10 Smart Ways to Conserve Energy And Save Money

10 Smart Ways to Conserve Energy And Save Money

Last updated on December 12, 2023

Energy consumption strategies and methods present various financial challenges and opportunities to consumers.

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Property owners are always looking for ways to conserve energy and reduce the cost of their electricity consumption.


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    Energy Saver is an initiative proudly funded by the NSW Government

    LED lights and solar power systems come on the top of the list of smart, safe, and secure household energy-saving techniques. Depending on the level of detail and extent of energy-saving desired from each consumer, the techniques vary widely from simple measures to complex and extensive refurbishments. 

    This article highlights the top ten energy-saving measures and techniques.

    Use Energy from the Sun

    ways to conserve energy

    “You can heat a kettle of water to boiling point in ten minutes without using electricity…wood or gas fuel..,” Keith and Irene observe in the Australian Self Sufficiency Handbook, ‘A Survival Guide for the 21st Century,” and Beyond.

    Power failures, fluctuations and inconsistent electricity prices can be very frustrating. Especially as our lives become more and more dependent on electricity to run and operate essential daily electronic devices such as computers, phones, TVs…

    As worldwide sources of fossil fuels are in limited and declining capacity, the need to convert to sustainable sources of energy is key to preserving our current way of life.

    Energy from the sun, which is the source of life in the universe, offers massive potential for regenerative and sustainable power sources. It is safe, secure and clean.

    Additionally, it is abundantly available worldwide and can be conveniently harnessed at all levels, from mega plants to small individual household scales. The technology to attain this source is readily available, and there is abundant knowledge and expertise to guide customers through the process.

    Below are five key advantages of solar energy that stand out:

    Energy from the sun is renewable

    The sun’s source of energy is readily available worldwide and can be harnessed on a daily basis, offering a great opportunity to save on electricity and costs.

    Economically viable.

    Solar energy is cheap in the long run. Despite the relatively high initial cost of solar systems and their installation service, the return on investment is significantly high and makes the solar investment a very successful business model

    Environmentally friendly.

    Energy from the sun is clean and harnessing this source of power has no hazardous side-effects on human health or the environment, especially compared to the horrible side effects from burning and extracting fossil fuels.

    Minimal Maintenance Expenses

    Solar energy requires very limited maintenance: as long as the equipment is clean, the system can perform properly with high quality for around 20-25 years.

    The inverter is probably the only part of the system that requires replacement every 5-10 years. As long as the other components were installed properly and the cables are intact, an uninterrupted power supply can be guaranteed.

    Latest Technology Trends

    Technology is rapidly changing and advancing. To learn about the latest technology trends and key discoveries in solar energy, it is vital to follow the latest news, research journals and expert recommendations.

    Whether the solar system is planned for domestic or commercial purposes, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, as solar energy is one of the best methods used to conserve energy.

     LED Lights

    led light in office

    There are numerous methods and benefits to reduce energy consumption and improve space ambiance and productivity by using LED Lights.

    Below are four outstanding benefits of LED Lights:

    Low in Energy Consumption.

    Replacing old Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) with Light-Emitting Diode bulbs (LEDs) can save up to 90% on energy consumption, for the same or even better light output. 

    Long Lifetimes

    LED light bulbs have an operational lifetime between 20,000 from 50,000 hours of service, which is huge advantage over CFLs, whose service is limited to 10,000 hours.

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    LEDs are Safe to Use

    Compact fluorescent and tungsten bulbs emit a lot of heat during operation, making the bulbs extremely hot and dangerous to touch, even after they’re turned off, with risks of burning.

    LED Lights, however, are safe to touch no matter how long the bulb has been on, as they operate with very minimal heat dissipation. 

    LEDs Lights Protect the Environment.

    LED Lights have no carbon emissions and do not contain hazardous gases, making them safer for humans and friendlier to the environment.

    Weatherproof Windows

    ways to conserve energy

    If the high cost of energy and electricity bills are affecting your sleep, mode of living and mood, an efficient measure to take is installing weatherproof windows for direct and effective energy reduction.

