The benefits of recessed lighting(Downlights) in residential settings

Last updated on February 22, 2022

Lighting fixture upgrades can have an amazing effect on your house, space ambiance, and overall mood.

A lighting fixture upgrade for the different rooms at home can have a great effect on the illumination levels, type of light, and visuals.

recessed lighting

A lot of people have a misconception that you only replace and update your lighting fixtures when moving into a new house, but that shouldn’t be the case.

A lighting fixture upgrade should not only be tied to a space renovation or house move, but it’s something to consider for its benefits and repercussions on your living experience.

So what type of lights should you consider for your renovation?

Recessed lightings are some of the best lighting fixtures for residential settings, but unfortunately, they have been highly underrated for residential spaces.

These types of fixtures are typically found in exotic restaurants, hotels, or conference spaces, so people generally avoid them when choosing lights for their homes.

However, during the past 10 years, recessed lighting has grown in popularity, as they make spaces appear larger than they are, which is the reason why they’re used so often in commercial spaces (hotels, restaurants, bars, cinemas, etc).

If you want to give your living space a wide and exotic look, consider recessed lighting fixtures.

This article highlights the major benefits of recessed lighting in residential settings and their effects and contributions to the space.

Why should you use recessed lighting in residential spaces?

1. Visual illusion

Recessed lightings are a great option for living spaces as it greatly improves the visual feel of a room. Installing recessed lighting at strategic points in your house makes the space appear larger than it is.

If you had the chance to visit a hotel, mall, or restaurant during its construction stage and again during its operational phase, you would have surely noticed the differences in the appearance of the space.

During construction, the individual rooms may seem small and littered with dirt. After the addition of lighting fixtures and the space’s completion, the room appears as though an extra space was added. 

Lights can play tricks on your mind, making it seem as if the spaces in these settings have expanded.

This same concept can be used for introducing amazing visual effects to your home. Recessed lights not only have the potential to make the room appear larger but can also give an exotic effect to the space.

Better yet, these benefits can be employed at home at a very acceptable budget, as recessed lighting fixtures are not as expensive as people assume they are.

Moreover, recessed lights are quite convenient, as they don’t hang from the ceiling or obstruct window views or internal space views.

2. Recessed lighting can save energy

This can be a major benefit, keeping in mind the different types of recessed light bulbs.

Conventional Incandescent light bulbs

A decade ago, these bulbs were found in almost every living or working space. Incandescent bulbs light up as a result of a flowing electric current through a thin filament wire, where only 10% of the current is converted to light.

The rest of the energy flowing dissipates as heat which increases the temperature of the space, making people quite uncomfortable. This is the major reason why this type of light fixture fell out of the market quickly.

recessed lighting

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Halogen light bulbs

This is another type of incandescent light bulb but includes a capsule that holds halogen gas in the internal filament. These types shine brighter and emit more heat, but live longer than conventional incandescent light bulbs.

Light Emitting Diode (LED)

This type of light fixture is one of the best innovations in lighting technology. Not only is it greatly energy-efficient but it also has a much longer lifetime and lasts longer than its counterparts.

These are the 2 main reasons why this type of light has been skyrocketing in popularity. LED lights are simply semiconductors that transmit light when an electric current flows through them.

As the world advances towards green and sustainable energy, statistics have shown that over 87% of the worldwide light sources will be LED by 2030.

If you’re considering different options for recessed lights for your home, LED lights are a definite type of choice.

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3. Perfect reflectors for wall washing

This is a misnomer as it has nothing to do with washing a wall or keeping it clean. It simply translates into a visual effect of recessed lighting fixtures that spreads the light effectively throughout the space, in a uniform flow of light.

Wall washers are a great feature to make the room appear larger than its normal size.

recessed lighting

When the light is cast from just one source, it spreads around that point effectively. Next, when placed in strategic and well-planned locations, it spreads around the room flawlessly.

If you plan to achieve a specific lighting effect, you can trim and adjust it with directional reflectors.

A directional reflector can be used to cast lights on a specific part of the wall. This highlights a special piece of art or gives a specific effect. A special directional reflector known as the Eyeball trim can accentuate a sloped ceiling effect.

What is wall washing, and why is it important?

Wall washing is a dynamic lighting technique that interacts with the space where the light fixtures are installed. The vertical lights have to be equidistant from each other and the wall.

As a general rule of thumb for recessed lights, the distance between the recessed lights is directly proportional to the height of the ceiling, so the higher the ceilings, the farther the lights are.

4. Recessed lighting is safer than hanging lights

Although generally safe and have been used for a long time to add design or a specific style to the space, hanging lights could become a safety issue in some cases.

Tall people could bump their heads into a hanging light fixture. Besides, if not installed and tied in properly, they could fall and injure residents.

Additionally, hanging light fixtures generally involve a lot of design and style work and effectively become expensive to install. They are typically difficult to clean, as they have intricate corners or are installed on high ceilings. 

Moreover, if they get damaged for any reason, hanging lights can be expensive to fix.

Recessed light fixtures on the other hand are smooth and flush with the ceiling. This makes them safer options to illuminate the space and far less prone to damage. They also offer significant savings on purchase and maintenance costs.

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