Emerald All-In-One Heat Pump (220L/270L)

Emerald offers a range of hot water heat pumps including a refrigerant cycling split system or a refrigerant cycling all-in-one heat pump. The Emerald’s All-In-One Heat Pump offers a stylish design and significant cost savings for your hot water needs. With its compact form, it seamlessly fits into any residential setting.

  • Optional built-in electric heater: Both models are available with an optional built-in backup electric heater.
  • Compact stylish design: Features high-efficiency DC inverter technology that minimises noise for a quieter operation.
  • Wi-Fi enabled: Wi-Fi enabled models can be easily connected to the Emerald app for smart control via mobile phone.
  • Warranty: (5 years on the tank, 5 years pump unit, 2 years labour warranty – *Subject to terms and conditions.)