally installed in the building of houses. Do not install vents on sidewalls when they have no ducts in their walls. The bathroom fan must be vented outside to work properly.

How can I reduce the noise from my bathroom exhaust fan?

There are a few things you can do to reduce the noise from your bathroom exhaust fan.

First, you can make sure that the fan is properly installed. If the fan is loose, it will vibrate and make more noise.

Second, you can use anti-vibration mounts to reduce the amount of vibration.

Third, you can use a silencer to help reduce the noise.

Can a bathroom fan and light be on the same switch?

Yes, a bathroom fan and light can be on the same switch. However, it is important to note that the fan will need to be on its circuit. This means that the light and fan will not be able to share the same switch.

It is also important to make sure that the fan is rated for the amount of light that will be on the circuit. If the fan is not rated for the amount of light, it could overheat and cause a fire.

What is the best exhaust fan for the bathroom?

There is no one “best” exhaust fan for the bathroom. It depends on your individual needs and preferences.

Some things you may want to consider are the noise level, the CFM rating, and the warranty.

Which is better ceiling or wall exhaust fan?

Effective exhaust efficiency Ceiling-mounted bathrooms require more ductwork so that they require more energy. The ceiling fan is, therefore, stronger than an overhead fan. A wall-mounted fan is not very effective just because it is mounted to the wall.

How much does it cost to have someone install a bathroom fan in Australia?

The cost of having someone install a bathroom fan in Australia can vary depending on the size of the fan and the complexity of the installation.

Generally, you can expect to pay between $100 and $200 for installation.

Best bathroom fans to buy in Australia

Brilliant Tornado Large High-Velocity Round

The Tornado is a high-velocity circular white exhaust fan with the ability to be installed quickly and easily thanks to its fastening clamps. The grille can simply be removed for thorough cleaning procedures that require little effort, ensuring optimum performance from this powerful device!

Ventair Sahara Bathroom 4 in 1 bathroom exhaust fan

Ventair’s latest offering is the Ventair Sahara bathroom 4-in1 fan. This sleek and low-profile design will compliment your current decor while still managing to maintain an elegant look with its features such as a heater that can be turned off when not in use or if you want it warmer than usual, along with cooling fans available during summer months!

A high-quality 20W LED light panel with a brightness output of 1500 lumens & color temperature of 4000K Natural White fitted right at a center point which provides soothing natural lighting while also keeping ambient humidity levels under control 

Brilliant Horizon Duo LED tri-color Bathroom 3 in 1

The brilliant Horizon Duo 3 in 1 Bathroom Mate is a strong and efficient exhaust fan heater combo designed for small to medium-sized bathrooms.

This device includes two 275W heat globes, as well as Tri-Color 9 W, LED light that can be set to 3000K Warm White 4200 Cool white, or 6000K Daylight color temperature depending on your preference!

The unit will keep you warm during chilly nights by firing up the internal heating system while ensuring an improved brightness level–allowing more visibility when using any bathroom fixture at night time without turning overhead lights on which consume energy bills higher than necessary.

Schweigen Silent Multi-Purpose Exhaust Fan

This powerful Schweigen silent multi-purpose exhaust fan is ideal for any room in your home that you want to keep clean.

It has an exceptional design, including a sleek profile and an Australian engineered venting system that prevents mold from forming when used outdoors or near water sources like bathrooms with wet areas – not only does it provide instant relief but also helps prevent the growth of bacteria!

Whisper 325 round exhaust fan

The Whisper325 is an efficient and quiet exhaust fan due to its 35w ball-bearing motor. It features easy installation clamps which secure the fan in place, as well as a draft stopper so you don’t have any unwanted air falling back through it!

Delicious meals are often the outcome of precise recipes, culinary innovation and astounding cooking equipment. 

And cooktops are one of the most essential equipment for the cooking process. 

Whether for a household kitchen or a corporate restaurant, cooktops are widely used for meal preparation.  

Given their importance, they often define the cooking zone within a space, to follow the owners requirements. 

Various types of cooktops are used by consumers with different options for energy sources. In general, cooktops can either be induction, gas, or electric types.

What is a gas cooktop?

Gas cooktops are appliances that provide multiple cooking zones for preparing meals. They are powered with natural gas or LPG depending on the market availability. 

Gas cooktops are available in a variety styles that hold different burner types and a various number of burners. 

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Why Should you use gas cooktops?

Gas cooktops are very convenient products for routine cooking needs. 

With abundant availability of natural gas and LPG, gas cooktops are often a practical and obvious choice for users. Gas cooktops offer multiple cooking zones that are aligned side by side.

Their operation is relatively more cost-effective than their electric counterparts. Especially with the recent spike in electricity rates, gas cooktops offer a more economical means of cooking delicious meals. 

Given their simple and convenient operation, gas cooktops ensure user-friendly control for ergonomic product operations.

Another good reason for choosing gas cooktops is the variety of options and diversity of products in the market.

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This allows for a wider choice to select products that are more compatible with your individual interests and requirements.

10 Best Gas Cooktops

TOP PICKOverall Best Gas Cooktop


This high-efficiency gas cooktop allows you to prepare dinner faster. Using less gas to heat up, the 3 cooking zones and additional wok burner zone will help you cook food faster. 

The increase in the demand for gas cooktops has led to the introduction of a wide range of gas cooktop products on the market. 

Over time, more advanced features are being added to gas cooktops, making the selection process all the more complicated.

Here we bring you a detailed review of the 10 best gas cooktops that you can buy as per your preferences and needs.

1. Beko 4 Burner Gas Cooktop

The best gas cooktop for an efficient cooking experience

Beko 4 Burner gas cooktop is an efficient product meant for rapid cooking purposes. 

This 4 burner gas cooktop provides you with an optimum space to cook in bulk efficiently. 

Its easy-to-operate features make it suitable for use in all sorts of households and commercial spots.

Beko 4 Burner gas cooktop is a fine addition to your kitchen interior with its elegant design. Its durable construction makes it a long-lasting component of kitchens.

Beko 4 burner gas cooktop is an good product that can provide you with a more enjoyable cooking experience.

Beko 4 Burner gas cooktop is an efficient product designed for rapid cooking purposes. 

This 4 burner gas cooktop offers an optimum space to cook in bulk efficiently. 

The easy-to-operate features make it suitable for use in all sorts of households and commercial spaces.

Given its elegant design, the Beko 4 Burner gas cooktop is a great addition to your kitchen interior, and its durable construction makes it a long-lasting component.

Beko 4 burner gas cooktop is an great product that can provide you with a very enjoyable cooking experience.

Key Features

Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions

Pros and Cons



Delivery and Returns

The product comes with 3 different delivery options

Payment Options

2. Westinghouse 90 cm Black Glass Gas Cooktop

Highly cost-effective gas cooktop for diverse cooking needs

This 90 cm stainless steel gas cooktop is a popular product from Westinghouse given its durable stainless steel construction. 

It is available with 5 burners including a wok burner that allows a high-powered cooking experience.

Westinghouse 90 cm stainless steel gas cooktop features cast iron flat trivets that support your cooking utensils. 

The separate distant knobs allow you to operate the cooktop conveniently and safely. The flat stainless steel surface ensures an easy and comfortable cleaning process.  

Key Features

Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions

Pros and Cons



Delivery and Returns

The product comes with 3 different delivery options

Payment Options

3. Westinghouse 90 cm Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

The best durable and traditional design gas cooktop

This 90 cm stainless steel gas cooktop is another popular product from Westinghouse with a durable stainless steel construction. 

It is equipped with 5 burners including a wok burner to help you enjoy a high-powered cooking experience.

Westinghouse 90 cm stainless steel gas cooktop features cast iron flat trivets to support your cooking utensils. 

The separate distant knobs allow for a convenient and safe operation. The flat stainless steel surface lets you to clean it quite easily and comfortably.

Key Features

Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions

Pros and Cons



Delivery and Returns

The product comes with 3 different delivery options

Payment Options

4. Westinghouse 60 cm Black Glass Gas Cooktop

The best compact and sophisticated gas cooktop product

Westinghouse 60 cm black glass gas cooktop is a beautifully designed and built compact cooktop for versatile cooking needs. 

It has an elegant black glass top and stylish design, which make it a good fit for modern kitchen interiors. 

This cooktop is available with 3 cooking zones including a wok burner to enjoy a high-power cooking experience.

The product offers dual valve control. Cast iron trivets help provide support to your pots and pans during cooking. 

The flame failure device ensures adequate fire safety by cutting off the gas in case of any unexpected flame failure.

Key Features

Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions

Pros and Cons



Delivery and Returns

The product comes with 3 different delivery options

Payment Options

5. Smeg Classic 60 cm Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

The best durable and refined gas cooktop for diverse purposes

The Smeg classic 60 cm stainless steel gas cooktop is a modern design product built to meet different cooking requirements. 

It is a highly durable product that is equipped with 4 cooking zones to be used side by side.

Its modern design allows it to seamlessly integrate in both traditional and modern kitchen decors.

Smeg classic is a compact product that is well-suited for smaller kitchen spaces.

It comes with triple wok burners for high-powered cooking. 

The cast iron trivets support cooking pots, while the flame failure device ensures adequate fire safety for the users.

Key Features

Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions

Pros and Cons



Delivery and Returns

The product comes with 3 different delivery options

Payment Options

6. Beko 90 cm Gas Cooktop

The best conventional design economical gas cooktop

Beko offers a 90 cm gas cooktop that is purpose-built for diverse cooking requirements. 

This product is available with 5 burners to allow for bulk cooking, including one wok burner to ensure a streamlined cooking experience for the users.

Besides its beautiful design, this cooktop offers a simple and easy operation with its front-type dial knob controls. 

The incorporation of flame safety features ensures adequate fire safety. The stainless steel product finish makes it a very durable product.

Key Features

Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions

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Delivery and Returns

The product comes with 3 different delivery options

Payment Options

7. Beko 75 cm Gas Cooktop

The best stylish and multiple cooking zone gas cooktop

The 75 cm gas cooktop is an efficient product that meets the various requirements of your cooking needs. 

The product offers 4 gas burners and a side wok burner, allowing you to enjoy a wide range of precise cooking experiences. 

This cooktop is a good fit for household kitchens and for commercial cooking requirements.

The easy-to-operate front knob controls help you conveniently control burner flames as required. 

Key Features

Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions

Pros and Cons



Delivery and Returns

The product comes with 3 different delivery options

Payment Options

8. Smeg Classic 90 cm 6 Burner Gas Cooktop

The best elegant design 6 burner gas cooktop product

Smeg classic 90 cm gas cooktop is a top-notch product that offers immense cooking space. 

The product accommodates 6 cooking zones, 2 of which are high-power wok burners that can be used for efficient cooking. 

The flame failure devices ensure optimum fire safety for the users.

The mesmerizing design makes this product a great option to any kitchen interior, whether a traditional or a modern kitchen design. The durable stainless steel construction ensures its durability over the long run.

Key Features

Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions

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Delivery and Returns

The product comes with 3 different delivery options

Payment Options

9. Fisher and Paykel 90 cm 5 Burner Gas Cooktop

The best sleek design modern gas cooktop product

Fisher and Paykel 90 cm 5 burner cooktop is a special and novelty product compared to other cooktop designs. 

It accommodates 5 cooking zones, including a central wok burner and two semi-rapid burners. 

The stainless steel dial knobs ensure ergonomic product operation and user-friendly control.

The minimalist design of this cooktop allows it to seamlessly integrate within different kitchen types and dimensions. 

The cast iron trivets and glass top can be removed for easy cleaning and product maintenance. These features make it a very attractive product for a variety of users.

