The 10 best ceiling fans | Reviews and buying guide

Last updated on February 12, 2022

The wide range of ceiling fans available on the market provides a large selection of styles and designs, as well as an extensive range of feature-rich components.

Selecting the most suitable fan for your home, both with a sleek and attractive design on one hand and cutting-edge technology on the other, can be a challenging task.

To help you in your selection, we have hand-picked the 10 best ceiling fans to buy in Australia, listing for each the most significant components and style options, to accommodate varying price ranges.

Although most ceiling fans will perform well, there are a few features to consider when deciding to add one to your home. This article will guide you towards the features worthwhile to invest in and point out which features are not worth the investment.

Ceiling fans help you relax by circulating air throughout the room and minimizing humidity. Fans, unlike air conditioning units, have little effect on the room’s actual temperature, but still work to make the body more comfortable.

What is a Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling fans are electrical appliances used as means of air circulation. They are installed on the ceilings of rooms and powered by an electricity source.

Over time, ceiling fans have significantly evolved as new and advanced features have been incorporated. 

This evolution resulted from changing trends among people and environmental requirements.

6 best places to use ceiling fans

Wherever you go today in Australia, you will come across ceiling fans. The hot weather often drives people to seek sustainable cooling solutions, and ceiling fans fit this bill.

Here are a few places where ceiling fans can be a great fit for space cooling.

1. Bed Rooms

Ceiling fans have become a mandatory part of bedrooms. They not only provide you with a comforting room environment but contribute to overall room décor.

That’s why people are leaning towards fancy and stylish ceiling fans to enhance their interior décor.

2. Living and Dining Rooms

We spend a good portion of our day in the living and dining rooms in our homes. 

This is where families gather to share worthwhile moments and enjoy meals together.

Such moments in summers are incomplete without refreshing air circulation and cooling.

This is where an efficient ceiling fan comes into play. Having a well-chosen ceiling fan in your living and dining rooms also speaks a lot to your guests about your lifestyle.

3. Corporate Offices

In your offices and corporate spaces, you can fulfill your space cooling needs by installing ceiling fans.

A refreshing space demonstrates a welcoming experience to your staff and clients. This is why corporate offices tend to purchase ceiling fans and other accessories as part of their interior décor.

This enhances the overall outlook of your office setups.

4. Shopping Centers

Ceiling fans are very popular in shopping centers today. Shops often get too crowded with customers, which can lead to a suffocating experience both for sellers and customers.

Having high-performing ceiling fans at shopping spots enhances the customer experience and keeps everyone comfortable.

Such a maintained shop environment encourages customer retention leading to a flourishing business.

5. Classrooms

A comforting classroom environment adds to the students’ learning capabilities. In stressful and demanding class situations, good space cooling enables students to have a pleasant learning experience.

Ceiling fans are a must-have for classrooms today. Depending upon the size of the classroom, you can install multiple ceiling fans to cover the entire room dimension.

6. Waiting Areas & Lobbies

 Waiting is hard enough as it is—to make a more pleasant experience for visitors, you can use ceiling fans in waiting rooms and lobbies to ease the waiting time.

Be it offices, clinics, or other corporate spaces, lobbies often get too crowded. This projects a negative impression of your organization if the area is stuffy and warm.

Having good ceiling fans installed in waiting areas and lobbies radiates a professional image to your visitors and customers.

10 Best Ceiling Fans Summary

10 Best Ceiling Fans Reviews

A great variety of ceiling fans is available today to enhance your lifestyle. Scroll through to find the ones, that are most suitable for you and your needs.

1. Tempo 48” Ceiling Fan – Best smart

white ceiling fan by tempo

The Tempo ceiling fan is a smart choice for your space cooling needs.

This fan has silver plywood timber blades enhanced with a brushed chrome finish. It comes with a 3-speed switch that is compatible with most Australian wall plates.

It is a fine option, specifically for indoor uses, and it suits traditional as well as modern décor.

Key Features

  • 240v power rating
  • Frame made of durable steel
  • Total fan height of 394 mm
  • Blade size of 48” = 1220 mm from tip to tip
  • ASA – Australian Standards Approved

2. Azure 48” Ceiling Fan – Best decent

azure ceiling fan with light

The Azure ceiling fan is a simple and smart option to consider.

It has a white frame that is complemented with timber plywood blades. 

The Azure fan also comes with a beautifully incorporated color changing LED to light up your space too.

The appealing blade color and LED light make this Azure fan a great addition to your décor as well.

Key Features

  • 240v power rating
  • Strong frame made of steel
  • Total height of 400 mm
  • Blade size of 48’ = 1220 mm from tip to tip
  • 18W color changing dimmable LED globe
  • ASA – Australian Standards Approved

3. Tempest 52” Ceiling Fan – Best minimalist

Tempest best ceiling fan with steel blades

This Tempest ceiling fan is an economical ceiling fan with a brushed aluminum finish.

The Tempest 52” has a minimalistic design that gives it a sleek and modern look.

