Do you know how much lighting your car park needs? The answer is often much less than what you might expect, and minor changes can greatly improve security.

Your car park is the first space your customers see when visiting your business premises, and it is the last place they visit before they leave. If this space does not make them feel safe, it will reflect negatively on your business, customers will be less likely to hang around and will experience a negative first impression.

Replacing traditional lighting bulbs with LEDs is a simple and convenient solution because LEDs can dramatically improve security, produce minimal glare and are energy efficient. LED carpark lights illuminate dark corners, driveways, and basements in carparks and garages, simplifying the task of finding a parking space.

LED lights emit light at a long wavelength, penetrating deep into the canopy instead of reflecting off nearby streets or roofs. This feature makes LED lights a popular choice for illuminating both outdoor and indoor car parks.

As your employees arrive to work in the dark, they no longer have to search for a parking space. Instead, you can direct them to an open area by illuminating it with LED carpark lights.

This not only saves your employees valuable time but also reduces energy consumption, and ultimately cuts back on your electricity bills.

Upgrade your Undercover Car Park with a brand new and state-of-the-art LED lighting package from E-Green Electricity. They will replace your existing fluorescent lighting with high power and low energy consumption LED lights with an average lifespan of up to 50,000 hours under the NSW Energy Upgrades program.

LED lights are much more efficient and provide higher light output, using up to 50 percent less energy than comparable halogen lights.

Their benefits not only cover your energy consumption, reduce environmental damage and decrease your energy spending, but they also minimize parking lot operation and running costs, making them an ideal alternative to fluorescent tubes and halogen floodlights.

The Installation of Car Park LED Lighting

Under the NSW Energy Upgrades program, we work with the NSW government to install energy-efficient lighting in parking lots in homes, businesses and community spaces.

Consumers who install undercover car park LED lighting will see up to 55% savings on energy bills. Over the long term, these savings can add up to $1000s a year.

A-Grade Licensed Electricians take care of installations in NSW, and all of our electricians are fully qualified, licensed and insured. A passionate team of electricians who take pride in their work, and are friendly, courteous and tidy.

Our clients in NSW rely on us for unique car park LED lighting solutions. We also provide high-efficiency retrofit solutions for traditional fluorescent batten and high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting.

Why Install LEDs Lights to Your Undercover Car Park?

Whether you are a business owner or have an operational role in charge of a community or residential building, there are many reasons you should consider installing LEDs in your parking lot. Not only do they improve security, but they also help in exposing weak spots in your space- especially when addressing entry and exit locations. Some reasons include:

Lower Maintenance Costs

LEDs are much more durable than their fluorescent counterparts and last far longer than fluorescent bulbs. They do not break as quickly and are less prone to vandalism, greatly decreasing the frequency of bulb replacement, and effectively removing the expensive, and inconvenient task of replacing fluorescent bulbs.

A Brighter, Better Light

LED lights generate a brilliant white light, while fluorescent lighting technology produces a weak, yellow light. This means car parks using LED lights appear and feel safer and more attractive to shoppers and pedestrians.

LED lights also provide excellent illumination in car parking areas. Their brightness and high efficiency can help reduce the overall quantity of lights required for the parking space.

 Energy Saving

LED lighting can be incorporated with enhanced lighting options and features that further decrease the operation of the lights. These include motion sensors, which can turn specific lights off when the parking lot is empty and no motion is detected. This can help reduce energy use and increase security while providing further money savings.

Energy Bill Reduction

Not only do LED lights consume less energy than traditional car park lights, they also last longer than conventional car park lights too. They actually last several thousands of hours longer than traditional lights, removing the need to constantly replace burnt-out bulbs.

This saves you time and money, and reduces both your energy bills and your carbon footprint.

Security Enhancement

Poorly lit car parks are not only dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers, but they can also put your business at risk. A well-lit car park, on the other hand, will dramatically improve safety for you and your customers.

