The Best Shower Lighting Fixtures | How To Pick The Perfect Shower Light

Last updated on December 12, 2023

Brilliant LED Slimline Vanity Light

$87.95 *the price may be different at the time of purchasing

Velocity2 Shower Light With Heater

$161 *the price may be different at the time of purchasing

Ventair Airbus Shower Light With Exhaust Fan

$229 *the price may be different at the time of purchasing

Fanforce Shower Light With Exhaust

$339 *the price may be different at the time of purchasing

Showers are no longer only a space to clean, the shower area has become an essential area to revitalize and boost one’s energy with elaborate decors and interiors. A dimly lit bathroom, or one that has improper lighting can turn the relaxing experience of taking a shower into a horrible one.

Shower lighting is an essential and practical aspect in the overall appearance of your bathroom. Adding extra bright lights within the shower space and installing in-shower lighting can further highlight the space and make it more approachable.

1. Fanforce Premium Shower Light With Exhaust

Fanforce Premium Shower Light With Exhaust
Fanforce Premium Shower Light With Exhaust
$399*the price may be different at the time of purchasing Buy Now Product Details

If you wish to make your bathroom area more appealing by introducing a minimalistic feature, , then the Whirlwind Bathroom 3-in-1 Heat, Light, Exhaust Fan is a great option for you. The Whirlwind dutifully satisfies your lighting requirements  with a 2 x 12W LED panel design that  can generate an individual output of 800 lumens, and a combined high output of up to 1900 lumens, which can ensure a great user experience in the bathroom and shower areas.  

Its dual color technology feature guarantees a user-defined  light output that can be switched between a 4000K Cool White and a 3000K Warm White temperature. The panels are manufactured in a modern slimline design and are fitted with low glare materials which allow a great  shower light for an unforgettable experience.

Despite its simple design,  this multifaceted product can be  placed flush within the ceiling and is fitted with a powerful heat lamp operating at 1000 watts. This feature offers an instantaneous heat option whenever needed.  Moreover, the product also features a fan that can generate an airflow rate of 500m³/hour, which designers highly recommend for bathrooms to enhance ventilation and to keep the bathroom fresh. 

The product boasts additional features such as an exterior grill and a wall controller that has 3 switches. The product is supplied with a 1.5m flexible ducting for side ducting and installation. Furthermore, the product also offers overheating protection and thermal cutout, as well as a 3 Year In-Home Warranty.

 Why Buy This light: 

  • Satisfies ventilation, lighting, and heating requirements, in the same single product.
  • It is supplied with all the necessary accessories for installation.
  • It employs LED technology and is energy efficient 

2. Domus Mirror Vanity Shower Light

Domus Mirror Vanity Shower Light
Domus Mirror Vanity Shower Light
$186.95 - 221.95*the price may be different at the time of purchasing Buy Now Product Details

The Mirror-15 LED tubular wall light is the perfect addition to your mirror space.  This Mirror-15 LED tubular wall light has a rigid aluminum body and a tubular opal-frost polycarbonate diffuser complemented by chrome adjustable knuckles. Traditionally, mirrors were accessorized with light fixtures installed above or in some cases alongside the mirror. 

However, the  modern design of this wall light makes it ideal not only for illuminating mirrors, but also for wall lighting application and pictures. The design of the Mirror-15 LED tubular wall light is especially suited to provide a bright light output that can enhance the reflection from the mirror while also eliminating unwanted shadows. When selecting a proper  mirror light, it is important to keep in mind that the lights should enhance the images through the mirror but not to create a strong glare that can overwhelm the bathroom. 

It is important not to end up with an over-lit bathroom due to many light sources in the room or to create a room that is unevenly lit. The Mirror-15 LED tubular wall light is fitted with a TRIO option that allows color temperature adjustments using the small dip switch located on the side end cap.

The tri-color technology allows the user to switch between  5700K Daylight, 4000K Cool White, and 3000K Warm White options. The product is available with a 3 Year Replacement Warranty.