    During winter, insulated windows prevent heat loss from the house to the outdoors, which in turn keeps the house warmer and decreases the consumption of heating systems. This can be achieved by replacing single with double pane windows, where aluminium windows are highly recommended.

    Alternatively, during the summer, these window types help reduce the heat gain from the exterior into the house, effectively reducing air conditioning costs.

    Another successful method to decrease the heat level in the house is by installing shades, shutters and screens to prevent the sunlight from further warming the house.

    These measures provide different levels of insulation from outside weather and can significantly lower the energy consumption and resulting cost of energy.  

    Time Controllers

    Smooth transitional measures in the household can make a big difference, not only to one’s mood, but also to the energy consumption. These measures can be custom controlled, for instance to a wake up mode, playing soft music, while automatically brewing coffee.

    This technology is available with a 24-hour time controller. It can be programmed to turn devices on and off as desired, like turning the electric blanket on before going to bed, or setting the time for washing machines to run.

    These smart devices can be easily installed, set and plugged into the required devices, not only making life more comfortable and secure, but also decreasing all the energy wasted from appliances left on when not in use. Additionally, the time controllers can be set to operate large appliances (like washing machines) at off-peak times, when the cost of electricity is cheaper, offering substantial savings.

    Immersion Water Heater Time Switch.

    This device can switch the Immersion Water Heater on and off as desired. Typically, in any household, water heating accounts for more than a half of the energy expenditure bills.

    Reducing the frequency of heating and cooling is a very convenient way to save time, money and energy expenses.

    Smart Thermostat Installation

    ways to conserve energy

    In a similar approach, smart thermostats can automatically regulate the home temperature and control heating and cooling system operations. Thermostats can help avoid needless operation, extreme settings that are unrequired and can make the house more comfortable while consuming less energy and saving on power bills.

    It is estimated that an automatic thermostat can save up to two hundred dollars a month, and there are a variety of options and settings that match customers’ specific requirements.

    Energy Efficient Device Procurement

    Approved energy efficient devices can save greatly on energy consumption and on the ensuing electric bills. Energy-efficient washing machines, for example, can help save 45% on the water consumption and 25% on the energy consumption.

    Heating and Cooling Houses in Extreme Weather Conditions.

    Heating a house in extreme cold can account for 40% of the monthly energy consumption.

    With such a high figure, it is necessary to upgrade the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment available, as newer models are often more energy efficient.

    While the cost for a new HVAC system might be outside the allocated home improvement budget, maintenance and upgrade of the existing system could also offer potential savings in energy consumption and cost.

    Proper equipment cleaning and repair, and sealing off leaks within the house can help reduce the heating and cooling expenses and add small financial savings on a monthly basis.

    Sealed Household Leaks

    Households should be constantly checked for wear and tear in the walls, roofs and attics and periodically maintained in the visible and hidden systems, to keep the house in good shape.

    Leaks should be properly sealed to avoid greater damage, and to avoid losses in energy expenditure from over-working HVAC systems. These leaks can be through cracks on windows, doors, plumbing, ceiling or electric wiring. They all result in more energy and money spent to heat or cool the house.

    Proper insulation not only saves on the operational and energy costs, but alse increases the house’s market value.

    Time for Change………

    ways to conserve energy

    Changes in habits, attire and routines are often due to a personal reflection and desire to improve health, social and financial status.

    This is no different when it comes to energy. Changes in procurement and operational habits can greatly benefit your health, well-being and pockets.

    Replacing compact fluorescent lights with LED lights, or installing a solar rooftop system, or even a combination of energy efficient measures can reap great economic, environmental and social benefits.

    Get in touch with our energy efficiency experts and discuss your energy needs.


    LED Brilliance Starts Here, Just $33. Shine Brighter, Save More!

    Our Team of Experts Will Guide You Through The ESS Lighting Upgrading Process To Ensure You Achieve The Most Effective Energy Efficient Improvement Possible, GUARANTEED!

    A Brighter Home, A Brighter Future!

      Anything else you would like to ask us regarding our services and offers? Please feel free to get in touch and our friendly staff will assist you.


      From $33*
      Energy Saver is an initiative proudly funded by the NSW Government
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