Why Use Solar Energy in 2024?

Why Use Solar Energy in 2024?

Last updated on March 14, 2024

Solar energy production and installation has been on the rise in recent years, and for good reason. People are turning to solar energy to save on their electric bills and help the environment.

A new report by the U.S National Renewable Energy Laboratory about the future of Solar Energy predicts that by 2050, solar power will provide up to 71% of U.S. electricity generation.


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    This article highlights the top 10 compelling reasons for the adoption of solar energy as a source of electricity and as an alternative to traditional power sources such as coal or nuclear power. 

    1. Solar Energy Is Safe And Environmentally Friendly

    One of the main reasons to use solar power is that solar energy produces a clean, green and environmentally friendly power source.

    This production does not produce any harmful pollutants that can affect the environment and thus contributes to the carbon footprint reduction. Solar power does not require any fuel, avoiding carbon emissions that typically result from burning, specifically carbon dioxide.

    The operation of solar panels does not produce any noise, making it an excellent choice for neighborhoods with noise-sensitive residents and to wildlife habitat areas.

    The safe and clean operation of solar energy systems is the primary reason to use solar power for electricity generation, reducing carbon footprint and helping the environment, while simultaneously lowering the monthly electric bills and reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

    2. Solar Energy is A Free Source Of Energy

    Solar energy is a readily available source of energy that is free for anyone to use, as sunlight is not limited by geography and can not be monopolized like fossil fuels. On a daily basis,  the sun actually generates more energy than the entire world can consume.

    All that is required is properly setting up the solar energy system to harvest the sunlight and to generate solar energy and start saving money on the electricity bills.

    To fully reek the benefits from solar power, it is advisable to use the system over a long period of time, as savings accumulate over time and the environmental, cost and health benefits all add up with continued usage. Solar energy can also be harvested in solar water heaters to heat water for homes and businesses.

    These systems can be used indefinitely while the sun shines and do not require any fuel, delivering and storing heated water with no pollution.

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    3. Solar Energy Improves Grid Security

    Using solar energy can effectively improve the grid security system, which results in much fewer occurrences of blackouts and brownouts.

    The solar cells installed on a roof act like small power plants which meet the household or business energy requirement, unlike traditional power plants which generate energy for an ever-increasing number of homes and businesses which can result in blackouts.

    A brownout occurs when the voltage from the network drops from its normal level to a lower voltage due to high electricity demand, resulting in reduced illumination and unstable equipment operation.

    Installing solar panels not only provides clean, efficient electricity but also dramatically improves the grid security, as it reduces the overall electrical loads on the utility network.

    4. Solar Energy Reduces Electricity Loss

    Utility companies transmit electricity from the main power plants to the consumers over power lines and extensive networks that cover great distances. Due to network components and efficiency gaps over large distances, the power network suffers from electricity losses.

    Additionally, the cost of transporting electricity by the utility companies from the main power plants to the consumers is high because of significant infrastructure investments required, such as posts and cables.

    This infrastructure is also prone to vandalism and damage during heavy storms and other harsh weather conditions. Solar energy on the other hand reduces all the electrical and monetary losses as the solar panels are installed very close to the consumers, increasing the overall relative efficiency of the solar plants.

    Besides, solar power systems are durable, reducing the chances of service interruption and blackouts.

    5. Solar Power Can Make Use Of Underutilized Land

    To take better advantage of solar energy and make it more accessible to a wider population, it is recommended to take advantage of open unused lands far away from capitals and cities to install solar systems.

    For example, a developer planning a solar farming project to be located on one of 2 sites, with one in the city and the other far away, it is generally wiser to set the project on the underutilized land away from the city.

    This can generate substantial value for areas far away from cities and reserve the high-priced lands within cities for better applications.

    A good option for remote areas is a decentralized solar array that supplies solar power to the grid system, that way, each homeowner in the area will have access to clean and reliable electricity without directly installing solar panels on their rooftops.

    6. Your Home Can Go Off Grid

    One of the great features of solar energy production is its ability to make one’s home off grid. Traditional electricity mainly relies on the extraction and burning of fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas to produce power, both acts are quite harmful to the environment and to humans.

    Moreover, fossil fuel resources are limited, which results in a volatile price market with highly fluctuating prices of electricity. Given the diminishing worldwide reserves of fossil fuels and the more complicated extraction methods, these problems will only worsen in the near future.

    A solar power system that is properly sized and installed, and is partnered with the right battery bank, allows users to become energy independent and to have more control over the rising power prices.

    This can offer great protection against unpredictable increases in utility prices and provide a cheap source of electricity. The excess energy produced from solar panels during the day can be stored in batteries for use during the night and during days with no sun.

    The solar panels in this case connect to the charge controller and the inverter to feed the current produced into the solar battery backup system.

    The power available to use will be solely based on the power generated by the solar system, meaning a blackout due to line disruptions or maintenance would not affect off-grid users.

    Solar energy systems are a great way to eliminate reliance on fossil fuels and reduce the vulnerability to price fluctuations in the international markets.

    7. It Creates Jobs And Economic Growth

    As more and more companies become involved in the solar industry, the decision to install a solar system helps your national economy grow and create jobs, by involving solar manufacturers, solar installers, electrical and energy contractors, system vendors and installers.

    All these companies will hire more skills to meet the growing demand as the market increases its adoption of solar energy, reflecting positively on a growing economy.

    In 2015, the United Kingdom became the second-largest market employing 35000 solar employees and Europe’s largest solar photovoltaic (PV) panel installation market.

    8. Solar Energy Improves Property Value

    Installing solar panels raises the value of your property due to the many benefits these systems offer. Apart from saving on the monthly electric bills by generating direct power, a solar system can be considered as a solid investment with a high rate of return.

    Once the investment pays off, all the savings on electric bills can turn into a new disposable income to spend or re-invest. All throughout the period from installation, the user is relieved from the fluctuations in the prices or in the supply of fossil fuels.

    Even if the homeowner intends to sell the house or property before the investment is paid off, the increase in the value of the property would be a high enough return, as solar fitted houses are more desirable for buyers.

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    9. Solar Energy Reduces Electricity Bills

    This is especially true in areas with high utility rates. Solar energy can be used to eliminate the monthly electricity charges. For example, if the monthly electricity usage is 1000 Watts and the solar panel generates 2000 Watts, the user can opt to feed the extra unused energy into the utility grid for other consumers to use.

    In return, the utility company will eliminate or offset the electric bill, further decreasing the price to be paid for electricity. Utilities also offer incentives such as cashback and waived fees, as a means to push more consumers to use solar energy.

    Coupled with its ability to reduce electricity bills, it could be a matter of time before solar production becomes the largest source of energy.

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    10. You Can Use Solar Energy In Diverse Applications

    Solar energy can be used for various purposes, from generating electricity in areas with no power sources and no access to energy, to using solar for water purification in areas with no or limited clean water supplies.

    For a homeowner, solar energy can offer numerous benefits for powering lighting, heating or even satellites, all integrated within the household building and roof materials.


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      Bottom Line

      Solar energy is an excellent energy source that can generate clean electricity for homes and businesses. It is a safe and abundant energy source that can efficiently reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

      Solar production can decrease electricity losses, save money on electricity bills, and improve grid security. It adds value to existing property, improves prospects and value of underutilized land, and creates job opportunities for skilled labor.

      All these benefits make the choice of adopting solar energy an easy and straightforward one. Even if a budget can not be allocated for a full solar system, simple solar devices can be used such as solar-powered batteries or external solar chargers for charging phones, laptops, tablets and other electronic devices.

      We are here to help match your needs with the most suitable solar power system. Start your solar journey today.

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