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Last updated on June 14, 2022

What to Consider Before Buying Floor Lamps?

Floor lamps are special lighting fixtures that create a feel-good atmosphere within the areas and rooms where they are placed providing comfortable indirect light.

Ceiling lamps are typically characterized by their direct and bright light, so a floor lamp can provide a pleasant balance and create a completely unobtrusive light.

This light output creates a very comfortable and cozy setting for unwinding and relaxing activities like watching TV, dining or conversing with family. Additionally, there is a wide variety of models of floor lamps with special features that can create a range of light outputs.

For example, there are floor lamps that have dimming capability, allowing users to switch comfortably between low lighting for watching TV and a comfortable reading light that is easy on the eyes.

According to various academic studies, almost 10% of the household electricity consumption is drawn from lights and lamps. This should be a sufficient motive to consider the type of floor light, the lamp used and the corresponding consumption, as floor lamps are usually characterized by their low power consumption.

Accordingly, it is advisable to use floor lamps throughout the household, such as in the bedroom, living room and dining room, as they offer a huge savings potential in power consumption.

The Floor Lamp – Lighting as well as a Stylistic Decorative Element 

In recent years, the floor lamp has made a significant advance within households. Not only is it an accessory that saves energy but it also provides a pleasant level of comfort.

Additionally, floor lamps offer a stylish added value to the space that can complement the interior.

Floor lamps are available in a wide variety of designs and models on the market, and the purchase choice depends on a number of decisions, including personal style, furniture and functionality.

Customers should not limit their choice to the light output of the lamp, but should also consider the design of the item, its flow with the overall ambiance of the space, and the corresponding energy savings potential.

Light Sources: Which Light Sources are Suitable for the Floor Lamp?

The maximum wattage:

To find out the maximum wattage of the light source, you have to pay attention to the maximum watts the floor lamp allows.

Customers should never exceed the maximum wattage specified by the manufacturer, otherwise, fire risk would significantly increase.

The energy efficiency class:

This label informs the consumer of the class of power consumption that the lamp belongs to. Reference devices are always used to provide a standard for comparison.

A high efficiency lamp with an energy efficiency class of A+++, consumes on average 11.00% less than a standard lamp.

Experts recommend a floor lamp that is at least within energy efficiency class A++.

The dimming function:

The dimming function is not only important for reducing electricity consumption and costs but it also ensures different lighting levels can be achieved at different times of the day and for different functions.

Customers who enjoy adjustable light intensity and who care about owning and controlling the energy consumption, will greatly appreciate the dimmable option.

What To Consider While Buying Light Bulbs For The Floor Lamps?

Many floor lamps are not fitted with a suitable incandescent lamp, forcing you to buy the light source separately. Before purchase, you need to take note of the below factors:

Power Rating

The wattage of the lamp indicates exactly how much energy the lamp consumes while active. As a standard rule, power ratings fall within the range of 40 to 120 watts.

However, it is important to ensure that the wattage of the light bulb does not exceed the maximum permitted wattage that the lamp can sustain, at the risk of starting a fire.

The Lumens

A lumen is a physical unit that determines the amount of light that can be generated from an incandescent lamp.

If your aim is to illuminate the rooms as brightly as possible, you should select a lamp with a high lumen rating.


Lightbulbs are available in several shapes and sizes, with wide distinctions between spherical, tubular, teardrop-shaped and pear-shaped bulbs.

Customers should always make sure that the bulb’s shape and size matches the lampshade, with a careful consideration for the bulb holder type to fix the bulb to the lamp. The outer diameter of the individual lamp sockets must match the light bulb thread.

The thread diameter

The bulb’s thread diameter is typically indicated on the lamp’s box by the letter E and a number after the E. A classic E27 socket, for example, has a thread diameter of 27 mm, while the E17 socket has a thread diameter of 17 mm.

In case of pin bases, a G9 socket (9 mm) is standard for halogen lamps, where the pin spacing is used as the size specification instead of the thread diameter.

Best Floor Lamp Reviews

1. KLOP Floor Lamp – Black

The Klop Floor Lamp – Black is the ideal lighting type to accentuate the style of any modern room layout, with its line-like outline, defining a very ornamental globe.

The Klop Floor Lamp is supplied without a globe, to be sold separately. 


The Klop Floor Lamp’s Globes Specification is 1 x E27, 40w Max.