The addition of a color-changing LED to this fan makes it an alluring item for indoor usage.

This Tempest fan is a great choice for you if you intend to install it specifically in a light-colored interior space. Where it would transform your space décor, the Tempest will be a refreshing solution for your space cooling purpose.

Key Features

  • 240v power rating
  • Frame made of Diecast Aluminium
  • Total height of 350 mm
  • Blade size of 52” = 1320 mm from tip to tip
  • 18W 1600LM color-changing LED globe
  • ASA – Australian Standards Approved

4. Vector 52’ Ceiling Fan – Best rust-free

Best ceiling fan with light

The Vector ceiling fan gives an optimum volume of airflow.

The Vector 52” comes with its body and canopy made up of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), which makes it a rust-free appliance. It also comes with an LED that fulfills your space lighting needs too.

This Vector ceiling fan is a preferable option for indoor and outdoor needs. With its dominant black finishing and stylish blade design, it is a fancy item for corporate décor too.

Key Features

  • 240 v power rating
  • Frame made of rust-free ABS
  • Total height of 376 mm
  • Blade size of 52” = 1320 mm from tip to tip
  • 20W 1000LM non-dimmable LED globe
  • ASA – Australian Standards Approved

5. Intercept2 52” Ceiling Fan – Best modern

intercept ceiling fan

The Intercept2 ceiling fan has a simple shape and design, sure to fit in any space.

Its silver plywood timber blades have a modern touch, which makes it suitable for your personal as well as corporate interiors.

It is among the best options available when it comes to purchasing a fancy ceiling fan. The incorporation of a dimmable LED gives this Intercept2 ceiling fan an edge over traditional ceiling fans in the market.

Key Features

  • 240v power rating
  • Body and canopy made up of Diecast Aluminium
  • Total fan height of 293 mm
  • Blade size of 52” = 1320 mm from tip to tip
  • 24W dimmable color changing LED globe
  • ASA – Australian Standards Approved

6. Majestic Coolah 52” Ceiling Fan – Best traditional

Gold color ceiling fan

The Majestic Coolah Timber 4 Blade Ceiling Fan is an elegant ceiling fan with a traditional design. The Majestic Coolah has walnut plywood timber blades that give it a regall look to enhance your ceilings. It is a worthwhile option for your indoor needs.

This fan is an economical, yet fancy ceiling fan that offers you elegance and comforting space cooling. It stands out from the rest of the ceiling fans in this budget-friendly price range.

Key Features

  • 240v power rating
  • Elegant frame made up of pressed steel
  • Total fan height of 350 mm
  • Blade size of 52” = 1320 mm from tip to tip
  • ASA – Australian Standards Approved

7. Typhoon M3 48” Ceiling Fan – Best durable

typhoon australian ceiling fan

The Typhoon Ceiling Fan is a magnificent ceiling fan with striking, but simple look.

A great feature of this Typhoon fan is its stainless steel blades enhanced with professional 316 stainless steel finishing. This prevents it from the risk of corrosion and pitting.

The shiny exterior and simple design make the Typhoon M3 fan a great option for modern décor. It fulfills indoor and outdoor space cooling needs by providing a relaxing airflow, being a great antidote to blazing hot weather.

Key Features

  • 240v power rating
  • Frame made up of 316 stainless steel
  • Total fan height of 335 mm
  • Blade size of 48” = 1220 mm from tip to tip

8. Concept3 52” Ceiling Fan – Best eco-friendly

Concept ceiling fan for australian market

The Concept3 ceiling fan is one of the most efficient ceiling fans available.

The Concept3  is an eco-friendly ceiling fan having aerofil polymer blades. This feature makes it a high performing ceiling fan even in varying degrees of heat.

The Concept3 is an efficient and durable ceiling fan for indoor and outdoor space cooling needs.

Like many other modern ceiling fans, it also comes with a built-in dimmable LED with a color-changing feature. These features make it a great option to purchase for varying weather demands.

Key Features

  • 240v power rating
  • Body and Canopy made of Diecast Aluminium
  • Total fan height of 360 mm
  • Blade size of 52” = 1320 mm from tip to tip
  • 24W dimmable color changing LED globe
  • ASA – Australian Standards Approved

9. Aviator 66” Ceiling Fan – Best power-saving

avaiator 6 blades ceiling fan

The Aviator Ceiling Fan is a highly advanced ceiling fan.

Its major feature is the incorporation of DC motor technology which consumes much less power than traditional fan motors and is more durable. This feature makes the Aviator a preferable option for power-saving purposes.

The Aviator  has a 6-blade stylish design that gives your interior décor an extra edge. It has an oil-rubbed bronze finish on the motor and walnut ABS blades. It also comes with an option for LED upon the customer’s choice.

Overall, it turns out to be a power-saving and décor enhancing appliance providing more than adequate space cooling performance.

