Can I Install Solar Panels For Free?

Can I Install Solar Panels For Free?

Last updated on October 5, 2023

Do you want to install solar panels on your home before this year ends but don’t have enough money? If yes, then you are not alone.

Many homeowners in Australia know the benefits of installing solar panels and want to install them. The only thing stopping them is the cost of solar panel installation. Anyone who has installed solar panels will tell you without blinking an eye that it is an expensive affair. 

Recent research showed that solar panel installation costs anywhere between $15,000 and $25,000. This is very expensive and beyond the reach of most ordinary homeowners in Australia.

So, is it possible to install solar panels for free? Continue reading to find out.


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    Can I Install Solar Panels For Free?

    The simple answer is YES; you can install solar panels without paying a single cent. However, you must be careful and work with the right people in order to benefit; otherwise, you might fall in the hands of scammers. Below are some legitimate ways to install solar panels for free.

    1. Incentives

    One of the legitimate ways to install solar panels for free is through incentives. The federal government is keen on ensuring that its citizens consume clean power. As a result, it provides incentives to encourage homeowners to install solar panels with highly discounted prices and, in some cases, for free. 

    If you are on a tight budget or have no money to install solar panels, then you can take advantage of government solar panel incentives. The most common solar panels incentive in Australia is the Federal solar incentive.

    As the name suggests, federal solar incentives are provided by the federal government and are available throughout the country. The requirements for qualifying for this incentive include the following:

    • You must be an Australian citizen
    • The solar panel to be installed must be less than 100kW in size
    • The solar panels and inverters to be installed must have been approved to be used in Australia
    • The solar panels must be from a reputable brand and installed by an experienced and accredited professional

    2. Solar panel leasing

    Another way to have solar panels installed in your home for free is through solar panel leasing. This technique involves the solar installation company installing solar panels on your property for free, and then you pay for the power consumed monthly. 

    This means that the solar installation company will retain full ownership of the solar panels. The only benefit is that they install solar panels in your home for free.

    Additionally, monthly payments are fixed, which makes it more affordable. But the bottom line is that the program is not 100% free. The free installation will be paid through fixed monthly payments.

    3. Loan Financing

    You can also have solar panels installed for free through solar loan financing.

    If you really want to install solar panels in your home but don’t have the cash, then this could be a great option for you. Using this option, a financial institution can provide you with funding to purchase your preferred solar panels.

    Then, you need to repay the loan over a certain period as agreed with the lender. Most solar installation companies offer this option to their customers. They connect you with a lender who funds the entire installation, and then you repay it over time.

    Final Thoughts

    It is possible to install solar panels on your property for free. We recommend that you research to learn about the various options available and choose one that suits you best.


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      From $4,899*
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