What are the benefits of using LED Panel lights?

April 23, 2021

LED panel lights are a modern lighting fixture designed to replace conventional lights on the ceiling and walls.

It has an incredible power-saving capacity because it uses a different type of LED technology.

Individuals and companies love using LED panel lights because it has a sleek design and gives an innovative look to whatever room it’s put in.

In earlier times, fluorescent ceiling lights were the order of the day, but this modern lighting system seems to be taking over with speed.

LED panel lights are the best lighting options if you want to illuminate residential spaces like aisles, corridors, and living spaces, and commercial spaces like warehouses, supermarkets, stores, office spaces, etc.

They give sleek and innovative design to any space they are put in.

What are the benefits of LED panel lights?

LED panel lights have the best lighting quality

LED panel lights have the best lighting quality you can find anywhere in the marketplace. As optical material, the guide plate is used to produce LED for uniform, clear, and bright lighting when linked to a power source.

The diffuser and guide plate work together to produce bright light and distribute it widely across the room.

Better still, the latest technology allows the light to come on without flickering, humming, or interference by radiofrequency.

The design is flexible

LED panel lights are very flexible.

Their design allows for better lighting conditions, compared to other conventional lighting systems. These panel lights use the latest LED technology and are made with diffusers and lightweight aluminium frames.

For those who don’t know what a diffuser is, the name should imply the usage.

Literally, diffusion means to scatter or spread. Therefore, a light diffuser helps to spread light out and create soft variations.

The aluminium frame is another important part because it helps to dissipate heat and eliminate light leakage from any point.

An LED panel light has three layers- the first layers hold the LED, the second layer holds the light guide plate, while the third layer holds the diffuser.

The diffuser is situated at the front and it’s the most visible part of the light.

Also, the light guide plate has a reflector plate behind it, so this also adds to the amazing lighting effect.

The design is flexible. This is because, since the LED light source is point-like, designers use line, plan, and point design to create panel lights that meet customers’ needs.  These panels come in different shapes with lots of light sources.

LED panel lights are very bright

Looking for the brightest lighting system?

Then, LED panel lights are your best bet. It uses aluminium as the material for the frame and is also placed on the back cover.

Remember that LED lights are produced from aluminium, gallium, and arsenide.

The panel light uses a reflective panel that produces homogenous light, sealed with guide plates that run on high efficiency and uses aluminium alloys.

Furthermore, impurities are included to not only produce free electrons but also enhance the conductivity of the semiconductor material.

All these make the output light very bright and effective.

Various light colour options

LED panel lights have various colour options that are gotten through the impurities. Thus, your favourite lighting colour can be accessed without using filters.

Note that LED panel lights can also produce white light, so it’s a complete package.

LED Panel are very durable

The theoretical life of an LED light is measured up to 100000 hours. This is about 8 hours a day, for 27 years. However, the theoretical life of an LED panel light is measured up to 10 million hours.

If all residential and commercial spaces can adopt LED panel lights, there won’t be any need for several power plants because energy is conserved.

Dissipates heat in a uniform manner

People love LED panel lights because they look very stylish. But they are stylish and sleek for a purpose. It is super-thin so that the aluminium frames and sidelight design can help to dissipate heat uniformly.

It also has a heat sink system, so you’re sure it’s very safe. This heat sink acts as a heat exchanger that draws in thermal energy from the LED lights and then spreads the surrounding energy into the ambient air.

This is the last but most important component of an LED light.

It is environmentally friendly

Climate change and global warming aren’t new terms. Every decision that we take must be geared towards keeping the environment healthy and safe. This includes carrying out activities that conserve energy.

LED panel lights conserve energy to the maximum. It doesn’t radiate or contain mercury. Furthermore, the manufacturing process doesn’t cause environmental pollution.

The materials can be recycled and used to create useful products later on. This is very important because it leads to sustainable economic development and growth.

It can be easily customized

This is one of the reasons why most people choose LED panel lights over other lighting systems. Because the LEDs are very thin and inserted into the panel, they can be customized and shaped into whatever the customer wants.

This feature allows them to be used in cases where traditional lighting couldn’t do the job, like moulded tops or backlights.

It’s resistant to shock

LED panel lights are very resistant to shock. You normally feel shocked when you touch metal screws on a light source because of static discharge. Electrical charges build-up from the surface of objects.

LED panel light sources are made from hardness resin instead of conventional tungsten wire glass.

It can’t be damaged easily. The vibration force is very high and the temperature is also very flexible.

Light colour adjustment

The light colour is very flexible. It can be adjusted depending on the customer’s needs and circumstances.

It offers eye protection and disperses soft light without radiation or glare. People can look directly at the light without flickering or worrying about their eyes getting damaged.

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