5 best clamp lights to buy in Australia

Last updated on January 28, 2022

Clamp lights are a budget-friendly and flexible light source that have changed the way people light their spaces.

Their usage and portability have made them a popular product in the lighting and décor niche.

There are plenty of good choices of clamp lights in the market to meet the varying needs of a wide range of consumers.

Our advice will assist you in selecting the finest products from the options available.

What is a clamp light?

Clamp lights are a modern source of space lighting that include an illuminating light and a clamp to hold them during installation.

They are specifically used for customized lighting set ups, focused illumination, and interior décor purposes.

Over time, clamp lights are getting innovated with advancements being made in their material and designs.

Today, plenty of options are available in the market for varying customer needs.

5 places to install clamp lights

Clamp lights come with a variety of designs and features that make them suitable for different sorts of ares in your home.

They are purposely designed to customize your lighting setup and enhance your space’s décor.

Here, we will discuss a few places where clamp lights can be used as per your requirements, which will help you in optimal usage.

Bed Room

Fine lighting setups add to the overall comfort level of your bedroom, so clamp lights are a good fit for focused lighting in your bedrooms.

Furthermore, you can clamp them with your bed and have a comfortable reading experience with minimal focused lighting.

Kids in bunk beds often face lighting issues. Ceiling lights fall too bright on the upper bed while the lower one is quite gloomy.

Clamp lights are a good fit for such bunk beds to clamp them and ensure an optimally lit environment specifically for kids.

Closets and cupboards

Most of the traditional closets and cupboards don’t come with an inbuilt lighting source. Hence it often gets too messy to find stuff from there. In this scenario, clamp lights turn out to be a flexible source to light up closets and cupboards.

This not only eases your trouble of finding items in the dark closets, but also helps enhance the look of your wardrobe.

Dining room

Clamp lights are frequently used in dining rooms. They can be clamped to the table, which helps illuminate the table with focused light and creates a comforting room environment.

Hence, clamp lights not only enhance the look of the food items with focused illumination but also create a fascinating environment too.

Also, they give you more of a candlelight vibe when you sit with your loved ones in the dining room.

Shelves and pantries

Shelves and pantries are an integral part of all sorts of spaces. We have them in our homes, offices, shops, and almost everywhere else.

Shelves provide us with additional storage and add to the space décor, which means clamp lights can be installed on shelves and pantries as per your requirements.

Clamp lights set up on shelves provide focused illumination of articles placed on shelves. This is specifically helpful at shops where loads of products are displayed on the shelves.

Having adequate clamp lights installed, you can engage customers’ engagement towards the displayed products and make them long for them.


Kitchens often call for a focused lighting source to light up your benchtop.

This is specifically helpful when you are doing focus demanding work. In such a scenario, clamp lights can be of great help to provide focused illumination of your benchtop.

This not only helps you enjoy your time in the kitchen but ensures comfort in the work too.

Such focused lighting also prevents you from getting distracted and keeps you engaged in the work you intend to perform.

Best clamp lights summary

Best clamp lights reviews

As the demand for clamp lights has increased manifolds, a wide variety is available in the market today. You find a giant range of products that differ in their features and costs.

Hence it often gets difficult for you to decide which clamp light would be the best choice for you. Scroll through to find optimal ones for you.

1. Madrid Clamp Lamp – Best illumination

Madrid Clamp Lamp

The Madrid clamp lamp is a highly captivating clamp light designed for a wide range of purposes. It can be a great addition to various sorts of spaces to ensure focused lighting and augment interior décor too.

Besides, this clamp lamp is spring-loaded, which can be positioned on any surface where you can clamp the frame.

It is a good fit for the places where you need to perform high-precision tasks.

With its focused illumination, you can do your chores neatly with minimum risk of errors. This also keeps you engaged in the work while reducing distractions.

Key Features

  • 240V power rating
  • Frame colors of black and nickel
  • Shade color of black with white interior
  • Head diameter – 90 mm
  • Overall height – 185 mm
  • Clip opening – 35 mm
  • Cable length
  • From clip to switch – 1000 mm
  • From switch to wall plug – 800 mm
  • In-line ON/OFF switch at the base of the lamp
  • An IP rating of IP20
  • ASA – Australian Standards Approved
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

2. Conico Clamp Lamp – Best versatile

Conico Clamp Lamp

CONICO clamp lamp comes with a gooseneck arm which helps direct light as per your needs. It is a versatile product that can fit with any type of space and all sorts of interiors.

With its fascinating design, it not only fulfills your needs of space lighting but offers a good addition to your interior décor too.

Its gooseneck arm enables you to customize its directions according to your requirements. You can use it at places where you need to emphasize your focus.

Its bright illumination provides you an adequate space lighting and an ambient space environment.

