10 best replica lights to buy in Australia

Last updated on February 23, 2022

Lighting is a great element to bring out the aesthetic of a room. When purchased and installed properly, lighting has a major effect on the interior spaces and the design of your house.

Unfortunately, many people view lighting as a side accessory, with little attention given to how the fixtures can be incorporated along with the interior.

Luckily, the general outlook on lighting is changing and more people are looking for lighting solutions to match their spaces, often looking at replica types.

Replica designer lights can satisfy both functional and decorative purposes.

These lights will not only illuminate your designated area but will also create an eye-catching effect that can be replicated in several settings, including different rooms and areas of your home or office.

If you are in Australia and are looking for replica items to illuminate or transform your living area, this guide will introduce, break down and highlight great replica options available. 

What is a replica light?

As the name suggests, a replica is an imitation of the original model. Replica lights can closely mimic designer lights and replicate most or even all the features of the original light.

These lights feature an array of styles, shapes, materials, and sizes and can also be used as a single fixture, in a series, or a cluster.

Six places to use replica lighting

Since they’re highly versatile in terms of shape, color, and size, replica designer lights can be used almost anywhere around the house.

The following are six spaces in the house where replica lights can be installed to achieve the perfect mix of functional light and decorative effect.


Apart from making the kitchen appear modern and classy, replica lights are very useful for task lighting when installed above the kitchen island or a peninsula base.

They provide proper illumination to the kitchen working area, allowing you to perform your tasks with ease.

Dining area

A dining room replica light is the perfect way to illuminate the table while adding a touch of elegance to the area.

Whether your dining area is joint with your kitchen or the rooms are separate, you can always find a specific type that matches the size, style, and mood of your space.

Living room

Your living room often defines the mood of the entire house. A designer replica light in the living room can be installed in several locations within the room to accentuate this mood.

Lights could be installed in the middle of your living room area, over your home office table, over the fireplace, or next to the entertainment area.

The installation should satisfy the lighting requirements of the general space or of the specific element that needs to be highlighted and should flow smoothly with the room decor.


Replica lights are a great way to illuminate hallways in the house and are also a perfect way to create a transition between the different rooms.

Make sure to choose a lighting system that goes well with your interior decoration and one that enhances the overall mood.


One clever measure to create a unique and comfortable bedroom is by installing designer replica lights. This can be achieved for instance by installing the light above the bed or the headboard.

Additionally, you can install a designer replica model above the nightstand.

For bedroom settings, it is advisable to purchase lights with dimming capability, to control the light output and effect as needed.


Installing replica lights in the bathroom needs to be carefully done to abide by safety measures, making sure that the lights are not too close to the water source.

If you intend to install the lights close to water sources such as the showerhead, you have to use high IP ‘ingress protection’ rated fittings.

Best replica lights summary

Best replica lights review

Getting the best replica lighting in Australia can be an overwhelming task. To make this process simple, this guide reviews the 10 best replica lights to choose from.

1. Marden Designer Lights – Best modern design

Featuring an array of designer lighting styles and options, Marden replica lights should top your purchase list.

Light designs cover all the spectrum, from simple varieties like the Mooney pendants to complex options like the trendy Amara lights.

2. Replica Omer Arbel Lighting – Most Artistic

If you have a distinct eye for art and creativity, you should look for alternatives from Replica Omer Arbel Lighting. The manufacturer is well known for producing creative and innovative lighting pieces.

This range features glass bubbles that are designed with several patterns to greatly grab your attention.

3. Replica Raimond Puts Lighting – Best decorative

The Replica Raimond Puts Lighting collection can add a lot of style and glamour to your space. The suspension pendant light is a particularly fascinating light source by Replica Raimond Lighting.

Moreover, the large spherical lamp features tiny LED lights that twinkle throughout the surface, giving the same feeling as the soft glow of a starry night.

4. Replica Studio Job Lighting – Most rustic

If you are unsure whether to go for a traditional or modern designer lighting system for your space, Replica Studio Job Lighting can offer great solutions.

The company offers a wide range of light fixtures that are a perfect blend of traditional and modern technology. The Replica Studio Job Lighting collection gives a variety of choices for lights that are both rustic and contemporary.

5. Replica Jason Miller Lighting – Most sophisticated

Replica Jason Miller Lighting by Jason Miller – the lighting types are the embodiment of the style and sophistication of the designer who created the famous and stylish vogue electric logo features.

More importantly, the collection features fixtures that are both stylish and functional.

6. Replica Marcel Wander Lighting – most stylish

If you are an art enthusiast, you must have heard of Marcel Wander. He is a well-known artist/designer with a long creative career introducing designer chairs, watches, and lighting fixtures.

