The Smartest Energy Trend You Are Ignoring

May 11, 2021

Did you know that an hour of sunlight is equivalent to a year’s worth of energy for the planet?

Great! You do now.

Now, let’s talk about the smartest energy trend you have been ignoring;

Solar energy…

Solar energy is energy generated by the sun, this energy is renewable energy that is sustained by being stored in batteries and used in generating electricity.

One of its amazing benefits that makes it one of the smartest energy trends in the world currently is its lack of pollution.

Solar energy doesn’t release any toxic exhaust into the air hence, reducing several health damages.

All these coupled with several other benefits have caused a rapid increase in the usage of solar energy all around the globe.

Five Reasons Solar Energy Is a Smart Energy Trend

Cost-effective energy solution

Unlike regular electricity, there is no doubt that solar energy is cost-effective.


Sunlight is a free and unending natural resource hence, the ability to generate more energy and electricity for no fee at all except the installation fee makes it a smart option.

Investing in the installation of solar energy is a wise investment.  And a better option than investing in fuel, coal, etc because they are non-renewable energy that burns off, unlike solar energy.

Hence, when you do the math, you would realize they save a lot more in the long run than regular electricity.

Environmental Friendly and sustainable

As stated above, solar energy is environmentally friendly.

It is one of the cleanest sources of energy, it does not release any toxic gas into the environment such as the emission of greenhouse gases or fuel-burning exhaust from powered generators.

The elimination of these harmful emissions can prevent health and environmental damages alongside air pollution hence, making solar energy one of the healthiest forms of energy for both humans and our environment.

Zero maintenance cost 

Another common problem with regular electricity is the never unending bills that always seem to pile up from paying electricity bills to maintenance fees.

With solar energy, however, you do not get to spend extra bills on electricity after the installation fees until after a while and when it’s time to, it would be a few dollars on cleaning of dirt or other particles.

The solar panels are exposed directly to the sky and that would hardly put a dent in your pocket unlike regular sources of energy where you might have to pay huge amounts on maintenance or repairing fees and also spend on fuel, coal, etc.

One time investment

We all love free things every once in a while and what’s a better free thing to take advantage of than electricity.

All you need is a little sacrifice of investing in the installation fee, choosing the best company for your installation, getting the best solar panels, and boom!

You get to save more on electricity and enjoy free natural energy from the sun for the next decades.

Adds value to your property

Researches have shown that homes with more solar panels are valued and sold at a higher bid. Because buyers appreciate that once they move in, they wouldn’t have to worry about electricity bills.

So, if you were worried about installing some solar panels in your home because you might want to sell it off in a few years.

Worry not, those solar panels are going to add value to your home in the real estate market even after making use of it for those few years.

Tips To Set Up Your Solar System

For setting up a solar system in your home, we recommend contacting or requesting the service of a professional.

However, if you know but just need a little help in setting up your home solar system yourself. Below are a few tips to set up your solar system.

Purchase your needed component

For every home solar system, you need your solar panels which are responsible for generating the flow of electricity needed in your home.

Aside from this, you need three other main components such as the controller, battery, and an inverter for the solar system.

Calculate your load

Before going ahead to fix your solar system, you have to do the math. Now, this sounds so serious and complicated but it’s not.

All you need is to calculate the appliances you would have running and the number of hours they would be running for to figure out the watt-hour.

Calculating load is as easy as that. However, if you do not feel comfortable calculating this alone, you can make use of energy monitors to get an accurate result.

Choose a good battery

You are most likely wondering why you need a battery since it’s a direct form of energy. Yes, it is but that’s exactly why you need a battery.

When there’s no sun, your solar system won’t be able to generate electricity which means when there’s bad weather or it’s nighttime, you won’t be able to use electricity.

A good battery hence is needed to store energy during the day that you can make use of later.

A small power controller that comes with the battery is needed for monitoring battery charging.

Set up your inverter

When the solar panel gains energy from sun rays, it converts it to direct current electricity but then by the time it gets into our home, it is in form of alternating current.

Ever wondered how that happens?

  • That’s due to an inverter. There are different types of inverters ranging from square wave, modified sine wave, pure sine wave. We recommend pure sine waves because they are the most efficient.

Fixing and wiring

Here is where we advise hiring a professional if you have no idea about wiring. However, here are a few tips for wiring your solar system.

  • Choose a great spot with unlimited sunlight to set your solar panels.
  • Set solar panels in that spot.
  • Wire the solar panels at the junction box at the back of the solar panel.
  • Ensure the black wire is used In the negative terminal and red in the positive terminal connection.
  • Connect solar panels with battery by series and parallel connection.
  • Build or purchase stands for inverter and battery.
  • Wire the controller and charge controller.

Read the 5 facts about solar energy in an infographic below:

facts about solar energy in infographic

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