Key Features

Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions

Pros and Cons



Delivery and Returns

The product comes with 3 different delivery options

Payment Options

10. Electrolux Ultimate Home 900 90 cm Black Glass Gas Cooktop

The best elegant design modern gas cooktop product

The ultimate home 900 is a 90cm black glass cooktop with a gas source and is a high precision option from Electrolux. 

The product features a highly durable black ceramic glass design which makes the cooktop a great addition to any modern kitchen, and the fine finish can greatly improve the kitchen décor.

Electrolux ultimate home gas cooktop offers five cooking zones including a dual flame wok burner. This feature ensures cooking with a diverse heat range from simmer to power boosted. 

The one-hand push and twist ignition offers convenient operation and control for users.

Key Features

Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions

Pros and Cons



Delivery and Returns

The product comes with 3 different delivery options

Payment Options

6 Things to consider when buying a gas cooktop

A diverse range of gas cooktop products is available on the market, which can make the task of choosing the most appropriate and suitable option for your kitchen a complicated process.  

Below are 5 important factors to consider before selecting and buying a gas cooktop: 

1. Product Costs

Cost is a core factor to take into account when choosing a gas cooktop. Products on the market are available within a wide price bracket, and the cost factor should be the first measure to narrow down the user’s options.  

It is advisable to compare the costs vs. the features of multiple products and choose which can properly and fully fulfill your requirements.

2. Product Dimensions

Product dimensions are another important factor to consider when buying a gas cooktop. 

Different products offer different shapes and sizes, which is why it is important to measure your particular space dimensions, in order to determine which options are most compatible within this space. 

3. Number of Cooking Zones

Different types of gas cooktops are fitted with varying numbers of cooking zones. This factor is also important to filter options by the number of cooking zones offered. 

Typically, small households with low frequency of usage choose cooktops with a low number of cooking zones, whereas large households with frequent use and spaces for commercial cooking applications, require a larger number of cooking zones.  

4. Product Material

Gas cooktop products vary significantly in their build and product material, which translate to determining the durability of the equipment. 

Therefore it is essential to consider the product material and choose products that offer high durability and quality.

5. LPG adaptability

Gas cooktops are usually powered with natural gas while many are available with LPG adaptability too. 

When buying a gas cooktop, consider if it is adaptable to LPG or not. LPG adaptability allows you to operate your cooktop in areas with a compromised or faulty supply of natural gas.

6. Product Warranty

Gas cooktops may encounter technical faults or operational breakdowns, which is why warranties on the products are essential to consider. 

Always choose cooktops from companies that offer longer warranty periods to protect against any kind of product faults or failures.

The best gas cooktops – Wrapping up


Gas cooktops are standard kitchen equipment that have been in high demand for a long time. Over the years, new types with advanced features are entering the market and growing in popularity. 

While this variety of choice opens up new options for customers, the huge diversity can make it difficult for the user to choose the right product for their specific application. 

This article reviews and highlights the 10 best gas cooktops that can meet the various requirements and needs of customers, based on their usage, space, design orientation and personal preferences. 

Lighting plays a big role in reducing security risks inside and outside of your house especially at night. 

So one thing you can do to discourage anyone targeting your home at night is installing good security lighting outside your home.

These days new types of lights have replaced incandescent bulbs.

There are energy-saving lights available instead of halogen lights. These modern security lights are useful to install inside and outside your house.

You do not need to worry about electricity bills as these modern lights consume less energy. Usually, there are continuous, standby, movable (portable), and emergency lights. 

Some of them are auto rechargeable with the solar systems enabled. You can find them in online marketplaces as well local markets.

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Flood Lights

Make your outdoors more safe and secure with security floodlights. They combine performance with great looks and offer a lot of versatility for the exterior home space.  Available in a number of colour options

Best Security Flood Lights to Buy in Australia

1. Apollo Penguin 10W LED Outdoor Security Floodlight

Apollo penguin security floodlight

Apollo Penguin is a big light designed for energy-efficiency. 

Furthermore, it is a good replacement to traditional energy-consuming lights.

It’s usually not that simple to find an appropriate space for larger lights’ installation. 

However, this light is easily installed anywhere and does not look bulky.

With the aluminium chassis, it looks quite strong. If it fails, its strong body protects it from breaking.

It is a 10W LED light that is very energy-friendly. The key features include a low-profile design. In addition, the aluminium chassis gives it another layer of quality and durability.

The strong beam angle is given to fix it to the wall. It can bend it up to 120 degrees up or down.

The Colour Temperature consists of 4000K Cool White. Also, there are two colour options design-wise; black and silver. 

The manufacturer provides a 3 Year warranty for the product.

2. Verbatim 30W LED Impact Resistant Outdoor Security Floodlight

verbatim outdoor light

The featured Verbatim LED consists of a strong aluminium body. 

In addition, it gives an extra layer of protection from dust and water. The design is also thin, elegant and durability considered.

The metallic beam angle given with the light is adjustable, so it helps install the light on ceilings, walls, poles, or ground.

The lamp of the Verbatim light is a 30W LED. 

Therefore, it is quite energy-efficient compared to other lights using traditional lamps. 

The Lumen Output Brightness of the Verbatim 30W LED ranges from 2300lm (3000K) to 2400lm (6500K).

The metallic beam is adjustable to 100 degrees for flexible installation and rotatable adjustments.

The light is given a solid metallic cover that works as a heat sink for better thermal exhaust, longer life, and durability. 

In addition, Verbatim provides a 3 Year Replacement Warranty for the light.

3. Apollo Penguin 50W LED Outdoor Security Floodlight

apollo penguin security floodlight

The 50W Apollo Penguin is best for areas where bright lighting is required. 

It is energy-efficient and durable compared to traditional lighting used in the past.

It is easily to install wherever desired and isn’t bulky. In addition, the beam angle provides adjustability for up to 120 degrees.

The key features of the Apollo Penguin 50W are its low-profile design and aluminium body. 

The aluminium body also provides a heat sink to the lamp.

The lamp is a fairly energy-efficient 50W LED. More, the Colour Temperature is 4000K Cool White. Apollo has a 3 Year Warranty replacement warranty for this light.

4. Housewatch 20W LED Single Head Outdoor Security Floodlight

house watch security light

Housewatch 20W LED is a beautiful and charming light that provides adequate lighting that is usually sufficient for homes.

Its beautiful design is unique and attractive.

The Aluminum body protects against dust and water and plays an important role in strength and durability. It also works as a heat sink for the light beam.

The lamp type is a 20W LED with an integrated globe.

The Housewatch 20W LED has a 5000K Daylight Colour Temperature with a 2000lm Lumen Output for Brightness.

Overall, by considering the quality, design, and durability factors, the Housewatch 20W LED is a good product for its price.

5. Star8 Cube 10W LED Solar Security Wall Light

star cube security light

A cube-shaped light gives a comprehensive look to the wall and beautiful lighting. 

The light has a square shape that provides lighting, and the beam can be adjusted to 180 degrees.

The Star8 Cube light has a battery backup that works for up to 7 nights. 

The light is designed to maximize the battery life with the help of the Adaptive Lighting feature. 

The other features consist of light and temperature controls.

It has a built-in Adaptive Frequency Technology to adjust the light automatically depending on weather conditions, so that you have proper lighting and visibility in any situation.

The Variable Frequency Technology in this light provides certain management to LED controls. This feature helps in terms of better charging and life.

The Temperature Control System protects the battery from being overcharged. It also helps to abstain the battery from overheating and related complexities.

It has a monocrystalline silicon solar panel of 1.5W that provides significant efficiency.

The 7.4WH lithium-ion battery gives up to 7+ nights of continuous lighting. In addition, Star8 provides a 1-year replacement warranty for this light.

6. Housewatch 40W LED Outdoor Flood Light

house watch security floodlight

With an elegant design, Housewatch gave this light a decorative look. In addition, the white colour makes it very attractive.

It has a 40W LED lamp with 5000K Cool White Colour Temperature. The Lumen Output for Brightness is 4000lm with an integrated globe.

The beautiful but safe design and building material give it a unique blend of look and quality. 

The body looks amazing in addition to protecting the interior from outer effects. 

Also, it works as a heat sink for heat exhaust.

7. Star8 10W LED Twin Head Solar Security Floodlight

star security floodlight

The Star8 10W LED looks charming in gardens or walls, providing security, safety, and lighting. 

The solar panel gets solar power and supports a battery for fewer energy results and more battery backup.

Rotatable LED heads and adjusted motion sensors show that it illuminates whenever and wherever you need it.

The Star8 Solar Lights have the ultimate designs to increase battery life to its maximum extent, and they charge the battery too.

It includes patented technologies for Adaptive Lighting, Variable Frequency, and Temperature Control features.

The 7.4WH lithium-ion battery gives up to 7 nights of continuous lighting. It has a 5500-6500K Daylight colour temperature with a brightness output of 1000lm.

Solar charging requires 5 hours of direct sunlight, and it should be installed in a place that gets maximum sunlight exposure.

The sensor timer ranges from 10 seconds to 7 minutes and has a detection range of about 3 meters.

The Star8 10W LED Twin Head Solar Security Spotlight is the best fit for installations in courtyards, gardens, walls, parks, and more suitable places. 

It has one year of manufacturer replacement warranty.

8. Solar Lighting Direct 6W LED Multi-Purpose Outdoor Wall Light

solar security floodlight

This brilliant Solar Powered LED Multi-Purpose Outdoor Wall Light has an energy-efficient design with a 3W solar panel. 

In addition, it has a day and night sensitivity control, a PIR motion sensor, and an alarm.

The alarm can be activated by remote control. The light rings a certain notification bell whenever the sensor detects any motion around it.

The light activation modes for day and night are also controllable using the remote. It has a 5W solar panel to run applications and needs direct sunlight for charging.

It has a rotatable head design with no adjustability issues. Moreover, a 4400mAh lithium-ion battery is included that gives 6-8 hours of battery backup.

The light has a 3000K Warm White colour temperature and 600lm brightness output. Also, the manufacturer gives a 1-year replacement warranty.

9. Lampada Striker 100W LED Slimline Outdoor Security Floodlight

lambada outdoor floodlight

It is a premium floodlight and quite expensive compared to the rest of the lighting. It is best suited for commercial uses.

The Lampada Striker 100W LED Slimline Outdoor Floodlight has a strong aluminium chassis and an IK08 glass lens that features impact-resistant tempered glass.

The chassis also works as a heat exhaust for the light and prevents it from overheating. It also gives extra protection and water and dust proofing.

The powerful beam angle provides up to 120 degrees of vertical adjustability. In addition, the Full diecast aluminium housing provides it with another level of superiority.

There is a super quality aluminium reflector which is tempered glass-made front cover. It has a 100W SMD LED with 4000K Cool White colour temperature and 12000lm brightness.

Lampada provides a 3-years replacement warranty.

Best Overall Security Floodlights with Camera

night vision security floodlight

UNIDEN Night Vision Security Floodlight

A security camera and floodlight in one will keep an eye on your house. View footage and receive alerts with the Uniden app, and use the two-way talk with the built-in microphone and speakers.

light with camera

ARLO Pro 3 Security Floodlight With Camera

Illuminate and view 2K video with the powerful wire-free Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera. The multi-functional wire-free floodlight camera cuts through the darkness with brilliant LEDs.

Frequently Asked Question about security floodlights

Q. Where Should the Lights be Placed?

 When installing security lights, you must know where to place them. You can add security lights anywhere near your home, but it helps make a map of where the lights require to be positioned.

