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Air Conditioning Offer

Available in metropolitan Sydney and some regional locations. This offer applies to new air-conditioner installations and replacements.

Our Air Conditioning Offer is available to approved customers under the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS), and the Federal Renewable Energy Target Program (RET), which are designed to reduce household and commercial greenhouse gases.

These energy efficiency programs facilitate the creation of energy efficiency certificates which are created through a deemed carbon abatement within methodologies and guidelines set out by each program regulator. The amount of carbon abatement is then translated into energy efficiency certificates, which have a market value and are used to subsidise the energy efficiency upgrade which is taking place.

Standard Installation

A standard installation includes the following:

Installation price includes an installation that complies with the AS/NZS 3000:2018 Wiring Rules. Standard installation means a back to back installation that includes up to 3m of pipe and 15m of cable back to the switchboard on a single storey brick veneer home or business. Switchboard must be adequate to support power requirements of the unit, any extra wiring work or switchboard upgrades will incur additional charges. Subject to physical site inspection.

*Extra charges may apply if it’s not a standard installation.

**Our installers work as neatly as possible, but there will be some dust and grit. To keep our prices low, installers will only complete a very basic cleaning (a ‘builder’s clean’), so please allow yourself time to clean thoroughly.

Not Included

Additional Costs / Variations

Extra Pipe/Trunking Install per Metre$88.00
Extra Cable per Metre$14.00
Electrical Conduit per Metre$17.00
Electrical Conduit per Metre (including Cable)$25.00
Wall Brackets (Max height 1.8m off ground)$190.00
Roof Bracket$315.00
Double Storey$205.00
Double Brick Penetration$90.00
Additional Circuit (Includes 10m and then another $6 every metre on top, this does not include conduit)$150.00
Additional Circuit (Includes 10m and then another $12 every metre on top, this includes conduit)$210.00
Circuit Breaker Enclosure$45.00
Side Exit Installation (If we need to install the head unit next to a corner & piping cannot go through the back)$120.00
Decommissioning Charge**$140.00
Poly Slab or PVC Feet (per set)$70.00
No Show/No Access Charge^ $99.00
Additional or Site Visit Fee* $99.00
Wifi it and Installation Fee*$99.00

Terms of an estimate and request for assessment

The customer agrees and acknowledges that they will be required to pay the balance owing and any extras or variations identified during the site inspection prior to installation commencing.

If a customer changes their mind on location or varies the original installation plan that creates additional labour or costs, they may incur additional charges.

^If the customer is not at the property to provide access, or the area for installation cannot be accessed due to locked doors, blocked walkways or clutter, the customer may be subject to a no access fee of $99 and their job may be cancelled.

*If the customer requires the installer to stop work and revisit the job on a different day, the customer may be subject to an additional site fee of $99.


All Air Conditioners have a manufacturer warranty, please refer to the warranty card supplied to you to determine the warranty available on your Air Conditioner.

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