How to Find a Top Rated Solar Installer Near Me in Sydney

How to Find a Top Rated Solar Installer Near Me in Sydney

Last updated on October 17, 2023

Are you considering a  solar upgrade in Sydney but not sure where to start? Finding the right installer is key to ensuring you have high-quality panels installed properly amd at a fair price.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll walk you through all the necessary steps to locate the best local solar panel installer near you.

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Going solar is one of the best solutions for reducing the impact on the  environment and also for decreasing your energy bills, however, you will only fully benefit if you choose an installer with a proven track record of excellence.


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    This article will guide you on  how to spot the pros and  cons of installer services on how to find a reputable installer to get your solar panels up and running in no time, to fully and properly harness the power of the sun.

    Why Go Local for Solar Panel Installation?

    It makes sense to choose a  local partner for your solar panel installation in Sydney. Here are a few reasons why:

    • They know the regulations. Local installers stay up-to-date with the latest rules and rebates in your area and know how to  get your system approved and running as quickly as possible.
    • They understand the climate. Local companies know how to optimize solar systems for the amount of sunlight in Sydney. They’ll choose panels and components suited for your region.
    • They’ll provide better service. It’s much easier for a local installer to service or repair your system if any problem arises. You’ll have a knowledgeable team at hand to help maintain a great performance of your solar panels for years to come.
    • You’re supporting your community. Choosing a local solar installer helps create jobs and stimulates economic activity within your area. Your money stays in the community instead of going to large national chains.
    • References and reputation matter. It’s easier to check reviews and references for local installers to ensure a good track record of quality work. You will also be able to see the final outcome and quality of the solar systems they’ve installed in your area.

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    Do Your Research on Local Solar Companies

    Finding the right solar installer is key to attaining  the best solar system for your needs and budget. Research local companies in your area to determine who’s the best fit.

    Check online reviews from sites like Yelp, Google, or Facebook for feedback from  past customers and what they have to say about the companies you’re interested in.

    Look for installers with mostly positive reviews mentioning fair prices, quality products, and great service. Avoid installers who have received negative comments,  for poor workmanship or sky-high costs.

    Explore the companies’ websites to learn about their experience, credentials, products, and services. Make sure they are properly licensed and insured.

    Companies that have been in business for several years and have a proven track record installing many systems are usually a safer option.

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    Get multiple price estimates from the different installers you’re interested in. Make sure all bids are for the same system size and components so you can properly compare their offers.

    Look not just at the bottom line price but also at financing options, warranties, and predicted energy cost savings.

    Ask the installers detailed questions about their services, experience, products, and more. Choose the company that you feel most comfortable with and confident in.

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    They should thoroughly explain how the system works, your responsibilities, timelines, permits needed, and the potential incentives you can qualify for.

    Check Online Reviews of Local Installers

    Finding a reputable solar installer is crucial to ensure a positive  experience while installing panels at your home. One of the best ways to vet potential installers is to check the online reviews they have received from past customers.

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    Read Reviews on Their Website and Social Media

    Most installers will include testimonials or reviews on their own website. Read these to get a sense of the overall customer experience.

    Also check the installer’s social media profiles like Facebook and Google Reviews to see star ratings and read reviews from real customers in your area.

    Look for installers with mostly positive reviews mentioning quality service, good communication, and well performing systems.

    Search for Reviews on Third-Party Sites

    For unbiased reviews, search for the installer’s name along with “reviews” on sites like Trustpilot, SolarReviews, and Yelp. Look for recent reviews mentioning high quality work, long-lasting parts, and good warranties.

    Be wary of any mentions of pushy sales tactics, hidden fees, or subpar installation. The best installers will have an overall  rating of at least 3 to 4 stars.

    Contact Reviewers If Needed

    If you have any concerns about negative reviews or need clarifications on a specific point, consider contacting the reviewer directly.

    Politely explain you’re considering that installer and wanted more details regarding their experience. Most homeowners will be happy to provide more in-depth feedback to help guide your decision.

    Get Multiple Quotes From Local Installers

    Getting multiple quotes from local solar panel installers in Sydney is key to determining the best deal. Here are some tips to get the ball rolling:

    Do Some Research on Local Installers

    Check reviews on Google, Facebook, and other local business review sites to locate highly-rated installers in your area.

    See what other customers say about their experience, quality of work, customer service, and prices. Make a list of 3-5 that seem reputable and affordable.

    Contact the Installers for Consultations and Quotes

    Reach out to the installers on your list and schedule meeting sessions. During the consultation, discuss your needs and property details so they can provide an accurate quote.

    Ask detailed questions about their services, experience, certifications, warranties, and financing options.

    • Get quotes from each installer that provide estimates for the total system cost, energy offset, and payback period. Compare the quotes closely based on specs, warranties, and overall value.
    • Beware of low prices that seem too good to be true. An abnormally low quote could indicate low quality equipment or poor installation.

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    Check References and Credentials

    Don’t take an installer’s word with regards to their great service and workmanship. Ask for references from previous clients with similar systems.

    Call these  references to make sure they were happy with the overall experience.

    • Verify the installer’s licenses and certifications. In Australia, installers must have a Clean Energy Council accreditation. This ensures they meet high standards of safety, reliability, and performance.
    • Check whether  the installer is certified by the product manufacturers of the panels and inverters they supply. Manufacturer certifications are also a guarantee of good quality and proper installation.

    Ask the Right Questions to Find the Best Local Solar Panel Installer

    Finding the best local solar panel installer for your needs in Sydney requires doing some homework and asking the right questions upfront will help determine which companies are reputable, experienced, and at a decent level  to meet your specific requirements.

    Are they licensed and certified?

    Only consider installers that are properly licensed and certified. In Australia, the Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredits installers, and it’s important to make sure that the company and the installers have the necessary CEC accreditation.

    How long have they been in business?

    An established company with several years of experience will likely provide better service and workmanship. They’ll also most likely remain in operation  to honor any warranty claims.

    What services do they offer?

    Look for a company that can provide turnkey services, from the initial site evaluation and system design to installation, grid connection, and after-sales support. Some also help arrange financing options and process government incentives.

    What brands of panels and inverters do they use?

    Reputable installers use high-quality components from trusted manufacturers like Canadian Solar, LG, Fronius or SMA. Ask about the warranties on the specific products they recommend for your installation.

    Can I see some recent installations?

    Ask if the company has any local installations which you can visit  in person. Make sure that the systems appear professionally installed, the wiring is neat, and the panels are firmly fixed  for optimal sunlight exposure.

    Happy clients who provide referrals are also a good sign.

    How much do they charge?

    Get at least three quotes from different installers to be able to compare. Ask whether they charge based on the wattage of your system, or if it’s  an all-inclusive flat fee.

    Find out if the quote also includes the grid connection to the public electricity network, and if any government rebates or incentives have been taken into account when calculating the fees.

    Choose a company that meets both  your budget and also your requirements for quality and experience.


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      Do a thorough research, check online and live reviews, get multiple quotes, and ask the right questions in order to locate the right  local solar installer who matches your requirements.

      Once you choose the installer and agree on the details, you should have your system up and running in a short time and can start benefiting from solar energy and saving on your energy bills.

      Going solar is one of the best investments you can make for your home and the environment and once your new solar panels are installed, you will  feel good knowing you’re generating your own clean energy and reducing your carbon footprint.

      This is an additional benefit on top of  the money you’ll save on electricity costs for years to come. 

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