What is a Solar Power Calculator?

What is a Solar Power Calculator?

Last updated on November 9, 2023

Are you sick of paying your sky-high electric bill every month? You’re not alone. Many homeowners are transitioning to solar power to guarantee their energy independence and lower their bills.

But how do you know how many solar panels are required for your home? An easy answer is determined using a solar calculator.

It takes as input a few details about your home and energy consumption, and the solar calculator can determine the ideal number of panels to power your home.

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    What Is a Solar Power Calculator?

    A solar power calculator allows you to determine how many solar panels you’ll need to operate your home.

    It considers factors like your location, average electricity consumption, and available roof space to give you an estimate of the size of the system and the potential energy savings.

    Using a solar calculator is easy. First, enter your address details so the calculator can determine how much sunlight your location receives. More sun means more potential power.

    Then, enter your average monthly electric consumption and bill. The calculator will use the value to estimate your annual consumption and to approximate how much of that would the solar panels be able to offset.

    Next, measure your roof’s usable area and enter the value into the calculator. The usable area will allow you to determine how many standard panels can fit in that space.

    More space means more panels, which means more energy generated.

    The calculator combines all this information to provide an estimate of the system size based on your requirements and on how much you can save on electricity bills each year.

    How a Solar Calculator Can Help You Determine Your Solar Needs

    If you are planning to power your home with solar energy but aren’t sure how many panels you need, a solar calculator is a great solution to help you determine your specific energy needs and recommend a system size.

    First, input your location so the calculator can account for the average sunlight in your area. The more sunlight your roof will receive , means fewer panels for the same output.

    Next, the calculator will request details about your home like the square footage, number of occupants, and details on major appliances.

    Different items such as electric stoves, water heaters, and air conditioners significantly impact your energy consumption and will eventually impact the number of panels required.

    The calculator will then give an estimate of the average energy use for a similarly-sized home. You can adjust this value up or down based on your actual utility bills. The more energy you want to offset using solar production, the larger the system that the calculator will suggest.

    Once you enter the percentage of the energy usage you want to offset using solar production (people often aim for 50-100%), the calculator will recommend a system size in kilowatts (kW) and the number of panels needed.

    It will also estimate the cost, potential energy cost savings, environmental impact, and return on your investment.

    The Most Accurate Solar Calculators to Use

    There are a few highly accurate solar calculators on the market to help determine how many panels you’ll need for your home.

    These tools factor in details like your location, utility rates, and monthly energy consumption to provide a customized solar recommendation.

    PVWatts Calculator

    Developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the PVWatts Calculator is one of the most trusted solar calculators. It uses local weather data to estimate how much electricity a grid-connected solar system can produce at home.

    It requests input information such as your average utility bill, location, and the type of solar panels you intend to use. The calculator will calculate how many panels are needed to offset most or all of your energy use.

    EnergySage Solar Calculator

    EnergySage is a popular website for comparing residential solar quotes. They offer an easy-to-use solar calculator that provides free and customized estimates for solar panel system sizes and potential savings.

    Enter details regarding your home and electricity bills, and the calculator will provide a recommendation on the number of solar panels you’ll likely need based on your roof space and energy needs.

    It will also give you an estimate of the cost of a solar system for your home and of the expected savings from omitted utility bills.

    Google Project Sunroof

    If you want an aerial view of your solar potential, check out Google’s Project Sunroof. Enter your address and Google will analyze your roof shape and local weather conditions using Google Earth images and Maps data.

    They’ll recommend how many solar panels you will require to offset a large percentage of your electric bill. Project Sunroof will also connect you with local solar installers to receive free quotes for your customized system.

    Conclusion – Solar Power Calculator

    The solar calculator closely determines how much power you need and how many solar panels are required to achieve this output.

    A solar calculator takes out the guesswork and provides an accurate assessment based on your energy use and your location.

    Using this information, you can make an informed decision about the implementation of a solar system and take the first steps toward powering your home using sunlight.

    Making the switch to solar energy means reducing your dependence on fossil fuels, lowering your utility bills, and doing your part to protect the environment.

    This is all quite impressive considering you’re tapping into a free and abundant natural resource! Take the plunge – your bank account and our planet will thank you.


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