 Why Buy This light: 

  • Affordable
  • Perfect for mirror lights
  • Can be installed above or besides the mirror

3. Ventair Round Shower Light With Exhaust Fan

Ventair Round Shower Light With Exhaust Fan
Ventair Round Shower Light With Exhaust Fan
$229*the price may be different at the time of purchasing Buy Now Product Details

This high powered performance bathroom light can be fitted with a side-ducted exhaust fan. It has a 14W LED light and 50W ball bearing motor with a back-draft shutter. Despite its high performance features, it offers a low profile design that is relatively easy to install and clean. Furthermore, it is available in two different sizes and in black, white, and silver finishes.

This bathroom light comes with a warming option and a fan, that allow a convenient alteration in the operation depending on the weather and season. The lights with heaters are invaluable to ensure a properly heated shower area during cold weather. 

The accompanying fan greatly facilitates  ventilation of the room particularly where air circulation is limited. The Exhaust fan will properly remove unwanted odors and moisture from the bathroom while also preventing buildup of mold which enhances safety and health.

The Ventair Airbus 250 Round Exhaust Fan & LED Light has a 360m³/h extraction capacity, powerful airflow, 14W LED panels, long duct runs design, ball bearing motor for multi-story applications, as well as a back-draft shutter, and low profile design that is easy to install and clean. The product is supplied with a 5-year warranty.

 Why Buy This light: 

  • Energy efficient
  • Multifaceted – offers light, air circulation, and heating.
  • Has numerous accessories and features to enhance user experience
  • Suited for all seasons whether warm, cold, or moist.

4. Velocity2 Shower Light With Heater

Velocity2 Shower Light With Heater
Velocity2 Shower Light With Heater
$161*the price may be different at the time of purchasing Buy Now Product Details

This lighting product employs  LED globes which help reduce energy costs. The 2 head lamps ensure evenly distributed lighting within a stylish enclosure. The supplementary bathroom fan  sustains healthy air circulation in the bathroom and is very handy in avoiding sanitary and potential health problems.  

Bathrooms have a lot of moisture on surfaces due to water sources and also within the surrounding and from trapped air and steam. Moreover, bathrooms suffer from foul odors from toilet bowls, soaps, and cleaning products which, combined with moisture, exacerbate germs, mildew, mold, and odors.  Bathroom exhaust fans help maintain airflow and enhance ventilation ensuring an affordable and energy efficient way to combat potential health risks.

Velocity 2 led 3in1 bathroom heater is designed with a functional purpose that bathrooms are one of the rooms that are most frequently used in a house.  Its multiple lighting heads ensure a proper lighting solution compared to the other lighting products available on the market. This product is very practical since it tackles multiple problems simultaneously including the position and direction of the light, different weather settings, and allows for diverse additional features suited for your bathroom. 

The Velocity 2 led 3in1 bathroom heater is versatile enough to suit all the lighting and heat requirements for a well lit, fresh, warm, and appealing bathroom by offering bathroom lighting with a fan option for moisture removal and satisfying additional ventilation requirements.

 Why Buy This light: 

  • In-built LED makes it energy efficient
  • Additional features that provide heating and ventilation
  • Well distributed lighting that suits any bathroom
  • Fans that provide continuous air circulation
  • Automated integrated thermostat that automatically regulates operation when the temperature exceeds 80°C.

5. Velocity LED Shower LIght

Velocity LED Shower LIght
Velocity LED Shower LIght
$139*the price may be different at the time of purchasing Buy Now Product Details

The Velocity2 LED 3 in 1 Bathroom Heater with White 2Heat is another option with an LED globe that  can ensure energy cost savings.  It is fitted with 2 heat lamps in addition to a state of the art exhaust fan. These features ensure that the bathroom is properly illuminated with a white light and is well ventilated through an exhaust fan that maintains a continuous air flow. 

The light is designed to offer a perfect blend of style and performance. With the versatility of the Velocity2 LED 3 in 1 Bathroom Heater with White 2Heat, you can solve the heating, ventilation, and most importantly lighting problems simultaneously, making this versatile product significantly cheaper than having to solve each of these problems independently.

