LED Batten Lights – Why And Where To Use LED Batten Fixtures?

LED Batten Lights – Why And Where To Use LED Batten Fixtures?

Last updated on December 20, 2023

What Is A LED Batten Light? 

LED Batten Lights are modern types of fixtures similar to fluorescent tubes. They are a fashionable commercial light unit that is highly applicable for commercial spaces such as parking lots, shopping malls, offices, etc.

Batten lights are popular LED lighting devices that save a considerable amount of energy compared to other conventional light fixtures.

Unlike conventional lights, batten lights provide a stylish look and a decent saving on energy consumption, they bring a significant improvement over conventional lighting fixtures.

With more widely available information that fluorescent lights can be harmful and even hazardous to human health, more people are switching to led batten lights.  


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    How Do LED Batten Light Differ From Conventional Tube Lights?

    led batten light vs fluorescent tubes comparison chart

    Despite the high energy consumption and considerable maintenance costs, fluorescent tubes are still used in many commercial and residential applications, specifically as they have been staple fixtures for a very long time, before the introduction of LED Batten Lights.

    LED lights are a new and improved technology and offer huge savings on energy consumption and cost compared to fluorescent lighting fixtures.

    In terms of efficiency, maintenance, energy-saving and longevity, LED lights have a significant advantage over fluorescent lighting and in a short period of time, they gained widespread adoption in both commercial and residential spaces.

    Below is a comparison of the major feature differences between the two types, based on functional and aesthetic properties.

    Power consumption

    LED Batten lights use between 25%-80% less energy than traditional incandescents which translates into major energy and money savings.

    energy comparison chart
    LEDs vs incandescent lights energy consumption comparison

    Cost friendliness

    On average, the cost of an LED batten light is less than half the cost of a conventional tube light, and the use of LED lights leads to a significant drop in electricity bills.


    LED lights can have up to 4 times longer lifespans than traditional tube lights.


    Another shortcoming of conventional tube lights is the deterioration of their brightness over time with fading away of some of its parts, most especially the choke., whereas LED lights maintain their original brightness levels over their entire lifetime.

    Heat production

    Conventional tube lights often emit high quantities of heat due to their method of operation. LED batten lights, on the other hand, produce a very minimal amount of heat and the probability to burn out any part is very unlikely.

    LED Batten Light Vs. fluorescent tubes (Feature Comparison)

    FeaturesLED Batten LightsFluorescent Tube Lights
    Life DurationUp to 50,000 hoursUp to 20,000 hours
    Energy ConsumptionVery Low ( More than 50% savingHigh
    VisibilityHigh(up to 100+ lm/wLow
    Colour OptionsVariousLimited
    Startup DelayNoYes, start with a delay
    Dimmable optionAvailableNot available
    HeatLowHigh heat
    Toxic ChemicalNoYes (Mercury and phosphorous)
    UV RadiationNoYes

    What Are LED Batten Lights Best Used For?

    High Ceiling  

    LED batten light can be used in the high ceiling. This is because it has a brightness that can be useful in places with heights of over 26 feet.

    Batten lights are more robust and efficient; hence when you use a batten light, you’re capable of using a small number of light fixtures. You will not be required to have many lights fitting to have the brightness you desire. So, it is cost-efficient.

    Also, the attachment of batten light is more potent. Thus, it is safe since the fitting of less effective light on a high ceiling can be dangerous.

    Large Space

    You can also use batten lights in ample space. It carries the brightness of 5 times to the traditional lights. So, the batten light can be an excellent option for vast spaces that require a lot of light fitting.

    The brightness of the light can fulfill your need. Points to note are that; the brightness of the batten light is not enough on its own; it needs a good fixation of the bulb to ensure it lights according to the user’s need.

    Uniform Lights need

    Having the uniform light can be helpful in the accomplishment of different activities. This includes industrial use, personal use, and business use. So, a uniform illumination can be of use to the user according to a different service.

    For example, suppose it is for industrial use. When there is enough brightness to avoid the darkness, it will be easy for the employees to accomplish their tasks. Besides, it helps to avoid accidents in the working place.

    The LED batten light can be a good option since it carries the same brightness and emits the illumination hemispherically.

    Five Best Ways To Use LED Batten Lights

    Batten lights can be expensive comparatively, but they can be 3 to 4 times more efficient than other lights. Let’s see how you can use LED batten lights to make the most of it. 

    1. To light spaces in warehouse

    LED batten lights in a warehouse

    A warehouse is a place where the goods or products are stored before they are distributed. LED batten lights can be the best lighting source for a warehouse due to the following reasons.