It has a height of 1630mm, a projection of 250mm, and a base size of 250mm, in addition to an In-Line On / Off Switch, located at the base of the lamp. The operational voltage is 240V.

2. The Voss 35 Floor Lamp – White Lamp  

This is a reproduction of Sebastian Herkner’s Oda Pulpo Lamp. The floor light is a subtle light supply that fits perfectly in comfortable parlours or spaces.

The hand-blown glass conceal is enormous and exquisite and it rests on a simple and modern-styled outline. The Voss Floor Lamp is the embodiment of style and class and will definitely improve your interior space.


It has a Glass Diameter of 350mm, a Total Diameter of 380mm, and a Total Height of 1300mm, The light can be dimmable if a dimmer switch is purchased, It uses a globe specification of 1 x 40w E27 Max and 1 x 25w 300mm Carbon Filament Globe.

The Voss 35 Floor Lamp operates via an In-Line On / Off Switch, located at the middle of the lamp assembly.

3. Drake Floor Lamp – Matt Black 

The Drake Floor Lamp – Matt Black is a Replica Michael Anastassiades that will brighten up your home with a touch of style and extravagance.

The mix of metal and opal dish sets provides a simple yet dazzling warmth. This is the ideal lighting piece for the contemporary home to add a dash of decor.


  • Total Height – 1640mm.
  • Glass Diameter – 300mm.
  • Base Diameter – 340mm.
  • In-Line On/Off Switch, located at the base of the lamp.
  • Dimmable – Yes, when a dimmer switch is purchased

4. Sammy Floor Lamp – Black 

The Sammy Floor Lamp – Black will introduce a dazzling component to any room. The customizable metal edge with its novel design will give your room light regardless of the size.

This Marden Design range elite has a metal body matched with a sleek dark shade to give a basic moderate look, making it ideal as centerpiece for a parlour.


  •  Total Height – Adjustable height of 1990mm
  • Over-Projection – 1480max.
  • Base Diameter – 430mm.
  • In-Line On/Off Switch, located at the base of the lamp.
  • Dimmable – Yes, when a dimmer switch is purchased

5. Beat Floor Lamp – Black

The beat floor lamp – black has an elegant allure. The bent arm and enormous head form a very receptive floor light, which is the tallest in its light family.

These lamps are practical, enlivening, and provide astounding accent lighting.  


  •  Total Height – 1600mm
  • Shade Height – 120mm.
  • Base Diameter – 250mm.
  • In-Line On/Off Switch, located at the base of the lamp.
  • Dimmable – Yes, when a dimmer switch is purchased

6. Ireny Floor Lamp 

The Ireny Floor Lamp is a great and widely-improved light. The base joins metalware and dish sets that greatly improve this customary look.

Marden Design has a far-reaching scope of planner lighting that is the most recent in European layouts.

The reach centres around current and contemporary pendants, table and floor lights, and divider fittings.

These ravishing light fixtures will add style to your interior layout, with a dazzling creased conceal in normal tones.


  • Total Height – 1600mm
  • Shade Height – 260mm x 380mm x 260mm.
  • Base Diameter – 260mm.
  • In-Line On/Off Switch, located at the base of the lamp.
  • Dimmable – Yes, when a dimmer switch is purchased

7. Tyler LED Floor Lamp 

This type is modern and stylishly designed. It includes an adjustable neck and encases the most recent LED energy-saving light innovation.

They are multi-purpose, beautiful and provide amazing accent lighting.


The Tyler is available in 3 stylish shadings and can be coordinated with a table light. It has a nominal height of 1520mm, base width of 230mm, and switch Height of 1000mm off the floor.

8. Maluka Floor Lamp – Large 

This lamp has the signature look of finely created rattan that provides a contemporary feel to any room. The light source is diffused through a white cloth conceal which adds warmth to the dim rattan.


It has an in-Line On/Off Switch located at the base of the lamp and can be purchased along with a dimmer switch to make use of the dimmable feature. Maluka Floor Lamp has a height of 1450mm and a width – 280mm (Widest Point).

9. Torres Floor Lamp – Nickel 

The Torres is a brilliant tool to add directional light to your room. Its two pivoting heads allow you to illuminate specific corners, items, and gives you flexibility to upgrade and re-design your interior. Each head can be separately manipulated, adding more flexibility to the light output.


The Torres uses a globes specification of 2 x E27 40w Max, with a height of 1620mm, a maximum diameter of 450mm, and a base diameter of 260mm. Each head is separately switched, and the cable exits at the base of the lamp.

