30 Best Kitchen Lighting Ideas in 2023

30 Best Kitchen Lighting Ideas in 2023

Last updated on November 9, 2023

Looking to brighten up your kitchen? Check out these creative ideas for kitchen lights! From pendant lights to under-cabinet lighting, there are plenty of options to enhance the functionality and style of your kitchen. Discover the latest trends and find inspiration for your next kitchen lighting project.

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home and it’s important that it’s well-lit for both practical and aesthetic purposes. Good lighting can help create a warm and inviting atmosphere, as well as enhance the design and décor of the space.

It’s also crucial for cooking and food preparation, so it’s important to consider the different types of lighting that are needed to achieve the desired result.


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    Pendant Lights

    pendant light for kitchen

    A pendant light is a simple and inexpensive lighting solution that can create a beautiful atmosphere in the kitchen. It is particularly good for lighting a small area or the back of a counter, as it doesn’t require fixtures with complex wiring or fittings, which means minimal disruption to the kitchen.

    There are lots of different styles of pendant lights, with simple and contemporary designs being particularly popular. They can be placed over the sink or a small table, to create a warm and inviting lighting effect.

    Modern Star-Shaped Kitchen Pendant 

    Ceiling Lights

    Ceiling lights are a great way to illuminate large areas, especially in the kitchen where there are usually several appliances that need to be turned on simultaneously.

    They distribute light evenly and have a more elegant design than other types of lights, so they can add a touch of style and glamour to your kitchen while also helping you prepare food.



    Chandeliers are a great way to add luxurious style to your kitchen, and there is a wide range of different types of chandeliers available, with crystal and glass shades being extremely popular.

    The light that they emit can be softened by the shade which reduces glare and makes it more suitable for dining areas where you might want a softer, more romantic atmosphere. They can be easily provide more brightness by removing some or all the shades, so you can create a variety of different effects.

    Wall Lights

    wall light for kitchen

    Wall lights are ideal for lighting dark areas in the kitchen such as under wall cupboards or above islands or benches where you might want to cook or prepare food. They can hang from a ceiling or be placed on the wall and can be used to light whole areas of the kitchen, so they are ideal for creating a glow.

    LED Bulbs

    LED lights can provide bright, clean illumination that is both efficient and durable. They use much less power than other forms of lighting, ultimately saving you money on your electricity bill and are more environmentally friendly than traditional bulbs.

    Also known as Light Emitting Diodes, these bulbs only emit light when they’re switched on and so they will not create any heat whatsoever. They are known for their durability so they are unlikely to break or burn out, which makes them ideal for long term use.

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    Floor Lights

    floor light for kitchen

    Floor lights can be used in a variety of ways to light up specific areas in the kitchen, whether it’s along a countertop or island, under the sink or over a table.

    Ceiling lights usually don’t provide enough light in these areas. Floor lights can enhance the illumination to make the kitchen space feel welcoming and relaxing.

    Under Cabinet Lights

    under cabinet light

    Under cabinet lighting is a great way to make your kitchen look stylish, whilst also providing some illumination to help with food preparation.

    This type of lighting is particularly good for under the sink and in the pantry, especially if you have nowhere else in the kitchen where you can place a light that won’t be in your way as you cook.

    Even something as simple as installing dimmer switches can help to enhance an under-cabinet light and create an even atmosphere throughout your kitchen.

    Recessed Lighting

    Recessed lighting is another way to make your kitchen look stylish while providing ample light for food preparation, cooking and general tasks.

    It can be installed in the ceiling, as a pendant or recessed down lights, and even offers illumination throughout the room. If used correctly, it can create a relaxed atmosphere without being too bright or glaring.

    The Benefits Of Recessed Lighting(Downlights) In Residential Settings

    Track lights

    track light for kitchen

    Track lights are ideal for illuminating specific areas of your kitchen, such as over a kitchen island where you might want to store cooking utensils or prepare food. They provide an impressive amount of light making them perfect for use in large kitchens that have several work surfaces and can’t fit a large pendant light.