    Warehouses need equal lighting 

     Warehouses have a lot of products which results in the blockage of the lights. Hence, it requires the presence of illumination which will be helpful in the visibility of the products. 

    Also, it has tall shelves which require the installation of the lights on the top part of the ceiling board.

    High Visibility

    With better visibility, it will be easy to notice the products that are moved frequently.

    Having a warehouse with enough visibility makes it easier for the employees working in that place hence; LED batten light is the best option for that.

    Fire hazard 

    Fire is a great threat to the warehouse which sometimes can be caused by the lighting equipment. Hence, the use of the LED batten light can be advantageous.

    Low Expense

    Working in a warehouse can be very costly since there are a lot of activities that are being carried out inside. 

    Using a LED batten light is cost-friendly. Their energy consumption is low as well as the maintenance is not as often compared to other alternatives.

    2. To highlight spaces in retail stores

    Retail stores are a favorite to people and everyone is excited to shop in them. One can find almost everything that he or she is looking for.

    LED batten lights are a must-have material in a retail store due to the following reasons:

    Highlight products

    Customers usually visit a retail store to look at the materials or products that they are interested in. 

    LED batten lights in malls

    They may buy at that exact time or might have visited the store to explore. They might have come to check the price before they come back to actually purchase the product.

    It is known that in every shop, there are products that are more preferable and lovable by the customers compared to other products.

     Therefore, the LED batten light when spaced properly can be very helpful in highlighting the areas that have products that are known to be preferred by a high number of customers.

    Retail stores are open for longer hours

    Retail stores are usually open for hours, which means that the lighting of retail stores usually lights for long hours.

    Lighting consumes a lot of energy, therefore, leading to an increase in electricity consumption which in turn increases electricity expenses for the store’s owners. 

    LED batten lights are energy-efficient, that is they utilize a considerable amount of energy that is reasonable compared to the use of other lighting choices. LED batten light can be bright without using a lot of electricity.

    Fulfilment of the customer’s needs

    For any shop to succeed, thrive, and be great it needs support, total cooperation, and acceptance from its customers. 

    The more the customers are happy the more the business grows. The lighting of the stores is one of the important parts that will influence the positive shopping experience of the clients within the store.

    One may ask how the lighting of a store influences the happy shopping experience of the customer. 

    Well, lighting attracts the attention of the customers when there is the right combination of bright and dim lights within the store. 

    Now, guess what? LED batten lights can be dimmed for various effects. 

    Therefore, creating a space for the right light mood at the right time without distracting the shopping experience of the customers with problems of inappropriate lighting such as too much lighting or too low lighting.

    Imagine a customer is in the process of selecting products that she or he wants to buy and out of the blue the light goes off, SAD RIGHT!? 

    The customer will be disappointed and may even decide that she or he won’t be purchasing the products anymore and you can’t blame them. 

    With LED batten lights one can be sure that they won’t face any lighting problems as they are durable and can be used for a longer period and can withstand harsh conditions better compared to other lighting materials.

    3. To provides safe lighting in industrial areas

    One among the things that industrial workers are not to be worried about is the lighting conditions of the industrial area. 

    LED batten lights in industrial areas

    The lighting conditions determine the production capacity of the industrial workers. Better lighting conditions influence a high level of production and vice versa for the poor lighting conditions. 

    LED high bay lights provide the best and the right lighting choices that are reliable, durable, and can handle the demands of the industrial activities that are going on at the place.

    LED batten lights effect can be controlled to suit the situation at hand, the LED batten light can be controlled to be too bright or too low or any other effect depending on the activity that is being carried out within the industrial facilities at that particular moment. 

    The LED batten lights are the lighting choices that should be in industrial facilities due to the following advantageous effects that they have:

    Efficiency and Productivity

    High visibility within industrial facilities is necessary as the production level is dependent on that. 

    The lighting choices within the industrial areas determine the level of visibility available within the industrial area, workers carry out their activities faster and quickly when the lighting makes it easier for them to move and see. 

    The LED batten lights provide bright light that smoothens the movement of the industrial workers from one place to another when they are carrying out their day-to-day responsibilities.

    Long operating hours 

    Within the industrial facilities workers work within shifts therefore the industries are on a duty call 24/7 the whole day. 

    This is because the production cannot stop therefore workers are always operating within the industries to ensure that the targeted production is attained within the specific period and that products are always available when needed.

    The LED batten lights are cost-efficient as they do not use too much energy compared to other lighting choices, therefore industries should use these LED batten lights to avoid incurring costly use of electricity.