Upgrading to LED car park lights in undercover car parks means your business can improve its security, increase the safety of the car park and facilities all while complying with regulations.

Moreover, LED lights are environmentally friendly, and do not contain mercury nor do they emit infrared or ultraviolet light that can be harmful to customers and employees over extended exposure.

LED lights last longer than other types of lights, use less power and reach full brightness in a shorter time — making them a much more innovative investment for your car park.

How much Can You Save Through the Car Park LED Lighting Upgrade?

The amount of money you will save will vary depending on the energy consumption and efficiency of the existing lights. For example, switching from fluorescent to LED tubes, you can expect to save up to 50% on your energy expenditure.

LED car park lights are proven to save money upon long term operation. While the initial purchase price may behigh, LED car park lights can last between 20 and 30 years making this an excellent investment. Additionally, with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, and minimal operational costs, LED car park lights start saving you money in energy costs immediately.

Unlike traditional car park lights, LED car park lights do not fade or lose their brightness over time, meaning they only need replacing once every 20 or 30 years.

LED car park lights also allow you to make the most of your car park space, which can, in turn, boost your income by attracting more customers.

Once customers arrive, they will immediately appreciate the excellent lighting, making them feel welcome and encouraging them to stay longer. As customers spend more time in your car park, they are likely to visit your shops, restaurants or cafe, often making purchases and increasing your revenue.

LED car park lights not only improve your customers’ experience, but they also look good, adding a distinctive style to your car park. With a range of finishes and colors, LED car park lights can be set and coordinated to complement your existing car park equipment, creating a more professional and contemporary image.

If you would like to learn the actual amount you will save with an LED refurbishment, do not hesitate to share the specifics of your space, the quantity of LED lights needed as well as your existing lighting system — the savings can be enormous. Give us a call or fill the inquiry form for additional information on how much you will save.

How Do You Upgrade Your Car Park to LED Lighting?

All you need to do is:

LED lights are becoming increasingly popular for all business premises, due to their energy-efficient and long lasting technology.


Get all your old fluorescent tubes changed to LED and receive unlimited downlights replaced per project at no cost.

Save on your energy bill with a discounted LED lighting upgrade for small businesses in NSW.

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 Benefits of Choosing Car Park LED lighting

Car park LED lighting products installed through the NSW government’s lighting rebates program (VEU) offer significant benefits to consumers, these include:

Long Life – LED lights can operate for thousands of more hours than traditional bulbs, meaning they require far fewer replacements, ultimately saving time and money.

Energy-efficiency – LED lighting products consume 80% less energy than traditional lighting and 50% less than incandescent ones. Therefore, you can make significant savings on your electricity bill.

Low Maintenance – LED lights require less maintenance and are designed for higher impact. They are much less easily damaged or vandalised compared to old-fashioned lights.

Wide Range of Colours – LED lamps can produce 16 million colors, far greater than other lighting types, which gives great flexibility, a wider range of options and the capacity to make the products stand out.

Eco-Friendly – LED lights do not contain or emit any harmful chemicals and are environmentally friendly. They are less likely to harm the environment or negatively affect employees and customers.

Style – LED bulbs allow for a wide range of styles, including modern, traditional, and contemporary, offering a wider selection of types and styles to exactly match the space.

Security – LED lights are waterproof and resistant to vibration and shock, making them more secure than traditional lights.

Types of Car Park LED Lighting

There are two types of car park LED lighting:

Tips for Choosing Impactful LED Parking Lot Lighting

LED parking lights offer better illumination, a longer lifespan, and energy-efficient lighting. With so many options available, choosing the proper parking lights can be a daunting task. Below is a quick guide to help choose the right LED parking lot lights for your application.

Spot and Flood.

LED parking lights are generally available in two basic styles: spotlights, which illuminate small areas, and floodlights, which illuminate larger areas. Parking lots are divided into quadrants, and floodlights can illuminate every space in each quadrant, whereas spotlights illuminate more concentrated areas or rooms.

