10 Smart ways to conserve energy and save money

May 12, 2021

Energy consumption presents financial challenges to consumers.

Property owners are always on the lookout for ways to conserve energy and reduce the cost of energy consumption.

Using LED lights and solar power are two of the top smart, safe, and secure home improvement energy-saving techniques.

Energy-saving varies from simple to complex depending on the level of individual consumer needs.

This article highlights the top ten ways of improving energy-saving techniques.

10 Legit ways to help you live an energy-efficient life.


Use Energy from the Sun

ways to conserve energy

“You can heat a kettle of water to boiling point in ten minutes without using electricity…wood or gas fuel..,”

Keith and Irene observe in the Australian Self Sufficiency Handbook, ‘A Survival Guide for the 21st Century,” and Beyond.

Power failures, fluctuations are frustrating.

Particularly If you depend on electricity to run electronic devices such as computer, phone, television etc.

The need to turn to natural energy in the face of declining power sources and increased cost of living cannot be overemphasized.

Energy from the sun, which is the bloodline of life in the universe, offers great potential for power supply.

looking for a safe, secure source of energy? Renewable energy from the sun is the answer. Yes, “The Solar Power.

Tap into the natural source of energy from the sun, then sit back and watch what happens. Lay claim on natural abundant energy from the sun today.

The technique to tap into energy from the sun is here with us. The tools are available.

All you need are simple tools in the shade to live comfortable off energy from the sun.

Five advantages of solar energy stand out.

✔ Energy from the sun is renewable

You are worried about increased electric bills. Turn to solar energy and save big time.

✔ Economically viable.

Solar energy is cheap in the long run. True, the cost of solar energy equipment and installation service charge is high.

But, the return on investment is bigger and better than the small price you pay in the initial stage.

✔ Environmental friendly.

Energy from the sun is clean and available in all parts of the world including remote places without electricity.

✔ Minimal Maintenance Expenses

Solar energy requires minimal maintenance. Keep the equipment clean and you are looking at 20-25 years of quality service.

The inverter is the only part of the equipment that needs replacement in 5-10 years.

Ensure the cables are intact to get an uninterrupted power supply.

✔ Keep in Step with the Latest Technology.

Technology is changing fast. Keep in step with the latest news, views and interviews to enjoy emerging trends on solar energy.

Whether you are using solar energy for domestic or commercial purpose, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Using solar power is one of the best ways to conserve energy.

 LED Lights

led light

There are many different ways to reduce energy consumption and increase productivity at home and the workplace using LED Lights.

Here are four outstanding benefits of LED Lights:

✔ Low in Energy Consumption.

Replace the old Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) with Light-Emitting Diode bulbs (LEDs) and save 90% on energy consumption.

✔ LEDs Last Longer than CFLs.

You get up to 50,000 from 20,000 hours of service from LED Lights compared to CFLs10, 000 hours.

✔ LEDs are Safe to Use

You can’t touch CFLs or tungsten bulbs after hours of use. You risk getting burnt.

LED Lights are safe to touch no matter how long the bulb has been on without waiting for it to cool off as you would let heat on CFLs calm down.

✔ LEDs Lights Protect the Environment.

LED Lights have no carbon emission and so support the preservation of the environment.

Invest in Weatherproof Windows

ways to conserve energy

Are energy bills giving you sleepless nights?

Install weatherproof windows for lasting energy consumption solution.

You need to prevent heat loss going out of the house through windows during winter. Replace single with double pane windows.

Reduce the heat pouring into the house using proper windows in summer.

Aluminium windows are highly recommended to reduce the amount of heat loss.

Another way of lowering the level of heat in the house in warm weather condition is to use shades, shutters and screens.

These three provide different levels of insulation from outside weather situation.

You end up lowering the cost of energy consumption.

Time Controllers

Wouldn’t it be nice to be woken up gently by the bedside lamp clicking, soft music playing on the radio or coffee percolator starting to bubble?

Well, with the 24-hour Time Controller, this is not wishful thinking. The technology is available.

Time Controller will also turn your electric blanket on at night, the washing machine by day and perform a range of activities.

Simply set it, plug it into a socket, plug the electrical device and let the Time Controller do the rest.

Makes life comfortable, economical, secure and easier all around.

Immersion Water Heater Time Switch.

This device will switch your Immersion Water Heater on and off as you want.

In most standard homes, water heating accounts for more than half of energy expenditure bills.

Reducing the frequency of heating and cooling is a convenient way of saving time, money and energy expenses.

Smart Thermostat Installation.

ways to conserve energy

Save up to two hundred dollars a month by installing an automatic thermostat for cooling and heating the house in summer and winter respectively.

Whether you prefer a weekly, monthly automated thermostat,  there is one to match your specific requirement at a pocket-friendly price.

Make Purchasing Energy Efficient Device Your Next Goal.

You won’t regret saving 45% on the water by purchasing an approved energy-efficient washing machine and 25% less energy consumption.

Heating and Cooling Houses in Extreme Weather Conditions.

Heating a house in biting cold temperature, account for 40% of energy consumption.

This requires using up to date Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), equipment.

Is the cost of a new set of HVAC equipment is outside your budgetary allowance for home improvement?

Your next step is to improve the existing equipment. Seal off leaks to maintain good ventilation in the house. This is to reduce heating and cooling expenses.

This is something that could set your financial stability back every month.

Seal Off Leaks in the House

Wear and tear on roofs, walls, and attics are signs for repair and maintenance needs to keep the house in good shape.

Next, seal off leaks to avoid further damage, which increases energy expenditure and the cost of repair.

Prevent air leaks from the house through cracks on windows, doors, plumbing, ceiling or electric wiring. They result in spending more to heat the house up.

Insulate the property in diverse weather conditions to increase its market value.

Time for Change………

ways to conserve energy

You change the diet, clothes and behaviour frequently.

But, you have been using Compact Fluorescent Lights CFLs, for years.

You could do with a change from the old CFLs to solar energy or Light-Emitting Diode bulbs (LEDs) for economic, environmental and social benefits.

Get in touch with our energy efficiency experts and discuss your energy needs.


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