For example, a map will determine the spaces around your home and the electrical outlets or wires for links. You can also assess how well the light works based on the areas that it overlooks.

However, it could be best if you saw how nicely the lights are arranged to make the positioning yield. Generally, it is best to separate your lights 10 to 20 feet. 

It ensures acceptable range around your home while controlling the space from getting excessively bright or dark.

You also have the option to put your lights wherever you want. 

For example, you can hook them to the external walls of your home, or you can hang them on poles around your lawn. Whatever the requirements are, you should ensure that the lights are in the right place.

Q. How to Get the Light Focused?

 The focus should be on the light you shed. 

It means how well the light can focus on a certain space. You should review how well the lighting performs in some areas around your premises for the most satisfactory results.

Limelight is ideal for your outdoor lighting if you need to concentrate your light on an exact area around your home. For example, the limelight may be used on driveways or sidewalks between different areas.

The area near your home can be extremely dark. If the direct light is strong enough, you don’t need to use similarly much light. But, something more powerful may be needed for areas where visibility is not clear.

Q. What Should be the Size of Your Lights?

 Large lights can protect big spaces with security floodlights. But you can also use small lights when you require to cover limited areas in your home.

You can use small lights to create a better lighting setup, but you should make sure that small lights fit well around your property.


In the above post, we have shown you the easily accessible options. You have to scrutinize to ensure you get a great security light.

Which lights should you go for then? It could be the solar security lights, LED lights, and outdoor motion sensor lights.

Traditional outdoor security floodlights are named above. Some can help upgrade security around your home and keep potential threats at bay.

What is a bollard light?

A bollard light is a type of outdoor lighting used to illuminate specific areas. It works by highlighting light in a particular direction. This makes it perfect for gardens, balconies as well as pathways. In addition, it produces a subtle light.

Bollard lights get their name from the word ‘bole’ due to the fact they are similar to the posts used to tie up ships. Today these lights come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. 

How does a bollard light differ from a post light?

Bollard lights and post lights are pretty similar. It is hard to tell the two apart, especially if you are a first-time purchaser. However, there exist two noticeable differences between them: 


The most apparent difference between the two is the shape, of course. Post lights are sleeker compared to bollards. 

Their sleekness makes them ideal for driveways and highways and effective in establishing a perimeter on space.

As for bollard lights, their thickness makes them good markers. 

Not to forget, bollards are no longer limited to the traditional cylindrical shape. Manufacturers have come up with a vast range of vertical bollard lights.


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Where can you use a bollard light?

If you’re wondering where you can use your bollard light, they can be useful in commercial, residential, hospitality, and municipal spaces…

Commercial Places


A pathway is a footpath or paved area that leads to a home or a village. Bollard lights are excellent for pathways. 

They help people see their way through by offering gentle illumination. Moreover, they provide an impressive ambience.

Thanks to the materials used to create them, these lights can withstand seasonal changes. Bollards used for pathways are more durable. They are usually embedded in concrete and metal.

Parking lots

Bollard lights are more suitable for parking lots than other lights. This is because of the amount of light they produce. We all know you can’t have full blazing lights in a parking lot as they would irritate your eyes.

Bollards also establish perimeters, and boundaries and act as markers. Hence, people can park their cars accordingly.

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Residential places


If you are looking for a way to showcase your garden, try out bollards. They subtly highlight your plants. Their brightness is on point, neither too much nor too little.

Bollards give warm temperature to make your atmosphere cozier. These fixtures are indeed perfect for your garden area.

Generally, there are two main types of bollard lights. We have the Path lighting bollards and Beacon lighting bollards. Both are incredible and serve different purposes.

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What are the advantages of using an LED bollard light?

Bollard lights can utilize mercury vapour lamps, high-intensity discharge lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, light-emitting diode lamps, etc.

Those with LED lamps are the newest and most modern. People love with them for their multiple benefits; some of which include:

➡ Energy-efficient 

LED bollard lights consume less energy; thus, 90% of their production is light. The semiconductor aids in this by converting electricity to light. Overall there is less energy consumption and less power usage. This cuts a massive chunk of the cost.

➡ High durability.

LED bulbs are highly durable. Did you know they can function for 40,000 hours? 

It is similar to 27 years when utilized for 4 hours per day. With LED bollards, you don’t have to worry about replacement costs.

➡ Environmentally friendly.

LED bollards are eco-friendly; they don’t contaminate the environment at all. They don’t emit mercury, fluorescent or toxic gases. 

There is also no emission of blue light or ultraviolet rays. Blue light damages the eyes, while ultraviolet rays damage the skin.

➡ LED bollards produce minimal heat.

These bollards emit minimal heat as most energy is converted to light. It makes them less susceptible to overheating and burnout.

Four things to consider when buying a bollard light


Bollard lights come in different spectacular designs. This makes them fit for any decor ranging from classic to modern. 

You can choose the material of your bollard that compliments your décor.

For example, modern looks tend to look beautiful with metal bollards. On the other hand, wooden poles are perfect for mid-century and classic themes.

The shape of the bollard, either round, square, or rectangle, affects style as well. Always make sure you buy a bollard light that blends with your style.

Energy Consumption

Check out the energy consumption level. Bollards have different consumption rates depending on their making. Confirm the amount of energy produced and consumed to produce light. This will help you measure efficiency.

It is best to select a bollard with a high-efficiency level in order to reduce power costs and, in turn, increase your savings.


This is an essential aspect to consider. Optics determine how the bollard will distribute light. These lightings can have louvers, prismatic glasses, cone reflectors, etc. 

Louvers emit light downwards, while prismatic glasses emit soft light.

Cone reflectors, on the other hand, are known to provide good illumination. There are several optics to choose from. Find the one you deem fit for your area.

Cost and the manufacturer

It would help if you tried to stick within your cost range. Purchase a proper bollard that won’t strain your pocket. 

Also, find a certified manufacturer who delivers durable and weatherproof bollards.

Ten best bollard lights to buy in Australia

Bollards are very popular in Australia, where many homeowners use them as décor to light up their patios. Make sure you check out the gorgeous bollards listed below.

1. Elite outdoor post light- silver

This bollard light has a beautiful silver finish that complements any modern décor.

Its height is 1000mm, while the post base and top width are 203mm. Elite utilizes LED super effective lamps which can be dimmed if needed.

The bollard is made from die-cast aluminium and Polycarb clear diffuser. These materials permit it to be installed on a concrete or a solid base in case additional casing is required.

2. Benton outdoor stainless steel post light

Benton is a super robust bollard with a height of 800mm, a post width of 125mm, and a top width of 90mm. 

It has a power rating of 240V and LED dimmable lamps rated at 25,000 hours of usage. Not to mention, the stainless steel forms a clear shade that’s compatible with any décor.

3. Pillar 600mm outdoor post light- black

Pillar 600mm is a two-piece black bollard light. It consists of a sturdy aluminium head and a post made from polycarbonate. 

The height of this bollard is 600mm, the width at the base is 150mm, and the top width is 122mm.

It also comes with a dimmable 75W LED lamp. If you upgrade the lamp, you can choose between warm and cool white LEDs. In terms of power, Pillar 600 mm has a rating of 240V, and that’s pretty impressive.

4. Harbor outdoor post-light-silver

If you are looking for lighting that’s elegant and serene, Harbor is just perfect. Not to forget the silver finish is on point. 

This bollard light is made from die-cast aluminium with a clear acrylic shade.

Its height is 900mm, post base width 230mm, and top width 170mm. It also comes with a dimmable LED lamp that is upgradable.

5. Swan 55cm outdoor post-light-stainless steel

This is an exquisite bollard with a high weatherproof rating. It is made of stainless steel and a polycarbonate diffuser. 

Swan 55cm features a 550mm height and a diameter of 162mm. You can install it on a solid base or concrete for extra support.

6. Eglo Riga outdoor bollard light

Eglo Riga outdoor bollard light is made from opal acrylic diffusers embedded in stainless steel. 

This bollard features a modern design with a height of 355mm, a diameter of 65mm, and a depth of 130mm.

It also comes with replaceable GU10 LED lamps to select colour temperature. The IP rating of Eglo is 44 while the wattage is 3W.

7. SAL Murray outdoor bollard light

SAL Murray Cage is a chic product from Sunny Lighting. The company is well known for its quality bollards in Australia.

Sal Murray features a 304 stainless steel body and an opal acrylic diffuser. It has a height of 1100mm and a diameter of 116mm. 

As for the voltage, this fabulous bollard is 240V.

8. Oriel Terzo outdoor bollard light

This black bollard is designed to fit in both traditional and modern setups. With a height of 650mm, Oriel Terzo is perfect for outdoor undercover areas.

It has a diameter of 170mm and a flat base that allows installation on solid surfaces. Graphite powder-coated aluminum and clear polycarbonate lens are used in the bollard. This makes Oriel Terzo highly durable.

9. CLA Geb 13W LED 500mm bollard light

The Geb 13W has intriguing features. It has an integrated LED, 12pcs Osram LED chip array, color rendering index of 80, 327-degree beam angle, etc.

The bollard also features a die-cast polycarbonate and aluminum.

It has a wattage of 13W that produces 580 lumens at a 3000K color temperature. How much cooler can this bollard get?

10. Telbix Harbor outdoor bollard light

Telbix Harbor is a simple yet fancy outdoor bollard light. It has a height of 900mm, a diameter of 170mm, and a voltage of 240V. 

The bollard is made out of durable metal and a clear diffuser. This makes it ideal for all seasonal elements.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Are bollard lights popular?

➡ The answer is yes. 

Over the years, supply and demand for these lights has consistently risen. They can be found nearly anywhere, in homes, commercial areas, and even in the hospitality sector.

Q. What is the difference between a solar bollard and an LED bollard?

➡ A solar bollard utilizes solar energy. An LED bollard on the other end utilizes a semiconductor to light up an area.

Q. Why are bollards necessary for landscapes?

➡ Bollard lights improve the aesthetics of an area. They also provide security and light to illuminate the place which helps increase safety.

Q. What are the disadvantages of HID bollard lights?

➡ High-intensity discharge bulbs tend to lose a lot of energy which makes them costly. Furthermore, they have a poor colour that’s poorly rendered.

Q. How much space is needed between bollard lights?

➡ The amount of space needed between bollards depends on a lot of factors. You should check on the space available, requirements, bollard size, and personal preferences.

Space lighting has always been a major interest for Australians. 

Over time, modern and advanced lighting fixtures have revolutionized the lighting industry. 

With evolving trends in the space lighting niche, new kinds of products are continuously being introduced in the market to satisfy customer needs.

Among various lighting fixtures, vanity lights have become quite popular with the increased focus on interior decoration. 

They come in a wide variety to meet different consumer requirements. Vanity lights are a great tool to adequately meet both space lighting and interior décor needs.

What is a Vanity Light?

A vanity light is a purpose-built lighting fixture, that is exclusively designed to light up bathroom vanities. 

Their focused illumination ensures a pleasing and satisfying experience for users by creating an ambiently lit environment.

A vanity is basically the sink along with storage space and a mirror meant for hygiene and grooming activities. 

Vanity lights are meant to illuminate these vanity spaces to help the user perform their grooming tasks. As such, they are an indispensable component of every bathroom.

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Types of Vanity Lights

Vanity lights vary significantly in their designs and material in order to cover different requirements of bathroom vanities. 

From lighting to décor, vanity lights fulfil a wide range of purposes to enhance the user experience.

Vanity lights of many different types are available in Australian markets. Here are a few types of vanity lights you will find in the bathroom lighting niche.

1. Vanity LED Strips

The LED strip is a popular type of vanity light that provides a diffused kind of lighting experience to the users. 

