Best Ducted Air Conditioners to Buy in Australia in 2024

Best Ducted Air Conditioners to Buy in Australia in 2024

Last updated on January 18, 2024

The thought of summer may bring dread of those sticky, sweltering days. However, thanks to technological advancements, you can now ensure that your entire house stays at an ideal temperature—your private oasis amid the scorching weather outdoors.

All you need is a ducted AC. We must first understand what ducted air conditioning is, to fully appreciate its wonderful advantages.


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    Understanding The Ducted Air Conditioning System

    Ducted air conditioning is the modern market’s most effective cooling solution for residences and organizations. Every area in your house or place of business can be cooled by a single system thanks to ducted air conditioners.

    You can regulate the temperature of your bedroom to be cool and comfortable for a restful night’s sleep; your living room to be a little balmy for some quality time with family; your children’s room to be cozy for daily activities; and many other areas, all through a single system.

    There are essentially two units making up a ducted air conditioner: an indoor unit usually installed in the roof cavity of the house and an outdoor unit.

    The two units operate in tandem to complete a refrigeration cycle, and conditioned air is supplied and circulated through a network of ducts and diffuser outlets. Due to its effectiveness and simplicity of use, it’s typically the best system for bigger buildings as well.

    This refrigerated cooling system adjusts the temperature of the air using refrigerant. A substance called refrigerant can quickly transform from vapor to liquid state, changing temperature in the process.

    To heat or cool the air that it draws from the house, the ducted system makes use of this temperature difference.

    The following are the three primary elements of refrigerated cooling systems:

    Evaporator: Using a blower, warm air is drawn out of your house and transferred through the network of ducts to the interior unit’s evaporator coils.

    The heated air is absorbed by the coils’ cold, low-pressure refrigerant, which transforms it into a high-pressure gas by absorbing its heat. Your home’s heated air is blown over the evaporator coils, where it cools and is returned to your home through diffusers or ceiling vents.

    Compressor: The exterior unit’s compressor receives high-pressure refrigerant gas. The gas is pressurized by the compressor, condensing it to become liquid.

    Condenser: The liquid then goes directly to the condenser coils, which are also found in the exterior unit. To disperse some of the heat generated by the liquid refrigerant inside, a fan blows over the coils.

    After going via an expansion valve that further cools and depressurizes the liquid, it returns to the evaporator, completing the cycle.

    Why Should You Buy a Ducted Air Conditioning System in Sydney?

    Choosing the ideal air conditioner is never simple, due to the vast array of options available and variables to consider.

    However, ducted AC is frequently considered to be the finest option, especially for larger areas. And rightly so because there are lots of wonderful benefits to choosing ducted air conditioning.

    The following benefits may, for instance, justify installing a ducted air conditioning system:

    It is significantly less conspicuous than split or multi-split systems

    A ducted AC system has the advantage of being virtually undetectable. All that will be visible will be some plain vents on the roof. Planning your interior design is much simpler if you have a ducted system.

    You can significantly improve the aesthetics of your house because you won’t have to think about placing a big, bulky split system or wall unit.

    A large unit obtrusively mounted on the wall will only obstruct the intricate interior design of your house, making it difficult to maintain a minimalistic design.

    So, ducted air conditioners are the best option for anyone who wants their home to look its best.

    It gives you full control and complements your lifestyle perfectly

    The degree of control you have with a ducted AC system is one of its many attractive features. Ducted systems cool your entire home consistently, and some systems even allow you to regulate the temperature of each area separately.

    If no one is using a zone, you can turn it off or adjust the temperature in other rooms of your home accordingly. For families with members who have different sensitivity to heat, a ducted AC is a fantastic option.

    With a ducted system, the desired temperature for each space can be easily adjusted.

    They are significantly cheaper than other alternatives in the long term

    Most people are unaware of the fact that ducted air conditioning can be economical and energy efficient.

    Yes, the initial cost of installing the system is usually high, but over the course of the air conditioner’s lifespan, this can be compensated by more effective cooling and lower electricity costs.

    Ducted air conditioning is typically much more cost-effective to operate if your area is big enough to require multiple split systems.

    Split system ACs have the limitation of only cooling one area at a time. This becomes more difficult when the system is required to cool several rooms at once.

    Additionally, it will raise operating expenses, often making ducted systems relatively more affordable to operate. Thus, the installation of a complete ducted unit is usually cheaper and more convenient.