The Velocity2 LED 3in1 Bathroom Heater – White 2Heat enjoys several features: such as white colored frame, globe with special lighting and heating component specifications, specific dimensions – outer size, cut-out size, depth, exhaust, and accessories such as aluminum ducting, side ducting outlet that has a draft stopper, 3 gang wall switch, and exterior vent. The high velocity fan that can go up to 70 Max ensures the air moves at a speed of up to 330m³/hr. It is also fitted with an integrated thermostat switch which can automatically turn on when an internal temperature crosses 80°C.

 Why Buy This light: 

  • Energy efficient
  • In addition to light, it offers heating and ventilation options
  • Powerful evenly balanced lighting
  • Continuous air circulation
  • Integrated thermostat that automatically kicks-in operationwhen temperature exceeds 80°C.

6. Horizon Shower Light With Heater

Horizon Shower Light With Heater
Horizon Shower Light With Heater
$211*the price may be different at the time of purchasing Buy Now Product Details

The Horizon LED 3in1 Bathroom Heater – White 4Heat includes a low-profile faceplate that delivers a lovely appeal and has a very minimalist appearance. Its features include built-in LED lights that guarantee low energy costs as well as 2 heat lamps and a high suction exhaust fan.

The Horizon LED 3in1 Bathroom Heater – White 4Heat incorporates numerous features that accentuate  its appeal and efficiency as a bathroom accessory. Its features include the white colored frame, light and heating specific components within the globe, customized outer size, cut-out size, depth, and exhaust dimensions, aluminum duct, 4-gang wall switch, exterior vent grill, High Velocity Exhaust Fan with an operating power of 75W that can circulate air at a rate of up to 300m³/hr. The product has an integrated thermostat switch which can automatically turn on when the internal temperature crosses 80°C.

 Why Buy This light: 

  • Its fan is crucial to maintain a healthy air in the bathroom.  With quality air circulation, this product not only delivers a high quality lighting solution, but also prevents potential health and sanitation problems. 
  • The product is supplied with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • The product offers lighting, heating, and ventilation solutions for your bathroom.

7. Brilliant Vanity Mirror LED Shower Light

Brilliant Vanity Mirror LED Shower Light
Brilliant Vanity Mirror LED Shower Light
$87.95*the price may be different at the time of purchasing Buy Now Product Details

This is a lighting option that is specifically designed for bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. The smart silver finish and the adjustability option make this light a great solution for bathrooms, ensuring ample lighting while minimizing shadows. 

The incorporated LED technology makes the product an excellent energy efficient option for your bathroom. The non-dimmable high lumen and acrylic diffuser features help enhance the lighting experience by providing the right balance of lighting without overpowering your bathroom.

Other key features of this light are its silver finish, the acrylic diffuser, its wattage options(12W for small option, and 18W for the large option), a 4200K cool white lighting, high 240V non-dimmable input, and 3 Year Replacement Warranty.

Shower light fixture

Lighting in the shower area can create a relaxed atmosphere and unconsciously elevate the shower experience. Dedicated shower lights can be very practical to meet the light levels for different tasks that are part of your daily washing practice.

The most straightforward approach is to install one or two recessed spotlights in the ceiling directly above the shower, which will provide direct bright light to the shower area and offer high visibility. Several affordable shower lighting options are available on the market to match your bathroom and shower specifics.

Why Should You Be Concerned About Your Shower Lighting?

Shower lighting can provide a beautiful or relaxing element to your bathroom while ensuring enough task lighting. The additional illumination allows you to focus on details for precise tasks, such as shaving. Smooth illumination levels can contribute to a comfortable mood, just as much as the gentle stream of hot water.

Shower lighting is a necessity

Showers are frequently boxed away as a separate portion of your bathroom, nestled into a corner or sunken into the wall of the space.

downlight used in the shower

In terms of lighting design, this makes the shower space a separate zone with its own requirements, and in most situations, requiring its own light.

Even in small bathrooms, this zoning is due to the partition, glass partition or a curtain one, that separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom and effectively blocks out a large percentage of the light from the bathroom, making the space appear dark and gloomy.

What factors should you consider when selecting shower lighting?

To select the right shower lights for your space, choose your fixtures to meet your lighting and functional expectations from the space and to match your finishes and interiors. For example, if you have a habit of shaving in the shower, but the bathroom lighting does not adequately illuminate the space, you may select bright shower lighting solutions.