These lights develop an overall outlook and theme for the bathroom lighting giving it an aesthetic appearance. They serve to create an ambience in your bathroom vanities for a relaxing experience.

2. Vanity Mirror Lights

Mirror LEDs are particularly designed to illuminate the surroundings of bathroom vanity mirrors. 

They are a great option for task lighting to allow users to perform more precise activities. They ensure an adequate lighting experience for you without straining the eyes.

3. Vanity Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are ceiling-mounted lights that are extensively used to illuminate bathroom vanities for different purposes. 

They provide a more minimalistic and focused illumination, and allow you to conveniently perform your tasks without being blinding.

4. Vanity Tube Lights

The tube LEDs perform vanity illumination with utmost precision and adequacy. 

They are wall mount tube-shaped lights that can be installed above vanity mirrors and offer diffused light for your vanity tasks. 

They are a great fit for classical and traditional bathroom themes.

5. Vanity Scones

Scones are a highly popular type of vanity light that usually frames the vanity mirrors. 

They are often preferred by users because of their relaxing illumination that enables you to perform precise grooming tasks. 

They prevent straining of the eyes by offering a more balanced lighting experience.

Why should you use a vanity light?

Vanity lights offer many benefits other than just lighting up the vanity space. 

With their versatile nature and different designs, they fit well with a wide range of interiors and décor themes. 

Here we will discuss a few major reasons why you should you use a vanity light for your bathroom.


Vanity lights are a great means of creating an ambience in your bathroom. 

With vanity lights installed in your bathrooms, you get to relish a more natural environment and pleasing aesthetics.

Such an ambient environment allows you to perform your grooming and hygiene tasks with more ease and comfort. 

This consequently ensures a more soothing and relaxing experience with adequately lit bathroom vanities.

 Visibility Enhancement

Vanity lights enhance visibility in your bathrooms by providing a more focused and effective illumination.

This visibility and resultant depth of visual perception are particularly important for users. 

This helps you perform precise tasks like shaving, trimming, skincare, and grooming activities perfectly. This enhanced visibility also helps you reach for bathroom articles more easily.

 Space Décor

Bathroom décor is considered in both household and corporate sectors to add to the overall property worth. 

Evolving lifestyle trends have led to more interest in bathroom decor in all kinds of residential and commercial properties.

Vanity lights are an effective means of enhancing the interior décor of the bathroom by illuminating vanities. 

Vanity lights come in various designs and colours that go well with different interior themes, and as such, play a vital role in the décor enhancement of bathroom vanities.


In comparison to conventional lights, vanity lights offer more diverse features to the users. 

Among these, a major advantage is their cost-effective affordable routine operation. 

Vanity lights, particularly the ones incorporating LED features, ensure highly budget-friendly functionality. This leads to cost savings without compromising the lighting experience.

Best Vanity Lights to Buy in Australia

With evolving lifestyle trends, the importance of décor – including bathroom décor- has increased, and subsequently, vanity lights have gained significant importance. 

This has led to the introduction of a wide range of vanity light products in the market with new and advanced features.

However, buying a vanity light from such a diverse variety can be confusing for potential customers. 

Here we will review the 7 best vanity lights you can buy in Australia.

1. Drake 20 Flush Light

Drake flush vanity light

Drake 20 flush light is a classic and traditional design vanity light for illuminating bathroom vanities. 

Its conventional spherical design makes it a versatile addition to all sorts of bathroom decors. 

The product can either be mounted on a ceiling or walls, depending on the needs of the users.

Drake 20 optimally fits with traditional as well as modern interiors. 

It not only provides a top-notch illumination to vanities, but significantly enhances bathroom décor themes too.

Key Features

2. Goth 2L Wall Light

wall vanity light

Goth 2L wall light is an elegant vanity light that comes as a wall mount light. 

It offers dual fixtures to install 2 light bulbs together for enhanced illumination. 

It is a fine product to illuminate your bathroom vanities with the best lighting experience.

Goth 2L wall light is a great option for elegant décor themes, giving your bathroom vanities a more unique look. 

Along with its lighting function, it complements your bathroom vanity décor too, giving it a more stylish touch.

Key Features

3. Goth 4L Wall Light

Goth 4L wall light is a wall mount vanity light that is highly durable. 

This product comes with 4 light fixtures projecting from nickel rods and a black tube. 

With its 4 lights provision, it is great for bigger bathroom vanities to provide adequate space lighting to the user.

Goth 4L wall light is a good fit for traditional as well as modern décor themes making it a versatile vanity product. 

Its potential for incorporating multiple lights provides more extended vanity lighting for precision-requiring tasks and ambience.

Key Features

4. Sara 7L Wall Light

sara wall vanity light for bathroom

Sara 7L wall light is a wall mount vanity light that comes in the form of a bar. 

Its distinctive design gives an improved look to your bathroom vanities, particularly those with a dark theme. 

It comes with a provision to install 7 lights in the light fixtures within the wall mount bar.

Sara 7L wall light is a particularly great option to install along the mirrors to improve the visual experience for the user. 

Its metal construction makes it an immensely durable vanity lighting option for your bathrooms. 

Sara 7L vanity light enables the users to precisely perform their grooming activities easily.

Key Features

5. Oras 24W LED Wall Light

Oras 24 watt LED wall light is a wall mount bar-shaped light built specifically to illuminate bathroom vanities. 

This product with its chrome frame is an elegant addition to your bathroom interior. 

Its enhanced lighting experience ensures an ambient environment for your vanities.

Oras 24 watt LED light comes with a colour-changing feature using an inbuilt switch. 

The LED colours can be changed between 3000k, 4000k, and 5000k. 

This makes Oras LED a versatile product to match various themes of interior décor. This product goes well with dark, light, and even colourful bathroom interiors.

Key Features

6. Domus 10W Mirror LED Light

Domus 10 watt mirror LED light is a highly versatile vanity light that can adequately illuminate bathroom vanities. 

The beautifully designed Domus 10 watt LED fits well with all sorts of traditional and modern bathroom decors. 

It is a great wall mount LED particularly designed to illuminate the mirror sides of vanities.

The tubular Domus 10 watt LED light offers a colour-changing feature to provide a more customized lighting experience to its users. 

It offers more focused illumination for precision-demanding tasks to be carried out. 

Hence its versatility makes it a great fit for lighting and décor requirements.

Key Features

7. Eglo Palmera 4.5W LED Light

Eglo Palmera 4.5 watt LED light is a wall mount vanity light with a stylish and elegant design meant to illuminate bathroom vanities. 

The product comes with an adaptable design that matches traditional and stylish interiors.

Eglo Palmera 4.5 watt LED provides a top-notch lighting experience for users to carry out grooming tasks. 

Its minimalistic and compact design makes it a great fit for smaller installation spaces too. 

You can particularly install these lights above vanity mirrors to enjoy adequate task lighting for activities requiring precision.

Key Features

6 Things to Consider when buying Vanity light

With so many varieties available in the vanity lighting niche, making a smart choice is never an easy task.

Over time, more vanity lighting products are being introduced in the market making it more difficult to select one for your vanity requirements.

However, considering a few factors can help you go for the optimal product for you. 

Here we will discuss 6 things you must consider when buying a vanity light to make the smartest purchase.

1. Budget and Costs

Cost is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a vanity light. 

This not only includes the upfront product price but associated costs of operations, installation and maintenance too. Always opt for a product that fits well within your budget range.

Besides that, consider the watt power of different products to determine their energy consumption. 

In a nutshell, a product that is easy to install and doesn’t require too much maintenance will help you save money without compromising on performance.

2. Product Design

Vanity lights come in a wide variety of designs. They can be bars, strips, pendants, or other designs. 

Apart from that, their material, colours, and the number of fixtures vary as well. The choice of the design is always up to your preferences and requirements.

Always go for the product that fits well with the interior theme of your bathroom vanities to have a more consistent look. 

Also, consider your potential usage and decide what kind of design would be right for you accordingly.

3. Light Color

Vanity lights vary in their colours to match various kinds of bathroom interiors and vanities.  

Hence, it is very important to consider the colour of the vanity lights to match your taste and preferences.

Where most vanity lights come with a single light colour, some come with a colour-changing feature too. This colour-changing technology might help you use your vanity light for different purposes. 

The varying colours enable you to relish a more ambient vanity environment

4. Brightness

The brightness of a vanity light is important to consider when buying one. The brightness of the vanity light is given in the form of Lumens. 

It is important to consider the lumens of the vanity light product you are about to purchase.

In the case of ceiling mount vanity lights, those with high lumens can be a good option. However, for wall mount and mirror lights, carefully assess the lumens of the product. 

Too high or too low brightness, in this case, may not provide adequate task lighting and result in straining of the eyes.

5. IP Rating

Ingress protection (IP) rating demonstrates the extent of protection of a product. 

It is an important indicator to determine the durability and resistibility of a product to unfavourable conditions. 

The IP rating is an important factor to consider when buying a vanity light.

Vanity lights often encounter unfavourable bathroom conditions like water exposure and moisture, so it is necessary to consider the IP rating of the vanity light product. This will help you determine which product is more durable and resistant to such conditions.

6. Product Warranty

All products, especially electric ones, are prone to operational faults and breakdowns. 

Vanity lights are relatively more prone to such faults because of their frequent exposure to water and moisture. 

Hence it is quite important to consider the product warranty to deal with any such product faults.

The duration of the warranty varies from product to product. 

Most of the products come with warranty periods of 1 year, 2 years, or up to 5 years. 

Always consider whether the product offers a warranty and the duration of the warranty. As a rule of thumb, the longer the warranty duration, the better.

Best vanity lights – Wrapping Up

With evolving lifestyle trends in Australia, bathroom decors are becoming significantly important. 

Vanity lights not only light up bathroom vanities but significantly enhance the interior décor too. For this reason, many varieties of vanity lights are available in the market today.

However, selecting a vanity light from such a variety is never easy. To help you with this task, we have reviewed the 7 best vanity lights to buy in Australia and highlighted the 6 main factors to consider when making a purchase.

What are post lights?

Post lights are simply lights on a certain type of post that come in all shapes and sizes. 

They are used as a source of ambient light to create a calming outdoor setting for relaxation. People typically use them to light yards, decks and patios..

How do post lights differ from Bollard lights?

Although people often confuse post and bollard lights, they are not quite the same. 

Post lights are used to illuminate places where people live and spend time at night like yards, whereas Bollard lights are mainly used to light pathways and driveways. 

They are also used to create a barrier to keep people from walking in gardens and to keep cars on the road.

Where can you use post lights?

Although post lights are mainly functional at night, they can be used to showcase your outdoor style throughout the day, and you can position your post light almost anywhere on your property.

However, it’s important to remember that post lights are useful for lighting large areas, so they should generally be placed away from the main house. 

They are mounted on a post so that the light is higher off the ground, and the lantern radiates light in all directions. As such, they are best positioned in an expansive area such as in a yard, in the middle of a front lawn, or near a driveway.

What are the advantages of using LED Post Lights?

LEDs (Light-emitting diodes) are now widely used for their efficiency, durability and overall reliability. 

Unlike incandescent lights which use a filament to turn electricity into heat then heat into light, LEDs don’t use a filament rather the LED itself is a semiconductor.

While incandescent lights waste electricity on heat and only part of it turns into light, LEDs turn electricity directly into light. 

After connecting to a source of electricity, electrons start flowing through the semiconductor and as they do so, they lose energy and release photons/light.This process doesn’t require any production of heat.

 So what are the advantages of using LED Post Lights?

➡ Efficient – Because LED post lights will directly turn electricity into light, they do so much more efficiently. 