    Not only should industries use LED batten lights because of their cost-efficient nature but they are also durable and can be relied upon as they do not burn even after being used within longer periods.


    The safety of the workers is a crucial part of industrial growth and success. 

    It is a major concern within the industrial facilities, a matter that should be treated with all seriousness and necessary measures and precautions should be kept in place to ensure that there is a high level of safety within the industrial areas.

    Within the industrial area, the use of the best lighting choices is necessary to allow maximum visibility that will facilitate the easy movement of materials and products from one place to another. 

    Creating an environment that will keep accidents, harm, and injuries from happening due to lack of visibility.

    The LED batten lights are very bright and this helps in eliminating darkness as the LED batten lights can be fixed in areas that other lighting choices can’t reach.

    The right choice for manufacturing conditions

    Industrial facilities are hot in nature due to the production process that is being carried out within them.

    Machines and equipment that are being used within the industrial facilities emit a lot of heat that can lead to erosion of the equipment and materials that are easily affected by the rise in temperature.

    The good news is that the LED batten lights are durable as they can stand harsh conditions such as rises in temperature. 

    They can last longer within harsh conditions compared to other types of lighting materials. This will save the industrial workers the trouble of replacing now and then lighting tubes.

    4. To provide functionalities in loading bay areas

    Loading-bay areas are usually very busy as products and materials are being moved from one place to another daily from the vehicles to the facility and from the industrial areas to the transportations vehicles. 

    High visibility is crucial for the easy movement of products and materials from the loading bay areas to the required transportations vehicles and vice versa to save time as well as to carry out the necessary tasks effectively.

    The LED batten lights are the ideal lighting choices that industrial areas should opt for to be used within the loading bay areas because:

    Highly diverse tasks

    The loading bay areas carry out several activities such as inspection, packing, logistics, transportation, and receiving of materials and products. 

    For these activities to be performed without distractions or disturbance proper lighting is needed. That’s when the LED batten lights come in and save the day. 

    They are known to have the quality of meeting the lighting needs of a specific task.

    Visibility for transport vehicles

    For vehicles to move easily from one place to another safely and efficiently, loading bay areas need enough light that will enhance high visibility. 

    The LED batten lights provide enough illumination that will enhance easy pickups and deliveries of materials and products from one place to another.

    In the loading bay area’s day and night safely minimizes the number of accidents and injuries that may have happened due to lack of visibility.

    Uniformed lighting

    Ever gone to a place and observed that other areas have maximum visibility compared to others? 

    Is the light of that area is brighter compared to the other? Do you want to have equal lighting in all areas? 

    Here is the solution, when you choose to use LED batten lights you will experience equal lighting on all the areas regardless of the environment differentiating one area from the other.

    The LED batten lights will ensure that the loading bay areas are provided with equal lighting and smoothening the unloading and loading of materials and products.

    5. To make sporting events clear and clearer

    Even industrial workers need to refresh and enjoy themselves so as they can relax and wear out the tiredness that they have experienced as a result of the daily to daily activities.

    Games such as basketball, volleyball, football, swimming, jumping, etc. can be used to refresh the minds of the workers and keep them sane to tackle their responsibilities effectively.

    For the games and recreational activities to be fun high visibility is required and the only lighting fixtures that can provide high visibility consistently and equally are the LED batten lights. 

    This is why they are the best to go-to lighting choices for outdoor or indoor recreational activities:

    Enhance the gaming experience

    Is it true that lights can affect the experience of a game? The answer is YES! Lights play an important role in ensuring that the players, as well as the audience, are having fun during the games and sporting activities. 

    Now, one may ask how is it possible that lights have a role to play in the gaming experience? 

    This is the answer; lights enhance visibility for games as no game can be played during the dark. 

    Imagine you are in a football stadium at night and there is darkness everywhere, will it be possible for the players and the spectators to enjoy the game? NO RIGHT!? 

    Light is necessary for visibility during the gaming experiences and luckily LED batten lights are the best lighting fixtures as their light is bright and distributes itself equally all over the place.

    Set the right atmosphere

    LED batten lights can be controlled to suit the need of a specific type of light depending on the situation at hand. In each situation a certain effect of lighting is required; this is also the situation within the gaming events. 

    For every gaming event, a specific light effect is required to attract the attention of the players as well as of the spectators.

    For example, in boxing, there has to be bright, focused lighting that will enable both the boxers and the spectators to see each and everything that is going on for them to enjoy the game. 

    A safe place for movement

    LED batten lights are the perfect choices when safety is considered within the gaming events. For players to avoid accidents and injuries while on the field playing they need to see each other properly. 

