Do Solar Panels Work at Night?

Do Solar Panels Work at Night?

Last updated on October 5, 2023

So, you’re thinking of going solar but have some lingering questions about how it all works. A common one is whether solar panels can generate power at night. After all, if the sun isn’t shining, how can they possibly produce energy, right?

The short answer is no, solar panels do not work at night as they require sunlight to function.

But that doesn’t mean a solar system shuts off completely after dark. Here’s how it all works and what you can expect from a solar system day and night.

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    Why Don’t Solar Panels Work at Night?

    Solar panels require sunlight to generate energy, so they don’t work at night when it’s dark.

    The reason is that solar panels contain photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity.

    When photons of light strike the cells, they excite the electrons in the material and generate voltage. Therefore, no light means no voltage generated.

    At night, when the sun is down and not emitting any photons, this photovoltaic effect can’t take place. Thus, panels go into standby mode until the sun comes up again the next morning.

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    Energy Storage Solutions

    In order to make use of solar energy at night, you’ll need a storage system like batteries to save excess energy generated during the day.

    Many homeowners install battery banks that charge when the sun is shining and discharge at night to power critical loads.

    The most common types of batteries for home solar storage are:

    ➜ Lead-acid batteries – Inexpensive but don’t last long

    ➜ Lithium-ion batteries – More expensive up front but have a longer lifespan

    ➜ Saltwater batteries – An eco-friendly option that uses saltwater electrolytes

    Using a battery backup system with your solar panels allows you to go off-grid and have power overnight and during grid outages. The amount of storage you need depends on how much energy you use at night.

    While solar panels themselves don’t generate energy in the dark, you can still enjoy the benefits of solar 24 hours a day with the right energy storage solution.

    The technology for solar batteries and other storage options is improving all the time, making it more affordable and efficient to go solar.

    Options for Storing Solar Energy for Nighttime Use

    The sun may set at night, but your solar panels can still provide power if you have the right storage solutions. For this purpose, you can consider any of the following options:


    Rechargeable batteries are the most common way to store solar energy for later use when the sun isn’t shining. As your solar panels generate electricity during the day, any excess energy can be used to charge a bank of batteries.

    Then, at night, the charged batteries can be used to power your home. Deep-cycle lead-acid batteries are frequently used for solar energy storage. Lithium-ion batteries, like those found in electric vehicles, are also becoming more popular as their costs decrease.


    You can use a generator as a backup to provide power at night when your solar panels and batteries are not producing or storing enough energy.

    Generators burn fuels like propane, natural gas or diesel to generate electricity.

    Using a generator occasionally to supplement your solar and battery storage system can give you peace of mind that you won’t run out of electric power, and it’s still more environmentally friendly than relying completely on a generator

    Grid-Tied System

    If you have a grid-tied solar system, any excess solar power your panels generate during the day is fed back to the utility grid.

    Alternatively, when your solar panels aren’t generating electrical energy at night, you can draw power from the grid as needed.

    Using this option, you can avoid the additional costs of installing a full battery bank. However, you will be reliant on your utility for power at night, so if the grid goes down for any reason at night, so will your power.


    There you have it, “No” is the answer to the common question of whether solar panels work at night.

    While the sun is shining during the day, solar panels efficiently convert sunlight into electricity that powers your home.

    But once the sun sets, they power down for the night since there is no light source to draw energy from. If it is essential for you to have power 24/7, you’ll need an energy storage system like batteries to store excess energy generated during the day so it can be used at night.


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