    The ability to zone ducted air units is another way that can help you save money. This enables you to turn off any inactive zones, which helps lower costs and reduce energy waste.

    It increases the worth of your property

    If you intend to sell your house in the future, installing a ducted air conditioning system is a wise financial decision.

    Even though ducted air conditioning is now considered an affordable option, many people still view it as a luxury. This makes your home more desirable than a similar property without ducted air conditioning.

    Top Ducted Air Conditioning Systems to Buy in Sydney

    If you are planning to buy a ducted air conditioning system, we can help make it easier for you to choose from the wide variety of options in the market. Below are some of the products that made it to the top of our lists:

    Daikin 6KW Inverter Ducted System

    Daikin 6KW Inverter Ducted System

    With its low-profile height (360mm) and ultra-compact design, it can easily fit in a contemporary home’s small roof area, so it is suitable for homes with little outdoor space and a small roof. It offers a heating and cooling system for the entire house.

    With a cooling capacity of 6KW, and a heating capacity of 7KW, this ducted system is suitable for all spaces 40 sq. m or larger.

    It offers a variety of settings, including a night quiet mode that lowers exterior noise levels at night when you are sleeping, and automatically returns to regular operation when you wake up in the morning. It offers R-22 Retrofit Capability too. This enables a convenient and affordable upgrade over a current R22 ducted system.

    You will simply have to swap out the indoor and outdoor units while leaving the field piping in place. As a result, an existing system that may be nearing the end of its useful working life can be upgraded in a practical and affordable method.

    Another advantage is that it is specially created and produced according to Australian standards so that it can endure the most extreme summer weather in Australia.

    FUJITSU Inverter Ducted Air Conditioner System

    FUJITSU  Inverter Ducted Air Conditioner System

    With a compact and slim design, this Fujitsu ducted air conditioner is the best solution for cooling or heating an entire house. It is designed to allow for installation flexibility to provide the best possible fit in your space. Greater installation freedom is provided by using a single power phase.

    From noise control to moisture removal and a 24-hour timer, this reverse-cycle air conditioning system offers multiple functions. It also offers easy-to-use wall-mounted LCD controllers that enable you to maximize the performance of your device by controlling all functions conveniently.

    With optional zone control, 8 zones can be connected for better temperature control to accommodate individual needs.

    Facilitating this feature, the high static of this Fujitsu ducted AC makes it possible to add many air ducts as per requirements for increased outlets. It also enables high energy efficiency to be achieved by several characteristics including DC fan motors, DC rotary compressors, and programmable systems.

    Mitsubishi Ducted System Single Phase 12.5kW

    Mitsubishi Ducted System Single Phase 12.5kW

    This model from the FDUA series offers a covert and quiet option for large spaces. The product features unparalleled energy efficiency, resulting in lower operating expenses for your house.

    This is made possible by an upgraded heat exchanger in the exterior unit, which improves refrigerant dispersion throughout the system, along with the R32 refrigerant and a powerful DC fan motor.

    The extremely effective DC fan motor allows the FDUA line to operate at exceptionally low noise levels. Combined with the device’s Silent Mode, this guarantees no disruptions to the room’s ambiance and a restful night’s sleep for everyone at home.

    This high static ducted air conditioning system allows for more air ducts to be added according to the number of outlets required. Besides all its amazing features, this product also offers increased freedom of installation by using single-phase power.

    MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC PEAD Ducted Air Conditioner System

    MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC PEAD Ducted Air Conditioner System

    The PEAD-M71JAA ducted AC from Mitsubishi Electric features a low-profile design, which makes it possible to install it in small ceiling areas. It offers an extensive choice of static pressures with 3 varying fan speeds, making it simple to direct airflow to various rooms in your house.

    This unit is perfect for cooling or heating relatively smaller spaces. Its 7.1 kW cooling capacity and 8.0 kW heating output make it the perfect choice for homes with up to three bedrooms. It comes with the R-32 refrigerant which effectively transports heat while having a less adverse effect on the atmosphere and being more energy efficient.

    It comes with a Deluxe PAR wired Controller that is easy to use and has a backlit LCD monitor as standard equipment. You can set as many as eight patterns per day with the PAR Controller to properly regulate temperature and power usage.

    Daikin 7.1 KW Premium Inverter Ducted System

    Daikin 7.1 KW Premium Inverter Ducted System

    Designed to offer exceptional energy efficiency, flexibility in design, and R22 retrofit capability, this Inverter Ducted AC is ideal for providing covert air conditioning comfort across your house.