    Mirror Lights

    Mirror lights are a great way to add an appealing glow to the kitchen and can be used to enhance a variety of different styles. They can be installed over the sink or just under a skylight for the ceiling to create an even light that illuminates the room.

    There are also mirror lights that have LED integrated into them. They can be installed in different places around your kitchen without the need to worry about changing bulbs or having children and animals coming near them.

    Insanity Bulbs

    Insanity bulbs are a fun way to add an exciting eye-catching light to the kitchen, while also providing a sense of fun and style. They are made of clear glass and are shaped like a light bulb, with a string hanging down from the base of the bulb which can be plugged in wherever you like.

    As such, they can be placed anywhere in your kitchen, even over your dining table, and will help to create an interesting splash of colour while also contributing to the lighting in areas where standard lighting might not reach effectively.


    flood light for kitchen

    Floodlights are the most powerful type of kitchen lighting, and they are essential when cooking, preparing food or cleaning. They can provide powerful illumination and generally have a very bright light that is very cold.

    They can be used to light up large kitchens and even those on an industrial scale like professional kitchens or commercial kitchens where several people are cooking or preparing food.

    They are very expensive and require a large space as well as requiring professionals for installation. They also consume a lot of energy, so they should be used in special cases and not on a regular basis.


    Halogen is a type of light that is most commonly used in kitchens and emits a very bright clear white light. It can be used as an overhead light or as a down light which will illuminate specific areas around the kitchen such as over the sink or stove.

    It is known for durability and long lifespan meaning that it can be used for many years without any problems or danger of breaking or burning out. It can create quite a lot of heat which makes it unsuitable for use in areas where food might get burnt by proximity to the bulb.


    LED lights have a longer lifespan than halogen bulbs, and they are also less likely to cause damage or burn food due to their low heat output. They will not break or burn out and so can be used in regions where heat is a concern, or in homes with children and pets.

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    Fluorescent lighting is ideal for lighting up the corners of cabinets, cupboards, and drawers, as well as the floor of the kitchen to provide illumination in darker areas. It can be used as an illuminating light for small spaces, but when used over areas that are already surrounded by light, it appears very dim and doesn’t give off much illumination.

    Ceiling Spotlight

    Ceiling spots are designed to light up specific areas of the kitchen, such as over tables used for eating or cooking. They can be used together with other types of lighting to create the overall ambiance. However, they give off very little light and don’t create a cosy atmosphere so are more suited to an office or workspace than a home.


    spotlight in the kitchen

    Spotlights are like ceiling spots but come with their own stand and plate, allowing them to be moved around wherever needed without drilling any holes in your ceiling. They can then be directed towards any area you want them to illuminate and will provide the perfect amount of light wherever you need it. They are perfect for focusing light on specific areas.

    Countertop Lighting

    Countertops can be illuminated with a variety of different types of lighting, such as halogen or spotlights. They provide even illumination over the whole countertop and don’t need to be installed very high up so are ideal for kitchens where space is limited.

    They are hard wearing and durable, but don’t offer as much light as other forms of lighting and they cannot be moved or directed to a specific area as they need to be installed in a fixed position.

    Wall-mounted flex spotlights

    Wall-mounted flex spotlights are the most common type of flexible lighting installed in kitchens.

    They can be used to light up woodwork, cupboards, other cabinets or the countertop and they can be hung in many areas around the kitchen: above and below the sink, along the wall behind it or even over a wall-mounted cooker hood.

    They have a swivel head which allows them to rotate as needed and can be directed where you need them with ease, although they won’t provide as much illumination as other types of lighting.

    Interior Recessed Light

    Interior recessed lights are small and can be installed right on the wall where you would like them to light up. They provide a beautiful glow all around thanks to their soft diffused glass which will give off even illumination throughout the whole room, especially when combined with another type of light.

    They are energy efficient as well as being an excellent way to improve lighting in any room which is lacking illumination. They are particularly useful in small or dark areas of the kitchen because of their dimmable and dimming capabilities.

    Can Lights

    Can lights are used to provide soft white light. They can be suspended from the ceiling or placed under a cabinet and will illuminate any corner or place which is particularly dark and needs extra illumination.