Commercial vs Residential.

Both spot lights and floodlights for parking lots can be available in different styles, but these styles depend primarily on the type of application they are intended for. Residential lights, for example, are designed with aesthetics in mind, making them suitable for residential applications. For commercial settings, however, aesthetics aren’t as important as functionality, so commercial lights are typically designed with functionality in mind.

Lighting Output.

The lumen output is the measure of how much light an LED parking lot light produces. Residential parking lights often use 10-watt bulbs for a lower lumen output, enough for illuminating smaller spaces. Commercial lights use 40-watt bulbs, to produce a lumen output that is sufficient for higher ceilings and larger areas. The 80-watt (equivalent) bulb is a common choice for commercial lighting — it’s bright, efficient, and durable.

Consider the Size of Your Parking Lot

The size of a parking lot is a key factor in a property owner’s decision for the quantity, distribution and type of lights. Large parking lots require more extensive and more powerful LED lights. To maximize energy efficiency, a property owner should purchase a lighting system capable of distributing light effectively over the entire parking lot.

Consider the Lighting Requirements

Before purchasing LED parking lights, property owners should determine the lighting requirements of their parking lot.

Important factors to consider are the colour of the light, the temperature and the brightness. White light typically produces a suitable ambience and also helps security staff distinguish items or persons.

Light up As Much As Possible

Parking lot lights under 100 watts are sufficient for most parkings but may go as high as 400 or even 1000 Watts. So, while installing ten smaller lights may seem more efficient than one large one, fewer lights will consume less energy.

Choose lights that turn on instantly. For some systems, lighting needs a few seconds to reach full brightness and when turned on manually, these systems waste energy while warming up.

Choose LED lights that don’t need an inverter, as some LED lights require an inverter, to convert the power to 12 volts. These systems can typically be more expensive than LEDs lights.

Replace Fluorescent Lights with LED Lighting in Parking Lot

Reduce Operational Costs

Because LED lights use less energy, they reduce parking operating costs. Fluorescents and halogen lights use more than 80 per cent more power than LED lights, so the replacement can save a lot of money over the life of the light.

Moreover, these savings add up year after year, for a long time period after the initial installation, as LED lights tend to last longer than fluorescents and halogen lights.

Achieve Even Illumination

LED lights provide smooth, even illumination due to their narrow beam angle, and are therefore the most efficient choice in parking areas where lighting and safety are a top priority.

Increase Visibility

LED lights are also much brighter than their halogen and fluorescent lighting alternatives. Simply replacing traditional lights with LED ones will make the parking space brighter, and will make your customers happieras they’ll be able to see clearly and reduce accidents in the parking lot

Increase Safety and Security

LED lights minimize glare, improve visibility and use less power than other types of lights. They also produce less heat, making them safer and more convenient for customers and staff.

LED lighting is proven to be more effective at keeping intruders at bay than traditional lighting, due to its brighter lights and wider coverage, making it easier to see and spot trespassers.

Additionally, LED lights are effective at deterring crime at night. While traditional lighting tends to fade with distance, LED lights emit a visible glow even over long distances, making the property clearly visible to homeowners and potential criminals.

Improve Appearance

By upgrading your parking lot lighting, you’re not only improving safety, but you’re also improving the aesthetic appeal of your parking lot. Lighting can significantly affect the appearance of your parking lot, making it look more attractive to your customers.

Lower Utility Costs

Upgrading your parking lot lighting can save a lot of money on your utility bills. Traditional parking lot lighting systems typically require a large amount of energy. However, upgrading your parking lot lighting to an LED system can give your parking lot a more energy-efficient lighting solution and helps reduce the cost of your utility bills.

Lower Maintenance

LED lights require minimal maintenance. They last up to 50,000 hours, or almost 20 years, so you won’t have to replace them as often as other types of lights.

Attract New Customers.