    This is where LED batten lights come into the picture.

    High visibility is a necessity for the spectators also. They should be to move easily from one place to another without hitting, stepping on one another in any way.

     LED batten lights will also provide visibility for the security personnel to observe the safety and security of each and everyone during the gaming events.

    6 Reasons to Use LED Batten Lights

    • They are more eco friendly compared to traditional fluorescent lights and consume less energy helping you save up to 80% of your electricity bill.
    • They do not heat up and do not emit ultraviolet emissions, unlike old fluorescent tube lights.
    • LED lights do not produce harmful radiation, waves or any kind of buzzing sound. This avoids irritating noises within spaces and maintains relaxed interiors, increasing productivity.
    • They have a higher light output and up to 90% longer lifespan compared to fluorescent tubes
    • They are environmentally friendly as they do not contain any harmful gases or any kind of toxic elements.
    • They are lightweight and have a sleek design with almost zero maintenance cost.

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    Where Can You Use LED Batten Lights?

    They are linear fixtures that are usually installed surface-mounted on surfaces.

    A LED batten light simply means a batten fitting or fixture that is fused with light-emitting diodes as its light source and can be installed either indoor or outdoor.

    They are energy-efficient, don’t cause harm to the environment, produce low heat, are maintenance-free and are very sturdy when compared to fluorescent tube lights.

    With advanced LED technology, LED batten lights are used to light up public spaces or areas and are a perfect replacement for their fluorescent counterparts.

    9 practical applications of LED Batten fixtures

    LED Batten lights can be used for domestic and commercial purposes. Batten lights are more effective for illuminating the following area types:

    1. parking slot
    2. hospital
    3. garage
    4. factories
    5. kitchen
    6. office
    7. factories
    8. workshop
    9. warehouse
    Batten light in parking slot

    Commercial set-ups and residential buildings often feature vast parking areas; however, the element of safety can’t be fully integrated unless proper lighting systems are used.

    In such cases, LED batten lights provide excellent illumination while aiding surveillance cameras in doing their bit.

    Batten light in offices

    Several studies have reported that LED lights increase human productivity. This can prove to be a boon if applied to offices and other work environments, making LED batten lights a must-have fixture.

    Apart from setting the right ambiance, these fixtures can bring down any corporate establishment’s maintenance costs significantly.

    Batten light in Garage

    If a flicker-free, well-lit and efficient lighting system is your target for your garage, then LED batten lights might put forth the most convenient answer.

    Whether you park your prized motors in the garage or it serves as a workshop, LED battens can enhance the whole experience while making it eco-friendly.

    Batten light in warehouse

    A warehouse stands quite apart from other spaces that employ LED batten lights. The whole space encompasses huge floors, elevated ceilings, and, in many cases, a lack of proper natural lighting.

    This brings the LED batten lights in the picture, with their host of benefits involving costs and efficiency.

    What are the different types of Batten lights?

    There are various types of LED Batten lights available in the market. The Slimline, Standard and Wide LED Batten lights are some of the most commonly used ones. Some types include:

    • The Slimline Series
    • The Uni Emergency
    • The Uni IP20
    • The Slimline Series
    • The Weatherproof Series


    Weatherproof batten fixtures

    This type of LED battens is also called the weatherproof or anti-corrosive batten type.

    They do not absorb water or moisture and are dustproof, making them great solutions to use in garages, car parks, warehouses, outdoors, and other commercial applications.


    Slimline batten fixtures

    Slimline LED batten light has a lightweight aluminium body with a polycarbonate opal diffuser. It contains an in-built irreplaceable led lamp energy class A+.

    Its average life is 25000 hours or approximately 1041 days with a colour temperature of 4000K.

    It can be easily installed, with a simple cable entry and respective mounting clips.


    This led batten light is usually applied in commercial places like car parks, garages, workshops, schools, and hospitals.


    Wide angle batten fixutres

    These batten lights are usually used in offices and company spaces.

    Are LED Batten lights energy efficient?

    Yes! LED Battens are massively energy-efficient and high performing eco-friendly lighting fixtures and they significantly reduce energy consumption. Unlike conventional tube lights, LED batten lights don’t use mercury, and ultimately produce less heat and consume less electricity.

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    What factors should you consider while buying a Batten light?

    Offering bright light outputs and wide beam angles, LED Batten lights are very practical lights for storage spaces, car parking, garages and workshop areas.

    Batten lights offer a lot of advantages over the traditional fluorescent tube lights, on condition they are procured and installed with proper consideration for specific features:

    IP rating:

    The IP rating indicates if the light is suitable for indoor use, wet areas use or outdoor use.

