LED Lighting For Gyms And Fitness Clubs

May 19, 2021

Gyms, fitness clubs and training centers should have efficient lighting.

According to research, light and colour have a huge impact on our moods, productivity, and lives in general. In psychology, light plays a huge role in decreasing depression and increases cognitive performances amongst several others.

Therefore, it is essential to have good quality and efficient lighting in the gyms to help your clients boost their performance.

Importance Of Effective Lighting in Gyms

light for gym

Improves focus during exercise:

Good effective light in gyms can increase focus during exercise.

It is no news that our brain reacts to lightwaves due to living in a world of constant light and darkness (day and night.) Good lighting in a gym will help athletes focus more on the instructions from the instructor, keep them alert, and fuels them with more energy to exert alleviating performances.

Creates perfect mood:

Ever wondered why the guy lights up candles for a date in movies?

That is because lightning changes everything and lighting creates the perfect mood and setting for every occasion.

The same goes for exercising.  Different exercises might require several types of lighting that can help set the perfect mood and pace for exercise.

This can also help increase workout efficiency and performance. We advise that depending on the exercise your gym or fitness club is focused on, you should hire gym designers to help with the lighting that best fits your exact exercise.

Creates perfect ambience in workout classes:

As stated above, efficient lighting in the gym can help focus more on the instructor.

Aside from that, there are several lighting requirements and concepts for several exercises. Ensuring the right exercise class has the right lighting would be a great help in increasing student’s interest, create a perfect class ambience, reduce anxiety, help them loosen up, and ease more into the exercise.

Improves performance:

Less anxiety means a better chance at getting that work done.

Also, light and colour are well known to have a huge effect on our lives. As much as we accept and acknowledge that colours from our home wall, work wall, etc have a huge effect on our moods through the day, so does lightning.

More so, natural lightning i.e. sun which is known to have a positive effect on our moods and making us more alert. The right lighting paired with the perfect colour in the gym can improve your performances.

Creates more space:

Effective lighting in a gym gives the illusion of a more open and airy space which is necessary to free our minds when working out or doing exercise to prevent feeling choked up.

The illusion of space in our minds creates a more remarkable exercise experience as well as making us more relaxed while exercising.

What can happen without good light in the gym?

low gym light

A gym or fitness club without effective lighting is prone to having several cases of workout accidents and injuries.

Workout injuries are a general term for all forms of injury that could happen during a workout. This could happen in a gym that has bad or inefficient lighting causing low visibility.

It is essential to be aware that the more movement is needed during exercise, the more light is needed for fluid movement and to decrease the risk of an accident.

Several examples of workout injuries that could be caused by inefficient lighting include sprain, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, etc. However, it is advised that for an exercise involving high or intense movement. Use more bright lighting like Led batten lights.

What are LED Batten and Panel Lights?

Piso Thin Panel Teknik

LED batten and Panel lights are lighting fixtures that rapidly took over the market a few years back replacing fluorescents tubes. They are durable, energy-saving, and long-lasting lights that offer uniform illumination in a room.

Why should you choose a LED batten or Panel option?

Several types of other lights could be used in the gym but LED battens and Panels are the best options based on multiple factors.

  • LED battens and panels are lightweight.
  • They do not release toxic gases, hence LED battens and panels are environmentally friendly.
  • They do not heat up like traditional lights.
  • LED batten and panel lights consumes less energy. This cuts down the electricity bills.
  • LED batten and panel lights do not harm your body as they don’t emit harmful radiations.
  • They have a long life span. They can last for as long as 15 years or more.
  • LED batten and panel lights don’t dim with time.
  • There are several colour options ideal for whatever mood you are planning to create for your workout space.

If you are unsure of the kind of lighting to use, hire a professional in the field to help you figure it all out.

How Does Lighting in the Gym Affect  Health And Performance?

Effective lighting in the gym, as mentioned briefly above affects our performance due to its effect on our brain.

We have stated above that LED lights help our brain relax, increasing productivity and this is why we recommend led batten light.

However, aside from this, effective lighting in the gym also helps to keep you alert when your brain reacts to the lightwaves. This reduces the lack of workout accidents, reduces anxiety, etc.

all aiding us to perform more in the gym as we get comfortable and relaxed.

LED batten lights and Panel Lights are the perfect example of efficient light we recommend to be used in the gym.

They don’t release any toxic gases like some other light options for the gym.

This makes it a healthy choice to boost your performances. An effective light helps you avoid breathing in harmful gases released from light sources.

It also helps you avoid workout injuries caused by low visibility which could cause dangerous harms to our health if not be careful. It also reduces anxiety and makes us relaxed, boosting our mental health and enabling a great workout performance.

Successful lighting implementation in the gym depends upon the combination of the right amount of lumens and balanced light distribution.

Get a free Gym lighting consultation or get in touch if you would like to discuss your gym lighting goals. We will help you make the right choice.


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