6 Best High Bay LED Lights | Reviews & Buying Guide 2024

6 Best High Bay LED Lights | Reviews & Buying Guide 2024

Last updated on January 18, 2024

What Are High Bay LED Lights?

The High Bay LED light is a specific type of lighting fixture that is typically used in large spaces such as commercial spaces and industrial settings.

These lights are designed for high ceiling mounting, usually at 20 feet or more, and they provide bright, uniform light to large areas. Highbay LED lights are an energy-efficient alternative to traditional metal halide and fluorescent highbay fixtures. 

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    How Good is 200w led high bay light?

    Regarding commercial lighting in Australia, businesses are increasingly turning to energy-efficient solutions to reduce costs and enhance sustainability.

    Among the various options available, 200W LED high bay lights have emerged as a popular choice for commercial establishments seeking powerful, environmentally friendly lighting solutions.

    One of the key advantages of 200W LED high bay lights is their exceptional energy efficiency. These lights are designed to provide high-lumen output while consuming significantly less energy than traditional lighting systems such as metal halide or fluorescent lights.

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    By switching to 200W LED high bay lights, businesses in Australia can experience substantial cost savings on their energy bills while reducing their carbon footprint.

    200W LED high bay lights offer powerful illumination, making them suitable for various commercial environments such as warehouses, factories, retail stores, and gymnasiums.

    With their advanced optical designs and precise light distribution, these lights ensure uniform and bright lighting throughout the space, minimizing shadows and dark spots. This feature improves visibility, enhances safety, and promotes productivity in commercial settings.

    In Australia’s demanding commercial environments, durability is crucial for lighting fixtures. 200W LED high bay lights are built to withstand challenging conditions, making them suitable for industrial and commercial use.

    These lights are constructed with robust materials and are designed to resist dust, moisture, and vibrations. Furthermore, LED technology offers an exceptionally long lifespan, reducing business maintenance and replacement costs.

    200W LED high bay lights offer various customizable options to cater to different commercial requirements. Businesses can choose between different colour temperatures (e.g., warm white, cool white) to create the desired ambience or adapt the lighting to specific tasks.

    Additionally, dimming and motion-sensing capabilities are available, providing flexibility in controlling light levels and optimizing energy consumption.

    Businesses must ensure compliance with Australian safety and quality standards when selecting lighting solutions. Reputable manufacturers of 200W LED high bay lights comply with relevant standards, giving businesses peace of mind regarding the quality and safety of their lighting installations.

    Moreover, in Australia, several rebate programs and incentives are available to promote the adoption of energy-efficient lighting systems. Businesses can use these programs to offset the initial investment and accelerate their return on investment.

    With their energy efficiency, superior illumination, durability, and customization options, 200W LED high bay lights offer an excellent lighting solution for commercial applications in Australia. By embracing this technology, businesses can reduce energy consumption, cut costs, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

    Whether it’s for warehouses, factories, retail stores, or gymnasiums, 200W LED high bay lights provide reliable and long-lasting lighting solutions that meet the demanding requirements of commercial environments in Australia.

    6 Best Highbay Lights For Commercial Applications

    1. Brilliant Smart Discus High Bay Light

    Brilliant Smart Discus High Bay Light
    Brilliant Smart Discus High Bay Light
    $229*the price may be different at the time of purchasing Buy Now Product Details

    Discus III 150W LED Bluetooth Mesh High Bay Light is a high-performance, durable and reliable light product, which can be used for illuminating homes, factories, warehouses, garages, and other places. It has an IP65 rating, securing it against splashing water and damp conditions. The mesh system design allows the user to change colours and patterns easily. 

    • Its built-in Bluetooth technology lets the user easily connect the Discus III 150W LED Bluetooth Mesh High Bay Light to a smartphone or tablet. You can also operate it with Alexa devices like the Echo Show or Echo Spot to control the lights from anywhere in your home.
    • The built-in motion sensor will automatically turn on when it detects movement within a range of up to 50 feet (15 metres). It also features an automatic night light mode that activates once it’s dark.
    • Its adjustable brightness levels and three different colour modes (sporty red, bright white, and neutral white)ensure that this high bay light can please any homeowner who wants to illuminate their garage without having lights that are too bright.
    • Designed with advanced Smart Connect technology so you can control it via your smartphone. It connects to your Bluetooth-enabled device easily and quickly. 
    • Features a powerful 150W LED bulb that provides bright illumination, perfect for commercial applications such as warehouses or manufacturing facilities
    • Has an IP67 waterproof rating, so you don’t have to worry about moisture or water streams damaging your equipment. The waterproof feature also makes this light ideal for outdoor purposes . 