Key Features

  • 240V power rating
  • Frame colors of black and chrome
  • Shade color of black with white interior
  • Head diameter – 100 mm
  • Overall height – 550 mm
  • Clip opening – 35 mm
  • Cable length
  • From clip to switch – 1600 mm
  • From switch to wall plug – 800 mm
  • In-line ON/OFF switch at the base of the lamp
  • An IP rating of IP20
  • ASA – Australian Standards Approved
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

3. Torchio Clamp Lamp – Best traditional

Torchio Clamp Lamp

The Torchio clamp lamp is a practical solution to your space illumination requirements. It is a fine product in the clamp lamp niche that fits with all kinds of interiors ranging from traditional to modern ones.

Its handy clip enables you to attach it with tabletops to ensure an illuminated workspace for your varying needs.

Torchio clamp lamp is a stylish and graceful product that not only is a good fit for your home needs but fulfills corporate requirements too.

You can install them with your kids’ work table to let them have a distraction-free environment. This will enable them to engage in their school work and enjoy doing it.

Key Features

  • 240V power rating
  • Frame color of antique brass
  • Shade color of antique brass with white interior
  • Head diameter – 120 mm
  • Overall height – 490 mm
  • Clip opening – 35 mm
  • Cable length
  • From clip to switch – 1600 mm
  • From switch to wall plug – 800 mm
  • In-line ON/OFF switch at the base of the lamp
  • An IP rating of IP20
  • ASA – Australian Standards Approved
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

4. Solar Lighting LED Clamp Light – Best solar product

Solar Lighting Clamp Light

The Solar Lighting Direct BBQ multi-purpose LED clamp light is an advanced clamp light. Its key feature is the incorporation of solar power technology that comes with a built-in solar panel.

It is a great fit for clamping with workbenches for your indoor and outdoor needs like camping, fishing, or BBQ setups.

It is a multi-purpose product for your lighting needs which comes with a flexible arm to focus as per your needs.

Its bright focused LED lights provide you with a well-lit environment even during the night. The in-line ON/OFF switch eases the light operation when needed.

Key Features

  • Solar Power Technology
  • Durable ABS and Metal construction
  • Overall height – 380 mm
  • Shade width / diameter – 95 mm
  • 5 SMD LEDs @ 0.2W each
  • Cool white color temperature
  • Brightness output – 100 LM at 1 meter
  • Built-in photoelectric solar panel
  • 3.2V 1Ah NiMH battery
  • An IP rating of IP44
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

5. Brilliant Sammy Metal Clamp Lamp – Best compact design

Brilliant Sammy Clamp Lamp

The brilliant Sammy adjustable metal clamp lamp is a classic clamp light made for traditional and corporate installations. The product comes with metallic construction along with a chrome neck.

The neck of the lamp is adjustable and can be moved in multiple directions according to the needs of the user. Brilliant Sammy is a compact design lamp which is a good fit for small spaces too.

Besides its compact shape, its lightweight makes it a portable product that is easy to carry around. Its durable metallic construction also makes it a great fit for outdoor usage with utmost performance.

Key Features

  • Metallic shade material
  • Adjustable chrome neck
  • Overall height – 355 mm
  • Shade width / diameter – 110 mm
  • Compact lightweight construction
  • Peg style clamp base
  • In-line ON/OFF switch
  • E27 28W max lamp holder
  • 1.8-meter cable and plug
  • 2-year replacement warranty

Best clamp lights buying guide

There is a wide range of clamp lights available in the market. So, it often gets pretty difficult to choose the best product as per your requirements.

Here we will discuss a few factors to consider when purchasing a clamp light.


Clamp lights are available in various sizes with their dimensions given in the product description. Always keep an eye on the size of the clamp lights if they will be compatible with your needs or not.

If you intend to install them in small spaces, go for the compact products so they fit well with the space available.


Different clamp lights are constructed with different kinds of materials. You will find products with sensitive materials while many would be of durable materials.

Depending upon your intended usage, choose the right kind of material.

For outdoor usage, always go for products with lasting durable material. Consider the IP rating of the product for this purpose.


An affordable purchase is always the best purchase. Where clamp lights are available in various price ranges, always consider your budget while purchasing them.

Among plenty of available options, choose those clamp lights that don’t overburden your finances and are compatible with your budget.

Wire Size

Clamp lights have wires of different lengths to enable their usage at distant spots.

When purchasing clamp lights, consider the wire length and make sure that it is compatible with your intended usage. It would create ease of usage to use them even at places distant from sockets.

Frequently asked questions

Why clamp lights are better than traditional lights?

Clamp lights have a clamp through which they can be attached to any surface. Hence you can use them at multiple places by simply clamping them without any complicated installation procedure.

What is an IP rating?

Ingress protection rating defines the degree of protection provided for electrical devices by the material. It shows its worth against various foreign factors like dirt, water, etc.

Can I use clamp lights for outdoor purposes?

Yes, clamp lights can be used for various outdoor purposes. They are portable so you can carry them with you even at distant places to have a light source readily available.

Wrapping up

A sound variety of clamp lights is available today to meet various needs of customers. Therefore, always consider your intended usage and requirements before making a purchase.

I hope this guide will help you invest your money in the most suitable product.

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