10 benefits of LED lights over traditional lightings

Last updated on February 21, 2022

Do LED light really make a difference?

LED lights are a great alternative to traditional light systems.

They are far more energy-efficient than traditional light systems. There are a lot of magnificent benefits to LEDs from saving on money to aiding the environment.

LED or light-emitting diode is a semiconductor light source. To put it simply, LEDs are a bunch of individual units that light up altogether.

LED bulbs are made utilizing as many as 180 bulbs for every cluster, and encased in diffuser focal points which spread the light in more extensive beams.

Large numbers of these produce white light but more recently, new types exist that create light of different frequencies.

When LEDs were first introduced in 1962, the first purpose was initially as an indicator lamp in numerous devices. Presently LED lights exist in everything from industrial use lighting to home appliances.

LEDs have incredible benefits over traditional lights. Let’s dive into the details:

  • LED lights are energy efficient
  • Long-lasting
  • Safe to touch
  • Design flexibility
  • Cost-effective
  • Durable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Negligible UV emission
  • Low fire-risk

Energy Efficient

One of the primary disadvantages of traditional lighting is that a large portion of the energy they consume is unfortunately wasted.

energy saving vs energy consumption
Credit: European Commission

As an average, only around 20% of a typical light bulb’s energy is actually converted into a valuable light source, where the rest is lost as heat to the surrounding environment.

The inefficiency of the traditional light is due to the outdated design and materials used. On the other hand, LED Lights do not run into such issues. In fact, they are able to convert around 80% of the energy they use into light.

This implies they utilize much less energy whilst accomplishing a similar or even better lighting result. As an estimate, it just takes around 4 watts of energy for a LED bulb to accomplish 60 Watts of brightness.

This is even more noteworthy for Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) and Halogen bulbs.


The average life expectancy of traditional lighting is around 1,000 hours. This is on the grounds that their fragile fibres in the design heat up and burn out at a rapid pace.

As such, you can be expected to be changing your lightbulbs a couple of times each year, with each replacement being an expense that mounts up over the long run. Since they don’t utilise the older design with filament, LED Bulbs are able to last much longer.

They can last anywhere in the range of 30,000 to 50,000 hours. Thus, you may only be expected to change an LED light once over a period of several years.

Safe to Touch

Many people have experienced the less than wonderful moment of unscrewing a hot lightbulb. With LEDs, there is no reason to stress over making contact with the bulbs even after they have been lit for some time.

LED lights work at extremely low temperatures, which makes them safer to the touch and any accidental contact more consistently than older lights. While traditional lights heat up during use, LED lights stay cool to the touch.

Design Flexibility

design flexibility in LED light

LED lights have the capacity of changing colours, made into many shapes, and can be made to fit into all sorts of designs, including furniture, desk’s, and even shower heads.

While traditional lights are restricted to a small set of colours , LEDs are fit for evolving colours, have diminished lights, and more recently even be controlled from a controller with smart systems, giving you full power over how you can implement and use your LED Lights.


Not everything comes without its drawbacks, the initial cost of LED lights being its primary hindrance at present.

The underlying asking cost for an LED bulb is fundamentally higher than a traditional light, this is due to the manufacturing and material costs associated with creating the new and improved LED lights.

Nonetheless, LED lights are intended to pay for themselves over time, so think of it more as an investment over a longer period of time as the initial cost will gradually be returned through the energy saved and continue giving.

In reality, the actual cost of traditional lights is much more than its standard underlying cost. Over time, you will end up paying significantly more in labour expenses, substitution costs, and overall electricity bill costs.

Because of the low energy use and longer life expectancy of LED lights, they start paying for themselves rapidly by bringing down your power bills and maintenance costs.


Perhaps not as well known, LED Lights are in fact a lot more durable than traditional lights. Traditional lights are usually very delicate, especially their fragile fibres in their housing.

LED Light Bulbs can withstand a ton of discipline before they manage to break, making them even more reliable under stress and potential happenings from unexpected events.

The energy proficiency and cost adequacy of LED Light Bulbs is truly driving interest and demand. And soon you can anticipate that they should be utilized in more commercial and domestic light setups.

It really is an ideal opportunity to bid goodbye to traditional lights and ephemeral Compact Fluorescent lights.


These lights are completely environment friendly for they don’t contain any harmful materials or compounds. Other bulbs can generally convey things like mercury, which is perilous for the climate.

Negligible UV emission

LEDs produce a trifling measure of UV rays. Likewise, the immaterial measure of infrared light is transmitted by them. In this way, these are invaluable with regards to lighting art galleries or other such places.


Indeed, reduced degrees of heat has an amazing effect here. If the heat is decreased, the dangers of overheating will likewise be reduced.

Along these lines, the bulbs can be kept near flammable things with much, much less danger or risk of anything occurring.

No danger of burning

On account of their high proficiency, LED lights generate significantly less waste heat than traditional lights.

These can turn out to be so hot that during operation they should not be touched or risk burning a person. LED lights are generally hand-warmed, so there is no danger or risk of burns.

This makes it simple, for instance, to adjust a LED floor light even while it is turned on.

Be that as it may, be cautious, there are a few exceptions: There are some small but powerful LED lights. Because of their design, there is just an insignificant cooling surface, where the heat loss can be dissipated.

Subsequently, these lights can turn out to be hot in spite of LED technology and ought not to be touched during operation.

LED benefits expand to areas other than home lighting also. Considering LED lights during the Christmas occasion is additionally a smart energy conservation idea.

Driven lights are cool and energy effective during the season when energy use rises fundamentally. LED lights and electric lamps are extraordinary for outdoors, fishing, sailing, and hunting.

Driven lighting is one of the best long-term solutions for your home, outdoor, and business lighting needs.

Now you know the benefits of LED light over incandescent lighting, you may want to upgrade your traditional lights to LED fittings.

Gaurav Sharma

At E-Green Electrical , Gaurav writes about Electrical energy, Solar energy, Energy conservation and electrical product reviews. He is most interested in how we can utilize technology and renewable resources to reduce energy consumption , prevent pollution and save money at the same time.

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