Ecogenica Heat Pump (215L)


The Eco Alliance offers fast heating and superior energy efficiency hot water systems that are packed with features, creating energy out of thin air.


  • Quality components
  • Eco-Friendly savings
  • Frost protection
  • Low noise
  • Wide temperature range
  • Government approved

More Information

If you are looking for a proven method to reduce your electricity bill then a heat pump is a great option to keep your house warm for a fraction of the cost.

A lower electricity bill is due to reduced energy consumption which in turn leads to less fossil fuels burnt and ultimately lower carbon emissions. This economic action translates in a positive feedback throughout the chain.

The Ecogenica heat pump is an eco-friendly heater for your home. This government approved heater produces very low noise and offers rapid heating for ensuring a great experience.

It works by extracting air from the surrounding environment and transfers it into your home while removing the cold air from within. This air exchange offers a high level of temperature regulation.

Benefits of Ecogenica Heat Pump


This heater significantly lowers energy consumption and greatly reduces your carbon footprint. The mechanism of drawing air from the surrounding and using it to regulate internal temperature gives it the capability to consume a low amount of energy.

Easy to install

The Ecogenica is very easy to install and does not require a professional installation team. All that is required is installing the product where needed and connecting the inlet and outlet pipes and you are good to go.

Long lasting

Heat pumps are constructed from durable materials and with good maintenance can last even longer than standard heaters. The heater typically has a 5 to 10 years guarantee which is a very long time compared to other heaters.

Ecogenica Heat Pump General Specifications

The heater is available in a variation of two tank capacities, the 430L which can accommodate households with more than 6 people and the 210 L which handles spaces for 1-5 people. Here are some general specifications that apply to both.

  • Voltage / Hz
  • 220-240/50
  • Input power (W)
  • 850
  • Heating capacity (W)
  • 3500
  • COP
  • 4.23
  • Max rated current (A)
  • 3.7
  • Relief valve pressure (kPa)
  • 850
  • Noise level (dBA)
  • 47
  • Net Weight – Tank (kg)
  • 56
  • Net Weight – Compressor (kg)
  • 48.5
  • Cylinder Type
  • Vitreous Enamel
  • Refrigerant
  • R410a

Another great feature of this heater is the government rebate offered by the Australian government in an effort to reduce the overall carbon footprint. These rebates are targeted toward promoting the energy saving scheme.

Eligible properties apply for credit which covers the upfront cost of the Ecogenica heat pump. So it would be a great idea to take advantage of this program to attain further savings over and above the benefit of a reduced electricity bill.

Other benefits are the highly efficient, variable-speed compressor, use of natural refrigerant and the backup heating element to ensure best experience. The product can also be equipped with an intelligent control system that can automatically adjust itself based on indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity and other factors.