LED lights for Small Businesses: Everything you need to know

Last updated on February 21, 2022

As anyone who owns or runs a small business will testify, all details matter, even the smaller details that may seem superficial such as lighting.

However, lighting is a big factor in ensuring your business runs on track with regards to employee efficiency, work place safety, mental health and drive as well as aesthetic qualities can be provided through different uses of lighting options.

Currently there are a vast array of different types of lighting options available, this can cause troubles for some businesses when it comes to finding the right option that would suit them and the business.

Hopefully this chapter will help explain more details and provide the information required in order to pick out and install the right lights for your business.

In particular, the exceptional qualities and efficiency of LED lighting can bring tremendous benefits for both the work place and the environment.

Whether you are deciding on what lighting to use or for a new space or exploring alternatives, we will cover the many options available LED lighting today.

Why Should a Small Business Care About Lighting?

Whether it’s for an office or a business that serves consumers directly, lighting can make a huge difference in the mood of the environment and productivity of the workers as well as provide massive savings on energy costs.

The idea of light affecting productivity in work has been around for some time, however there is some truth to the idea. A study conducted by Staples suggests it does and can even affect our mental health.

Effect of LED light for Businesss

LED Versus other Lights for Small Business

LED lights are more expensive to install compared to other available options such as fluorescent and halogen lights, so why do it?

While LED lights might be more expensive to install initially, their maintenance and energy savings more than make up for it.

The reason for this is due to how LED technology works and how incredibly efficient they are compared to other traditional options.

Ordinary incandescent bulbs pass a current through a metal that’s located within them towards the centre, and as a result light is emitted, but with LED technology electrons pass through a semi-conductor.

This fortunately means there is no filament to wear out and another reason why they don’t get anywhere near as hot as their alternatives.

Less wear also of course would lead to less light bulbs needed to be changed over time. On average LED lights last 10-20 times the time of their counterpart halogen or incandescent lights.

Additionally, a significant point to mention for LED lights is their brightness. LEDs generate more lumens (measuring unit for brightness) per watt than alternative bulbs.

How Much Can a Small Business Save With LEDs?

Over the years, more and more businesses are making the switch from traditional to LED lighting, why would this be?

This will come as no surprise, but the number one reason is the large savings possible on their energy bills. As it turns out halogen bulbs utilize around 5 times the amount of energy that a LED light would.

While this is an important factor for any business, it’s especially true for small businesses where every cent saved or earned helps significantly as they grow.

Making the switch to LED lighting can lead to large cost savings due to the lower energy use per light and with certain lights can reduce the costs by up to 90%.

For small businesses reducing energy costs by 20% could be as valuable as increasing sales by 5%.

How much will you Save with LED’s. Use our LED savings calculator to find out!

What LED Options Are There?

Not all LEDs are created equal, which can also be seen as one of their pros. There is such a diverse selection of LEDs available today depending on the function, budget, and purpose of your specific business.


These are your typical, everyday light bulbs seen just about everywhere. While they are visually similar to traditional bulbs, as mentioned earlier, they are more energy-efficient whilst providing the same solution, a great. pick for any building and business.


LED panels are most often used in big office settings, their big size and wide coverage range make them the top pick for large buildings. They are usually used to replace the older, inefficient fluorescent tube lights and provide the same function with a better light output.

Coloured LEDs

Certain LED lights are colour adjustable. They are usually controlled via remote, giving the ability to change between white and warm colours.

While this feature may seem more of a niche than anything, in reality, it is very useful for improving the productivity and mental health of employees. Ideally, as the days go on, the colour can be adjusted to warmer colours as the working day comes to a close.

Coloured LEDs allow you to have many colour temperatures in one light source.

Tube LEDs

Tubular shape LEDs are just like what they sound like, tube-shaped long LED lights, used for big spaces and office settings. Like the panel LEDs, perfect for covering big areas.

Smart LEDs

In recent years, smart LEDs have been on the rise.

Initially seen as another niche idea – now essential to the everyday operations of many small and big businesses alike.

One of the best ways for businesses of all levels, big and small to save time and money is through automation. Having processes automated means saving time and human resources, which of course means cutting down costs.

Now you won’t have to worry about one of your employees leaving the lights on for the whole weekend by accident.

Smart LED lights are usually controlled via custom downloadable applications. Features include but are not limited to:

  • Schedules times for turning on/off or switching colour temperatures
  • Automated dimming
  • WI-FI connectivity and full remote control
  • Integrated motion sensors

Environmental factors and incentives

As mentioned before, LEDs are better for the environment. In 2021 being eco-conscious or eco-friendly can change a whole lot in consumer views towards a small businesses and on top of this LED lights significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

This has become a big part of businesses and other places in general in the developed world that on September 1st of 2018 halogen light bulbs were completely banned in Europe.

According to researchers, this ban could save up to and possibly more than 15m tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

This global push towards the move to LEDs means that there could be incentives available for your small business.

To see if there are incentives in your local area and whether or not your small business is eligible for them, you can contact your local energy company.

In many cases, they can provide the relevant.

Using incentives can further cut down costs for your small business and reduce the only big hurdle to converting to LED, which is the initial instalment cost.

Now, hopefully you have a better idea as to what LED lights are all about. Using LED lights can potentially save a lot of money for your small business whilst keeping it more eco-friendly.

Additionally, LED lights are better long-term compared to traditional lights which is something to keep in mind for a small business where these finances can then be used elsewhere to help it grow.

E-Green Electrical

E-Green Electrical are the pioneers in energy efficiency. We specialise in helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint and impact on the environment while saving money.

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