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Last updated on January 18, 2022

A spotlight is the type of light fixture you often see above a garage door or positioned as an up-light to highlight a specific landscaping feature.

Spot lights are generally used to illuminate a particular object, such as a statue, a theatre, a doorway, an interesting tree, or an architectural feature on your home.

Spot lights add a great personality and ambience to your space. In general, a spotlight is referred to a light that has a focused light creating more of a “spot” than a “wash” of light.

spot light used for musical show
Spotlights in use at a music performance

Best outdoor spot-lights summary

Best outdoor spot lights reviews

Spotlights can be used for task lighting, as they can illuminate a table, desk, or another type of working surface, and they can also be used for mood lighting, creating a different mood or vibe for a particular room.

1. Lampada Fortezza – Premium twin head outdoor spot light for outdoor environment

outdoor Spot lights by lampada

Lampada’s Fortezza Outdoor Spotlight is a secure lighting answer for your outdoor space. Customizable heads are made completely of diecast aluminium for solidness and are combined with two 15W COB LEDs that emanate great light.

It is a tri-shading innovation item that permits users to switch between 3000K Warm White, 4000K Cool White and 5700K Daylight.

Key features

  • Diecast aluminium adjustable heads
  • 2 x 15W COB LED
  • Tri-colour technology: 3000K Warm White / 4000K Cool White / 5700K Daylight
  • Brightness output: 2050lm
  • CRI > 80
  • IP65 protection rating
  • 3 Year Warranty

2. SAL STARGEM 30W – Tri-color twin head spot light with motion sensor

spot light with movement sensor

The Stargem III Outdoor Spotlight is a sturdy and upscale lighting answer for your outdoor space.

This overhauled form includes a tough diecast aluminum head and a polycarbonate mounting base.

Alongside a superior IP54 rating, the Stargem III is currently outfitted with tri-shading changing innovation with selectable 3000K/4000K/5700K tone temperatures.

This model accompanies a PIR movement sensor with a 12m identification reach, time and light level changes.

Key features

  • 2400mm adjustable cable length
  • 240v power rating
  • Detection range: 12m
  • Detection angle: 180°
  • Manual override function
  • 100° beam angle
  • Brightness output: 2 x 1200lm/1300lm/1250lm

3. Brilliant Smart Escort Spotlight – Smart escort security lighting with built in sensor

Eco sport outdoor spot light

The Brilliant Smart Escort Security Spotlight stops interlopers and lights up the outside of your home.

The sensor triggers the light to streak when movement is distinguished.

Splendid Smart reach is a brilliant and reasonable lighting framework for your home or working environment.

Brilliant Smart works with cutting edge voice and home technology. It permits users to create routines to alter features in your home at specified times.

The Smart WiFi light can be utilized to set clocks and orchestrate your machines and gadgets to toggle on or off occasionally.

With Brilliant Smart Escort Security Spotlight, you can control it from anywhere with the application or by voice control.

Key features

  • The protection light will flash when it detects movement.
  • Ready to block attackers or welcome them as you arrive home.
  • Easily flexible color temperature (3000K warm white to 6000K during the day).
  • The easily adjustable sensor operates on time, movement and sensitivity to light.
  • Overwriting is available through the BrilliantSmart app allowing you to turn on or off the lights
  • The latest of the brightest COB LED technologies, with 11W built-in LEDs that provide 2200 lumens light.
  • Made of durable aluminum diecast.
  • IP44 weather resistance rating
  • Dimable only with app or voice control via Amazon Alexa® or Google Home®
  • Create schedules and time to customize your home.
  • Control anywhere with the app or with voice control.

4. Domus Pistol 15W Spotlight – Dimmable surface mounted spotlight

The PISTOL-15 Series by Domus Lighting is a dimmable surface mounted flexible downlight that can be adjusted as a spotlight, an extraordinary choice for applications requiring general lighting or highlighting.

It is accessible in Black or White edge, and with the decision of Warm White, Neutral White or White shading temperature choices.

It uses a Rival dimmable LED driver, upheld by a long term replacement guarantee.

Key features

  • Adjustable frame
  • Great for both general lighting & spotlighting
  • 15W COB LED
  • Brightness output: 1230lm (3000K) / 1445lm (4000K) / 1660lm (5000K)
  • Dimmable
  • IP20 rating
  • 3 Year Replacement Warranty

5. Telbix Comet 20W Spotlight – Twin adjustable outdoor spot light with motion sensor

comet outdoor spot light

The Comet outdoor spotlight series by Telbix is intended to be an overall utility luminaire. Made of sturdy polycarbonate, it is long-lasting,  durable, and appropriate for practically any climate.

The light source is a replaceable PAR30 LED with a 5000K Cool White light result.

The PAR30 light provided can be supplanted with a PAR38 light by the client on the off chance that additional splendor is required.

