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Last updated on June 14, 2022

Has it ever crossed your mind to enjoy a cool summer or spring breeze outdoors on your patio, porch or deck, or are these familiar places always associated with irritating heat, bugs and dark settings? With outdoor ceiling fans all your worries will be a thing of the past.

Outdoor ceiling fans can provide amazing comfort levels.

The most important benefit of an outdoor ceiling fan is that it can provide twice the cooling effect of an air conditioner during the hot summer months.

Air conditioners are incapable of maintaining efficient cooling systems outside but a large outdoor fan can easily do the job more effectively and will keep you cooler than any air conditioning system.

If you have a favorite outdoor patio or area, fit to relax during the summer, then installing an outdoor ceiling fan is something you should definitely consider.

Why Should We Use Outdoor Ceiling Fans

1. Cooling and Lighting

An outdoor ceiling fan will keep you cool during the hot summer months when relaxing outside.

An additional benefit of these ceiling fans is that most are fitted with lighting fixtures as well.

This can provide double the convenience to the space with a combined benefit of cooling and lighting.

Additionally, lights fitted in fans are much more convenient and reliable than stand-alone lamps or other small lighting fixtures. A proper fan selection will provide you a great level of lighting and keep you cool at the same time.

2. Safer for Family Use

Outdoor ceiling fans are generally safer than their floor or table-standing counterparts, especially if you have kids at home.

Installed in the ceiling, these fans will be far beyond the reach of children and provide a great sense of safety by eliminating the possibility for kids to hurt themselves.

Outdoor ceiling fans allow you to have a great family time free from worries.

3. Pest Control

Summer is a great time to be outdoors but brings over a lot of unwanted pests and insects. Bugs and insects might be attracted by the light installed on the fan but the wind created will ward off these bugs and will let you enjoy your outdoor time in peace.

4. Customizable

Outdoor ceiling fans come in different colours, sizes and styles allowing a variety of options to suit requirements, styles and budgets.

Some outdoor ceiling fans are equipped with remote control units that allow flexible control to adjust the speed, control the lights and switch both the lights and the fan on and off. This feature can add an additional layer of relaxation to avoid getting up and manually adjusting the fan.

Customers can choose between damp-rated and wet rated fans. Damp-rated fans are ideal for covered places and shouldn’t get wet while wet-rated fans can operate in any weather condition, they can even be exposed to rain.

This feature makes wet-rated fans more suitable for outdoor locations and for a number of settings.

For large spaces greater than 300 square feet, large ceiling fans with damp or wet-ratings are available for patios or front porches. Flush mounted ceiling fans are the most recommended options for outdoor living areas with ceiling heights less than eight feet.

Damp-rated ceiling fans are great options for covered areas like screened-in patios or porches and sunrooms, where rain or water can not reach the fan.

Wet rated ceiling fans are the ideal choice for exposed gazebos, patios, and porches as they are resistant to water and snow. These ceiling fans are also very efficient in terms of maintenance, easy to clean from dust and debris using a water hose.

Outdoor ceiling fans come in a variety of sizes, design and finishes, including bronze, rust and more. Some of these rustic finishes make them a perfect addition to any covered farmhouse patio.

We take care of all your ceiling fan needs, from supply right through to installation. Our certified and licensed electricians will provide you with the best and most affordable solution to keep within your budget. All our fans come with a market-leading 6-year warranty!


Top 10 Outdoor Ceiling Fans

1. Amari: Slimline DC Ceiling Fan with LED CCT Light plus remote-Brilliant Lighting

amari outdoor ceiling fan

This is an aerodynamically designed 52-inch ceiling .This fan is suitable for coastal locations with a body, canopy and blades made from durable and anti-rust ABS plastic.

The Slimline DC ceiling fan uses a powerful and efficient DC motor coupled with curved ABS blades for effective airflow.

