Energy-Efficient LED Lighting Trends in Australia and Beyond

Energy-Efficient LED Lighting Trends in Australia and Beyond

Last updated on July 11, 2024

“We’ve not inherited the earth from our fathers; we’ve borrowed it from our children.” This quote from an old magazine on an environmental campaign is as relevant today as it was three decades ago. 

Why? You ask. 

In this time of overwhelming concern for energy consumption reduction, one cannot discuss the Energy Efficiency trend without pointing out different ways to address the challenge. 

This article discusses the top six universal energy efficient Trends with special emphasis on Australia. A good starting point is a brief history of LED Lighting before getting on with a detailed discussion on LED Lighting TRENDs in Australia.   

Brief LED Lighting History

LED Lighting’s history dates back more than three decades. However, it wasn’t until 1980 that property owners began replacing incandescent with LED Lighting bulbs in and outside residential and commercial premises to reduce energy consumption.

Transition from Traditional to LED Lighting 

The transition from incandescent to LED lighting bulbs to save energy in Australia is spot on. LED Lighting is the answer to reduce energy consumption. 

This transition has created a vibrant sustainable energy-saving market for smart solutions in the form of new products and services. Energy-efficient LED Lighting bulbs are in great demand in homes, and commercial and industrial properties throughout Australia today. 

But that is not all. The Australian government’s initiative to encourage the switch from traditional to modern energy-efficient LED Lighting is part of the global overall direction to maintain a clean environment.  

Smart LED Lighting Solutions

Forget about the old light switches on the walls of your house, office, or business premises. Smart LED Lighting Solutions are the next big thing. They are a fast, effective, and efficient way to switch lights on and off without leaving the comfort of your chair.

Everything is at your fingertips on a Smartphone or mobile remote control, where you have access to light most if not all electric appliances in the house through your Smartphone or mobile remote control.

The smart solutions trend is catching on fast in most modern homes. 

LED Lighting Lifespan 

I bought the first LED Light bulb 7 years ago. This decision was born out of frustration caused by frequent incandescent bulbs blowing up. Today, I’m glad to have made this decision, as it has paid off up and above my wildest dreams. 

I hardly replace an LED Light bulb once every six months, and the best thing is this leads to saving money and energy. LED Lighting is cost-effective, and the Return on Investment is worth it. 

Invest in higher-quality LED Lighting and get better value for money than low-quality LED Light bulbs.

LED Lighting Creative Color Tuning

You want to improve the background of the garden around your house for a special evening get-together?

No worries, you can select the best color combination to create the sensation you desire using advanced LED Lighting and creative color-tuning technology. 

You have trouble falling asleep?

A good night’s sleep helps you think straight the next day. Change the bedroom background to create the right mood with smart solutions technology, so you can sleep right, and wake up bright to do what is good.     

Hybrid Option

The thrill of satisfaction you feel when combining traditional and modern LED Lighting is not easily forgotten. This combination is commonly known as HYBRID. 

Early or Extended Season

The opportunity to create the festive mood early or extend it beyond the festive season with LED Lighting technology is easier than you think. Anyone can do it.  

LED Lighting advanced technology provides everything you need including easy-to-read and follow instructions to color your garden for early or extended Christmas celebration. 

Throw in Christmas carols from the latest state of the art in sound recording and the festive season bursts into life.  

Nowadays with increased concern about energy consumption, you cannot discuss energy-efficient LED Lighting trends without pointing out expected energy-saving benefits and there are many.  

Time and space would not allow us to discuss all of them in a short article such as this. I have picked out the five most common benefits associated with LED Lighting for you to look at.   

5 Common Benefits of Using LED Lighting. 

You can’t go wrong transitioning from traditional to LED Lighting, and you will be able to enjoy these five common benefits.  

LED Lighting Saves Energy

WASTE is one word that comes to mind when discussing traditional lighting methods like incandescent bulbs, fluorescent tubes, or halogen bulbs. 

While an incandescent bulb uses more electricity to generate heat to produce light, LED Lightinguses less energy to produce quality light and saves energy.  

LED Lighting Produces Quality Light

Enjoy up to 90% quality LED Lighting compared to incandescent bulbs. If you want to reduce your electricity bill, transition to LED Lighting today.  

LED Lighting Bulb is Stronger than Halogen

LED Lighting bulbs can stand extreme cold and hot weather conditions. It doesn’t matter if you use LED Lighting bulbs in pouring rain or scorching heat inside or outside any building. 

Using an incandescent bulb exposed to raindrops is a recipe for disaster.  You risk the danger of being electrocuted.

LED Lighting is Cost-Effective

You think LED Lighting is not for you. Widespread use of LED Lighting is on an upward trend. Thanks to the 2007 Energy Independent and Security resolution which requires 25% energy efficiency on house lights. This makes using LED Lights cost-effective. 

LED Lighting is User Friendly

LED Lighting bulbs are user-friendly. Manufacturers make life easy for consumers by including easy to understand instruction manuals in the package. The rest is do-it-yourself step-by-step stuff.  

The only maintenance I have incurred using LED Light bulbs in the last seven years is the occasional five minutes of cleaning the bulb to get rid of dust build-up on the bulb. Anyone with an elementary school education can wipe the bulb clean. That’s it. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to reduce energy consumption, color-tune your bedroom to induce sleep, or your garden to create an early or extended festive season, all this can be achieved by transitioning from traditional to modern LED Lighting smart.  

You have the final say. Do this today, then sit back and watch what happens as you enjoy the benefits of LED Lighting trends in the comfort of your house, convenience of your office, or business premise. 

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