Emerald Planet – Energy Monitor

Combining the benefits of emerald EMS with an Energy Advisor to
monitor property energy usage, tariff times and electricity consumption costs.

Customers are taking the first step toward creating an energy-aware home that reports on electricity usage (historical and real-time), alerts property owners to take action when electricity usage levels are high and allows for custom budget setting to reduce electricity consumption.


  • DISPLAYS: Total electricity consumption & associated costs plus live average electricity consumption & associated costs.
  • STORAGE: 45 days stored data within device. Lifetime data can be accessed via the app. Data stored on the cloud via phone connection.
  • DATA VIEW: In hours, days & months.
  • DATA SECURITY: All data is secured. No privacy data is shared with third parties. Data can be erased from device & cloud.
  • TARIFF DETAIL: Power usage in varying period: Peak. Off Peak, Shoulder etc.


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✔ Accuracy within 5%

✔ Monitors electricity consumption every
30 seconds

✔ 7+ Yrs Battery Lifetime

✔ IP65

✔ FUV rated to withstand extreme
weather conditions

✔ 12 Months Product Warranty