    Integrated LED:

    Make sure to buy an integrated LED batten and not an LED tube battens as it is much more streamlined and practical to use.


    There are various batten types and sizes available on the market and due attention must be given to ensure buying standards and easily available types. In general, LED batten lights are available in 2 feet and 4 feet sizes.

    Colour temperature:

    Select the exact colour temperature. Depending on the area of application, the colour temperature may vary. A colour temperature between 3000k and 4000k can give a softer and warmer ambience, while in locations like garages or workshops, a livid 5000k colour temperature will be more appropriate.

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    Things to consider while buying LED batten

    How to wire led batten lights

    This section will cover the basic methods to wire an LED batten light in a simple, basic and clear manner.

    Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to wire a LED batten light.

    • Switch off the power supply.
    • Read the installation manual sheet carefully and get familiar with the luminaire and installation process.
    • Detach the upper part from the lower part by pulling them apart from one end. The cable between the upper part and base part can be disconnected for ease of installation.
    • Determine where you wish to place the led batten and mark the fixing points where the led batten will be fixed. If you are making use of a surface conduit box, please make sure the boxes are of 600mm dimensions.
    • Drill and secure the main body/base in place, dressing the supply cable through either of the three rear entry points or end caps.
    • Connect the mains wiring as indicated in the guide below:

    Brown (L) Live, Blue (N) Neutral, and Green/Yellow (G/Y) Earth.

    • Fix the LED tray and connect the two support straps to the tabs on the main body.
    • Connect the led supply wire and earth connections, then snap the LED plate onto the main body, making sure that it is properly located along the whole length without trapping any cables.
    • Activate and switch on the power supply to test the luminaire.

    Alternatively, you can get your light fixed by a Certified Professional

    How to change the light in led batten

    This is a step-by-step guide to changing the batten light. Follow the process step by step.

    Step 1: Disconnect the led batten light from its source of electricity.

    Please note that it is extremely dangerous to attempt changing the light in the batten without disconnecting the power supply as it might place you at a high risk of electrical shock.

    Step 2: Look out for the ballast and expunge them.

    If the fitting has an electronic ballast, you have to get rid of it so as to prevent damage to the LED tube. Sever or cut the wires from the ballast unit and expunge the unit, connect the loose wires to create a circuit. Ensure the connections are secure and insulated.

    If the fixture and the tube have a magnetic ballast, it either needs to be removed or bypassed entirely.

    Step 3: Connect the new light tube carefully.

    Carefully and gently connect your new LED tube to the fixture. On one end of the tube, there is a live connection while at the other end is a neutral connection.

    Make sure the wires are connected to the appropriate ends, otherwise connecting the live and neutral to one end of the LED tube will cause a short circuit.

    Step 4: Reconnect the source of the power supply.

    Before doing this, make sure all the steps above have been carefully followed, with no wires left loose.

    Switch on the light and check if the luminaire is functioning and operating properly.

    The LED tube should not flicker or make a buzzing sound. If this is the case, disconnect the light from the electricity supply and go through the steps again.

    Step 5: Properly discard the old tubes.

    Some of the best selection of LED Batten lights

    IP65 Weatherproof LED Batten with Sensor Teknik

    [ENDURO] IP65 Weatherproof LED Batten with Sensor Teknik

    The [ENDURO] is built with premium-grade materials, making it one of the most durable weatherproof LED battens on the market. The [ENDURO] features a large terminal block, heavy-duty stainless steel clips and multiple knockouts for side and rear cable entry to ensure a smooth installation.

    Uni IP20 Batten Series with Sensor Emerald Planet

    Uni IP20 Batten Series with Sensor Emerald Planet

    The Uni IP20 Batten Series is built for delivering ease of installation with high efficiency.

    The Tri-Colour Batten gives you the flexibility to match existing lighting colours and provide your customers with additional options using its switch controlled colour temperature features.

    Shift IP20 Diffused LED Batten Teknik

    [CORSAIR] Shift IP20 Diffused LED Batten Teknik

    The [CORSAIR] LED batten features a quick-fit design for simple installation. Built with a robust metal body, the [CORSAIR] comes standard as tri-colour and wattage selectable. This versatile fitting is also available in sensor and emergency versions

    Slimline Batten by Emerald Planet

    Slimline Batten by Emerald Planet

    The Slimline Series LED Batten is unique and compact. It is an excellent surface-mounted, complete LED upgrade to replace fluorescent battens. Combining its low-profile design and broad beam angle, the Slimline LED Batten is a bright, modern, efficient lighting solution with an elegant, minimalistic design.


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