    They provide a bright white glow which is perfect for general illumination and are the most common type of kitchen lighting. They are easy to install and cheap to buy, making them an ideal choice for anyone who doesn’t want to spend much money on lighting.

    Window Light

    A window light is one of the most romantic and natural forms of lighting that you can install in your kitchen, so long as it’s installed on a suitable window which isn’t very small. It will provide the perfect amount of illumination for any spot that needs it and can also be dimmed or turned off to suit your mood at the time.

    Wraparound LED Lighting

    Wraparound LED lighting is like large LED strip lights but with a much more subtle and elegant design and is an ideal replacement for usual kitchen lighting like track lighting or recessed lights. It can be used to light up the whole kitchen or specific areas of it, such as cooking areas and cupboards.


    downlight for kitchen

    Downlights can be installed anywhere in the kitchen to provide an even amount of light across the top of a range or oak island, and to add extra illumination to a dark area on the ground floor or in any corner of the room.

    The 7 Best Downlights | Reviews And Buying Guide

    They help to highlight all features and give off soft white light which will illuminate a whole area so that you can see exactly where you are going, especially when combined with other types of lighting.

    Under-Counter Spotlights

    Under-counter spotlights are the most common type of under counter lighting you will find in kitchens. They provide an even amount of light that is perfect for illuminating any part of a kitchen which is dark or needs more illumination.

    They can be dimmed or turned off, giving you the option to vary your lighting settings depending on what you are doing at the time. They provide bright and even illumination throughout the whole kitchen, making them ideal for just about any setting including professional kitchens and restaurants as well as homes.

    Wall Lights

    wall light for kitchen

    Wall lights are used for wall-mounted fixtures to provide excellent illumination to areas that need it and are a great alternative to other kitchen lighting options like track lighting and ceiling lights.

    wall light in the kitchen

    These lamps can be mounted on any part of your kitchen wall and look extremely stylish when combined with track lighting on the ceiling or even when used on their own. They are also energy efficient, so you don’t have to worry about them costing too much as they can be dimmed or turned off when not needed.

    Puck Lights

    Puck lights are another great type of light which can be used to illuminate parts of a kitchen, especially those that need extra lighting.

    They can be installed anywhere on the walls or even under a kitchen cabinet to provide an even illumination across the whole area thanks to their diffused glass shades. They can also be dimmed or turned off according to your needs, making them extremely versatile.

    Worktop Emergency Lights

    Worktop security lights can be used to replace any lights placed on the surface of a kitchen worktop, providing you with some extra light for food preparation and cooking tasks.

    They can be dimmed or turned off depending on your needs. They are also inexpensive to purchase, making them a great kitchen lighting option for anyone who doesn’t want to spend too much money.

    Motion Sensor Lights

    Motion sensor lights are a great form of lighting in the kitchen that automatically turns on and off through motion detection. They can be dimmed or turned off depending on how much light you need at any given time, so they are useful and versatile as well.

    They can be used to illuminate any area of your kitchen and will turn off whenever there is no movement in the room, giving you the opportunity to use them without wasting energy.

    Picture Lights

    Picture lights are a functional and stylish kitchen lighting solution and can be used to highlight specific areas of the kitchen, such as artwork, photographs, or other decorative elements.

    Picture lights are installed on the wall and can be used to illuminate the artwork or photograph, adding visual interest to the space. They come in a variety of styles and designs, including modern and traditional, and can be used to complement the overall design and décor of the kitchen.


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      As you can see, there are many different types of lighting that can be used to illuminate kitchens.

      You might need a combination of different types of light to achieve the décor and functionality you need in your kitchen. Therefore, you could use different forms of lighting to complement each other and provide proper illumination.

      The more types of lighting you have, the more practical and versatile your kitchen is going to be. There are many creative ways that you can mix and match lights and different styles of light so that they look beautiful working together in your kitchen.

      It’s important to get the right balance of lighting to achieve your coveted kitchen décor style as well as having optimal lighting for your different kitchen tasks.

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