Since they don’t really heat in the process of their lighting up, they don’t waste any energy. 

In comparison, Incandescent lights use up most of the electricity to make heat and then turn the heat into light.

➡ Immediate light up – Unlike other types of lights, LED posts light up immediately. 

As soon as you hit that switch, they start to emit light. 

That light remains the same colour even as the lamp warms up a bit, and this makes them more reliable than other types of post lights such as incandescents.

➡ Durable – Unlike incandescent lights that go out in a second when connected to a power supply, LEDs just get dimmer over a long period of time. 

This happens as individual light-emitting diodes run down one by one. This means you won’t be left with a bulb that doesn’t function right away but one that dies slowly. 

When you notice the light is getting dimmer, then you know it’s time to change that post light.

Four things to consider when buying a post light

Many people are seeing the benefit of  switching to LEDs, and this is reflected in the growing number of businesses that are setting up assembling units for post lights. 

However, not all of these companies provide perfect LEDs. So, if by any chance you are not careful, you might end up purchasing post lights that are bad quality. 

To help you choose wisely, here are four factors to consider before buying a post light.

1. Brightness

You will need to consider the brightness of the post light which is basically wattage. 

Wattage is the amount of electricity needed to light a bulb. We use watts to measure the brightness of light so the higher the watts, the brighter the light will be.

2. Colour

The look and feel of the space you want to light up can be greatly affected by the colour temperature (warmth or coolness) of your light. 

As highlighted, post lights are used to create ambient light for a calming outdoor setting intended for relaxation, so choosing the wrong colour might ruin your plan to create a warm inviting space. 

Therefore, it’s important that you choose the right colour temperature according to the ambience that you want to bring to life.

3. Shape

There is an endless variety of lights that have different looks and shapes. From a traditional cone shape, a stick, to a globe shape the choice goes down to your taste. 

Additionally, it also goes down to whether it will fit properly in your chosen location. 

Go for a post light that gives you the desired look while fitting well in your space.

4. Price

This is the main factor to consider when searching for the best post light. I bet you don’t want to pay more than you can afford. 

Nonetheless, remember comparing the price only might not be the best strategy, as price only shows one part of the story. 

Instead of purchasing something that will only be of use in the short run, consider purchasing a good-quality product that provides you with long-term value.

Outdoor Stainless Post Light

That said, we know how confusing it can be to pick the right post light with plenty of choices available in the market. To help you choose the best Post light, we have come up with this comprehensive list of the best 10 post lights to buy in Australia.

1. Albany Medium Top Standard Post Outdoor Light

The Albany 1L Medium Top Standard Post outdoor light- Antique Bronze is a gorgeous traditional light fitting. It’s made from die-cast aluminium and amber wave glass. 

It’s recommended to be installed on a solid base or a concrete wall.

Key Specifications

2. Albany Medium Top Domain Post Outdoor Light

The Albany 1 L Medium Top Domain Post outdoor light- Antique Bronze is weatherproof. 

It’s a beautiful antique-style street light that comes with an eye-catching amber wave glass for the light and a decorative die-cast aluminium post. 

It’s recommended to be installed on a solid base or a concrete wall.

Key Specifications

3. Flinders Large Top Standard Post Outdoor Light

The Flinders 1L Large Top Standard Post Outdoor Light – Antique Black is ideal for entrances to traditionally styled homes. 

Make your entrance beautiful with this post light that comes in antique black. Ideally, it’s recommended to be installed on a solid base or a concrete wall.

Key Specifications

4. Flinders 1L Large Top Domain Post Outdoor Light

Lighten and decorate your space with the alluring Flinders 1L Large Top Domain Post Outdoor Light – Antique Black. 

Its frame is made from die-cast aluminium and is durable and weather resistant. Its look is completed by a clear bevelled glass.

Ideally, it’s recommended to be installed on a solid base or a concrete wall.

Key Specifications

5. Flinders Top Standard Post Outdoor Light Antique Bronze

The Flinders 1L Large Top Standard Post Outdoor Light – Antique Bronze is created in a way to lighten your space so that the décor is inviting. 

It’s made from die-cast aluminium with a clear bevelled glass finishing. It’s recommended to be installed on a solid base or a concrete wall.

Key Specifications

6. Solar LED Outdoor Post Light With Sensor

The traditionally styled Solar Lighting Direct Classic Curved 3.8 W LED Outdoor Post Light with Sensor will add style and elegance to your space. 

The light is made from an alloy of aluminium for durability. 

The lamp comes with a single LED in warm white colour temperature that activates as darkness sets in and stays on throughout the night, while the remaining Cool White LEDs activate only through the sensor.

Key Specifications

7. Eglo Aloria Outdoor Post Light Black

The Eglo Aloria 3 Light Cast Aluminium Outdoor Post Light- Black is best suited for gateway entrances and walkways. 

It’s a modern light with a traditional touch to it. It comes with a quality cast aluminium frame, and is recommended to be installed on a solid base or a concrete wall.

Key Specifications

8. Solar Lighting LED Outdoor Post Light

The solar Lighting direct classic curved twin head 7.6 W LED outdoor post light is traditionally designed. It will add style and elegance anywhere it’s placed. 

This light is constructed from quality powder-coated aluminium for durability.

Key Specifications

9. Solar Lighting Direct LED Outdoor Post Light

This post light is easy to install and will add beauty to the space it’s placed in. The light is constructed from high-quality aluminium alloy for durability. 

The lamp comes with a single LED in warm white colour temperature that activates as darkness sets in and stays on throughout the night, while the remaining Cool White LEDs activate only through the sensor.

Key Specifications

10. Solar Lighting Direct Classic Post Light With Sensor

The solar lighting Direct Classic Straight 6.2 W LED Outdoor Post Light With Sensor is made from high quality aluminium alloy for durability. 

It will add style and elegance to any place on your property. 

The lamp comes with a single LED in warm white colour temperature that activates as darkness sets in and stays on throughout the night, while the remaining Cool White LEDs activate only through the sensor.

Key Specifications

Frequently asked questions

Q. How high should a post light be?

➡ A post light should extend from the ground to around 6 feet high. The lantern on top should then add an additional 2 feet bringing the total height that your post light should be to approximately 8 feet high.

Q. Is it difficult to install a post light?

➡ The amount of time needed to install your lamp will vary depending on whether you opt to use an existing pole or have a new installation, and whether you want to install a hard-wired or a solar post light. 

All post lights come with detailed instructions on how to install them.

Q. What distance should I use between two post lights?

➡ The space between two light posts should be anywhere between 2.5-3 times the height of your preferred poles. 

Keep in mind that shorter poles look better when installed in shorter or closer intervals. The number of posts you opt to buy and the type of light source could also determine the ideal spacing.

Q. Can I paint a post light post?

➡ The answer is a big YES! The colour you opt to paint will complement its design. In addition, the paint coating will also serve to enhance the durability of the post.

Q. What type and style of post light is most ideal for my property?

➡ Even though post lights look aesthetically pleasing, that doesn’t necessarily mean that any style is well-suited for any home. 

We advise that you go for something that works best with the architecture of your property as well as the specific ambience that you want to create.

Benton Outdoor Stainless Steel Post Light

Add elegance and class to your exterior.

The Benton model is constructed from 304 stainless steel with an acrylic clear shade

An induction cooktop is a type of cooking surface that uses electromagnetic induction to generate heat. This heat is then transferred to the pot or pan placed on the cooktop, allowing for precise and consistent cooking.

Induction Cooktops: A Complete Buying Guide For Australian Buyers

Cooking methods have changed and evolved over the past few years. From electric stoves to gas cookers, the speed and efficiency of your cooking heat source are important. 

This has led many to search for better alternatives to their current cooktops.

Gas and electricity are not the only sources of heat for cooking, and there are better alternatives such as induction cooktops.

There are different types, sizes, and shapes of induction cooktops, and this affects their performance and efficiency. 

In this article, we will introduce you to the 11 best induction cooktops that you can buy in Australia.

What is an induction cooktop?

An induction cooktop is a cooking vessel that provides a source of heat for cooking through electromagnetism. It is very efficient and easy to control.

Unlike an electric cooktop, an induction cooktop’s cooking surface does not glow when it is turned on. 

Therefore, an induction cooktop heats the bottom of your cookware, while keeping the cooking surface cool. 

This makes it easier to clean up spilled food, because it does not burn and stick onto your cooker.

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How is an induction cooktop different from an electric cooktop?

Electric cooktops and induction cooktops produce the same result, however, the methods of achieving this are very different.

While electric cooktops function without a flame, they contain electric coils which heat the cooking surface thereby making it scalding to touch. Spills on an electric cooktop burn onto the cooker causing a difficult mess to clean.

Induction cooktops, on the other hand, function differently. While electric cooktops heat the cooking surface, induction cooktops heat the cookware directly. 

It is important to note that induction cooktops require special cookware made from materials such as stainless steel, cast iron, and other magnetic metals to work.

diagram showing difference between induction cooktop and electric cooktops

Why should you use an induction cooktop?

While induction cooking has been around since as far back as the early 1900s, this method of cooking has gained popularity in the past few years. 

The following are reasons why you should consider using an induction cooktop:

Safe to use

Induction cooktops are one of the safest cooking vessels available. In case you forget to turn off your induction cooktop or you turn it on accidentally, the cooking surface will always remain cool. 

Without a pot on your induction cooktop, the cooking surface will not heat up.

Cooks food faster

Induction cooktops cook faster than other types of energy sources. 

They boil water up to 50 per cent faster than their gas and electric counterparts, because no heat is wasted.

Easy to clean

It is easier to clean an induction cooktop than other cooking vessels. 

While induction cooktops maintain temperature and reduce spilling of food and boil-overs, their cool cooking surface also prevents spills, splatters, and boil-overs when they happen, from burning onto your cooker. This makes cleaning your cooker much easier.

Consistent cooking

The chances of undercooking or overlooking food with induction cooktops are low. 

This is because, with induction, there is consistent heat, and you can control heat with a digital touch display as opposed to knobs which most gas and electric cookers have.

 Energy efficient

Induction cooktops are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than their gas and electric counterparts. 

They release more heat into the cookware and less into your kitchen.

Mechanism of induction cooktop: How it works

Induction cooktops do not depend on gas as an energy source and they function differently from electric cookers. 

How do they work?

Image showing working mechanism of induction cooktops

An induction cooker heats your cookware directly using electromagnetic currents. Unlike gas and electric cookers, which transfer heat from a burner to your cookware, induction cooktops heat your cookware directly.

Underneath the cooking surface, inside an induction cooktop is a coil of wire, usually made of copper. 

When the power is turned on, electric currents pass through this coiled copper wire, creating a magnetic current that heats cookware when placed on the induction cooktop.

Your cookware must have magnetic properties to enable the electromagnetic currents created by induction to pass through it. 

Pots and pans made from enamelled cast iron, steel, cast iron, and other ferrous metals work just fine. 

You can use a kitchen magnet to test if your cookware is suitable for an induction cooktop. If the magnet sticks to your cookware, it is suitable for use.

11 Best Induction Cooktops to buy in Australia

Since induction cookers come in different sizes and prices, it is important to buy an affordable one that suits your purpose.

Here are the 11 best budget-friendly induction cooktops in Australia that can satisfy your needs.

1. Bosch 60cm Induction Cooktop

60 cm induction cooktops

Bosch 60cm Induction cooktop features 4 cooking zones to cater for all your cooking needs, with 17 power levels. 

The induction cooker is 51mm high, 560mm wide, and has a depth of 460mm, making it an ideal option for your kitchen.

