9 Best Heat Pump Hot Water Systems for Australian Homes and Businesses

9 Best Heat Pump Hot Water Systems for Australian Homes and Businesses

Last updated on April 9, 2024

Fed up with expensive electricity bills due to hot water? Want to help the environment by lowering your carbon emissions?

Heat pump hot water systems are the answer. They’re both efficient and eco-friendly.

Wondering which heat pump system to pick?

To guide you, we’ve checked out ten of the best ones available in Australia. We shortlisted systems from well-known names like Sanden, Rheem, Stiebel Eltron, Bosch, AquaMax, Rinnai, Thermann, and Quantum.

heat pump hot water
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They’re all known to perform well, last long, and offer good value for money.

Imagine enjoying limitless warm baths without the stress of rising power expenses. Or perhaps, decreasing both your dependency on non-renewable resources and your environmental impact. These amazing benefits come with a top-notch heat pump hot water system.

Are you set to move towards a green lifestyle?

Check out our compilation below to choose the most suitable heat pump hot water system for your home today.

1. iStore 270L Heat Pump

iStore heat pumps Australia

The iStore 270L Heat Pump hot water system is another energy-efficient and eco-friendly solution for residential water heating in Australia. Manufactured by iStore, this compact yet powerful heat pump offers numerous advantages and features that cater to modern homes and lifestyles.

Here’s our detailed review of the iStore 270L Heat Pump hot water system:

Key Features

➡ Superior Insulation: A thick layer of closed-cell insulation surrounds the inner stainless-steel lining, resulting in less than 1°C loss per hour – one of the lowest rates among competitor models. This feature helps maintain higher temperatures inside the tank and minimises power consumption to reheat the water.

➡ Noise Reduction Technology: Employing specially engineered fan blades and optimized compressor speeds, the iStore 270L Heat Pump operates at exceptionally low sound levels, typically measuring below 45 decibels – the equivalent of a soft conversation. Consequently, it causes minimum disruption to occupants living nearby.

➡ Attractive Rebate Programmes: Depending on location, eligible homeowners could qualify for state government rebate schemes worth hundreds of dollars, thereby offsetting initial investment costs considerably. Check your local scheme eligibility criteria before purchasing.

Pricing: Get the best price


  • Cylinder 5 years
  • Refrigeration & electrical 5 years
  • Valves or Accessories 1 year

More Details: Official Website

2. Rheem AmbiPower MDc-180 Heat Pump

ambipower heat pump 180L

The Rheem AmbiPower MDc-180 Heat Pump is a smart and energy-efficient water heater that uses the heat from the surrounding air to heat water, instead of relying on direct sunlight or electricity. 

Key Features

➡ This device boasts a volume of 180 litres. It can generate hot water for three individuals. It works in cold weather conditions and deals effectively with tough water situations due to features like defrost cycle and backup element. These attributes ensure the constant availability of hot water.

➡ Furthermore, its remarkable COP of 4.5 at 19°C implies it can potentially reduce water heating energy bills by up to 70% in comparison to a regular electric water heater.

➡ The Rheem AmbiPower MDc-180 Heat Pump comes with a straightforward touch screen LED panel. Here, you can keep track of and adjust water temperature, along with operation mode. 

➡ It also has a low noise level of 48 dB, which is quieter than most heat pump water heaters. It is eligible for STCs and may qualify for additional incentives in some states. 

Price: Get the best price


  • 7-year cylinder supply
  • 3-year cylinder labour
  • 3-year sealed system supply and labour
  • 1-year parts supply and labour

More Details: Official Website

3. Rinnai Enviroflo A Series

rinnai enviroflo heat pump

The Rinnai Enviroflo A Series is a hot water system that uses a heat pump. It warms up water by using heat from the environment instead of electricity or the sun. 

Key Features

➡ Compared to traditional electric water heaters, it’s more resourceful and better for the environment. Plus, if you live in certain states, you may get a rebate.

➡ It can hold 180 liters, supplying hot water for up to three people. It even works well in cold places or places with harsh water. It can defrost and there’s a backup element to ensure you always get hot water.

➡ Plus, it has a straightforward touch screen LED display screen. This allows you to keep tabs on and adjust the water temperature and operation mode.

➡ Want to save energy? The Rinnai Enviroflo A Series is great! It has a 3.6-star rating for energy efficiency. That means it can save almost 70% more energy, compared to an electric water heater,.

➡ Plus, it’s quiet! At 48 dB, it’s less noisy than many heat pump water heaters. Nice, huh?

➡ Here’s more. This heater can get STCs and maybe even extra incentives. Where you install it and what type of heater you’re replacing can affect this.

Price: Get the best price

Warranty Details

  • 5-year cylinder parts
  • 3-year cylinder labour
  • 3-year refrigeration components parts
  • 1-year refrigeration components labour
  • 1-year other components parts and labour

More Details: Official Website

4. Dux Ecosmart 200L Heat Pump

Dux Ecosmart 200L Heat Pump

Let’s talk about the Dux Ecosmart Heat Pump. It’s a unique way to heat water using the surrounding air instead of just electricity or sunlight. Here’s more info:

Key Features

➡ Big on Saving Energy: The Ecosmart Heat Pump does better than regular electric hot water systems. It uses the warmth in the air and that helps cut down on how much energy you use. 

➡ Room For Enough: You’ve got 200 liters to work with, so this heat pump can easily provide hot water for three people.

➡ Climate Adaptability: It is suitable even in cold climates and harsh water conditions. The defrost cycle ensures reliable performance even in chilly weather.

➡ Backup Element: The backup element further ensures a consistent supply of hot water.

➡ User-Friendly Interface: The system features a touch screen LED display, allowing you to easily monitor and control the water temperature and operation mode.