The blades are durable and do not corrode easily. The body and canopy are UV resistant and hold strong moulded ABS blades. This fan is available in a Wind Breeze mode that varies the fan speed to simulate a natural breeze effect.

Slimline DC Ceiling Fans has a six speed remote control and is fitted with lights.

It is 24 watts dimmable and with a colour temperature adjustable light kit that allows you to change colour temperature from warm white( 3000K), to cool white (4200K) to bright daylight (6000).  The remote control allows you to navigate all these temperature colour changes.

The fan is very easy to install as it uses Brilliant’s Quick Connect Plug System that reduces installation time. Slimline DC Ceiling Fans operate on reversible all seasons technology that allows them to be in use all year round.

2. Amari: Slimline DC Ceiling Fan with Remote- Brilliant Lighting

amari outdoor ceiling fan by brilliant

Very similar to the first type, with all the operational features, except the lighting fixtures.

If lighting fixtures are already available in the areas or are not key for your space functionality, then this is an excellent option.

It is also suitable for coastal areas and is very easy to install as it is also installed by Brilliant’s Quick Connect Plug System.

It comes with a 3 year in-home warranty plus a 3 year replacement.

This warranty guarantees replacing the fan if there are any operational errors or problems within a time period of 3 years. Additionally, the warranty ensures assistance if any problems are encountered within the warranty period.

3. Tempest Supreme: AC Ceiling Fan with CCT LED Lights plus Remote- Brilliant Lighting

tempest outdoor ceiling fan with light

This type of outdoor ceiling fan uses Brilliant’s All-Seasons technology for use all year round. It is a remote controlled, 52-inch ceiling fan that can be installed in all outdoor areas around the home.

Tempest Supreme has a die cast aluminium body and canopy with matching plywood blades.

It is well known for its Super Bright Tri-colour LED light that produces up to 1200 lumens to brightly illuminate your space. The lighting capability makes this fan a great solution to keep the space cool and relaxed on one hand and to provide enough lighting for the area.

The provided switch or remote can shuffle between 3 different lighting colour temperatures (warm white, cool white, and daylight).

Tempest Supreme ceiling fans are 85% pre-assembled out of the box which makes it very easy to install them. Consumers also benefit from a 3 year in- home and a 3 year replacement warranty so you won’t have to worry about operational issues after purchase.

4.Tempest: AC Ceiling Fan with Remote – Brilliant Lighting

tempest outdoor ceiling fan

This is a reliable, contemporary styled ceiling fan with four quiet plywood blades and a powerful 50W motor. It has a die-cast aluminium body and canopy construction, with 4 painted plywood blades and 3 speed wall control with an included switch.

This fan operates on Reversible All-Seasons technology for use all year round and is already 85% pre-assembled out of the box for fast installation. Additionally, the Tempest uses a Quick Connect Plug System that reduces installation time.

Blowing through a powerful 50W AC motor, this fan is suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas around the home and is compatible with Brilliant remotes and BrilliantSmart fan controllers.

5. Cassius Outdoor Ceiling Fan- Hunter Fan Company

Hunter is a renowned manufacturer of ceiling fans and lighting and this particular model is an excellent choice, top rated by most customers with an average 4.7 stars. 

The multispeed, 52-inch-wide fan is designed for indoor and outdoor use, with reversible motor operation, three potential mounting positions and 5- or 3-inch downrods included for height adjustment.

It comes in matte silver, white, black and bronze finishes. The Cassius Outdoor Ceiling Fan is turned on and off using a pull-chain.

6. Minka Aire- Java Outdoor Ceiling Fan

A little more expensive than the Cassius Outdoor Ceiling Fan but worth the price. This fan is a three-blade outdoor ceiling fan from Minka-Aire, which is another major ceiling fan manufacturer. Instead of a pull-chain, this fan operates completely via remote control.

The 54-inch-wide fan is designed for outdoor use and is ideal for wet climates, holding a metal motor and plastic blades.

