What is the Ripple Effect?

June 3, 2020

A ripple effect is first detected when your lights start to flicker. The ripple effect is created when electricity suppliers in Australia are reducing the amount of energy provided to certain areas. This is done to help deal with the on-peak demand of electricity and what the electricity grid can accommodate. On-peak demand is usually between the hours of 7am-10am and 5pm-10pm. This is when most people are home and consuming the most amount of electricity.


Why Do My Lights Flicker?


When the electricity providers lower the amount of energy provided to manage with the electricity demand in your area, your home is now receiving less energy. The electrical current provided to your lights has been decreased and therefore your lights may flicker. This is due to LED lights using such little power. A standard halogen bulb uses 50watts versus an LED light using 5watts.

It is important to remember that there are other factors that could contribute to the severity of the ripple effect. An example of this is via air conditioning. Air conditioners consume so much electricity that it takes away some of the electrical current that would normally go through to the lights.


How Do I Resolve the Flickering?

There are three main ways you can resolve the ripple effect in your home. We will list the following steps to help troubleshoot the issue starting from the least to most cost effective methods. This will depend on the area you live in and the severity of your ripple effect.

The first option is to get more of an electrical current to your lights. This can be done by turning up the dimmer. The lights will then demand more of a current as the lights are not dimmed. Turning up the dimmer increases the amount of power required by the light.

Secondly, you could look at installing a load bypass device. This device is designed to improve the dimming and switching performance of some problematic lights. This is installed on the first lamp of each lighting circuit and/or behind the switch.

Lastly, you could look at installing a ripple signal filter. The ripple signal filter is specifically tuned to eliminate the ripple effect signal frequency. This is typically installed on the electrical board.


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