Pricing: Get the best price

Warranty Details

  • 7-year tank warranty.
  • 3-year on refrigeration components including labour.
  • 1-year other components parts & labour warranty.

More Details: Official Website

5. Emerald All-In-One Heat Pump 

Emerald All-In-One Heat Pump

Emerald offers a range of hot water heat pumps including a refrigerant cycling split system or a refrigerant cycling all-in-one heat pump. The Emerald’s All-In-One Heat Pump offers a stylish design and significant cost savings for your hot water needs. With its compact form, it seamlessly fits into any residential setting.

Key Features

➡ Optional built-in electric heater: Both models are available with an optional built-in backup electric heater.

➡ Compact stylish design: Features high-efficiency DC inverter technology that minimises noise for a quieter operation.

➡ Wi-Fi enabled: Wi-Fi enabled models can be easily connected to the Emerald app for smart control via mobile phone.

Pricing: Get the best price


  • 5 years on the tank, 5 years pump unit, 2 years labour warranty

More Details: Official Website

6. Thermann Hybrid Heat Pump 300L

Thermann Hybrid Heat Pump 300L

Meet the Thermann Hybrid Heat Pump 300L, a top-notch water heater. This machine blends heat pump and electric boost tech to provide hot water and save energy.

Key Features

➡ Energy-saving: The hybrid tech heats water using air temperature. This means huge energy savings compared to old-style electric water heaters. Plus, the electric boost keeps your water hot during busy times or chilly weather.

➡ Easy-to-Use Controls: It has a built-in smart controller. This lets you tweak settings, keep an eye on energy use, and set up timers for the best efficiency. There’s even a holiday mode to cut down on power use when you’re not home.

➡ Quiet Operation: With noise levels as low as 48 dB(A), the Thermann Hybrid Heat Pump 300L operates quietly, making it suitable for installation in various locations around the home.

Pricing: Get the best price


  • 7-year tank warranty
  • 3-year parts and labour warranty

More Details: Official Website

7. Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System

Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System

The Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System is a highly efficient and eco-friendly water heating solution designed for residential use in Australia. Utilising innovative R744 (CO2) refrigerant technology, this heat pump system provides substantial energy savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional electric storage water heaters.

Key Features

Here are some key features of the Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System:

➡ Efficient Operation: The Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump uses R744 refrigerant’s natural qualities. This results in excellent thermal efficiency, lowering costs and reducing environmental impact.

➡ Good for the Environment: Using R744 refrigerant in the pump leads to a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of just 1. That’s much better than standard heat pumps using hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants, with GWP often over 1,000.

➡ Performs well in Cold climate: Unique refrigerant properties help the Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump function well in frigid climates, where typical heat pump systems may have trouble. 

Pricing: Get the best price


  • 5-year warranty covering both parts and labour

More Details: Official Website

8. Evo 315-C | Domestic & Commercial Hot Water Heat Pump

Evo 315-C heat pump

The Evo 315-C is an advanced and highly efficient heat pump hot water heater designed for both domestic and commercial applications. It is specifically developed to replace existing 315/400L triple-element electric boilers with ease, thanks to its identical compact footprint and compatibility with current plumbing and electric configurations.

Key Features

➡ Generates a massive 10.8 kW of heat while consuming significantly less energy compared to traditional alternatives. This incredible efficiency makes it perfect for businesses like resorts, hotels, restaurants, and retail outlets demanding constant access to large volumes of hot water.

➡ Extreme temperatures, offer an astonishing output of 126 litres of hot water per hour using its Hydro Power Boost function. Even under sub-zero conditions, the system guarantees nonstop delivery of hot water up to 60°C, keeping users comfortable.

➡ Elegant touchpad and built-in timer, enabling full control over scheduling and operation times. Users can capitalize on off-peak energy tariffs and reduce expenses effectively. Moreover, its compactness sets it apart, particularly when space constraints come into play. The compressor sits neatly above the tank, allowing for easy integration into various environments.

Pricing: Get the best price


  • 5-year warranty on the tank,
  • 2-year coverage on parts  
  • 1-year labor assurance. 

More Details: Official Website

9. Emerald Refrigerant Cycling Heat Pump

The Emerald Refrigerant Cycling Heat Pump comes in two sizes to cater for different home sizes. Both models use R-410A refrigerant which is safe for the environment, unlike harmful gases that harm the ozone layer. They work by pulling heat from the air around them, leading to an eco-friendly hot water supply year round. It also doesn’t require roof installations like some solar types.

Key Features

➡ Great at saving energy: These heat pumps have a SEER score as high as 19. They’re­ good at changing electricity into heat. This can help you save money on your utilities and reduce your carbon emissions.

➡ Compressors with adjustable speed: Compressors are not too loud and their speed can be changed. This allows for exact control of temperature and less noise. 

➡ Built-in electric heater option: An optional integrated electric heater provides additional hot water support when necessary.

➡ Durable construction: Galvanized steel outer casings protect against corrosion and rust, while filter driers inside the indoor model safeguard the system against contaminants.

➡ Smart technology: Operated via a user-friendly smartphone app, it allows easy temperature adjustments and real-time energy monitoring.

Pricing: Get the best price


  • 7-year limited warranty on tanks 
  • 5-year on parts,
  • 2-year labor warranty (subject to terms and conditions).

More Details: Official Website


Hot water systems using heat pumps can help cut energy use along with greenhouse gas emissions. They extract warmth from the air using a cooling cycle and pass it to tank water. They can function well no matter the weather or locale, with various rebates and benefits available based on your residence. 

In our study, we have covered many heat pump hot water systems that have been acclaimed by consumers and proven reliable. Each comes with unique features appealing to different tastes and needs. We advise reviewing each thoroughly to find the perfect match for your needs and budget.

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