The Bosch 60cm induction cooktop has a clean design without knobs or raised switches. 

Instead, it features touch switches that allow you to make precise adjustments in temperature and beep when touched to notify you when changes are made.

The cooking vessel also features a timer, residual heat indicators, a child safety lock, an automatic safety switch and an automatic pan recognition all for your safety and that of your loved ones. 

The automatic pan recognition prevents the cooking surface from heating up until a cooking vessel is placed on it thereby protecting your hands in case you touch the cooking surface while the power is on.

It also possesses a power boost function that helps you boil water faster than a kettle and heat your food to the perfect temperature. 

It saves energy, is highly efficient and comes with a two-year warranty.

2. Omega 60cm Induction cooktop

Omega 60 cm induction cooktop

Omega 60cm induction cooktop has 4 cooking zones with 9 power levels to help you with your cooking needs. 

This cooking vessel boasts a 60mm height, 590mm width, and 520mm depth, which helps it fit into any 600mm cooktop cutout in your kitchen.

It is safe to use, as it features automatic pan recognition, which allows the cooker to work only when suitable cookware is on it. 

It has a timer to make sure your food is heated for the right amount of time. It also features a child safety lock and residual heat indicators to ensure that you and your loved ones are not in danger while using the cooker.

The Omega 60cm Induction cooker is designed to detect overflow from your cookware, thereby making the cooker easy to clean. 

To ensure connection to a standard Power Point, it comes with a 10amp plug. It is energy-efficient as it generates heat in your cookware only. The cooker comes with a two-year warranty.

3. Westinghouse 60cm Induction cooktop

Westinghouse induction cooktop

The Westinghouse 60cm induction cooktop is easy to use with its simple design. 

It is 46mm high, 590mm wide, and has a 520mm depth. It features 4 cooking zones that have individual touch control with 9 power levels to give you precise cooking temperature control.

This cooking vessel has some cool features such as the PowerBoost, which boils water and heats your cookware faster than other cookers. 

In case of distractions and interruptions, the Westinghouse induction cooker can be paused to set all its cooking zones to the lowest level.

This cooker also possesses safety functions such as a lock system for protection, a 99-minutes timer and an auto shut-off system to prevent accidents. 

It also has a hot surface indicator to prevent you from burning your hands if you accidentally touch the cooking surface. This product comes with a 2-year warranty.

4. InAlto 30cm Induction cooktop

30 cm induction cooktop

If you are looking for an effective small-sized induction cooktop, you should consider the InAlto Induction cooktop. 

It has 2 cooking zones which makes it suitable for someone who does not cook much or require a large cooker. 

Its 9 power levels give you precise control over the amount of heat your cookware receives.

The InAlto induction cooktop is 288mm wide, 58mm high, and has a depth of 520mm, which ensures that it saves space. 

It has features like electronic touch controls and automatic pan recognition giving you total heat control and protecting your hands in case you touch the cooking surfaces accidentally.

To ensure the safety of your kids, it features a child safety lock and an automatic safety switch-off. 

It also has residual heat indicators which alert you when the cooking surfaces are still hot. The InAlto 30cm induction cooktop is easy to use, saves space and comes with a two-year warranty.

5. Technika 60cm Induction cooktop

Ceramic induction cooktop

Made of ceramic glass, the Technika 60cm Induction cooktop is designed to meet your cooking needs with its 4 cooking zones. 

There are 9 power levels to determine the amount of heat your cookware receives. 

This cooktop is controlled by electronic touch controls which give you a wide range of control settings.

This cooking vessel boasts a 58mm height, 590mm width, and a 520mm depth which fits well in most kitchens. 

Equipped with flexible functions, this cooker gives you the option to combine two cooking zones, which is useful if you have larger cookware. 

It also has a power boost to help you reach the desired temperature as fast as possible.

To prevent accidents, the Technika induction cooktop is equipped with automatic pan recognition that allows the cooker to work only when suitable cookware is present. 

It also has a timer to help you heat your food for the needed amount of time, while doing other things. 

A child safety lock and residual heat indicators protect your family while using the induction cooktop. It is efficient and it comes with a two-year warranty.

6. Beko 90cm 5 Zone Induction cooktop

90 cm induction cooktop

If you want an elegant yet easy to use induction cooking vessel, you should opt for the Beko 90cm Induction cooktop. 

This induction stove has 5 cooking zones with individual touch control, which is enough to accommodate all your cooking. 

Equipped with 15 power levels, you can set the heat with the lightest touch on your touch control.

This cooking vessel is 900mm wide, 55mm high, has a 516mm depth, and weighs 18.9kg, making it suitable enough for your cooking needs. 

The cooking zones of the Beko induction cooktop are so flexible that they can be combined to create a larger zone for larger cookware. 

The cooker is so easy to clean that a simple wipe down will make it look as good as new.

To keep you and your family safe, the Beko induction cooktop is equipped with a residual heat indicator, an anti-overflow system, a key lock, and an automatic shut off. 

The best part of this induction cooktop is that it comes with a 5-year warranty.

7. Electrolux 60cm Induction cooktop

Electrolux 60 cm cooktop

With a black ceramic glass design, the Electrolux 60cm Induction cooktop is a suitable cooker for all your cooking needs. 

It has 3 cooking zones and a large Maxizone that allows to you use large cookware to prepare all kinds of dishes. 

These cooking zones are controlled by 14-stage slide touch controls.

Being 590mm wide, 55mm high, and having 520mm in width, the Electrolux induction cooker gives you the space and freedom to cook whatever you want. 

Its boost function gives you extra power to make sure your food is always ready on time. 

Apart from the maxi zone cooking zone, this cooking vessel allows you to combine 2 separate cooking zones for large cookware.

The Electrolux 60cm Induction cooktop is equipped with a timer, hot surface indicator, child safety device lock, auto pot sensors, and overheating protection to prevent accidents. 

It comes with a 2-year warranty.

8. Fisher & Paykel Induction cooktop 60cm

Fisher and Paykel Cooktop

The Fisher & Paykel induction cooktop features four cooking zones to help you multitask while using the cooker. 

These cooking zones can be set to 9 power levels through the soft-touch electronic controls, to give you total temperature control. 

The cooking vessel is also equipped with a PowerBoost that activates high heat to cook your food in no time.

With a height of 54mm, a width of 600mm, and a 530mm depth, the Fisher & Paykel induction cooktop meets your cooking needs. 

The cooking zones of this induction stove can also be combined for larger cookware through the joiner kit that comes with it.

For safety purposes, the Fisher & Paykel 60cm induction cooktop is equipped with a timer that makes sure your food gets heated for the right amount of time.

It also has a keylock, a pan detection system that ensures that there is heat only when cookware is placed on the cooktop, and a spillage auto-off system.

9. Smeg 70cm Induction cooktop

70 cm induction cooktop

The 70cm Smeg Induction cooktop has 4 cooking zones to fulfil all your cooking needs. 

These cooking zones have 9 power levels which are controlled by touch controls to give you the power to set temperature precisely. 

This induction stove can be used to heat food in no time because of its PowerBoost feature.

This cooking vessel is equipped with a child safety lock and automatic safety switch off for the safety of your kids. 

Other safety features possessed by the Smeg induction cooktop include automatic pan recognition, residual heat indicators, and a timer.

This cooking vessel features a 50mm height, 700mm width, and a 510mm depth. 

It possesses features such as rapid heating, a pause function, and a grill function which all ensure that you can heat food efficiently. 

It has a cleaning function which makes the cooker even easier to clean. It also comes with a two-year warranty.

10. ILVE 60cm Induction cooktop

ILVE cooktop

If you are looking for a simple-to-use induction cooker with simple controls, you should consider getting the ILVE induction cooktop. 

Made with black glass, the ILVE induction cooktop has an ergonomic central position that allows more space for your cookware. 

It features 4 cooking zones so you can cook different things at the same time. 

These cooking zones have 10 power levels controlled by an electronic touch control which gives you precise temperature control.

The cooking vessel is equipped with a timer, a child safety lock, residual heat indicators and automatic safety switch-off to prevent accidents during or after cooking. 

Its power boost feature ensures that you reach the desired cooking temperature quickly.

The ILVE induction cooktop boasts a 520mm depth, a 590mm width, and a 45mm height which makes it capable of handling your cooking needs with precision. It comes with a two-year warranty.

11. Chef 90cm Induction cooktop

chef 90 cm induction cooktop

If you are looking for an energy-efficient induction cooker that heats only the base of your cookware, you should opt for the Chef 90cm Induction cooktop. 

Finished with ceramic glass, this induction cooktop is equipped with 4 cooking zones which are well-spaced to allow room for your cookware. 

It has nine power levels which you can control with a touch-on glass to change the temperature as desired.

The cooking zones of this cooktop each have a PowerBoost that makes your water boil and food heat faster. 

It has a timer that makes sure that your food does not get more heat than it should. 

It also has safety features such as a child safety lock and residual heat indicators to prevent you or your kids from burning your hands accidentally.

This induction cooktop is 51mm high, 900mm wide, and has a depth of 515mm. It is just perfect for your cooking needs. 

The Chef 90cm Induction cooktop comes with a two-year warranty.

Four things to consider while buying an induction cooktop

Induction cooktops vary in brand and size, therefore there are several factors to consider before choosing one.

1️⃣ When you are planning to buy an induction cooktop, think of the size and number of cooking zones it has.

You must make sure that the cooktop is big enough and has enough cooking zones to handle all your cooking needs.

2️⃣ Consider the price of the induction cooktop you intend to buy. After deciding that an induction cooktop meets your needs, you have to make sure the price is within your budget. 

Prices of induction cooktops start from $695 and go up to $7000.

3️⃣ Make sure that the induction cooktop you intend to buy is equipped with the necessary safety features to prevent accidents. Most induction cooktops have safety features like child lock automatic safety switch-off that prevent accidents.

4️⃣ Buying an induction cooktop is one thing, but installing it is another matter. Make sure you have an experienced professional to help you with the installation requirements for your cooktop.

Tips for Induction cooktop maintenance

To ensure that your induction cooktop lasts long, it is important to maintain it properly. The following are cleaning and maintenance tips for your induction cooktop:

Wrapping Up

If you practice these maintenance tips regularly, you will conserve your induction cooktop’s clean and polished finish and help it last longer.

Induction cookers are safer, faster, and more energy-efficient than cookers using other energy sources. Hopefully, this guide will help you make the best choice when you consider adding one to your home.

Dryers are an indispensable part of every household. 

Almost every home in Australia is equipped with traditional dryers that usually require venting space for pumping out exhaust air. 

However, not every facility has an option for exhaust air ventilation because of infrastructure restrictions.

So what is the best alternate solution in this case?

Condenser dryers are an advanced type of ventless dryer that utilizes an efficient dual-loop airflow system. 

Condenser dryers use condensation drying technology thus eliminating the need for exhaust air ventilation. 

After circulation, the air is condensed into water that is collected and drained from the dryer.

This article will help you explore the 5 best condenser dryers you can buy in Australia.

Our 5 best condenser dryer picks

In Australia, there is a wide range of condenser dryers available in the market for consumers. This makes it difficult to choose the best product to meet your requirements and budget. 

Here we have ranked and reviewed the 5 best products in the market.

Advantages and disadvantages of a condenser dryer

Pros of a Condenser dryer

The greatest benefit of condenser dryers is that they permit ventless installation. 

Unlike traditional venting dryers, they don’t pump exhaust air outside through the vent system; rather, the condensed water can easily be drained from the dryer.

This ventless condensation drying technology makes condenser dryers a compatible product for any kind of space. 