It highlights an inherent PIR security movement sensor, which can enact the light when movement is identified.

The sensor has a long (12 meters) and wide (180 degrees) discovery range, and has a manual-abrogate highlight, permitting the client to sidestep the sensor and keep the light on if important.

The sensor is completely customizable.

  • Cast aluminium housing
  • Adjustable head
  • Quick-connect system for easy installation
  • 2 x 15W COB LED
  • Tri-colour technology: 3000K Warm White / 4000K Cool White / 6000K Daylight
  • Brightness output: 2 x 1300lm
  • 100° beam angle
  • Timer settings (10 secs – 7 min)
  • Lux settings ( 5 – 2000Lx)
  • Detection range: Up to 8m
  • Detection angle: 180°

6. Eglo Chopper 30W – Double head outdoor spotlight with motion sensor

chopper spotlight

The Eglo Chopper spotlight adds safety and comfort to your home; the security spot range helps to keep your home and environment secure all year-round.

The PIR motion sensor ensures the provision of illumination while keeping intruders away by turning on the light whenever motion is detected.

Key features

  • Durable, Die Cast Aluminium Construction
  • Energy Efficient 30W LED
  • TRIO Colour Changing LED
  • 3000K / 4000K / 5000K Colour Temperatures
  • 1900lm / 2100lm / 2000lm brightness output
  • IP54 Weatherproof Rating
  • Approx. 12m light distance
  • 3 Year Replacment Warranty

7. Domus Muro Pro 30W – Tri-color twin head outdoor spot light

color changing spotlight for outdoor

Coordinating LED innovation with the customary spotlight, the MURO PRO 30W LED Spotlight by Domus is an ideal solution for open-air lighting.

Built from cast aluminum, with a glass cover, and evaluated at IP54, the MURO PRO 30W LED Spotlight is equipped for withstanding the elements while furnishing you with a predictable wash of white LED light over your most loved open air regions.

It has a coordinated TRIO Color Changing LED delivering 2100 lumens of splendor, enough to light terraces or carports. This item is accessible in a Black, White or Gray finish.

Key features

  • Durable, Die Cast Aluminium Construction
  • Energy Efficient 30W LED
  • TRIO Colour Changing LED
  • 3000K / 4000K / 5000K Colour Temperatures
  • 1900lm / 2100lm / 2000lm brightness output
  • IP54 Weatherproof Rating
  • Approx. 12m light distance
  • 3 Year Replacment Warranty

8. Telbix Comet 10W – Single adjustable outdoor spot light

open air spot light

Spotlight: The Comet open-air spotlight series by Telbix is intended to be an overall utility luminaire.

Developed of sturdy polycarbonate it offers a long lifespan and is appropriate for practically any climate.

The light source is a replaceable PAR30 LED with a 5000K Cool White light result.

The PAR30 light provided can be supplanted with a PAR38 light by the client in the event that additional splendor is required.

     Key features

  • Black polycarbonate frame
  • 10W PAR30 LED (Replaceable)
  • 5000K Cool White colour temperature
  • Brightness output: 800lm
  • 90° beam angle
  • CRI > 84
  • IP44 protection rating
  • Non-dimmable

9. Brilliant  Shielder 20W – Twin adjustable outdoor spotlight with motion sensor

customizable spot light

The Shielder is a cutting edge configuration LED floodlight that can be introduced both on a divider or on a roof under an overhang.

The Shielder spotlight is produced using solid UV settled polycarbonate offering you a rust-proof arrangement that is great for seaside conditions.

It is outfitted with the most recent super brilliant COB LED innovation, with a 20W LED that give north of 1100 lumens worth of light per head.

The head is completely customizable for you to point light any place it is required.

An IP54 climate-safe rating implies that they are intended to deal with outside environments.

This model accompanies a PIR movement initiated sensor that is great for carports and side pathways.

Key features

  • UV stabilised polycarbonate frame
  • Fully adjustable heads
  • 2 x 10W COB LED
  • 4200K Cool White colour temperature
  • Brightness output: 1100lm
  • PIR motion sensor included
  • Detection angle: 150°
  • Detection range: Up to 12m
  • Lux setting
  • Timer: 10 seconds – 5 minutes
  • Manual override function
  • IP54 protection rating
  • Suitable for coastal environments
  • 3 Year Replacement Warranty

10. Brilliant Hunter Trio – Tri-color twin head outdoor spot light

hunter spot light

The Hunter Trio by Brilliant Lighting is the most recent LED spotlight series produced using a strong diecast aluminium outline and including the most recent super splendid COB LED innovation.

The security spotlight prevents interlopers and lights up your home outside.

Presently, it comes with CCT shading changing innovation that permits you to effortlessly switch between 3000K Warm White, 4200K Cool White and 6000K Daylight.