Careful lighting selection and installation also improves visibility for cleaning your shower walls or plexiglass doors. Although these concerns are based on the functional needs that necessitate more light, the installation and location of the lights is crucial.

If your main concern is the decor of the bathroom decor rather than increasing the shower light levels, then it would be more appropriate to install the lights outside the shower area. Outside spaces require damp-rated fixtures which are protected against moisture (such as condensed steam) but not the water itself.

For lights within the shower space, use wet-rated fixtures to guarantee protection against direct water exposure and ensure safe and long-life operation.

Shower Lighting Ideas To Enlighten Your Bathroom Space

Upon highlighting the reasons why you need shower lights, their location and their water protection requirements, you can look at the different options available and listed in this section to turn the vision or idea you have for your shower into a reality:

Recessed lights

Recessed lighting is by far the most popular and practical alternative for shower lighting as it is readily sealed against moisture.

recessed light in the shower room

Simply ensure that the recessed lighting is moisture, wet, or damp-location rated. These fixtures will include specialized trims that seal off the fixture completely and keep water from entering.

These fixtures also have additional safeguards such as rubber gaskets that reduce harm to the light should water infiltrate past the trim.

Recessed lighting is very desirable for shower spaces as it easily fits with and maintains the appearance of the overall space, especially if these lights are installed within the entire bathroom area, making the ceiling appear uniform.

Other types of specialty hidden lighting include LED light bars and innovative custom lighting solutions, such as the color-changing drain lights, which are being more frequently installed in modern spaces.

Recessed lighting can offer both functionality and good aesthetics to the bathroom, helping to create a relaxing and comfortable environment. Bathroom recessed lighting has a clean, modern appearance that merges well with any bathroom design.

Unlike traditional wall or ceiling-mounted light fixtures, recessed bath lights may be positioned directly above shower stalls or tub sections.

Laser bulbs

Bathrooms often have ceiling fixtures installed throughout the space, however, these types of light fixtures might not emit light the desired light levels.

This does not require a complete purchase of a new lighting fixture, instead, conventional bulbs can be replaced with laser bulbs. Your bathroom will be flooded with a soft red, green, or blue starry sky that will define your space and make you feel more relaxed.

Laser bulbs can ensure a smoother light, and a peaceful, comforting experience.

Galaxy light

Going beyond conventional lighting solutions, galaxy lights can take your relaxing experience of a steamy, normally lit shower area to a whole new level, with blue-green nebulas and stars surrounding your bathroom.

Bathroom with galaxy light

These lights can envelop your bathroom in beautiful midnight images, to ensure a heightened sense of comfort and an altogether new showering experience .

Make sure to keep your projector away from water sources, and take it outside the bathroom once done, to guarantee the light source stays dry and to be able to enjoy the experience regularly.

Wall sconces

Although typical bathrooms are generally illuminated from the ceiling to the floor, modern bathrooms are adopting different types and installations of wall sconces.

Installing wall lights with certified wet bulbs allows you to illuminate your shower from within the space rather than have light shining on the area from outside. Wall sconces may be used in either a walk-in shower or a bathtub shower.

Wall lights can be installed at a high level to properly illuminate the area with uniform light, while avoiding contact with excess water. A laser bulb can also be used with your wall sconces, allowing you to create a particular setting for your space.

Tips For Better Lighting In Shower Rooms And Cabins

Whether it is a small shower cabin or a massive walk-in shower, every shower needs lighting, and shower lighting differs considerably from the standard living room or kitchen illumination in quite a few ways. Below are some tips and hints to improve the light in your shower area:

1. Shower light color

Showers are a time to unwind, and the lighting used should be a natural calming light to help with relaxation. Avoid lights with high color temperatures (cool white light) and focus on low color temperature options (warm white).

Dimmable lights with a dimmer switch allow you to manipulate your light levels and temperature outputs (if the fixtures offer multiple color options) to control and change the setting of the shower as required.

You can also use RGBW spots that offer multiple color options and can transform your shower into a true health sanctuary, as these types are useful for color therapy sessions.

2. Shower safety zones

Given the different safety zones in your bathroom, the different locations for your shower lights require different IP values, necessary to safeguard against short circuits and electrocution.