Key Features

  • 240v power rating
  • Power saving durable DC Motor
  • 6-speed remote control hand unit and receiver
  • It has a strong frame made up of metal
  • Total height of 465 mm. 490 mm if the light cover is attached
  • Blade size of 66” = 1670 mm from tip to tip
  • ASA – Australian Standards Approved

10. Aluma 52” Ceiling Fan – Best fancy

Aluma ceiling fan

The Aluma fan is a highly fancy 3- blade ceiling fan. A great feature of the Aluma is its DC motor technology which not only saves power but is highly durable too.

The Aluma  ceiling fan has Satin Nickel finishing on its motor and aluminium blades which together make it great ceiling décor.

Its shiny look, along with LED fan light, makes it a good fit for the professional and corporate environment too.

The Aluma fan is a good choice of ceiling fan to purchase, because it not only satisfies your space cooling requirements, but also demonstrates an elite image of your interior décor.

It is a good fit for outdoor installation too.

Key Features

  • 240v power rating
  • Power saving durable DC Motor
  • 6-speed remote control hand unit and receiver
  • It has a strong frame made of durable metal
  • Total height of 335 mm
  • Blade size of 52” = 1320 mm from tip to tip
  • ASA – Australian Standards Approved

Best ceiling fan with Remote Control and LED Light

The Tempest Supreme – Best overall

Tempest supreme ceiling fan

This ceiling fan is one of the best ceiling fans and is a great addition to any household.

If you aim for top quality, performance, design, and technological features with no compromises, this fan is perfect for you.

The Tempest Supreme ceiling fan is equipped with Brilliant’s Any Season Super technology that is incredibly reliable. It can be easily controlled by a remote-control device and is designed for either indoor or outdoor applications and for both office and household use.

What’s great about this model is that it is budget-friendly and ideal for any buyer. It also offers quiet operation for a very practical size with a sleek design to suit any house interior.

Top Features:

  • Remarkable Airflow
  • Great Energy-Efficiency
  • Multi-colour Options 
  • Top Rated
  • Quiet Operation
  • Remote Control Option
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Aluminum Body
  • Painted Plywood Technology

Amari Ceiling Fan – Best Performance

Amari the best all round ceiling fan

The Amari Ceiling Fan with LED CCT built-in lighting system is another amazing option.

The colour temperature CCT of this ceiling fan is changeable and can range from warm white at 3000K, to cool white at 4200K and all the way to bright daylight at 6000K.

This fan is also fitted with the all-season technology and Brilliant’s quick-connect installation guide for great flexibility.

It is suitable for coastal weather settings and contains a light kit with 24W dimmable power and adjustable colour temperature.

Top Features:

  • All-Seasons Technology
  • Ideal for Coastal Locations
  • Brilliant’s Quick Connect Plug System Guide
  • LED CCT Lighting System
  • Adjustable Color
  • Remote control with 6 speeds and a light is included.

Best Ceiling Fans Buying Guide

Ceiling fans are an integral part of our daily lifestyle which not only fulfil our space cooling needs but add significantly to our space décor too.

Though individual needs vary from buyer to buyer, the following tips can help you buy the most suitable ceiling fan.


Ceiling fans significantly vary in their size.

Always go for the one that exactly fits your space. A too-small fan for a vast lobby is never going to fulfill its meant purpose. Similarly, bigger ceiling fans can never be compatible with smaller spaces.

While buying ceiling fans, have a precise estimate of the dimensions of your space where you intend to install them. This will help you choose a ceiling fan of a size that fits well with your space.


The cost of ceiling fans can greatly vary between fixtures. From simple economical ones to expensive modern ones, there is always a large variety available.

Purchase ceiling fans which are budget-friendly and match your needs. This will help you fulfill your needs without overburdening your finances.


Ceiling fans are available in a variety of materials ranging from metal to bronze. Give special attention to the material of the fan while making a purchase.

Fans made of sensitive material are good for indoor usage but won’t last outside. Similarly, for outdoor installation, go for fans made of rust-free material.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ceiling Fans

Where should I install the ceiling fan?

Ceiling fans can be installed almost anywhere. You can install them in your living rooms, bedrooms, corporate offices, classrooms, and lobbies,

Can I use ceiling fans for outdoor purposes too?

Ceiling fans can be used for outdoor space cooling but care must be taken regarding the material of the fans.

Which ceiling fan should I purchase?

The final choice of the ceiling fan entirely depends on your requirements. You must consider associated factors regarding space dimensions, your budget, and style preferences before finalizing your purchase.

Wrapping Up

A great variety of ceiling fans is available in the market today. The final selection of the best ceiling fan is always up to your needs and circumstances.

A carefully chosen ceiling fan will not only offer efficient space cooling but enhance your space décor too.

I hope this guide will help you compare features of top-notch ceiling fans in the market and make the best purchase.

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At E-Green Electrical , Gaurav writes about Electrical energy, Solar energy, Energy conservation and electrical product reviews. He is most interested in how we can utilize technology and renewable resources to reduce energy consumption , prevent pollution and save money at the same time.

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