LED Lighting For Gyms And Fitness Clubs

Last updated on December 8, 2021

Gyms, fitness clubs and training centers require adequate, focused and efficient lighting.

According to research, light and colour have a huge impact on our mood, productivity, and general well-being. Light is highlighted in psychology, for the huge role it plays in decreasing depression and increasing cognitive performance and capability.

It is essential to have good quality and efficient lighting in gyms to help customers properly exercise and boost their performance.

Importance Of Effective Lighting in Gyms

light for gym

Improves focus during exercise:

Effective lighting in gyms can increase focus during exercise. Living in worlds of repetitive cycles of light and darkness (day and night) our brain has become prone to reaction from lightwaves emitted by natural and artificial sources of light

Good lighting in any space, most notably gyms, can help athletes better focus on their training sets and instructions, can keep customers alert and can motivate gym-goers with positive energy to push through hard exercises.

Creates the perfect mood

Calm, comfortable and relaxed settings call for warm lights, with candle effect color temperature, which can create a perfect mood for unwinding after a long day, or for a romantic setting.

Lighting color and effect can have a crucial impact on the mood of the space and can shift the mood to suit the requirements.

This can be directly applied to gyms and workout areas: different exercises might require a range of lighting effects to set a different mood. The same workout room with the same lighting layout can have a toned down mood with relaxed effects for yoga classes on one hand, and can also have an upbeat, energetic and lively mood for cycling classes  on the other.

The space mood can also greatly increase workout efficiency and performance, and depending on the types of classes and exercises, it is advisable to get expert advice from gym designers to find the best fit for the spaces.

Creates the right ambience in workout classes

Besides increasing focus, proper gym lighting looks into a number of requirements and details from a number of exercises.

Ensuring the specific exercise has the right lighting can be of great value to boost the interest in the class, create a great ambiance, reduce anxiety, help clients loosen up and guide them more smoothly through the exercise.

Improves performance

Reduced anxiety usually results in better and more work completed.

Proper lighting with suitable colors not only reduces anxiety, but also has a significant impact on our lives. This impact matches the effect of any interior item or color, like furniture or wall color, on our daily mood.

Natural lighting, for example, has a very positive effect on our mood and alertness. In the same manner, gym lighting can be approached to match the lighting characteristics with the gym interior specifications to greatly improve performance.

Creates the feeling of more space

Given that several gyms are located in underground or small spaces which could get crowded, effective lighting is essential to give the customers the illusion of more open and aired spaces. This lighting effect can calm stressed customers and free up their mind during the workout and prevent claustrophobic or choked up feelings.

The illusion of wider and open space can help create a remarkable exercise experience.

Gym Lighting Options and Outcomes

low gym light

A gym or fitness club that is not equipped with proper and effective lighting can become a health hazard for its customers, resulting in accidents, injuries and bad business for the gym owners.

Workout injury is a general term for all forms of injury that could occur during a workout. Examples of workout injuries include sprains, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, falls, etc. One of the root causes for common injuries is low visibility measures in the gym, due to insufficient or poor lighting.

It is important to note that the more active the exercise is the greater the light level needed to adjust to the fluid movement and decrease the risk of injury.

Gym experts recommend using bright lights, such as LED battens for workout rooms with high intensity movement.

What are LED Batten and Panel Lights?

Piso Thin Panel Teknik

LED battens and Panel lights are two types of LED lighting fixtures that have rapidly taken over the market replacing fluorescent tubes, and have become staple products in all types of projects. They are durable, energy-saving, and long-lasting lights with high lighting characteristics and uniform lighting distribution.

Why should you choose a LED batten or Panel option?

Although gyms can be lit using several types of lighting options, LED battens and Panels are the best-suited, based on multiple factors:

  • The types are lightweight.
  • They do not release toxic gases, hence they’re hazard-free and environmentally friendly.
  • They do not heat up like traditional lights.
  • Operating with LED bulbs, batten and panel lights consume less energy, which saves on the electricity bills.
  • LED batten and panel lights do not emit harmful radiations and therefore do not cause harm, even with prolonged exposure.
  • They have a long life span. They can last up to 15 years and more.
  • The light output from these types does not fade or weaken with time and operation
  • Both types can be customized with several color options to perfectly match the mood of the space

It is always advisable to seek out expert support and hire a professional to assist in the assessment and selection.

How Does Lighting in the Gym Affect  Health And Performance?

With its proven capability to relax the mind, ease tension and greatly affect performance, effective LED lights systems are essential in all spaces, least of all the gym.

Besides improving performance, lightwaves from effective gym lighting can stimulate the brain and keep customers alert, reducing down time, anxiety and accidents. 

LED batten lights and Panel Lights are particularly suitable for gyms, as they offer a wide and versatile range of benefits. LED bulbs are free of toxic gases and thereby keep the gym environment and the customers safe from inhaling harmful gases.

These LED lights can be essential in avoiding workout injuries caused by low visibility, and in reducing anxiety promoting a relaxed feeling, boosting mental health, resulting in a superior workout setting.

Proper and effective lighting in the gym is dependent on the use of the space, how it matches with the interiors and how it reflects on people. All these factors result in a specific selection of light fixtures with exact lumen outputs and uniform lighting distribution.

Get a free Gym lighting consultation or get in touch if you would like to discuss your gym lighting goals. We will help you make the right choice.

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