10. Voss 45 Floor Lamp – Amber + Black 

This floor light is a repository of light that would look radiant in a family room or lodging space. This light is an imitation of Sebastian Herkner’s Oda Pulpo Lamp.

The hand-blown glass conceal is enormous and exquisite and rests on a simple and modern styled outline. Furthermore, the Voss Floor Lamp is an exemplification of style, class and will greatly improve your interior.


The lamp has an in-line on / off switch located in the middle of the lamp assembly.

The glass diameter is 440mm, the total diameter is 480mm, and the height is 1420mm. The lamp uses a globe with 1 x 40w E27 Max specifications and 1 x 25w 300mm Carbon Filament Globe.

11. Lily Floor Lamp 

The Lily Floor Lamp will add a striking accent to your favorite room with its interesting design. The excellent pearl dark body is matched with a dark shade to give an exquisite and striking look.

It has a Marden Design selection. Marden Design offers up-to-date, remarkable, and selective lighting, with a sweeping scope of planner lighting that is the most recent in European plans.


The light range includes current and contemporary pendants, table and floor lights, as well as divider fittings. These dazzling light fittings will add style and charm to your interior spaces. It uses a globes Specification of 1 x 8w, with a height of 1560mm, a maximum diameter of 450mm, a shade size of 400mm x 280mm, and a base diameter of 280mm. It has an in-line on / off switch located at the base of the lamp.

12. Ruth Floor Lamp 

The Ruth Floor Lamp is lavish in its design. The optical lucidity and craftsmanship of the gem glass base and body are displayed in this wonderful floor light. It is topped with a highly contrasting shade that complements the look.


Ruth floor lamp has an overall height of 1600mm, a base width of 230mm, and a shade size of 400mm x 280mm. It can be purchased with a dimmer switch to benefit from the dimmable option.

13. Nance Floor Lamp – Matt Black 

The Nance Floor Lamp – Matt Black is a beguiling mount light that is topped with a textured drum conceal. This up-to-date light has flowing energy and matches the interiors of modern homes.


  •  Total Height – 1590mm
  • Shade Height – 450mm x 290mm.
  • Base Diameter – 260mm.
  • In-Line On/Off Switch located at the base of the lamp.
  • Dimmable – Yes, when a dimmer switch is purchased

14. Brooke Floor Lamp 

The Brooke Floor Lamp is the ideal light that will complement a traditional themed home.

This customary design features a smoky dim gem glass in the light body with a dazzling tightened shade to accomplish an extraordinary, welcoming look. It is constructed from metal, crystal, and fabric for the shade.


Use a globe specification of 1 x E27 40w Max, this lamp has a height of 1580mm, a shade size of 300mm x 400mm x 300mm and a base size of 280mm.

15. Belmore Floor Lamp – Teak 

The Belmore Floor Lamp – The teak range is smooth and up-to-date. It blends multiple materials to result in a loose and agreeable allure. The casing is produced using a mix of chrome and teak wood grain.


Generally speaking, a delightful component for your home. It has a total height of 1600mm and a base diameter of 240mm

Frequently Asked Question

What is the perfect place for the floor lamp in the living room?

A living room floor lamp is most practical near the sofa, typically set next to a corner sofa.

If you have two sofas that are arranged like a corner sofa, the floor lamp can be in the free corner between the sofas.

In general, there are no precise rules to be followed and so you can put your floor lamp at any desired location in the room.

Do floor lamps need any special care?

A living room floor lamp does not require any special care. The only maintenance required is the occasional and regular dust removal.

What are the common types of floor lamps available?

Dimmable floor lamp

Advantages: A dimmable lamp can serve as a replacement for the ceiling lamp with high brightness levels, and at the same time create a cozy atmosphere for a movie or game evening with low brightness output.

Disadvantage: Often only available from a medium-priced level and above.

Floor lamp with the remote control

Advantages: You can operate the lamp from any place in the room and allows many different colors to choose from, as well as brightness settings

Disadvantage: Often only available in medium to high-priced level

Floor lamp with shade

Advantages: A floor lamp with a shade distributes the light in the room more evenly

Disadvantage: Lampshades are not visually appealing to everyone

In a nutshell, different types of floor lamps satisfy different purposes and functions, more features, options and more elaborate shapes often translate into higher prices.

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