The Minka-Aire operates at 3 speeds, has a reversible motor, and can be used in spaces with a maximum height of almost 15 inches, making it a great option if you have high ceilings.

There are a variety of colour options to choose from including brushed or polished nickel, dark coal, bronze cocoa, and flat white. It is also one of the top customer rated outdoor ceiling fans with an average of 4.7 stars.

7. Honeywell Belmar LED outdoor Ceiling Fans

The Honeywell Belmar Outdoor Ceiling Fan is built to last with damp-rated, weather-resistant, and bend-proof blades. It is also at the top list of the top-rated, budget-friendly outdoor ceiling fans.

Honeywell Belmar Fan elevates your deck, patio, gazebo, or porch with its classic design, spanning 52 inches and very quiet operation. This outdoor ceiling fan runs on three speed levels, has a reversible motor and is tri-mount compatible, meaning that the hanging possibilities are endless.

It comes equipped with a bowl light, which can be covered if your space already has enough lighting.

It is very easy to install and includes a type of mesh inside the bowl area where the motor is housed which keeps bugs and any other pests away giving you the comfort you need when spending time outdoors.

The fan blades are plastic and don’t sag with operation. They are conveniently quiet, and at full speed, they circulate a lot of air which is very convenient in hot summers. This fan also switches on and off using a pull-chain.

8. Hunter Key Biscayne Outdoor Ceiling Fan with  LED Lights

This multi speed and reversible fan from Hunter comes with a lighthouse-inspired case and illuminates your outdoor space while providing a strong, consistent breeze.

It has energy-saving LED lights which are dimmable, so you can control the brightness of your outdoor area via remote control (along with other functions). The Hunter Outdoor Key Biscayne Ceiling Fan is damp-resistant and height-adjustable to handle optimal air movement. 

Most reviewers hail it for its quiet operation and its stylish look which adds an elegant aura to your patio or deck.

9. Mathews Irene Indoor/Outdoor Hugger Fan for outdoor

This fan is probably the best outdoor ceiling fan for small places.

Matthews Irene fan is small in size but has surprisingly mighty cooling abilities, thanks to its solid wood blades, cast aluminium-steel construction, and powerful DC motor.

The 42-inch multi-speed model offers six levels of airflow, wall mountability, reverse functionality, and high torque at slow speeds, creating a stronger airflow with less energy consumed.

It is ideal for ceilings 7 feet or higher, and since it’s damp-rated, it’s great for humid climates. It can operate via a remote control providing great levels of comfort.

“This outdoor ceiling fan is stylish, and functionally, it’s flawless.” Most reviewers praised it for its easy assembling as the blades are the only part that needs fitting, making it very easy to install. It blows air uniformly throughout the entire space but is also very quiet, providing an additional layer of comfort.

10. Joss and Main  Paige LED Propeller Ceiling Fan for outdoor

This type of outdoor ceiling fan is probably the best rated outdoor ceiling fan for larger places.

It measures 60 inches, and can cool down the biggest of patios, sunrooms and porches. It is a sturdy and industrial fan, comes with a dimmable 17-watt light bulb, uses three plastic blades and is suitable for rooms up to 18 by 20 feet.

It’s designed to accommodate damp spaces and comes with a remote control as well as wall control option.

It is very durable, stylish and convenient too as it covers a wide area.


Outdoor ceiling fans are great and essential items for our homes as they are key in providing comfortable spaces and settings. They are also designed to make our outdoor experiences at home more memorable and enjoyable. You can never go wrong with such an appliance in your home.

Not only do ceiling fans offer a cool breeze during hot weather, but they also offer a number of benefits, including light fixtures, remote control and many more.

It’s never too late to make your patio, porch, or any outdoor space more stylish, cooler and more appealing by installing an outdoor ceiling fan.

We take care of all your ceiling fan needs, from supply right through to installation. Our certified and licensed electricians will provide you with the best and most affordable solution to keep within your budget. All our fans come with a market-leading 6-year warranty!


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