    2. 100W UFO LED High Bay Light

    100W UFO LED High Bay Light
    100W UFO LED High Bay Light
    $165*the price may be different at the time of purchasing Buy Now Product Details

    The 100w UFO is a high-bay light with an LED light source and a high-bay fixture. It’s perfect for illuminating large areas or structures, and it’s a great option for commercial and residential applications. 

    The UFO has a built-in switch that allows you to alternate between three different light levels, so you can adjust the intensity of the light as needed. This high bay light is also provided with an on-off switch that allows you to turn it on or off without having to access the control panel on the back of the unit.

    • It is carefully engineered with state-of-the-art materials and features an excellent thermal design. It has  a black frame colour, making it a great fit for  any environment.
    • Its chips are Bridgelux SMD2835 High Powered LEDs with a lumen flux of 15,000LM, an IK08 rating and an operational lifetime of 50,000 hours. This means the light will last for years without requiring replacement. 
    • The top hook available allows you to easily hang the product on a wall or ceiling. The product is also supplied with three-pin flex and plug (included) and a built-in LED driver.
    • The product has a light output of 15,000 lumens which can illuminate up to 120 degrees in an area over a one-half mile (1km) wide. Its brightness settings allow you to modify and control the site brightness  throughout the day, in order to maintain a comfortable environment after dark. 

    3. Sonar Series High Bay Emerald Planet

    Sonar Series High Bay Emerald Planet
    Sonar Series High Bay Emerald Planet

    The Sonar Series High Bay Emerald Planet is one of the latest and most interesting products among the family of energy-efficient industrial, commercial and retail lighting. This product is easy to install and has an efficiency of 190lm/W, allowing this high bay luminaire to deliver an incredible amount of light for a small footprint. The light is ideal for areas where space is of the essence or where you need to save money on your energy bill. 

    • With a 190lm/W high efficiency, this lamp will help you save on energy costs while providing a bright light source that will not cause severe eye strain as that from lower-powered bulbs.
    • The design of this product is compact enough to make it easy to install  within a range of settingsIts optional sensor feature makes it perfect for shops and factories alike.
    • For locations where lights are a must-have (like factories), there is an optional feature that allows you dim the power down when you’re not around, so there’s no wasted energy, which also saves money on your electricity bill.
    • Perfect for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail stores, or any other location  where space is at a premium and efficiency matters. The compact design makes it easy to fit into spaces like high ceilings or under stairs.

    4. [ORION] IP65 LED High Bay Teknik

    [ORION] IP65 LED High Bay Teknik
    [ORION] IP65 LED High Bay Teknik

    The [ORION] IP65 LED High Bay is a great solution for your facility’s lighting needs. The High Bay is a cost-effective and efficient LED lighting solution that is very well suited for industrial applications. 

    It features a custom lens that reduces glare, and in turn improves the visibility in your space, making it better illuminated, especially at night.  This  premium-grade solution is very efficient, and it enjoys the following features: 

    • A dust-resistant unique heat sink and a rugged design, easy to install in any location
    • Designed with durability, it can withstand harsh environments and dusty work zones. The robust construction ensures that the device will last longer than other competitor products on the market.
    • It is built from premium materials such as Aluminium Alloy, Iron and Steel, which make it highly durable. The light is designed to be mounted on the ceiling or wall, with a mounting bracket available for both options.
    • It is available in two different variants: IP65 (IP67) and IP67+, allowing the product to withstand severe outdoor conditions such as rain or snow.
    • Ideal for applications requiring a high level of illumination which a standard high bay can not provide— such as the interior of a store or an office space. The light offers cost-effective illumination with its energy-efficient design that delivers up to 160lm/W.
    • This product is guaranteed to satisfy the different space requirements  given its durable construction, its  custom lensing for glare reduction and its reduced glare reduction.