You can install them even in compact places within your home, or put them in open areas of homes for routine usage.

Furthermore, you don’t need to drill holes in your walls for venting purposes. This is particularly beneficial for those living in rented homes, where they cannot make such facility modifications without the owner’s permission.

 Energy Efficient Operation

Amid the ongoing energy crisis, people always tend to look for energy-efficient products to reduce energy consumption and bills. 

The same is true for laundry dryers, where energy-efficient dryer products are in higher demand.

Ventless condenser dryers work by reusing the chamber’s hot air without venting it to the outside. 

This way, hot air is available for drying purposes, as it is not dumped outside. So, readily available hot air enables energy-efficient operation of the dryer.

This is in contrast to venting dryers which pump out the hot exhaust air and have to draw air again into the chamber for drying purposes. 

As such, ventless condenser dryers are an energy-efficient dryer product for users with optimum performance ensured.

 Passive Houses Friendly

Passive houses are houses that are made for optimal energy distribution across the house. 

This technology helps maintain the internal environment of the house with minimal interference of heat and cold from outside sources.

Since passive houses tend to be energy efficient and carefully built, there isn’t room for drilling holes and venting spaces. Such houses need products that work without the requirement of a venting system. Hence, ventless condenser dryers are a great fit for passive houses. 

This enables efficient drying operations, without interfering with the energy balance of the house, and maintains the internal house environment too. 

Cons of a condenser dryer

Compact Sizes

One of the disadvantages of ventless condenser dryers is that they usually come in compact sizes. 

Though this feature helps in their installation in compact spaces, it greatly reduces product chamber size.

The average traditional vented dryers can hold more than 7 cubic feet of laundry due to their bigger sizes; in contrast, condenser dryers are much smaller than that. They are usually about half the size of vented conventional dryers, so they have much lesser space for holding laundry,.

This ultimately reduces their efficiency, as less amount of laundry can be dried in one cycle and more time is required for drying the same amount of laundry as a traditional vented dryer.


Budget and cost are the main factors to consider when it comes to purchasing and operating electric products, and the same applies to condenser dryers. When it comes to purchasing costs, ventless condenser dryers are more expensive than traditional vented dryers.

Besides purchasing costs, condenser dryers tend to be more expensive than vented dryers when it comes to operations. 

This is because there is an additional operational expense for condensing warm air into water. In contrast, vented dryers just expel the exhaust air without any conversions needed.

 Moisture & Water Drainage

Another disadvantage of condenser dryers is the requirement of regular drainage of moisture and water.

Condenser dryers condense damp air which results in the production of water. This water is stored in the water tank of the dryer.

The water tank of the ventless condenser dryer needs to be emptied regularly. 

This can be done manually, but it is a labour-intense procedure as you need to empty it multiple times. 

Another feasible method is to attach the tank with a plumbing system for spontaneous drainage.

Hence, condenser dryers need a proper drainage system for draining condensed water. 

Their installation becomes difficult in places where there is no proper drainage system available.

5 Best condenser dryers to buy in Australia

1. Haier 8kg Condenser Dryer

Haier Condenser Dryer HDC80E1 has the capacity to dry a load of laundry up to 8 kg. 

This product comes with 16 drying programs compatible with various types of fabrics. 

It has an anti-crease option to minimize creases on clothes and an extra-dry option for wet towels for adequate drying.

Haier 8kg Condenser Dryer HDC80E1 provides an option for varying air temperature according to laundry type. 

Auto-sensing technology helps optimal drying of laundry without over-drying or damaging it. 

The product comes with a drying rack too, for placing delicate items for safe drying.

This product is a fine option for all kinds of households and laundries. Its ventless condensed drying technology with multiple options helps in effective and safe drying of all laundry types.

Key Features

2. Electrolux 8kg Condenser Dryer

Electrolux Condenser Dryer is an elegant product that can dry up to 8kg of laundry. 

It is a great fit for households of 3-4 people. 

Electrolux comes with 13 types of programs to match the drying requirements of different laundry types.

The reverse tumbling action of Electrolux ensures efficient and even drying of laundry. 

Its advanced sensors dry technology uses humidity sensors to prevent under-drying or over-drying of clothes.

Electrolux Condenser Dryer comes with a reversible door. 

As per the space availability and laundry restrictions, you can use the door in either way for convenient loading and unloading.

Key Features

2 years manufacturer’s warranty

3. Fisher & Paykel 8kg Condenser Dryer

Fisher & Paykel Condenser Dryer is a beautifully built dryer that can dry up to 8 kg of laundry load. 

This is a great ventless product for household clothes drying purposes. 

Its heat pump technology dries at a lower temperature to prevent any damage to the fabric.

Fisher & Paykel also comes with Auto-sensing technology that prevents over-drying of the fabric by automatically switching OFF. 

It comes with 13 varying programs for different fabric types for load-oriented optimal drying.

Fisher & Paykel is a fine product if you are looking for a durable ventless condenser dryer. 

With its various drying options and auto-sensing technology, you can achieve efficient drying.

Key Features

4. Fisher & Paykel 8.5kg-5kg Combo Washer Dryer

The Fisher & Paykel is a stylish product that comes as a combination of washer and dryer. 

This product is relatively bigger in size, and thus it can accommodate a laundry load of up to 8.5 kg. 

As such, it is a great option for cases where you have more clothes to wash and dry.

Fisher and Paykel combo washer dryer has a 5-star WELS water rating and a 4-star energy rating, which means that it ensures energy-saving and reduces your electricity bills. 

It has a higher spin speed of 1400 rpm, which helps in powerful water extraction after washing to reduce drying time.

This product offers specialized circles for preventing damage to delicate fabrics. Its reverse tumble drying action helps minimize tangling. 

It comes with hot spin technology to save time and energy consumption. Its easy-to-use control panel makes its operations and control convenient for users.

Key Features:

5. Asko 8kg Classic Condenser Dryer

Asko T208C Classic Condenser Dryer is a high-performing dryer that can accommodate a laundry load of up to 8 Kg. 

Asko T208C offers a wide range of programs for fabric-oriented drying as well as special programs for bedding and for refreshing clothes.

Asko comes with a unique butterfly drying technology that prevents the twisting and bundling of clothes. It performs this butterfly drying in a figure 8 motion using two paddles and a one-way tumbling process. 

Its stainless steel dryers make it a durable product that performs well for a long time.

It comes with an easy-to-use LCD display on which programs are displayed in 25 different languages. 

Asko’s soft drum with circular indentations helps prevent wear and tear of the fabric.

Key Features

Things to consider when buying condenser dryers

Along with the increased popularity of condenser dryers, a wide range of products has become available in the market today, and new brands are launching their condenser dryers. Amid this variety of available options, buying a condenser dryer becomes a difficult task for potential buyers.

However, considering a few factors may help you make the smartest purchase. 

Here, we will discuss 5 major things you must consider when buying a condenser dryer. Considering these factors would help you go for the right one.


Cost is the main factor to consider when buying a condenser dryer. The price range of condenser dryer products varies a lot depending upon various factors. 

The price of the product depends on factors like brand, energy rating, load capacity, size, and additional features offered by the product.

For this reason, compare various products, their price, and offered features and select the one that matches your needs, while being within your budget range.

 Power Source

The power source of the condenser dryer may vary depending on the type of product you buy.

Condenser dryers can either be powered with gas or electricity, so you can choose based on your preference.

Gas-powered products tend to be relatively more energy-efficient compared to electric ones. 

However, the gas supply is often compromised in some areas. 

If you reside in a location with an inadequate gas supply, then you should go for an electric condenser dryer.

 Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient products turn out to be budget-friendly and cost-effective in the long run, and condenser dryers are no exception. 

You need to consider the energy efficiency of the product when buying a condenser dryer.

The best way to assess energy efficiency is to look for the energy rating of the product, which is given as a number of stars. The higher the energy rating of the product, the more energy efficient and economical it will be.

 Product Size

Condenser dryer products come in a wide range of sizes with varying dimensions. Size is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a condenser dryer. 

Before buying the dryer, make an assessment of the dimensions of the space where you intend to install it. A product with a size incompatible with the available space may lead to compromised operations.

This is particularly necessary for closed spaces, where you need to buy a compact product that fits well in the available space.

 Load Capacity

The load capacity is a major factor to consider when choosing the right product for you. Condenser dryers come in varying load capacities measured in kilograms. 

Hence, it is crucial to select the product with a load capacity that matches your laundry requirements.

If you have a smaller family, then you should opt for a product with a smaller load capacity. 

However, for extensive household or commercial usage, go for the product with bigger load capacity. 

Unnecessarily big load capacity would add to upfront and operational costs.


Electrical appliances are prone to operational breakdowns and technical faults. 

Condenser dryers may also encounter many issues during their routine operations, hence, it is important to consider product warranty when purchasing a condenser dryer.

The duration of the warranty varies depending upon the product manufacturer. 

Always go for the product that offers a longer warranty period and covers maximum services under the warranty policy. 

This would help you reduce financial expenses in case of any product malfunction.

Difference between condenser and heat pump dryer

Dryers of various types are available in the market with different working mechanisms. Among these diverse product types, the two most common ones are condenser and heat pump dryers. 

They are both quite popular, however, they differ in the following aspects.

Working Mechanism

The condenser dryer and heat pump dryer differ in the working mechanism. A condenser dryer works by condensing the moist air after the removal of moisture from the clothes. The water produced from condensation gets drained and the hot air flows again for drying purpose.

On the other hand, a heat pump dryer captures surrounding air through a refrigerant that is further pushed through a compressor producing heat. The resulting heat then serves to extract moisture from clothes causing them to dry.

Energy Utilization

When it comes to energy utilization, heat pump dryers tend to be more energy-efficient than condenser dryers. 

Condenser dryers utilize heat elements for drying purposes, while heat pump dryers utilize refrigerant for this purpose.

Condenser dryers may lead to relatively higher operational energy costs, because heat pump dryers simply extract heat from the surrounding air and utilize this heat for drying purposes. Hence, they are more cost-effective and budget-friendly.

Dryer Efficiency

Condenser dryers are more efficient than heat pump dryers when it comes to drying efficiency. 

This results from the lower temperature of heat pump dryers, which leads to a longer cycle duration, lower working efficiency, and slower operation.

On the other hand, condenser dryers utilize heat elements for heating purposes, so they operate at a relatively higher temperature leading to shorter operational cycles and more efficient drying.

Best condenser dryer conclusion

A wide range of advanced laundry appliances is available in the market to meet different consumer needs. 

Condenser dryers are advanced dryers which come with many features for safe, efficient, and optimum drying of clothes.

The final decision when purchasing condenser dryers always goes down to your requirements and budget range. 

Here, we have discussed the 5 best condenser dryers you can buy in Australia. 

I hope this guide helps you compare the features of the best condenser dryers available and choose the right one for you.

Fans are machines used to circulate air in rooms or buildings. Circulation or ventilation is vital to your health, as proper airflow gets rid of contaminants and dangerous bacteria. This makes breathing easier for you and your family.

In addition, air circulation brings forth a cooling sensation as the temperature is regulated. This helps you cool down without using air conditioners that can be costly. Therefore, in Australia where the climate is primarily hot and humid, fans are a must-have.

What is a tower fan?

The invention of the first fan in the 1800s paved the way for future developments. Today there are several varieties of fans out there. 

Tower fans are one of the most popular fans today, and their popularity has been growing due to several factors.

First, their sleek and tower-like design fits any home décor. You can never go wrong with a tower fan and its sleek minimalist design. 

Moreover, they occupy a small space, which makes it possible to tuck these fans wherever you wish.