Among his lighting fixtures is the popular and extremely stylish Skygarden collection of pendants.

7. Replica Lindsey Adelman Lighting – best overall

Lindsey Adelman, the celebrated New York designer, is famously known for her uniquely styled and fabricated collection of chandeliers.

The replica Lindsey Adelman chandelier collection includes great alternatives such as the Branching Bubble, Marina ceiling lighting, and the Agnus pendant light.

8. Replica George Nelson Lighting – most efficient

If you are looking for a light that is both eye-catching and functional, then the George Nelson Lighting has you covered.

This collection by George Nelson is designed for huge energy savings with special attention to stylish and artistic touches. Moreover, the collection features several designs, shapes, and sizes to accommodate different tastes.

9. Replica Jeremy Pyles Lighting – Most minimalist design

If you wish to illuminate your living space with stylish light fixtures that have simple and sleek designs, then Replica Jeremy Pyles’s lighting collection can be a great collection to check out.

Jeremy Pyles is best known for his stamen collection that hit the market and captured many people’s hearts in 2005. Moreover, the funky and diverse style evokes an inviting but intricate look for your room.

10. Replica Tom Dixon Lighting – most versatile

Everyone wants a unique lighting piece that is both dynamic and stylish for their living area, and Replica Tom Dixon Lighting has exactly what you need.

Offering a wide range of unique designs, it is almost guaranteed you can find the specific type to suit your style from the Replica Tom Dixon Lighting collection.

Best replica lighting buying guide

With an overly saturated market offering a variety of replica lighting options, selecting a lighting fixture that perfectly satisfies your lighting and décor needs can be challenging.

Below are 4 major features that you should consider when purchasing a replica light.


A light fixture might be appealing to you in terms of design, shape, and color, but does it fit properly in the designated area?

Before settling on any particular flight, you must ensure that its dimensions are proportional to the size of the space where it will be installed.

For example, if you hang the fixture too low, it might cause distraction or inconvenience in the room. It is important to take proper measurements and have them with you at your lighting fixture provider.


Besides being a decorative element, replica lights are also used as a source of light, ensuring adequate lighting wherever needed. If the lighting fixture is for office space, you should consider getting a brighter lighting system.

The light output might be different if the lighting fixture is designated for smaller rooms that don’t require high lighting levels, such as bedrooms.

It is always advisable to get a fixture with dimming capability. It allows you to manipulate the lighting level and control the mood in the room.


Your priority is to keep your lighting system running effectively with minimum maintenance costs. However, after several years of operation, you might start experiencing decreased output. It can occur due to factors like dust, dirt, and general wear and tear.

LED light fixtures are generally the easiest to maintain but they are also significantly expensive.

You might also consider purchasing a lighting system that is less likely to break down after installation. This means you will need less manpower to ensure effective operation.


Some lighting systems are less complex and can be easily installed by following simple steps or watching a few DIY projects. However, if you are not confident enough, it is advisable to get professional help. This will ensure a proper and safe installation.

If you intend to complete the installation by yourself, then consider buying designer lighting. They are easy to install and equipped with an easy-to-follow installation manual.

Frequently asked questions

Where should I install my replica lights?

You can install your replica designer lights anywhere around the house from the kitchen, bedroom, dining area, living room, to the bathroom.

Replica designer lights can also be installed in the office above office tables and hallways. The only thing you need to do is to ensure that the replica light you select matches the style and theme of the room.

Does the installation of replica lights require hard wiring?

Most designer lighting fixtures are easy to install and often don’t require hard wiring. Moreover, most of them are equipped with installation manuals that are easy to follow.

This means you can easily install and uninstall your lighting fixtures when you need to alter the location or move.

How long should I suspend my replica light?

It depends on the height of the room. Still, you should typically ensure a minimum distance of 30-40 inches between the light and the surface below it.

This could be the floor, kitchen island, dining tabletop, or nightstand. Besides, this method ensures that the light does not interfere with the movement and activities of people using the room.

Wrapping up

Lighting is essential and central to the house décor. A poorly lit house diminishes any other aspect of a well-designed structure or room.

Alternatively, a well-lit house invites a positive mood, creates a warm and attractive ambiance. Also, it promotes an admirable mood and energy.

Lighting has often been a highly overlooked aspect of interior décor. However, more and more people are beginning to adopt lighting trends by using replica lighting systems. Not only do they use them as lighting options but also as decorative elements for their houses.

This article features the 10 best replica lighting options to buy in Australia offering guidance to the best lighting system for your spaces.

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Munazza holds a degree in electrical engineering. She loves writing about energy efficiency, energy hacks, and environmental sustainability.

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