    5. [PRIME] IP65 LED High Bay Teknik

    [PRIME] IP65 LED High Bay Teknik
    [PRIME] IP65 LED High Bay Teknik

    The PRIME LED High Bay Teknik ensures a bright, energy-efficient light. It is IP65 rated for dust and water resistance, making it ideal for outdoor applications. The high-bay LED lighting system has a built-in dimmer to accurately control the amount of light emitted from each lamp. This feature allows a simple brightness level adjustment to suit different tasks or seasons without interfering with  any other settings on the system.

    • Designed with cost-effectiveness in mind, its advanced front lens reduces glare and optimises the amount of light delivered which ensures superior performance across a variety of applications without additional investments or maintenance costs.
    • The integrated LED driver and 12V transformer make it easy to install. The high bay  features a power switch and three LED indicators for status feedback.
    • Features a touchscreen interface that allows you to monitor and adjust the lighting in real-time. It is constructed from durable materials that ensure the product can last for years without requiring maintenance or repairs.
    • It can deliver more than 170lm/w, making it ideal for premium and industrial applications. 
    • Built-in energy-saving features, such as a dimming function, allow you to adjust the brightness of each LED lamp individually, to optimally benefit from its maximum efficiency.
    • It can either be used as a replacement or can supplement traditional fluorescent lamps in areas where space is limited. 

    6. 200W UFO LED High Bay Light

    200W UFO LED High Bay Light
    200W UFO LED High Bay Light
    $309*the price may be different at the time of purchasing Buy Now Product Details

    The 200w UFO High Bay Light is a premium quality product manufactured using the latest technology. It has a design that is highly efficient, modern and provides maximum illumination at an affordable price. 

    This light is designed for commercial buildings and can be mounted on walls or ceilings with heights up to 10 metres. It can also be used as an alternative to fluorescent tubes due to its energy-saving properties. The UFO High Bay Light is tested and guaranteed against multiple flicker testing standards to ensure peace of mind after purchase.

    • The IP65-rated fixture with the high bay application makes this product compliant to all Australian Standards.
    • It has a luminous flux of 200 lm per single row of LEDs, meaning this fixture will provide you enough lumens to illuminate your work area well into the night without being too bright.  
    • It can be easily installed  and can be operated using a remote control device for simple setting changes
    • Long-life SMD LEDs guarantee a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours (Efficiency – 85%) at 20°C ambient temperature.
    • High CRI output with high colour rendering index (CRI) of 90+ (Ra ≥ 80). Mounting brackets include adjustable mounting brackets with 150mm spacing. 
    • It is available in three models: standard, wide angle and floodlights. Each model has been explicitly designed for  application areas and for specific requirements, such as the maximum number of LEDs per row or beam angle required by your application.  This option allows a varied choice to accurately meet your requirements. 
    6 best high bay LED lights infographic
    Infographic: 6 best high bay LED lights

    5 Reasons to Use LED High Bay Lights?

    There are several reasons to encourage using High Bay lights. First and most importantly, LED lights are far more energy-efficient than traditional metal halide or fluorescent fixtures.

    Energy efficient lights result in significant money savings on your energy bills each month. Moreover, LED lights last much longer than other types of bulbs, and therefore don’t need to be replaced as often. 

    Furthermore, Highbay LED lights provide better illumination compared to other types of bulbs, which will not only make the space brighter and clearer for customers and employees, but will also make it safer to move around and work.

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    Below are some of the key reasons why Highbays are the best choice for commercial settings:

    ➜ Energy Efficiency

    One of the main reasons to make the switch to High Bay LED lights is that they are much more energy-efficient than traditional metal halide or fluorescent fixtures. In fact, LED types typically consume 50% less energy than traditional types of bulbs, allowing you to achieve monthly savings on your energy bills

    ➜ Long Lifespan

    Another advantage of LED High Bays is the longer lifespan when compared to traditional lighting sources. LED Highbay lights can last for up to 50,000 hours, which is almost five times longer than metal halide lights.

    ➜ Cost-efficient

    Although the upfront cost of High Bay LED lights can be higher than their counterparts, the financial savings gained from their reduced energy consumption and their longer hours of operation make them a significant, cost-efficient solution.  

