Air Conditioners For Garages | Top-Rated Selection of Garage Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners For Garages | Top-Rated Selection of Garage Air Conditioners

Last updated on December 12, 2023

A garage has several functions in the house, it can be used for parking your car, working indoors, growing small plants or even serving as an extra room.

Whatever the reason, the garage experience can be greatly improved when the climate is controlled, especially in regions with high temperature.

If you live in areas where it gets hot, installing an air conditioning system will make the setting feel much more comfortable.

There are several factors that can determine what type of air conditioning you need to install in your garage and this post will give you all the information and knowledge necessary to select the appropriate system that keeps your space cool!


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    Why Does Your Garage Need an Air Conditioner?

    For its intended purpose and function, the garage is not a place where people typically stay for a long time, as its primary purpose is to offer a parking space for your car (if you have one) or serve as an extra storage room.

    However, different individuals may have varying needs to turn this space into a more functional entity, by turning it into a workshop, growing plants that don’t require a lot of sunlight and so much more.

    Here are some of the reasons why you might consider installing an air conditioning system.

    1. Comfort: having an AC installed regulates the temperature and makes it cool even in extreme heat, which allows you to comfortably use the garage space.

    2. Humidity control: a high humidity level leads to rotting wood and cardboard boxes, and to the formation of mold, and installing an AC unit reduces these issues.

    3. Keep electronic appliances from overheating: for people who keep appliances in their garage or have a workshop setup in the space, high heat can negatively affect these appliances. An AC helps cool down the space and keeps the appliances cool too.

    4. Keep food fresh: many people use their garage as a storage unit for food, and typically high levels of heat can spoil food, so an AC goes a long way in ensuring stored food remains fresh and edible.

    For garages converted into extra rooms, installing an AC install is of paramount importance especially in spaces with no windows, in order to ensure a comfortable living environment.

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    Types of Garage Air Conditioners

    Your choice of air conditioning depends on the structure and nature of your garage, to address questions such as “are there windows?” and “how big is it?” which play a decisive role in the type of air conditioner needed.

    These factors are important to consider in order to avoid installing a product that doesn’t get the job done or one which over performs and cools the space beyond what is needed.

    This section discusses different types of air conditioning systems and where they are best suited, in order to give you an idea about which solution is best tailored for your application, needs and budget.

    1. Window Air Conditioners

    These air conditioners use the window in your garage (if you have one) and are the most affordable option for mid-size spaces.

    They are installed on the window sill, are quite bulky and can be a little loud so if your setup necessitates a quiet environment, this option might not be the best for you.

    These ACs are generally cheaper and are energy efficient so may be a good budget controlled option . However, most window ACs produce noise during their operation.

    2. Through the wall Air Conditioners

    As the name suggests, these air conditioners are installed by cutting a hole in the wall and are inserted in a metal casing allowing the air conditioner to slide in and out of the case if there is a need to remove it.

    Most of its hardware is on the outside, which reduces the interior noise significantly .

    The downside is the additional civil work required to clear an opening in the wall. Moreover, these systems are not suitable for larger garages.

    3. Mini Split Air Conditioners

    This is a ductless system which has components on the inside and outside of the garage which are connected by an electric cable and a refrigerant line which requires a small opening through the wall.

    This is generally the best option if you are looking for powerful, quiet and energy efficient air conditioners, however the downside is its elevated costs, as it can range from twice to 5 times the price of other types of ACs and the installation requires a professional installer which adds a further cost .

    4. Portable Air Conditioners

    These compact and wheeled air conditioners can be used all over the house and are more convenient for offices, but if you need a quick and effective output of cold air, you could roll it down to your garage.

    Although it is not a strong solution, its mobility makes it very practical. Its downside is that it would still require a means to vent hot air out so it might also need a hole in the wall.

    Best Air Conditioners for a Garage

    If you are searching for an AC, there are many choices available and depending on your budget and needs, the process might become complex. Below are some AC units to consider based on the different types available.

    Kelvinator C1.6kW Cool Only Box Air Conditioner

    Kelvinator C1.6kW Cool Only Box Air Conditioner

    Kelvinator C1.6kW s an AC with 1.6kW cooling capacity and three fan speeds which guarantees a cool space and more control over the system. This AC has a compact design and is corrosion resistant on the inside and outside.

    It has three fan speeds (low, medium and high) which offers more control, is suitable for one-car parking spaces and it has a generally cheaper price tag.

