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Globe Only Replacement

Downlight (Complete Brand New Fitting)

All our products are high-quality brands, tried and tested to Australian standards. All the complete downlights we install come with a minimum 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. Globe only replacements come with 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Other products our partners carry have a minimum 2-year warranty. Installations are guaranteed in line with The Australian Consumer Law. E-Green Electrical are accredited under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS).


Premises must be in NSW, and in our serviced areas.




Our Installer will discuss variations with you before undertaking any works involving additional charges.

PLEASE NOTE:​ In​ some rare cases the upgrade of lights on dimmers can be affected by the ripple injection on your grid. This can cause LEDs on a dimmer to flicker for a period of time each night, and each morning, but it is not caused by the installed LEDs or dimmers, and does not damage them. You can find more information on why ripple injection is applied to some areas via a​usgrid.​ If you are affected by the ripple injection after the installation E-Green Electrical is happy to send the electrician back to disable the dimmers for free, which will fix the issue, but the installation of power filters to treat the issue or a refund of the cost of a dimmer upgrade is not covered by the program. Installing LEDs on existing dimmers may also result in some compatibility issues with the new LED lights, not related to ripple injection. If you have dimmers, you can choose to upgrade on the spot for $66 per dimmer – if you’d like to wait and see if compatibility issues arise (as they are not always evident immediately), there will be a $100 call out fee plus $66 to upgrade the dimmers at another time.

We have not included:


    1. As the Assessment and Installation are completed, we will require some forms to be signed, including the Nomination, which transfers to E-Green Electrical your rights to create and own the Energy Savings Certificates that result from the upgrade. This is how we subsidise the cost of the upgrade.
    2. Payment must be made on the day by Credit Card. We accept Visa and Mastercard payments from the authorised card holder.
    3. Our Installers work as neatly as possible, but there will be some dust and grit that comes out of the ceilings & walls. To keep our prices low, Installers only do only very basic cleaning (a ‘builder’s clean’), so please allow yourself time to clean thoroughly.
    4. We are required to remove the old globes, and will remove the new packaging.
    5. In certain situations, various electrical products and appliances have the potential to cause interference with LED lighting. This interference may cause lights to flicker for various periods of time. E-Green Electrical is not responsible for any electrical interference caused by third party appliances.
    6. Installers will take all reasonable care when working, but some old ceilings may crumble a bit, and paint may chip, lift or ridges may show where they remove old fittings. We do not cover any patching or painting. A flange collar may be added if necessary at no extra charge.
    7. As this work is being undertaken as part of the NSW Energy Savings Scheme, you may be re-contacted by us, the Office of Environment and Heritage or other Scheme representatives for quality assurance surveys and further information. We will appreciate your cooperation in the future to help keep quality standards high.


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