Commercial LED lighting: Everything you need to know

Last updated on April 12, 2022

What is an LED light? 

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) are basically tiny light bulbs that are packed together to fit into an electrical circuit.

In any case, they differ from glowing bulbs since they don’t have filaments that burn out. This is what makes them stand out and more advantageous over traditional lights.

The manner in which they illuminate is via the movement of electrons in a semiconductor material. A semiconductor is the mid-point among conductors and insulators.

A semiconductor has varying capacities to convey electric currents as they have a mix of different attributes of both as an insulator and conductor.

The two biggest advantages of LED lights is that fact that they are capable of lasting as long as a standard transistor and are much more energy-efficient whilst doing so.

LED lights uses 75% less energy, and last 25 times longer, in comparison to incandescent lights.

LED lighting fixtures also furnish you with a lot greater level of command over the light output and designs.

By investing in commercial lighting you can install ideal lighting systems for your office, buildings, or any workplace.

Types of Commercial LED Lighting

Commercial LED Lights

With the various kinds of commercial LED lighting products available in the market today, there is an assortment of alternatives to choose from.

Even more so, it will come in handy to be able to recognize the various kinds of LEDs.

Knowing the types of LED lighting will help you to know what to look out for when making considerations for your lighting needs. Examples of different light types can include;

  1. Task Lights
  2. Desk Lamps
  3. Track Lighting
  4. Recessed Troffer Light
  5. LED Warehouse Lighting
  6. Lay-in fixtures
  7. Outdoor Commercial Lights

Task Lights

Task lighting is utilized to illuminate or light up workspace areas such as counters, sinks, and tabletops.

The lighting ought to be bright and shadowless with the fixtures mounted near the task areas.

Mounting lights under the cupboards that sit over the kitchen counter is an incredible spot to put some task lighting.

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    Desk Lamps

    More recently, accessibility to LED lights in the most basic forms are possible, and an important and now accessible light in the office is the Desk Lamp.

    In any case, not many individuals really know why LEDs are so significant or what makes them worthwhile. A simple, yet great entry into utilising more LED lights would be through investing in LED desk lamps.

    Using less energy whilst producing a better light output when compared to traditional desk lamps makes having a few in the office a great investment.

    Track Lighting

    LED track lighting is extraordinary for providing atmospheric lighting in a smaller room.

    Some designs allows portion of the kits so that they can be connected at a junction together to make the track longer.

    You can put diversely coloured LED bulbs together for softer lighting. These lights allow significant personal touch through angling different projections of individual lights and individual colour coordination.

    Recessed Troffer Light

    The recessed troffer light is usually installed within indoor lighting fixtures, that is, mounted within the grid of the ceiling. The typical troffer fixture sizing includes troffer lights that are 4 feet long to half that size at 2 foot long.

    This kind of lighting is more commonly used to illuminate commercial, industrial, retail, warehouse applications.

    LED Warehouse Lighting

    LED warehouse lights are designed to serve the function of lighting necessities in warehouse structures and large rooms.

    Despite various dangers that can occur with a poorly lit warehouse, many have yet to upgrade to LED lighting for their warehouse to reduce chances of accidents, increased efficiency and aesthetic looks today.

    This is especially true within smaller functions that are run in warehouses such as picking operations, bundling, shipping, and getting consignments being taken care of day and night. Having the right sort of industrial warehouse lighting is a basic necessity and critical to workflow efficiency.

    The degree of lighting needed in a warehouse relies upon different components; The functions and work being conducted in the warehouse, the required lighting for each task can differ and thus ensuring you have the correct lighting for your warehouse is not always the same.

    Additionally, the more dynamic and active an area, the higher the necessity for light levels. Loading docks and staging areas ordinarily demand more light compared to the zones that are utilized to perform other warehousing functions such as storage.

    Lay-in fixtures

    Lay-in fixtures are an alternative to recessed fluorescent lights.

