Home Energy Monitor: Smart way to monitor energy consumption

May 4, 2021

We often find it hard to control the amount of energy usage in our homes.

From home appliances such as TV, Home Theater, Air-Conditioner, Microwave, and among all others, being able to monitor the energy consumed by these appliances is difficult.

This is why it is more efficient to have access to an energy monitor in your home. This system has proven to be very valuable in business organizations or companies as well as homes.

An Energy Monitor surveils your property energy usage. This device is either attached to your home’s electrical panel or meter.

They act as a networking channel for homeowners, equipment, computers, and even the service provider.

These devices can monitor and observe minute-by-minute changes in energy consumption in the household.

These systems are now attached to your mobile or home Wi-Fi device, and they provide real-time alerts and information on your home’s energy use.

Why do you need an energy monitor in your home or workplace?

Home Energy Monitor

Having your energy monitored is a great necessity.

Despite the improvements in energy efficiency in the devices we use in our homes and through home construction techniques and practices, total energy consumption still increases year after year.

They help you in identifying and explaining excessive energy usage.

That makes it important to have your energy properly monitored. Let’s get into more details on why such energy advisors are a necessity.

To save money

One of the primary reasons why we need an energy monitoring system is to constrain cost.

It’s simple,

When you are able to monitor your daily energy usage in your home or workplace, you tend to control that energy and subsequently save money.

The system even alerts you when an appliance consumes a lot of energy and how much it costs.

To control energy consumption

A beautiful reason to have an energy monitoring system is that it allows you to control your consumption.

It alarms you on the instances when the electric consumption goes unexpectedly high or low.

When you can monitor your usage, you can perform some basic tasks to control this consumption such as; motioning sensitive lighting, radiator reflecting, timing plug socket, and so on.

To allow more efficient maintenance

This device evaluates the energy performance in your home or workplace.

It can also show when the electricity is low or high, or when the energy usage is poorly used, and therefore relays this information to the residents.

This improves the electricity maintenance in your household. Now even more efficient, since it can be tracked from a phone application.

How does the Energy Monitor System work?

The power usage used is most times calculated by the system in volt-amps and shown as Watts.

It connects your electricity meter to your smartphone and wirelessly monitors how much energy in your home is consumed.

After its installation, it calculates the electricity consumption every 30 seconds. And displays the absolute electricity consumption and related costs, as well as live average electricity consumption and associated costs.

All data stored in this system is secured, that is, can not be shared with a third party.

The data is stored on the cloud and can be easily accessed through the phone app with an internet connection.

It monitors your building energy consumption and displays this information to you. It is FUV rated to withstand any weather condition.

Therefore, it is available for its services 24/7.

Types of Energy Monitor System

There are different types of energy monitor out there;

Hand-held Energy monitor: This can be used to display the energy usage in the whole home. It comes with a sensor and a hand-held display unit.

Online Energy monitor: This is also like a hand-held energy monitor, but connected to a phone or device screen that shows the data or usage.

Plug-in Energy Monitor:  Its connectivity process is through the mains in the house or workplace.

Advantages of Energy Monitor System

Home Energy Monitor

Such energy monitoring systems play a vital role in society. Therefore their advantage to people and companies at large is not far-fetched.

  • Electricity monitors send you the data that you need to make your home more energy-efficient.
  • It can also assist you in lowering your carbon footprint as you become more conscious of which appliances in your home use the most energy.
  • It reduces cost.
  • This increases productivity since there is more energy maintenance in society.
  • Allows individuals to easily detect power problems or issues.
  • Remote access to your energy consumption. This is more beneficial because it is accessible from your device through an application.

Who can use the Energy Monitor System?

Resident owners or tenants.
Property Owners or Landlords.
Shop owners or retail stores
Organizations, Companies, or Industry.

How to reduce the cost of energy used?

energy monitoring system

  • Turn off appliances or machines, not in use. Leaving them standby even when you do not need them at that moment would only increase the cost.
  • You can save more energy by using energy-saving lighting bulbs.
  • Use natural lights. In the daytime, you don’t need to use your lighting bulbs. This can also save energy to some extent.
  • Fix your leakages.
  • Unplug unused electronics or machines.
  • Draught-proof your home.
  • Maintain cross ventilation in order to avoid heats that can be evaded.
  • Improve the quality of your machine or appliances. Archaic machines or appliances are known to suck up a lot of power voltage.

Nonetheless, Emerald Planet- Energy Monitor offers a bulk load of benefits to its users. Its importance can not be downplayed.

With this system, it can monitor property energy usage, tariff times, and electricity consumption costs.

It relays this information to the user which in turn promotes maintenance in energy usage and consumption.

And with the app, you can easily turn on/off a device or appliance. The application has created easy access to the features of the energy monitor.

Best five Home energy monitoring apps in 2021

1. Emerald Planet Energy Monitor

emerald planet home energy monitor

Emerald Planets Energy Monitoring System is one of the best energy tracking devices available. The device is cost-effective and easy to install. It monitors energy usage, tariff times, electricity consumption costs, and presents them as information to users on the phone application.

It offers advantages like data security and is FVS rated to withstand any weather conditions.

The device monitors electricity consumption every thirty seconds. The product also guarantees 7yrs+ longevity of the battery and 12 months warranty on the product.

Data processed through this product is available for life to the user and is stored in the system’s storage.

2. Home Energy Monitor by Sense

home energy monitor by sense

Sense Energy Monitor is that ‘orange box ‘ device that is installed into your electrical breaker panel. It examines the electrical system of the home or workplace to give out the energy usage of the place.

It offers a diverse range of features, such as real-time tracking of energy usage, easy-to-use phone application, analyzing energy trends, monitoring the high resolution of energy usage, and so on.

Regardless of its high price, consumers have rated this product positively.

3. Smappee by Smappee

home energy monitor by swapee

This is a home energy monitor that tracks your electricity consumption down to the appliances in your home.

The monitor for Smappee needs to be plugged into the main electricity circuit in your home to deliver its services.

The installation process is relatively straightforward, and a manual is provided for users.

Smappee provides tons of benefits to its users ranging from; real-time and historical energy data, Data privacy and CE/UL compliance, Overload protection and smart EV charging.

4. Engage by Efergy

Can be used to monitor home energy usage, solar monitoring, and appliances monitoring.

It monitors and manages energy in real-time which users have access through the app. Reports are equally provided to users in a daily, weekly, or monthly format.

This product is easy to install and use. It provides a broad understanding of how energy is consumed in your home.

5. Vue Smart Energy Monitor by Emporia Energy

This product calculates your energy usage by multiplying volts by amps.

The sensor attached to this product can detect the total amount of wattage in your home, and in turn, this information is provided to the monitor once per second.

Via machine learning, this product can identify varying devices in your home, depending on how these devices use up power, instead of waiting for overtime for the monitors to adapt to the kind of device you have in your home.

This product is cost-effective with pricing depends on other attachments you would like to get with the product.

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