How Can I Get a Free Hot Water Upgrade?

How Can I Get a Free Hot Water Upgrade?

Last updated on April 29, 2024

A major expense for businesses is satisfying hot water needs and their effect on electricity bills. Heating water can consume a lot of electricity for businesses, and eventually lead to high electricity bills.

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The good news is that business owners located in NSW can apply for a free hot water upgrade, which involves a significant energy improvement. It makes great business sense to apply and get these free water upgrade services to cut electricity costs and help improve the business’s sustainability.

E-green Electrical will help you in applying and receiving a hot water upgrade for your business or commercial entities in NSW, and will ensure you receive the most professional services. You only need to check your eligibility before you call for a hot water upgrade.

What is a Heat Pump Water Heater?

This is an energy saving appliance that helps heat water by harvesting heat from the surroundings.

The appliance doesn’t generate its own heat and therefore uses far less energy which is why they are energy efficient. This energy is directed into the water chamber to heat the water.

Can I Get a Free Heat Pump in Australia?

The Australian government has subsidized hot water upgrades for businesses to help them save on electricity bills, reduce the carbon emissions and eventually minimize the impact on the environment. You can therefore get a free heat pump for your business if:

• The heating system is installed outside.
• You require a standard upgrade.
• You are replacing an existing electric hot water system.
• The system is replaced within the same position.
• Have a compliant electrical switchboard.

Who Does the Supply and Installation?

Qualified electricians and plumbers in your region can provide the supply and installation services of the free hot water systems.

You can hire a trustworthy electrical and plumbing company to check your water heating system to verify whether you qualify for these services.

Conduct a thorough research to ensure that the service provider you hire can actually deliver on their promises and can offer the best services. Hiring a local plumber or electrician is essential since you may need them to provide their services often in case of issues with your water system or electricity.

There are numerous companies that can upgrade your hot water system for free, but it is important to choose a qualified company for these services.

It’s also essential to ensure you choose a certified and experienced electrician to get the best services to avoid major additional maintenance costs for your business.

E-green Electrical is a top-rated company that you can trust for free hot water upgrades. Reach out for a free quote and for any service-related inquiry.

Is it Actually Free? Why?

Yes, the hot water upgrade is indeed free for commercial use because the government has financed the project to ensure a widespread adoption of a more energy-efficient water heating system.

Energy used to heat water for businesses is quite significant and leads to high emissions of greenhouse gases. The government has proposed a number of measures to reduce the negative effect of carbon emissions by investing in clean energy.

Even though there are other paid upgrade services on the market, government subsidies make them more affordable.

The government additionally offers these services free for businesses to help them increase their profit margin since traditional hot water systems are costly to install and operate.

New traditional hot water systems are expensive and have an installation cost between $3000 to $4000. Even after installation, these systems have a high operational cost spent on maintenance, bills, and other charges. These costs often add a huge burden to businesses.

How Does Free Hot Water Upgrade Work?

Free hot water upgrade is simple. You only need to review the requirements to verify that you qualify for these services. Once you do, you can contact a certified electrical or plumbing company and ask for their consultation and advice.

They will ask you a few questions to determine whether your business qualifies for a free hot water upgrade. This phase is quite practical as you don’t have to travel to the office; instead, look for a reputable company with an option for online remote assistance and get in touch with them.

If you actually do qualify for the subsidy , you can directly book an appointment with the company.

What Are the Benefits?

There are several reasons the government of Australia is advocating for a hot water upgrade. Below are a few:

➜ It’s Energy Efficient

One of the major benefits for business owners is that it helps save significantly on energy consumption and can therefore save a lot of money. Installing a traditional hot heater system is costly and so are their operational costs.

Alternatively, heat pump hot water systems are cost efficient since they generate heat from the surrounding. What’s more, these systems are quite reliable.

➜ It’s Easy to Install

Heat pump water heaters can be simply and conveniently installed. This means the installation process can be completed quickly, which limits the service fees for the installation company.

This also makes the installation smooth with no complications. This allows your business to maintain operations during the installation process d. Ensure that you hire a professional for this process.

➜ It’s Environmentally Friendly

These appliances don’t harm the environment since they use heat from their environment and surrounding air, unlike electricity, which uses fossil fuel energy sources like natural gas or oil to generate energy.

These dirty energy sources are high contributors to climate change, which is a significant global challenge, which is why renewable and clean energy systems are essential for energy and environmental conservation.

➜ It’s Long-Lasting and requires less maintenance.

Last and not least, heat pumps are highly durable. They can operate for a long time before requiring replacement. They also significantly limit repair and maintenance requirements, reducing expert service involvement, which further reduces operational costs for your business.

However, it is important to choose the right size of hot water heating system according to the energy requirements of your business to ensure high efficiency. The brand choice is also essential to ensure durability.

Final Word

Given the current crisis the world is facing, the severe issues of climate change have made it a global crisis, and it’s essential to search for energy-efficient energy sources and systems. Heat pump water heaters are one of the best solutions for energy problems.

The Australian government offers free hot water upgrade subsidies that you can allocate to services for the installation of hot water heaters for commercial use. You should ensure that you qualify for this free upgrade and subsequently reach out to get a consultation andhire the service company.

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