7 Benefits of Portable Air Conditioners | Portable AC Units

7 Benefits of Portable Air Conditioners | Portable AC Units

Last updated on June 12, 2024

This coming summer season, if you are planning to purchase a more cost-effective and efficient portable air conditioner with better air quality and less energy consumption, you will have a lot of options.

However, if you are renting, travelling a lot, or just trying to save money, buying a portable air conditioner might be the best option. 

Portable air conditioners make it possible for those with low income to enjoy the luxury and comfort of an air-conditioned room, as these air conditioners can cool down a room if not the whole house. Let’s find out what a portable air conditioner actually is and what benefits it brings.

What Is A Portable Air Conditioner?

As the name indicates, a portable air conditioner can be carried anywhere. This means it has a small size, all components packed in one, and no requirements for heavy and permanent installation. 

Yes, it needs ducts to exhaust the air out of the room and some power cables. 

But unlike other air conditioners like split system air conditioners or heavy-ducted air conditioning systems which require a lot of work for installation and operation, it just needs a few ducts which you can carry from one room to another depending on your need.

How Do Portable Air Conditioners Work?

Portable air conditioners work by extracting the hot air from the room and using refrigerant, evaporating coils, a compressor and a fan; they cool down and dehumidify the air then throw the cool air back into the room while expelling heat outside using ducts.

The refrigerant changes its state from liquid to gas when in contact with high-temperature air.

This refrigerant is then passed to the compressor which increases its pressure, and the hot refrigerant is converted to cool refrigerant which again passes to the evaporator coils. 

These evaporator coils decrease the temperature of the air and here again, the refrigerant changes its state and the next cycle starts. The cool air is thrown into the room after filtration.

Calculating Cooling Capacity You Need

One problem that most of us face is that we don’t know how much cooling capacity our rooms require. For that purpose, we need to have the exact area of the room where we want to place or install our portable air conditioner. 

Now that you have the area of the room in square feet, you can calculate the BTUs of the cooling capacity of the air conditioner that is required. 

For that purpose, a chart is given which can help you in estimating the BTUs.

  • For a room with area smaller than 225 square feet, 8000 to 10,000 BTUs are required.
  • For a room with an area 225-300 square feet, 10,000 to 12,000 BTUs are required.
  • For a room with an area of 300-425 square feet, 12,000-14,000 BTUs are required.
  • And for a room with an area larger than 425 square feet, 14,000 BTUs are required.

Benefits Of Portable Air Conditioners

➜ Easy Installation

Central air conditioning systems require heavy equipment and space for their installation with various ducts. Only expert technicians can install such air conditioning systems, and the installation is permanent. 

Even split system air conditioners also require some permanent installation on the wall. But with portable air conditioners, you are free from such constraints, as their installation is quite simple and doesn’t require expert hands. 

While other air conditioning systems cool down the specific rooms where the systems are installed, portable air conditioners can be moved  from one room to another and can easily be installed.

If you are renting, it’s convenient to have an air conditioner that you can carry with you wherever you move, and for that purpose a portable air conditioner might be a good choice.

➜ Moveable

The biggest advantage of buying a portable air conditioner is the ease of moving it from one to another place. 

While central air conditioning systems and the other split system air conditioners are permanently installed, portable air conditioners can make your life easy if you want to move from one room to another and even if you are planning to change your home or apartment. 

With their reasonable size and weight, they’re easy to move and install all by yourself with little to no help.

➜ Require Small Space

The small size of the portable air conditioner is another advantage. 

When considering buying a portable air conditioner, many people worry about the need to allocate space for it but in reality, its size is reasonable and it requires little space.

This makes it more convenient and easy to carry from one place to the other.

 Window air conditioners also require small space but are very noisy. People living in apartments are usually not allowed to install window air conditioners, and for this reason, the best option would still be to buy a portable air conditioner.

➜ Less Expensive

In terms of cost, a portable air conditioner is a better alternative to central air conditioning systems or split systems air conditioners which are much more expensive. The central air conditioning system has to work harder to cool down the entire house which increases your energy costs and ultimately your bills. 

In addition, the installation and maintenance costs are higher for the central air conditioning systems. To combat such higher costs, portable air conditioners are most effective. 

They not only save you high electricity bills and installation and maintenance costs, but also reduce your energy costs in the long run where you can save $360 per month to $100 per month.

➜ Multiple Functions

Portable air conditioners have various built-in functions. They can be used for both cooling and warming if you live in a region where you experience both summers and winters. 

Portable air conditioners also dehumidify the room in humid weather. In addition,  these air conditioners also work as fans, so if you do not want to cool/warm your room, you can just turn on the fan.

➜ Better Air Quality

Another benefit of buying and installing portable air conditioners is that you can get better indoor air quality. The filters in the air conditioner help in the filtration of air.

They remove dust particles, microorganisms and allergens which can cause real implications for asthma patients. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, poor indoor air quality can have negative effects on health. For this purpose, air conditioners should be cleaned and maintained regularly, too.

➜ Take It For Road Trips

Do you love travelling but worry about hot weather? 

In this case, you could buy a portable air conditioner for your travels. One huge benefit of buying a portable air conditioner is its mobility especially if you don’t stay at home for a long. 

If you are planning long road trips, you can carry it with you during your voyage.

Plus, it can also be placed and installed in a boat to your trips more comfortable. Have you ever heard of taking your air conditioner with you on long trips?  Well, a portable air conditioner gives you that option.


When most people are buying and installing central air conditioning systems and split system air conditioners, you should also look at the option of portable air conditioners especially if you are looking to save costs. 

These air conditioners are best if you want to cool down only one or two rooms.

They can help you save on electricity bills, installation costs, and space. Also if you have low income and cannot afford other conditioning systems, portable air conditioners are a more affordable choice.

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