3 Sustainable Energy Upgrades Every Australian Should Consider

3 Sustainable Energy Upgrades Every Australian Should Consider

Last updated on June 15, 2024

1. LED Upgrade

Do you still use fluorescent tubes and traditional bulbs?

Then, you may be spending much more than you need to on electricity. Such lighting systems are costly and inefficient, so you should consider upgrading to more efficient systems that can help you save money while enjoying good lighting.

Whether you wish to save money on energy or reduce your carbon footprint, LED lighting upgrades are now available at major markets in Australia.

With these lighting systems you can be sure to save up to approximately ninety percent of your expenditure on electricity thanks to their efficiency. It’s time to bring on a change by making this sustainable lighting upgrade

Why LED Upgrade?

LED lighting systems have several advantages over halogen, compact, and incandescent fluorescent tubes and bulbs. First, they save up to 90% of energy when compared to old lighting devices. Thus, they are more efficient and will save on both domestic and industrial energy consumption and expenditure. 

In addition, upgrading the lighting system is now cheaper, thanks to available government incentives. For instance, in New South Wales (NSW), the Accredited Power Saver is accredited by the NSW government to offer a full LED upgrade for an electrician fee of only $33.

You can save up to $480 yearly using 14 LED lights or $ 1920 annually using 56 LED lights. The old bulbs and tubes employ outdated technology that has higher running costs. An estimated cost of electricity for a halogen light is about $ 38 per year, while that of an LED light is about $3.8 per year. 

Therefore, LED lights will save Australian citizens a lot of money. Consequently, the cost of energy production and consumption in Australia will be reduced by greater percentages. All Australians need to make this wise move if they desire to save on energy costs (Green Hype, n.d.). 

2. Heat Pump Hot Water Upgrade

Australians should also consider abandoning gas heat pumps for various reasons. Gas systems can have several negative health effects on those who use them. They are also harmful to the environment. So, when you upgrade, here’s why you should choose a heat pump hot water system.

Why Upgrade to Electric Heat Pumps?

Electricity is a green and therefore safe energy source. It is generated from renewable sources such as wind, water, and solar. On the other hand, burning gas emits carbon (iv) oxide, which is an environmentally polluting gas, harmful to the environment and to users.

Thus, upgrading to electric heat pump hot water systems can help reduce harmful effects associated with their gas counterparts (Lun & Tung, 2019). This strategy is also helpful for a nation that has a target of curbing global warming and climate change. 

Electric appliances that use heat pump technology are more efficient than those that use gas for operation. 

Electric heaters have been proven to be about three times more efficient than gas heaters.

Thus, depending on service providers, rates, and seasons, Australian citizens can save on energy costs. In addition, the maintenance costs for electric appliances are relatively lower than those for gas, so this upgrade results in significant cost-savings over time.

A fully electric system only needs to be maintained itself. On the other hand, gas systems require maintenance of both the electrical and gas parts. 

Furthermore, electric systems can be powered by energy storage sources like batteries that are charged with free solar energy from solar panels. Such a technology is efficient when power outages occur and can serve as backups when there are other power source issues.

In addition, they can save on energy bills since they are fully owned after purchase. Upgrading from a gas to a heat pump system can also reduce some health risks like childhood asthma associated with burning gas.

For all these environmental, economical, and health reasons, Australians must conduct a heat pump hot water upgrade

3. Solar Upgrade

The sun is the cheapest source of energy that any individual can use. Solar panels are cheaper to install than other renewable green energy sources. They can be owned individually and controlled by users in their homes. They are worth considering as a clean source of energy.

Why Solar Ugrade?

Solar energy has various advantages over other sources of energy. First, it’s a clean source, as mentioned above, hence does not pollute the environment.

There are no emissions from solar energy consumption, so it does not put the environment and human health at risk. Second, it will help Australians save on energy bills. Once bought and installed, solar energy consumption is fully owned by the user who will no longer have to spend on energy bills. 

The cost of power consumption is therefore reduced. On the other hand, businesses and organizations can save on energy costs incurred by depending on the grid’s electricity if they install solar panels as surplus energy sources.

Consequently, their profits will increase over time, leading to the growth of their organizations (Lu et al., 2021).


As an Australian citizen, upgrade to a cost-effective and environment-friendly energy system to save the nation from the danger of environmental pollution and high costs of energy consumption and production.

With advancing technology and increased focus on reducing pollution, sustainable energy upgrades are crucial. Choose the best sustainable energy upgrade to ensure a better future for our nation and generations to come. 

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