When customers enter your parking lot, the first thing they see is exterior lighting. Many studies have shown that people are more likely to enter businesses with well-lit exteriors.

Having well-lit parking lots makes your business visible to people passing by, and builds a positive image about your business. Having a well illuminated building makes your business look professional and inviting.

Increase Revenues.

Studies show that businesses with well-lit exteriors generate more revenue than those with poor lighting as customers prefer to park in well lit areas.

When customers feel safe, they feel valued and relaxed and are more likely to spend money. Having well-lit parking lots also encourages customers to park in less crowded areas, increasing revenues by as much as 30 percent.

Increase Parking Capacity

A well-lit parking lot highlights all the available parking spaces in the lot and allows customers to more easily move around and find a space for their car. This helps your business take advantage of the entire parking space allocated.

Introduce Versatility in Design

LED lights come in various shapes and sizes, and unlike traditional lights with standard and rigid types, this increased variety offers several options for aesthetically illuminating your parking space to make it stand out.

All these benefits make LED lights the best option for your parking space, reducing energy and costs, improving safety and efficiency, increasing your customer base and protecting the environment.

So, what are you waiting for?

Install LED lights in your car park now.

LED batten light fittings are one of the most promising lighting choices that you should consider for your car Park light. If your car Park is installed with outdated lighting options such as fluorescent, halogen or incandescent lights, the time to upgrade is now.

Although these traditional light fittings might be the cheapest options in the market, they have a short lifespan and consume a lot of power. LED batten lights can provide the same or in some cases more light than fluorescent light and save you extra money due to their power consumption.

LED Batten Lighting For Car Park Lighting?

LED technology batten lights eliminate the need to utilize harmful elements such as mercury and neon in lights. Instead of tubes, these lighting choices use surface-mounted diode (SMD) chips, making them high-performance upgrades to the outdated fluorescent tubes. These tube lights are fast replacing fluorescent in many places because of their durability and high energy-saving feature.

Why You Should Use LED Batten Light?

Illuminating your car Park can make it safe for people to see each other, road markings, and other objects. Although you may use fluorescent tubes and alternative tube fittings because of their cheap prices, they are dull.

We recommend using LED batten lights, which come with numerous advantages, from being durable, brighter and extremely energy efficient. It’s time to upgrade your car Park to LED. LED batten lighting is vastly becoming the most common form of lighting in a car park for the following reasons.

Energy Saving

An LED batten light consumes far less energy compared to most of the other lighting choices such as fluorescent tubes. LED will consume less than half of the energy used by a fluorescent light to produce the same light output. Your energy costs will drop when you install LED lighting in your carpark.

Additionally, some LED batten lights to come with a built-in sensor. A slight movement easily triggers the sensors. You won’t have to worry about power wastage when you install this system in your carpark as they are very good at sensor lighting. Besides, the sensors have a wider and greater detection range that can make your carpark safer at night.


LED batten lights don’t flicker like fluorescent lights, which also take some time to reach full power. LED lights are instant and immediately reach full power when you turn them on. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best sensor lighting option, you should consider LED.

Produces Less Heat

If you’re looking for a lighting option that emits less heat, you should try LED batten lights. LEDs convert 90% of the energy to light. LEDs produce less heat than even halogen or fluorescent tubes, so they don’t get hot like the latter.

No Mercury

LED batten lights don’t use mercury or neon-like in the fluorescent tubes. There’s no risk of exposure to heavy metals when you use LED light in your carpark. Plus, no special treatment is necessary during the disposal of LED lights as it doesn’t have toxic waste.

Easy to Place

Batten light features a wide beam angle. You can fix them anywhere in the carpark as long as the place is raised. Since they are super-bright, you can fix them on walls and even ceiling and receive enough lighting in your carpark.


Get all your old fluorescent tubes changed to LED and receive unlimited downlights replaced per project at no cost.

Save on your energy bill with a discounted LED lighting upgrade for small businesses in NSW.

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