  • Shower cubicle floor spots: IPX7 (protection from immersion).
  • Spots on shower walls and up to 225 cm height: IPX5 (protection from water jets).
  • IPX4 shower light in a 60-cm radius (protection from splashes).

3. Shower lighting options

It is advisable to illuminate a place uniquely to suit your specific needs and desires. Below are some excellent shower lighting options.

Shower ceiling blemishes

The most convenient approach to illuminate a shower is a built-in central point in the ceiling. Two or more locations are required for larger walk-in showers.

Indirect ceiling lights

With walk-in showers, indirect ceiling lighting is a new and growing trend, with new extra-large rain showers that are constructed into the ceiling. The borders of this artificial ceiling are great for installing indirect lighting and can offer a stylish appearance.

Outside the Shower, there is a movable spot

A practical option is installing a movable spot immediately outside the shower area, with an IP value that does not have to be very high.

A vibrant wall

To guarantee a more interesting and comfortable experience during the shower, you can install a light wall. The light wall is a semi-transparent synthetic panel with an RGBW LED strip on the back. The wall scatters the light and creates a beautiful diffuse glow, allowing you to choose your desired color.

Indirect wall lighting

Recesses in the wall used to store bottles and jars of shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, and so on, can also be a good location for the installation of waterproof LED strips.

4. Provide light from outside the Shower

You can get light from outside by placing eyeball lamps one to two feet away from the shower and directing the bulbs towards the shower.

This method works well in small bathrooms with showers that are separated by a curtain or a transparent glass door.

5. Go for the luminance

To produce an exquisite wash of light in the space, install lighting along with a drop ceiling or at each corner of the shower.

Here Are a Few Fantastic Ideas To Illuminate Your Shower Area

1. Install an enormous circular light for a modern look

This large, circular light gives a considerable boost to the illumination level in the bathroom, particularly in the shower.

circular shower light

It is a shower lighting design that gives a modern appearance, ideal for a minimalist bathroom’s modern vibe.

The shower’s glass walls keep the whole bathroom well-lit without generating any gloomy or dim regions.

2. Keep the whole space bright

When shopping for the most convenient shower lights, keep the lighting in the bathroom as a whole in mind. If the entire bathroom is well-illuminated, it is much simpler to have a well-lit shower area.

Other ways to keep the entire space light and bright include light paint or tiling hues such as white or pastel blue, in addition to a wide collection of paint colors for negative or low-light spaces.

3. Use the bathroom light for the shower

In smaller bathrooms, you can use the bathroom fixture to make an excellent shower lighting solution. In this case, a lovely light above the mirror also serves as a shower light.

This is an ideal choice for bathrooms with a basin and mirror directly next to the shower, ensuring that the entire space is well-lit.

4. Include additional lighting with dark shower walls

When the shower walls or tiles are dark in color, a brightly lit bathroom can benefit from an additional shower light.

Dark shower light

Showers with dark-colored tile may be pretty elegant and make a statement, but it is crucial to ensure they are well-lit.

Although a bathroom may appear to be well-lit, keep in mind that if you have a shower curtain, it will lower the light level in the shower if there is no additional shower lighting.

5. Maximize natural light

Another excellent option for shower lighting is to make use of natural light, in case windows are available in the space. Natural light can create a comfortable and energy saving option for your shower setting.

When constructing your bathroom, try to situate the Shower near the windows so that natural light may enter.

6. Place a wall sconce light in the shower

This option provides a high level bathroom light without requiring the installation of a ceiling spot light.

The wall sconce lamp adds just enough brightness and uniformity to the area, especially with its warmer tone against the background and surroundings.

Wrapping up

When it comes to shower lighting, it is essential to hire a licensed professional to ensure that the installation is done safely and the light operation will not cause damage or electrocution at any point during the fixture’s lifetime. Moreover, avoid fixtures with cloth shades in humid environments since they might get musty and mildew.

Brushed chrome, nickel, and stainless steel finishes outperform cast bronze and brass, which are more fragile and prone to corrosion.

This guide highlights the key features and hints to adopt for choosing shower lights and improving your overall experience.

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