Solar Panel Upgrade in Sydney – When And How to Upgrade Solar Panels?

Solar Panel Upgrade in Sydney – When And How to Upgrade Solar Panels?

Last updated on December 12, 2023

Solar power is a rapidly growing industry in Australia. Solar panels have become quite popular in Australian households as well as the commercial and business sectors. People are gradually switching to solar power solutions in light of ongoing inflation and energy crisis.

According to statistics, Australia crossed 3 million rooftop solar installations in 2020. The number of solar installations has been even higher in the past two years. People in Sydney are increasingly adopting solar panels to fulfill their energy needs. This has led to increased public focus on advanced solar solutions, solar panel installation, and upgrades.


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    What Is A Solar Panel?

    A technical person demonstrating solar panel upgrading process

    A solar panel is an advanced technology-based device that is capable of harnessing solar energy from the sun and converting it into electrical power for regular usage.

    Solar panel technology incorporates photovoltaic PV panels that collect energy from sunlight and transform it into electricity for consistent provision of power supply.

    Solar Panel Upgrade in Sydney

    Do you have a solar power system installed? Well, chances are that it might be outdated and inefficient, or your power needs may have changed. Over time, old solar systems lose their efficiency and power generation capabilities. This results in compromised panel performance and insufficient power supply for your day-to-day needs.

    That is when you need to consider upgrading your solar power system to a newer one. Such an upgrade enables you to enjoy the perks of an up-to-date solar power system with financial benefits.

    When To Upgrade Your Solar Panel System?

    Before upgrading your solar panels, it is necessary to know when you should go for such an upgrade. Knowing this helps you avoid any needless upgrades that would burden your finances without significant outcomes.

    Here, we discuss a few things to help you decide whether you need an upgrade or not.

    Physical Wear and Tear

    Examine your solar panel properly for any kind of physical wear and tear. Your solar panels may get damaged by harsh weather conditions, winds, or fire incidents. Check your solar panels for cracks, scratches, or fading colors.

    Check your wire connections for any kind of damage or breakage. Also, look for bird nests under your panels that might be causing harm to your solar system. Such a physical assessment will help you decide whether your system needs an upgrade, repair, or replacement.

    Insufficient Power Generation

    Consider the solar power supply and your household demands to decide if there is a need for a system upgrade or not. For this, assess your power needs and check if your solar panel system optimally fulfills them or not.

    Your power consumption pattern may change over time. Thus, a solar power system that previously met your power requirements, may no longer do so. Therefore, if you have additional power requirements, system upgrade becomes indispensable to balance power supply and demand.

    Performance Decline

    Assess the performance of your solar power system to make a decision regarding a solar panel upgrade. Over the time, your solar panel performance may decline for several reasons.

    For this purpose, examine the power output of your solar power system. Besides that, you can consider state guidelines for your power output assessment too. The table demonstrates the average power output of solar systems installed in various cities:

    Adelide4.2 KWh
    Alice Springs5.0 KWh
    Brisbane4.2 KWh
    Cairns4.2 KWh
    Canberra4.3 KWh
    Darwin4.4 KWh
    Hobart3.5 KWh
    Melbourne3.6 KWh
    Perth 4.4 KWh
    Sydney3.9 KWh

    If your solar power system is producing less power output than mentioned in the table, it is an indicator that it needs maintenance or upgrade.

    Increased Power Bills

    Look for any unexpected or sudden increase in your power bills. This is a strong indicator of performance issues. However, an increase in your power bills may also result from a change in your power usage pattern. Don’t mistake this with a fault in your solar panels.

    Otherwise, if your electricity bills show some rapid surge despite regular power consumption, consider upgrading your solar panel system as needed.

    Solar Panel Upgrade Options In Sydney

    You might be wondering what options you have when it comes to upgrading your solar panels in Sydney. Well, you can have a wide range of upgrades as per your preferences and requirements. Here we will discuss 4 ways in which you can upgrade your current solar panel systems.

    1. Replace the Current Solar Panel System

    The first way to upgrade your current solar panel system is to replace it altogether with a newer system. Solar Panels usually last around 20-30 years on average depending upon side factors. If your solar panel system is much older than that, you can upgrade it by replacing it entirely.

    Besides that, if your panel performance has declined too much resulting in low power output, it’s time to replace it with a new one. Physical degradation, extensive microfractures, and panel corrosion also indicate a need for panel replacement.

    2. Add Panels to Current System using Original Inverter

    Adding more panels to your current system is a highly feasible way to upgrade your solar panels. It allows you to enjoy increased power output without having to install a new inverter or an entirely new solar panel system.

    You can avail small-scale technology certificate if your panel power doesn’t exceed 133% of your inverter’s peak power. So for a 1.5 kW inverter, you can have 2kW panels added.

    Hence, if you own a big inverter that can support additional panels, adding more panels is a budget-friendly way to upgrade your solar panels and harness more solar energy to increase output.

    3. Replace your Inverter with a Bigger one and Add Panels

    Another way to upgrade your solar panels is to replace your inverter with a bigger one and add panels to it for increased power output.

    You might wonder, why not just add another inverter instead of replacing your inverter entirely. Well, the reason is that it is much easier to add batteries and backup to a single inverter. However, for two separate inverters, it gets much more difficult.