    Dimplex C1.6kW Cooling Only Window Box Air Conditioner

    dimplex wall ac for garage

    Dimplex C1.6kW is a fairly easy to install AC with a rating of 1.6kW cooling capacity and the ability to cool a one-car space. The AC is available with a remote control to operate from a distance.

    The AC is also available with a 24-hour programmable timer and with a sleep mode to simplify programming activities and schedules.

    Kelvinator C5.2kW H4.8KW Reverse Cycle Box Air Conditioner

    kelvinator ac

    If you are looking for a slightly cheaper through the wall option, then this powerful AC is the right choice for you and it can be used in a large space due to its 5.2kW cooling capacity, which is sufficient for a garage that can house two cars.

    The AC has multiple features such as remote control, sleep mode, auto air swing, golden shield external and blue shield internal to avoid corrosion and it also comes with an auto start feature. It is available with 4 fan speeds and has a 24-hour timer.

    Olimpia Splendid Unico Pro Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

    olympia ac

    Olimpia Splendid Unico Pro AC is fitted with a 3.4kW cooling capacity and 3 fan speeds, and has an elevated operational noise so if your setup requires silence then this might not be your best option. The AC is WiFi enabled so it can be operated from a remote location through your phone.

    This unit has a relatively high price, however it is fitted with an inbuilt inverter that saves power for future use.

    LG WH12SK-18 3.5kW Premium wall split system

    lg air conditioner for garage

    LG WH12SK-18 3.5kW AC offers high reliability and comfort due to LG’s latest technology that makes it a quick and stable cooling system. This AC has an inbuilt WiFi option so you can remotely control the unit and this allows you to monitor its operations through your mobile phone.

    It is very quiet and has a cooling capacity of 3.50kW and a smart inverter compressor, which allows the unit to adequately and precisely cool your garage, however it is quite expensive.

    Hisense C2.5kW H3.2kW Reverse Cycle Split System

    Hisense air conditioner

    Hisense C2.5kW H3.2kW AC serves both functions of cooling a room and of heating it up when required. It works by capturing cold air on the outside and transferring it into the garage. It is equipped with a 24 hour timer, voice control, sleep mode and auto restart.

    It uses Hi-Nano plasma ions to actively purify and reduce several types of molds, allergens, pollens and odors.

    TCL 2.6kW Portable Air Conditioner

    TCL portable air conditioner

    TCL 2.6kW Portable Air Conditioner has a 2.6kW cooling capacity and two fan speeds, it also acts as a fan and humidifier making it more versatile. It is easy to use and has multiple features such as sleep mode, dry mode, child lock and a 24-hour timer.

    Honeywell CL30XC Portable Evaporative cooler

    honeywell portable ac for garage

    Honeywell CL30XC AC is the option to go for if you are on a budget, it is sufficient for a small garage that can house one car. This AC is energy efficient and offers cooling and humidifier modes, however it doesn’t offer a cooling power as high as the other models of portable ACs.


    Where Awards Meet Comfort: Energy saving split system air conditioner

    We cater to all your air conditioning needs, providing the best quality air conditioners at the lowest possible price due to government rebates.

      Anything else you would like to ask us regarding our services and offers? Please feel free to get in touch and our friendly staff will assist you.


      From $1,299*
      Energy Saver is an initiative proudly funded by the NSW Government

      Tips for Garage air Conditioners

      Below are a few factors that can affect the performance of air conditioners, and when abided by and adhered to, these factors will optimize the performance of your AC to its maximum.

      Here are some tips that will help you get the best out of your AC.


      insulation prevents heat from leaking into the space, so if your garage is not properly insulated, it loses the cool air to the outer surrounding. You could insulate the space by adding an insulative material to gaps and leaks in walls, doors, windows and ceiling.

      You could also add an extra layer of insulation to surfaces that have direct contact with sunlight such as the door, windows and roof.

      Good ventilation

      There should be an effective method to remove hot air from the garage in order to reduce the workload on the AC, such as natural ventilation by opening doors and windows for a brief amount of time to push the hot air out.

      Install shade

      You could install shades on the metal parts of the garage that receive direct sunlight by constructing an overhang over windows and doors.

      Close all doors and windows

      The air produced by the AC will be wasted if windows and doors are kept open, so ensure all doors and windows remain closed to optimize the efficiency and to keep the fresh cold air produced by the ACs indoors.

      Don’t leave your car on

      Running cars produce heat in the engine and exhaust which will counter the effects of your AC and will make the room hot.

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