Key features

  • Adjustable head
  • Durable diecast aluminium
  • 2 x 11W COB LED technology
  • Brightness output: 1700lm (3000K); 1900lm (4200K); 1840lm (6000K)
  • IP65 protection rating
  • 3 Year Replacement Warranty

11. CLA Quad Adjustable Spotlight – Adjustable outdoor ceiling spotlight bar

adjustable spot light

CLA’s quad movable roof bar spotlight comes in Black Powder Coated Aluminum or Titanium Anodized Aluminum. This bar light is incredible for open-air regions as it has an IP44 assurance rating.

The bar light has a high result reflector to boost the light result and each head has 90° Tilt and 270° Swivel ranges.

The actual light has a GU10 base which can uphold up to 35W globes. Globes are not included.

Key features

  • Black Powder Coated Aluminium or Titanium Anodized Aluminium
  • Great for outdoor applications
  • IP44 Protection Rating
  • High output reflector to maximise light
  • Each head has 90° Tilt & 270° Swivel ranges
  • 4 x GU10 25W Max lampholders (Globes not included)
  • 2 Year Replacement Warranty

12. Star8 10W LED Twin Spotlight – Twin head solar security spotlight with motion sensor

solar spot lights

The Swiveling Twin Solar Security Light looks incredible in any yard while giving security and wellbeing.

The calculated sun powered charger enhances daylight retention and its battery allows you seven evenings of constant lighting.

Turning LED heads and flexible movement sensor defer times mean it illuminates when and where you really want it.

Star8 sun based lights are intended to boost battery life and battery charge through its fuse of Adaptive Lighting, Variable Frequency and Temperature Control protected advancements.

Key features

  • 7.4WH lithium-ion battery
  • 7+ nights continuous lighting
  • 5500-6500K Daylight colour temperature
  • Brightness output: 1000lm
  • Solar charging time: 5 hours (direct sunlight)
  • Detection range: 3m
  • Sensor timer: 10 seconds – 7 minutes
  • Mounting height: 3.5m
  • IP65 protection rating
  • IK10 impact rating
  • 1 Year Replacement Warranty

Buying guide for outdoor spot lights

There are quite a few important things to look out for when buying the right light for your needs and these include:

  • Lumens
  • Beam distance (in metres)
  • Extras
  • Lighting Modes
  • Weight
  • Hours High Beams
  • Hours Recharge


Lumens measure the force of the light coming from the spotlight.

Recall that lumens aren’t the main sign of brilliance. Pillar power, distance and type all impact the force of the light.

So ensure you consider different factors as well. Once more, make sure to pick the lumens as per the desired function of the spotlight.

Beam Distance

This is estimated in meters and indicates how far the light will reach before it decreases. This distance is dependent on the splendor setting on your spotlight.

Curiously full moon brightening is viewed as satisfactory for protected and cautious travel outside and bar force is estimated from where it decreases to coordinate with that of full twilight.

Additional Items (Extras)

Does your spotlight with additional features like a separable red focal point, an implicit red turn lense, or a drawstring convey sack?

Make certain to pay special mind to additional items that effect the desired functionality of the spotlight you aim to buy.

Lighting Modes

Does your spotlight have numerous lighting modes to suit your requirements?

This can include high shaft, low bar, or strobe mode, and gives you adaptability as far as to uses for various open-air conditions and exercises


This boils down to individual inclination and need. A lightweight decision for incessant use and simple carry-on is smart, yet you may require a heavier mount for control of the light.

Keep in mind, a bigger unit doesn’t really mean it’s better, yet it may have a more drawn out run time because of a bigger battery.

Hours High Beam

High Beam lighting mode implies a more limited running time because of constraints on the battery.

In the event that you really want high pillar serious light for longer periods all at once, make sure to pay special mind to the hours determined prior to buying your spotlight.

Hours to Recharge

While picking your next spotlight, remember the re-energizing time, particularly in cases you can’t manage the cost of long charging times.

Duration can shift from 3 to 7 hours relying upon the model you purchase.

Frequently Asked Question about Spot-Lights

Which is better floodlight or spotlight?

When highlighting specific points like display objects, wall artwork, architectural details, or landscape features, use a spotlight.

When illuminating larger areas like driveways, stages, warehouses, parking lots, or any other area that needs wide, even light coverage, go with a floodlight.

What is the beam angle of the spotlight?

Spotlights/Downlights produce a narrow beam of light that usually has a beam angle of 45° or less. As such, the beam is very focused and concentrated.

This makes it ideal for illuminating a small or well-defined area.

What is the correct distance between spotlights?

As a rule of thumb, we suggest you divide your ceiling height by 2 to give you the space required between each downlight. For example, if your ceiling is 8 feet high, then position your lights 4 feet apart.

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