    ➜ Safety

    High Bay LED lights provide better illumination than other types of bulbs, allowing the space users to see more clearly and feel less strain on their eyesight and to work in a more safe environment. 

    Moreover, Highbay LED lights emit minimal heat and won’t contribute to the heat load in a warehouse or factory, like their traditional counterparts.

    ➜ Appearance

    Highbay LED lights are available in a variety of styles and finishes, allowing users to choose a perfect match for their commercial space.

    The LED lights are also available in different color temperatures, so you can select a light that perfectly matches the intended ambiance for your space and business.

    What are the different types of High Bay LED lights?

    There are two main types of Highbay LED lights: linear High Bays and round Highbays.

    Linear High Bays: Linear High Bays are long, rectangular fixtures that are typically used in warehouses and factories. These fixtures provide bright, uniform light over large areas.

    Round High Bays: Round High Bays are circular fixtures that are typically used in retail settings. Round High Bays are generally used to cast a bright, uniform light on a specific area.

    How Do I Choose The Right High Bay LED Lights For My Commercial Space?

    There are different factors to consider when choosing High Bay LED lights for your commercial space. First, you should decide on the type of fixture to use. 

    Linear High Bays are typically used in warehouses and factories, while round High Bays are typically used in retail settings.

    The second step involves choosing the suitable type, style and finish that match your space. High Bay LED lights are available in a variety of styles and finishes, offering you a wide array of options to select the most suitable for your business.

    Finally, you need to choose the right color temperature for your Highbay LED lights. LED lights are available in different color temperatures, ranging from warm white to bright cool white, allowing users to create the atmosphere that is most convenient to the space.

    What is the difference between high bay lights and low bay lights?

    High bay lights are typically used in warehouses and factories, whereas low bay lights are generally used in retail spaces. High bay lights provide bright, uniform light to large areas, while low bay lights shine a bright, uniform light over a small area.

    How many high bay lights do I need?

    The number of high bay lights required will depend on the size and layout of your commercial space.

    For example, for a large warehouse, you may need several linear High Bay fixtures to achieve proper illumination levels. On the other hand, a small retail space could be illuminated with only one or two round Highbays. 

    The light output from a high bay LED light is typically measured in foot candles. One foot-candle is equal to the amount of light cast by one candle on a surface that has an area of one square foot, from a distance of one foot.

    The number of foot candles required for your space is directly related to the size of the area that needs illumination. 

    Once you know the size of the area, you can use a foot-candle calculator to determine the amount of light you need.

    What is a good ceiling height for high bay LED lights?

    The height of installation of your High Bay LED lights is directly related to the application and space operation. For example, for warehouse applications, the high bays need to be mounted at a significant height, to keep the lights clear from forklifts and other equipment. 

    Similarly, Highbay LED lights in retail settings should be mounted high enough not to interfere with shelves or displays.

    As a general rule, Highbay LED lights should be mounted between 20 and 40 feet off the ground.

    What is a beam angle?

    The beam angle is the angle at which light is emitted from a fixture. High Bay LED lights are available in a variety of beam angles, so you can choose the specific solution that meets your requirement and application.

    How can I install LED High Bays in my commercial setting?

    Installing Highbays in a large commercial setting can be a challenging task. To ensure that the lights are properly installed, it is recommended to hire professional help to perform the job. 

    E-Green Electrical Services is a professional LED lighting company that can help you with all your High Bay requirements. We offer a variety of High Bay LED lights, so you can choose the perfect fixture for your commercial space.

    We also offer a wide range of services, including installation, repair and maintenance.

    Get in touch today!

    How much does it cost to install LED high bay lights?

    The overall cost of installing Highbay LED lights will depend on the size and layout of your commercial space, as the size of the space will determine the quantity and type of lights needed.  

    For example, a large warehouse will require several linear High Bays to provide adequate illumination, whereas a small retail space might only need one or two round types. 

    Contact our team for a free quote

    Can I use LED high bays in my residential settings?

    Although they are typically used in commercial and industrial applications, Highbay LED lights can in fact be used in residential settings, especially in residential spaces with high ceilings. 


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