    As it has up to 7.1 KW and 7.5 KW cooling and heating capacity, respectively, it may be ideal to regulate the temperature of houses with up to 3 rooms.

    Using the next-generation R-32 refrigerant, this variant of ducted AC by Daikin is also quite energy-efficient. Topping it all off, it comes with a wall-mounted, back-lit LCD controller that helps you effectively control all the features and functionalities without any hassle.

    Daikin Slim line Ducted System

    Daikin Slim line Ducted System

    This Slim-Line ducted air conditioning system offers unmatched flexibility and design freedom and was created specially to fit installations where ceiling room is limited.

    This ducted system overcomes the structural constraints of contemporary apartment development and is ideal for installation underneath the floor or in confined ceiling areas. It’s the industry’s most low-profile design with a height of 245 mm, this product guarantees clearance in most roof spaces.

    It provides the comfort of air conditioning very discreetly; only the return air and discharge grilles are visible within the house, aside from the controller.

    Having a relatively large cooling and heating capacity of 14 KW and 16 KW respectively, this ducted system is ideal for cooling as well as heating multiple rooms in a house.

    Being aware of its products’ effects on the environment and the climate, Daikin uses the R-32 refrigerant in this model as well, helping you increase energy efficiency while regulating the temperature of your house.

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    Things to Consider Before Buying a Ducted Air Conditioning System in Sydney

    A fully ducted solution is the best way to provide reliable, reasonably priced climate control in your house all year round.

    However, there are a few factors to consider to make sure you get a ducted AC system that best suits the needs of your family, the layout of your home, and your budget.

    For instance, the following are some of the questions that you should ask whenever considering a ducted air conditioning system:

    • Is it suitable for the height and pitch of the roof of your house? In case there is not much room available in the ceiling, you can opt for the slim line products available. Some structure designs will necessitate a more complicated installation.
    • Do you require a reverse cycle ducted system to heat your house during the winter? In regions where summers and winters are both equally harsh, reverse cycle ducted systems are ideal.
    • What is the required capacity of the system according to the size of your house? The equipment’s cost varies greatly with the system’s cooling output (or capacity size). However, if you buy a system too small for the space, it may cost you significantly higher to adequately cool the house. So, getting the right-sized system for your house is crucial.

    Roughly speaking, smaller apartments will find that a 4.2kW system is adequate, whereas larger homes and companies may require a system in the range of 10-15kW.

    • Do you need inverter ducted air conditioners? Inverter systems are usually advantageous for commercial settings where air conditioning is used continuously because they use less energy to sustain the desired level of temperature once it has been achieved.
    • How much of the area or how many rooms need cooling? Systems are available to fit various budgets. The cost will vary depending on how many zones and vents you need.

    It’s crucial to consider whether a higher initial investment will result in lower operating expenses in the long run.


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    We cater to all your air conditioning needs, providing the best quality air conditioners at the lowest possible price due to government rebates.

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      Energy Saver is an initiative proudly funded by the NSW Government

      What distinguishes a ducted AC from a split AC?

      Both split systems and ducted air conditioning systems make use of refrigerated cooling to regulate the temperature of any space.

      The primary difference is that split systems have wall-mounted units directly pumping air into the room, whereas ducted air conditioning uses flexible ducting networks to circulate and disseminate air.

      Larger properties with numerous cooling or heating zones typically benefit more from ducted systems. Split systems are typically advised if you only need to cool one or two areas and want to control the temperature separately.

      Why do ducted air conditioning systems have zones?

      Using ducts to distribute air across the system, ducted air conditioning is a form of central air conditioning. The system can reach various parts of the house, known as zones, with the help of ducts.

      What does a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system entail?

      Due to their ability to reverse the refrigeration cycle, ducted reverse cycle air conditioners can provide both cooling and heating. Cool air is drawn into the system and turned into heat when the cooling cycle is reversed, turning the condenser into an evaporator. Most contemporary ducted air units are capable of a reverse cycle.

      Where are the components of a ducted system adjusted?

      A ducted system’s indoor unit is typically placed in a roof cavity, but if there is enough space, it can also occasionally be installed beneath the floor.

      The external unit is set up outside. It discharges warm air from the system and includes a fan. Since the fan tends to be a little loud, it is typically installed outside of any living area.

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