    They have astounding and effective fixtures. Lay-in fixtures are installed with the roof’s supporting equipment or hardware.

    Outdoor Commercial Lights arrive in an assortment of sizes and styles.

    They range from garden lights, which are generally supplied and installed at the ground level, to wall sconces that can be installed on any exterior wall.

    Streetlights and spots can be introduced and installed on shafts, fences, and rooftops for more prominent lighting conditions after dark, as well as for security purposes.

    How to Choose the Best Commercial LED Lighting for Business

    With the increase in popularity of LED lighting, many people are confused when it comes to choosing the Best Commercial LED Lighting.

    The type of commercial lighting will be reliant on the activity, objective, or capacity for which the business looks to conduct and achieve consistently.

    That being the situation, below are the basic tips on how to choose the best LED lighting for your commercial needs.

    Colour Temperature and Colour Rendition

    In order to improve lighting conditions, worker efficiency and safety standards, you would need to choose and install commercial LED that is in the right colour temperature and rendition.

    What is right is reliant on your business objectives, and thus, the best light colour for office work will shift from one business to the next.

    Take, for example, a bar that needs slow and steady light to make the figment of an inviting space.

    A stockroom will require lighting that enlightens the workspace securely. whereas, a store is in an ideal situation with lighting that features the items and different product displays.

    Likewise, LED light temperature is valued in degrees kelvin (K).

    In the event that it ranges between 2,200 K – 3,000 K, it is a low temperature. Such LEDs are appropriate for cafés because of the more relaxed and comfortable, warm-white light that they can deliver.

    Temperature ranges of around 3,500 K to 4,100, K is considered a medium-sized temperature. These are ideal for task lighting because of the cooler, more vibrant light it offers.

    There’s additionally a higher temperature range of 5,000 K-6,500 K, which is best utilized for security purposes or display lighting because of the blue-white light that is akin to daylight.

    Also, colour rendition is characterized by the International Commission on Illumination’s Test Colour Method. This method surveys colour quality by assessing how a light source gives the unaided eye a particular colour of an object.

    The International Commission on Illumination ranges between 0 to 100. Where 90 to 100 is as bright as daylight while lower than 80 is Medium-sized.

    There are an amazing number of LEDs you will come across that will have an International Commission on Illumination around 80 or higher.

    Colour Brightness and Dimness

    There are a number of ways lighting can be rated however most commonly for brightness the rating of lumens is the most common. This is how much light a bulb produces.

    It is vital to choose an LED light with the right lumens.

    Take, for example, a 100-Watt glowing bulb that has the capacity to gives off 1,600 lumens.

    When the light is too bright, it can lead to serious headaches and eyestrain to some people. This can be uncomfortable for the eyes and subsequently have a negative effect on a worker’s productivity.

    Direct or Indirect Lighting

    In this case, you will have the choice of choosing direct or indirect lighting with regard to commercial ceiling light fixtures.

    How is every one of these different? You may wonder.

    Direct lighting is utilized for task lighting which shines light down to the surface underneath the light fixture. It may be used in bars, eateries, and office spaces.

    Despite what is generally expected, indirect lighting illuminates the space by concentrating light upward instead, which assists it with reflecting off walls and roofs. LED lighting of this nature is utilized in some VIP bar rooms and sometimes in a café with regards to drawing attention to specific areas in the room.


    There are different types of commercial LED lighting to choose from, ensure you are stuck with just one type of lighting.

    It is, accordingly, left for you to choose one that can ideally work well for you.

    LEDs, by and large, make the additional stride of being energy proficient, lessening heat waste, and saving you tremendous costs over time.

    The usual drawback of being initially costly to install is now subsidised by the ESS, now there should be no reason to stop your business or commercial premises to have your lights replaced with LEDs.

    Everything starts with choosing the correct LED system or light that can streamline your business in varying ways as discussed in this blog.

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