Another tick for tower fans is their portability. You can quickly transfer them from one location to the other. 

Thanks to their light weight, they’re easy to carry, and this light weight is mainly due to the enclosed fan blades and material.

These blades improve balance and reduce fragility as well. You should note that not all tower fans have enclosed blades; some have open ones. However, the most preferred tower fans are those with enclosed blades.

Tower fans also contain numerous exciting features, including smart features on top of the standard ones. 

Devices with smart features are usually preferred for their higher flexibility, better energy-efficiency, and superior performance, etc.

How is a tower fan different from a pedestal fan?

Most people don’t know how to differentiate a tower fan from a pedestal fan. These two fans are almost identical in every aspect. 

Their height make them even harder to distinguish; however, there are some significant differences between the two.


In terms of style, tower fans are more modern, and their unique slender design complements any home. 

Pedestal fans can be stylish, but don’t necessarily fit in well in any décor.


In addition to cooling, tower fans are good at air purification too. They have a long vent covering the entire height thus offering maximum ventilation. 

Their 90-degree oscillations enhance cooling and allow the flow of air to a specific direction.

Some tower fans even have in-built-thermostats to track the temperature level in a room. Based on the temperature, they can automatically turn on or off.

Pedestal fans are great coolers but not efficient air purifiers. These fans work best in large rooms at a distance, meaning you don’t have to keep it close to you.


The amount of space you have will likely determine the type of fan you get. Tower fans are perfect for small spaces, because they are sleek and have smaller frames. They can fit in almost any space.

Pedestal fans are ideal for larger spaces, due to their large bases that aid in balance. Furthermore, the tremendous amount of power requires a bigger base.


Tower fans are quieter than most pedestal fans thanks to their advanced features and size. The enclosed blades also play a significant role in eliminating noise.

Most pedestal fans are noisy due to their large size and open blades. Nowadays, however, high-end model pedestal fans are quieter. Manufacturers of these fans have established unique features to help curb the noise.


Maintenance is essential if you want a long-lasting fan. Tower fans are super easy to maintain and clean, where cleaning a tower fan requires a brush only.

As for the pedestal fans, you have to clean each blade individually. Dusting might not be enough, and sometimes you may need soap and water, which makes the cleaning process lengthy.

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Things to know about tower fans

Tower fans come in different shapes, styles, and even sizes. Nonetheless, their functionality is the same. To understand how a tower fan works, you must first know its features.

Listed below are some of the basic features of a tower fan.

💡 Remote control 

The remote control dramatically improves flexibility. This device enables you to adjust the tower fan’s features. You can turn the fan on or off, slow it down, or speed up based on your preference.

💡 Diffuser/ Scent control

This feature lets you add any oils you want to release to the air. It allows you to set the diffusion rate as well. If you are not intested in adding any scents, you can always turn the diffuser off.

💡 Impeller blades

These blades are enclosed in the tower fan’s unit. That is why a tower fan is known as a bladeless fan. Their primary function is to move the air vertically. This dramatically differentiates the tower fan as most other fans push air horizontally.

💡 Timer

A timer generally controls the operating time of the tower fan. With this feature, you can set the sleeping time of your fan.

💡 Variable speed and oscillation features 

Variable speed features enable you to make changes to speed levels. 

At the same time, oscillation features allow you to change the direction of the tower fan. This enables you to direct airflow to a particular area.

So how does the tower fan perform its tasks?

Tower fans have air inlets and outlets at the side of their casing. The air inlets suck air from the fan base, since air on the ground is cooler while warm air always rises.

The cool air then goes to the fan’s cylindrical container. There, the impeller blades push this air vertically. An electric motor is used to keep the blades running. 

The air then goes through a vertical shaft, which is the entire height of the fan.

Afterwards, it is released at the exit vent where the air blower takes over and distributes the air throughout the room.

For this entire process to take place, always ensure your fan’s air inlets and outlets are clean.

Once the cool air is released, it leads to cooling through evaporation. In Australia, for example, where the temperature is humid, people lose a lot of fluids. These fluids settle on their skin, leading to a temperature increase.

When the tower fan releases the cool air, these fluids evaporate resulting in a cooling sensation.

The ten best tower fans to buy in Australia

Buying the perfect tower fan in Australia is a must.

The level of humidity here is just on its league. Homeowners should invest in a good quality fan. Below are the top best tower fans to purchase in Australia.

1. Kambrook 116cm Arctic LED Display Tower Fan

It is a sleek tower fan from one of the leading fan brands, Kambrook. The fan is grey and has a height of 1170mm. 

The width and depth, on the other hand, are 315mm. The tower fan comes with modern remote control and some useful features like a 72-degree oscillation, 3-speed settings, and a 12-hour auto-off timer. 

To top it up, the fan produces a beautiful blue glow and has easy-to-use features.

2. GVA 80cm Tower Fan

This tower fan has a white finish that blends perfectly with its slender design. 

It has a height of 800mm and 3-speed settings. Due to its lightweight material, this fan is portable. 

Other helpful features include a remote control and a timer.

3. Sunbeam 90cm Tower Fan

Sunbeam FA7250 tower fan is famous for its night mode feature. 

When the feature is activated, it emits a subtle dim light which helps create the perfect sleeping environment.

You can get a black or silver Sunbeam FA7250 depending on your preference. 

The product has a width of 205mm, a depth of 964mm, and a height of 204mm. 

Some of its features include 3-speed settings, remote control, and an 8-hour auto-off timer.

4. EWT 109cm Tower Fan with Timer

The tower fan has a chic design with a black or silver finish and a height of 1095mm, while its width and depth are 330mm. 

The EWT EWTTF1093 features include 3-speed settings, a remote control, three air outlets, and an 8-hour timer. 

The details of this fan will blow your mind.

5. DeLonghi Dual Oscillating Tower Fan

The colour of the fan, as the name suggests, is white. 

DeLonghi DETF115 has some exciting features like the 360-degree dual oscillation features. 

The upper and lower wind outlets can cover a wider area.

The tower fan also comes with three fan speeds, a 7-hour timer, remote control, and three natural wind modes. 

All these features are super friendly and straightforward.

6. Omega Altise 120cm Tower Fan – Black

Omega Altise 120 cm Tower Fan certainly gets the job done. 

It keeps the room relaxed and comfortable on a hot Australian day thanks to the normal, natural, and sleep mode features. The 12-hour timer comes in handy as well.

Special features of Omega OT120W include; auto oscillation, an electronic control panel, 3-speed settings, and remote control. 

The height of this tower fan is 1200mm, while the width and depth are 320mm. 

You should also expect it to have 55 watts when checking out power.

7.Nordic 77cm Tower Fan

nordic tower fan

The fan looks great with a height of 765 mm, a width of 288mm, and a depth of 300mm. 

It comes with a black or white finish that’s on point.

Features to look out for are the remote control, 8-hour timer, and 2-speed settings. 

Utilizing this tower fan is easy as the LED display immensely improves visibility.

8. Heller 105cm Evaporative Tower Fan with Wi-Fi

Tower fan with wifi

This tower fan has some pretty exciting features. To control its three speeds: normal, natural, and speed, you can utilize Wi-Fi and remote control. 

It also has an 8-hour timer, LED display, and left and right oscillation to increase comfort.

Heller HTFE35WF has a height of 1100mm and a depth and width of 210mm. More to love about this fan is the soft-touch buttons.

9. Dimplex 92cm Tower Fan

dimplex tower fan

The matte black color on this tower fan is gorgeous, not to mention its sleek, unique style. 

Dimplex DCTF92R has a height of 910mm and a width and height of 340mm.

It has three-speed settings, a remote control, an LED display, and a timer. 

As if that’s not enough, Dimplex 92cm offers soft-touch buttons.

10. Dyson AM07 Cool Tower Fan White/ Silver

Dyson tower fan

Nothing says style like the Dyson AM07 Cool Tower Fan. The details of the fan are articulated carefully and well incorporated.

What’s even better is the quietness of the fan while it’s operating thanks to the Dyson engineers who reduced turbulence within the fan.

Moreover, they have utilized advanced air purifier tech on these fans.

Other features include the curved and magnetized remote control, sleep timer, and oscillation features.

Factors to consider before buying a tower fan

With various tower fans available in the market, choosing the right one can be difficult. Don’t worry, though; below is a list of factors that will help you make a good choice.

➡ Consider the style or design

Tower fans come in different elegant and modern designs. 

These designs are sleek and beautiful, in both their small details and bigger ones, which makes it even more confusing to choose a fan.

Before purchasing a tower fan, check the interior décor of your room first. The design you choose for your fan should suit your décor. After all, tower fans should complement the style in a room.

➡ Consider the space

Tower fans come in different sizes; some are large, others are small. Depending on your space, you need to choose the appropriate fan size. 

For example, larger rooms need bigger fans. In addition, larger fans ensure the air is distributed evenly throughout a larger room.

If you plan to get an oscillating tower fan, make sure you have a large space. This is because oscillating tower fans tend to revolve on their bases. For this to take place, the area around them must be clear.

➡ Consider the tower fan’s features

Tower fans come with different advanced features. So, you need to check if your selected fan has all your desired features. For example, if you want a tower fan that oscillates at certain speeds, make sure to check the oscillating feature.

If you’re more interested in the fan speed feature, confirm the number of watts. A high number of watts indicates high fan speed, while a low number of watts indicates low fan speed.

However, there are some necessary features each tower fan must have. For example, remote control and Bluetooth options are vital.

These two features make the use of your fan more convenient, so you don’t always have to get up to adjust your fan settings. Other features to consider are cooling and timer features.

➡ Consider the noise level

Tower fans are indeed quiet, however, this doesn’t mean they won’t produce any sound while operating. Of course, they will emit minimal sound because they are machines.

The level of noise differs, though, among different tower fans. Some are noisier than others. If you have small kids or dislike noise, choose a less noisy fan. Moreover, quieter fans increase relaxation.

➡ Consider the energy used

Here, you need to check the power consumption of the tower fan. The cooling capacity of the fan determines the amount of energy used. The higher the cooling capacity, the more power is needed.

You must also check the motor size of the fan too. If you purchase a fan with a large motor for a small room, there’ll be wasted energy. So, make sure to select a tower fan motor compatible with the size of your space.

➡ Material and quality

Quality is one of the main things to consider. Besides, if a tower fan doesn’t meet standard quality, it can pose a danger. Today most modern quality tower fans are light and portable.

Their material, on the other hand, is mostly plastic. These aspects make you know which tower fan is good quality and which isn’t.

 Cost and the manufacturer

In the end, it all comes down to your budget, and you need to purchase a tower fan that’s within your budget. 

There are lots of affordable tower fans in the market, so there is certainly one for everyone.

The other thing to consider is the manufacturer. Is the manufacturer legitimate and certified? Confirm whether the products manufactured are certified, and if everything checks out, go ahead and purchase the tower fan.

Tips on how to maintain a tower fan 

Maintaining a tower fan is no challenging task. All you have to do is clean and lubricate it once in a while. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to clean your tower fan.

 Unplug your tower fan to cut any power supply.

 Brush off dust or any debris from the vents. You can use a vacuum brush to make the whole process smoother.

 Open the fan using a screwdriver. Before doing so, you should read the manufacturer’s instructions, as some fans are prone to distortion if you open them.

 Utilize the air compressed in the fan to remove any contaminants. You can use the brush as well to clean the blades and motors.

 If need be, you can lubricate the fan’s bearing. Afterward, screw back the tower fan as it was.

 Plug in the fan back to the power source. Confirm everything is working perfectly. Let it run for a few minutes, and then turn it off.



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