    Hence, it is a good option to replace your current inverter with a bigger one in order to sup

    4. Add a Separate Solar Panel System to Current One

    Another option to upgrade your solar panels is by installing an entirely separate system next to the existing one. This option is particularly feasible if you don’t intend to add batteries and backup to your solar panel systems.

    A major benefit of installing a separate solar panel system next to the current one is that it is a relatively easier and faster process to install a new system than integrating it with a previous one. Besides that, you can avail STC rebates on this new system too which would lessen the financial burden related to the new installation.

    Tips for Solar Panel Upgrade In Sydney

    Now, when you have decided to upgrade your solar panel system, you must consider a few tips to enjoy optimal upgrade results. Considering these tips will help you avoid recurrent upgrades. Moreover, these tips will secure you from any unexpected financial burden during the upgrade process.

    1. Solar Monitoring Apps

    Before upgrading your solar panel system, utilize solar monitoring apps for power generation and consumption patterns. This gives you a significant idea regarding any potential faults or breakdowns in your solar panels.

    Keep in check the alarms demonstrated by solar monitoring apps and act accordingly to rectify the issues. This will help you probe into the root cause and address the problem with an optimal upgrade.

    2. Assess your requirements

    When thinking about upgrading your solar panel system, assess your power requirements to make the right decisions. Be well aware of your electricity needs and also consider any changes in your power consumption patterns.

    This helps you choose the right upgrade option that fulfills your requirements without burdening your finances unnecessarily.

    3. Know what needs to be done

    Always keep a check of what actually needs to be done. You must assess the kind of upgrade your solar panels demand. At times, it is just an addition of extra panels but other times, you might need panel replacement or inverter upgrades.

    Act accordingly by adding or upgrading panels or inverters to your solar power system. Using high-quality panels and inverters ensures increased durability and less need for recurrent maintenance and upgrades.

    4. Maintain your Feed-In Tariff

    Solar panel users are granted a feed-in tariff for promoting the use of eco-friendly power generation means. When upgrading your solar panel system, make sure not to lose your feed-in tariff.

    For this purpose, be well aware of state laws and policies to avoid losing your feed-in tariff while upgrading your system. Consulting with a solar service specialist may help you choose the right option.

    5. Solar Panel Size Limitations

    In certain regions, maximum panel size limitations are applicable, which can also be altered upon getting a Fit. Consider panel size limitations in your region when going for a solar panel upgrade. However, many regions don’t implement any such kind of limitations.

    6. Consider Hardware Compatibility

    Always use compatible hardware for upgrading your solar panel system. Make sure that your inverter is capable of catering for additional power generated by panel addition. Incompatible hardware may lead to efficiency issues and recurrent voltage breakdowns in the long run.

    7. Space Availability

    When upgrading your solar system by adding new panels, consider the space availability too. Too often, household roofs have limited space for the installation of solar panels. In such a situation, install additional panels on a ground mounted system or utilize additional structure for panel installation.

    8. Choose the Right Solar Panel Installer

    Choosing the right solar panel installer is the most crucial factor for upgrading your solar panel system. With so many solar service providers in the market, you must choose one with a good reputation and field experience.

    Make sure that your chosen solar service provider is well aware of the state laws and policies regarding solar power systems. They must be an expert in the solar industry to assist you in selecting the right brand and power for your needs. They should elaborate on the features of available choices and guide you to select the best one.

    E-Green Electrical – The Pioneers in Energy Efficiency, are solar panel installers providing their solar panel installation, upgrade, and support services across Sydney and nearby regions.

    Wrapping Up

    Solar panel upgrade in Sydney is a popular way for Australians to keep their solar panel performance well-aligned with their power needs. Having various upgrade methods in hand, you can opt for the one that best fulfills your requirements.

    Considering the above tips and suggestions can help you choose the right upgrade for your solar panel system. This will also prevent you from unnecessary panel upgrades that would burden your finances. Get your solar panels upgraded today to harness the wonders solar energy holds for you.


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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Does the solar panel system reduces electricity bills?

      Solar Panel systems lead to an immense reduction in your electricity bills. Solar panels harness solar energy for power generation which reduces your consumption of state electricity leading to a significant reduction in your electricity bills.

      Are solar panels environmentally friendly?

      Solar panels are an eco-friendly means of generating power relative to conventional power generation sources. This is a major reason why the Australian Government offers solar energy rebates to encourage the adoption of solar power solutions among Australians.

      Should I upgrade my current solar panel system or replace it with a new one?

      It totally depends on the condition and performance of your current system. If your current system works, fine then you can simply upgrade it to accommodate for increased power requirements. However, if your solar panel system is too old, replacing it would be the right choice.

      Is it better to install an additional panel system or add panels to the existing system?

      If you are willing to add batteries and backup to your solar panel system, it is much better to add panels to the current system with a single big inverter. Otherwise, you can have an entirely new system installed next to the current one, as a new installation would be easier and more rapid than integration.

      Will I retain my feed-in tariff if I upgrade my system?

      It depends on the kind of upgrade you make to your solar panel system. A better way is to avail the services of solar energy experts and consult with them for your upgrade needs. An expert will assist you in the process, so you don’t lose such feed-in tariffs or rebates during the upgrade process.

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