What Are The Different Types of Ceiling Lights?

What Are The Different Types of Ceiling Lights?

Last updated on February 20, 2024

Although there are various options to pick and choose from, below is a list of the most common ceiling lights available:

  • Utility Lighting
  • Mounted Lights
  • Recessed Lights
  • Flush Lights
  • Semi-Flush Lights
  • Hanging Lights with LED Indirect Lighting
  • Inverted Pendant Lights
  • Chandeliers
  • Pendant Lights
  • Lighting for the Track
  • Glass Lights
  • Metal Ceiling Lights
  • Spotlights

Which are the best ceiling lights?

Today, ceiling lights are not treated only as lighting sources, they’re mostly about home décor.

Some ceiling lights, for example, can help create a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom, while others provide a dynamic setting in the kitchen, with others perfect for the bedrooms.

A dainty pair of pendant lights, on the other hand, could do wonders in setting the mood for intimate conversations! We wouldn’t be surprised if you’re perplexed by the market’s plethora of options.

Explore a comprehensive compilation of various types of ceiling lights to assist you in making the optimal choice for your home.


Chandeliers have evolved over time and developed in unconventional ways. These lighting types add versatility while allowing you to determine your unique style.

chandelier ceiling light

A one-of-a-kind, unusual, and entertaining chandelier can set the atmosphere and purpose of an entire room. Different shades of light have curated a truly distinguished collection of chandeliers that span the spectrum of today’s home décor styles.

Pendant lights

Pendant lights are the hearts and souls of modern interior spaces in households.

They are designed to use and showcase high potential led lighting and they meet modern expectations of exposed and high ceiling trends. As a result, they are a popular choice across the world.

Their pendant feature and installation flexibility, allows pendant lights to adjust the height of the lighting to meet the requirements of various high ceiling applications, such as individual offices, workstations, shops, restaurants, and foyers.

Track lights

These speciality lighting types are perfect illumination tools for display and showcase applications for stores, supermarkets, museums, restaurants, and other spaces.

adjustable Track ceiling light

Track lights are a versatile and universal lighting option for many and are the ideal solution for emphasizing products in displays or in specific settings.

The wide range of track lighting types offers a wide selection of products meeting different luminous flux and colour temperatures.

Panel lights

LED Panel Ceiling Light

Panel lights are versatile, slim and highly effective lighting types for both residential and commercial use. This kind of lighting fixture offers a variety of alternatives to traditional lights for your spaces.

Oyster lights

Modern architecture has greatly evolved with respect to traditional architecture. Due to a lack of land, modern-day houses have become increasingly small and an ever-growing population now resides in commercial buildings in major metropolitan areas.

LED Oyester ceiling light

Effectively, the vertical distance between the floor and the ceiling has been steadily decreasing.

And this is where Oyster Lights come in. These specialty designer lights can be surface-mounted, flush-mounted, or standard light fixtures directly attached or mounted to the ceiling.


Spotlights are one of the most flexible lighting options for ceilings. Some spot fittings feature multiple heads that suit the space and accommodate to your personal preferences, and with careful adjustment, these lights can offer amazing colour outputs.

Furthermore, spot lights are an excellent choice for highlighting specific features such as art, décor, or specialty elements like chimneys.

spot ceiling light

Proper guidance and skills are required during installation, and it’s generally a good idea to angle the lights away from mirrors to prevent reflecting light throughout the space.

Batten fix lights

A batten fix is a popular type of light fitting that fixes on a single lighting holder or wall. These are fitted with DIY (do it yourself) connectors and shades that feature a batten fix to add personal style and design to your room.

LED batten ceiling light

The major benefit of fittings of this sort is that they do not need the expert electrician installation, thereby saving you fees (considering there already is an existing batten fix).


LED downlights, recessed led lights or pot lights, are ideal for both indoor and outdoor lighting. LED downlights, shine bright light through randomly sized and directed ceiling holes, are fashionable, functional and energy-efficient.

dowlight ceilng fixture

Moreover, the light output from these LED fixtures is sufficient to fully illuminate a room. Here is a perfect guide on how to layout recessed lighting.

Best ceiling lights on a budget

It is advisable to choose energy-saving light bulbs, such as LED lights, instead of traditional incandescent bulbs. LED-based chandeliers and pendant lights can easily be found at very affordable rates.

LED lights use fewer watts while producing the same amount of light as standard bulbs. They also have a longer lifetime than traditional bulbs, resulting in fewer replacements.

LED Oyster lights are generally considered the best ceiling lights to get when shopping on a budget.

Ceiling lights for living rooms

Sunlight provides us humans, animals and plants with much needed energy, but did you know that light bulbs have the same effect and produce the same results? Blue fluorescent lighting produces serotonin, which keeps us focused, active, and vigilant.

living room ceiling light

Light bulbs emitting light free of blue light wavelengths allow our brain to produce serotonin naturally, which calms, drowses, and settles us for a restful night’s sleep.

As every room in the house is unique and has a specific environment and function, different light outputs can play an important role in the operation within the room. 

Various shades and lighting effects can also match interior decoration and personal moods, as well as the overall home décor.

The most aesthetically appealing and trendy living room ceiling lights are:

  • Chandeliers go on top of the list.
  • Semi-flush mount fixtures are also a popular household choice.
  • Pendant lights will never go out of fashion.
  • Inverted pendant lights are a must.
  • Track lights have amazing value.
  • Recessed lights are very special and practical.
  • Cove lights greatly frame and highlight the space.

Ceiling lights for kitchens

A properly-placed LED in the kitchen can completely transform the overall appearance.

Ceiling LED lights can bring great energy to the space, not just in terms of colour upgrades or decor matching capabilities but in flowing with each detail in the space.

LED lights can greatly match all personal elements which transform the house into a home, such as art, furnishings, clothes in your closet, vegetables, and fruits in your kitchen, and so on.

The kitchen is a workstation, and since most of us start our days in the kitchen, the blue-light emitting lights above the countertops can help us stay alert and conscious while preparing breakfast, and boost energy and morale throughout the day.

Trending ceiling lights for the kitchen:

  • Pendants lights
  • Chandeliers
  • Tube lights
  • Under-cabinet lights
  • Recessed lights

Ceiling lights for bathrooms

Most of us use the bathroom mirror on our way to school or work for dressing, checking our overall look and grooming our image for the day.

Instead of shining down from the ceiling, the light should ideally radiate all throughout the glass. This will focus bright lighting on our image, to help us pay more attention to details.

Installing a large surface mount retrofit light fixture in the shower is an excellent way to kickstart the morning and prepare us for the challenges of the day.

Use larger globe-style lights to illuminate the area above and around mirrors.

Ceiling lights for bedrooms

Bedroom ceiling light fixture

Everyone looks to bedrooms for relaxation, unwinding and peaceful environments.

To improve sleeping patterns, you should use light fixtures that do not emit any blue light into the space. This allows the brain to produce serotonin, which is required for healthy and relaxed sleep.

For bedtime readers, gentle yellow or neutral white tones are always preferable since cool-white colours create a lot of reflection within the space.

Furthermore, blue-grey or neutral tones are better for reading due to the pleasant colours creating a high contrast in your room.

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