An LED downlight is a great way to save energy and money. LED downlight is very efficient and can last up to 50,000 hours.

They emit very little heat and are cool to the touch. LED downlights are available in a variety of sizes in the online store, but the most popular size is the 90mm downlight.

LED downlights are also available in different colour temperatureses, so you can choose the perfect light for your space. Led downlights are dimmable, so you can create the perfect ambience for any room.

Credit: Klmlighting

Led downlights are a great way to save energy and money. They last longer and use less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs.

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LED downlight spacing guide

When it comes to choosing the right size for your space, the most important factor to consider is the spacing between the downlights.

They are available in a variety of sizes, but the most popular size is the 90mm downlight.

The spacing between these downlights should be no more than 90mm apart. This will ensure that the light is evenly distributed and there are no dark spots in your space.

If you have a larger space, you may want to consider downlights with a 100mm spacing. Such downlights with a 100mm spacing will provide more light and coverage than those with a 90mm spacing.

Rule of Thumb spacing method:

The rule of thumb is a general guideline that can be useful when considering how to space your LED light fitting.

However, it is important to use caution when relying on this rule, as there are a number of factors that should be taken into account when determining the ideal spacing for your particular situation.

These factors include the wattage of the bulbs, the size of the room, the purpose of the lighting, and the overall décor. By taking all of these factors into consideration, you can ensure that your LED lighting is installed in an effective and attractive manner.

Spacing criteria method:

The spacing criteria value is determined by the following properties: 

➡The number of LEDs in the fixture

➡The beam angle of the LED 

➡The lumen output of the LED 

➡The reflector type used in the optical design 

➡The spacing between the LEDs 

Depending on these values, you will have to space your LEDs a certain distance apart. As a general rule of thumb, the lower the spacing criteria value, the further apart you will have to space your lights.

For example, if you are using 50 watt LEDs with a beam angle of 60 degrees and a spacing criteria value of 1.2, you will need to space your LEDs 1.2 feet apart.

Is a dimmer recommended for a 90mm downlight?

For a 90mm downlight, a dimmer is not necessary but it is recommended. A dimmer will allow you to control the amount of light that is emitted from the downlight. This can be helpful if you want to create a specific ambience in your space.

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The downlights are available in a variety of colour temperatures, so you can choose the perfect light for your space.

The Diginet MEDM Adaptive Phase Dimmer switch is designed in Australia to provide optimised dimming of LED

Buy DimmerGet a Complete LED Upgrade

What is the difference between a 90mm and 100mm downlight?

The main difference between a 90mm and 100mm downlight is the size of the light. A 90mm downlight is smaller in size and emits less light than a 100mm downlight.

How many LED downlights do I need?

The number of downlights you need will depend on the size of your space and the amount of light you want to emit. For a small space, you may only need two or three downlights. For a large space, you may need four or more downlights.

How do I install 90mm LED downlights?

LED light fitting is a simple process. LED downlights come with all the necessary hardware and instructions.

1️⃣ Start by finding the centre of your space. This is where you will install your first LED downlight.

2️⃣ Drill a hole in the ceiling that is big enough for the LED downlight to fit through.

3️⃣ Insert the LED downlight into the hole and screw it into place.

4️⃣ Repeat this process for each LED downlight you are installing.

5️⃣ Once all the LED downlights are installed, turn on the power and enjoy your new space!

What is the standard downlight size?

The standard size for a LED downlight is 90mm. The most common downlight cut-out size is 90mm.

When it comes to downlights, the cut-out size is an important consideration. The most common size is 90mm, but the smaller size of 70-75mm offers a more sleek appearance.

However, it is harder to install, as your electrician will struggle to get his/her hand through the hole to make the connection. If you are looking for a more discreet look, then the smaller size cut-out is the way to go.

However, be aware that it may take longer to install and may require a more experienced electrician.

How do I know what size downlight I need?

The size of the LED downlight you need will depend on the size of your space and the amount of light you want to emit.

For a small space, you may only need two or three LED downlights. For a large space, you may need four or more LED downlights.

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Are 90mm downlights and 90mm recessed lights the same?

No, a 90mm downlight is not the same as a 90mm recessed light. LED downlights are designed to be installed on the ceiling, whereas recessed lights are designed to be installed on the wall.

Best 90mm LED downlights to buy in Australia

HALO LED Downlight From Teknik

The HALO is a high-quality 90mm LED downlight that is perfect for a variety of applications. Its versatile design allows for 30 degrees of angle adjustment, making it easy to customize the light output to meet your specific needs. In addition, the advanced front lens helps to reduce glare and ensure optimal illumination.

The IP65 body makes the light suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and the sleek design is sure to complement any space. If you are looking for an LED downlight that is stylish and functional, the HALO is the perfect option.

Teknik offers a 3-year warranty on all of its products, ensuring that customers will be satisfied with their purchase.

If a product fails or becomes defective under normal use within this time period, Teknik will replace it free of charge. This warranty is in addition to the statutory rights that consumers have under applicable law.

Important features:

[LUNA] Tri-Colour Combo Downlight – Emerald Planet

The Luna Downlight is a highly efficient and versatile lighting option, perfect for both residential and commercial settings.

With a variety of cut out options and wattage models, the Luna Downlight offers the flexibility to match existing lighting colours or provide your customers with additional options.

The convenient switchable tri colour temperature technology makes it easy to create the perfect atmosphere for any setting, and the durable construction ensures long-lasting performance.

Representing exceptional value for money, the Luna 90mm Downlight is an ideal choice for any installation.

Important features:

Philips Tri-Colour LED Downlight 7.5W Dimmable LED (90mm)

The Philips Tri-Colour LED Downlight is a high-quality and stylish lighting option that is perfect for any installation.

Featuring a sleek design and advanced front lens, the downlight provides optimal illumination while reducing glare. The IP65 body makes the light suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and the switchable tri colour temperature technology allows you to create the perfect atmosphere for any setting.

In addition, the Philips Tri-Colour LED Downlight is dimmable, making it easy to customize the light output to meet your specific needs.

This product comes with a 3-year warranty, ensuring that customers will be satisfied with their purchase. Get it today from your nearest store.

Important features:

• Save up to 80% on energy costs compared to traditional lighting

• 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K colour temperatures to choose from

• Dimmable LED for the perfect ambiance

• Robust IP54 rating makes it splash-proof

• Available in a variety of settings

Luce Bella 8W 90mm Tri-CCT LED Downlight

Luce Bella’s downlight features a selectable light colour switch, allowing the user to choose the desired light colour depending on the application. The integrated LED driver is suitable for use with trailing edge and universal dimmers.

The downlight produces high lumen output (800lm) and is weather resistant with ingress protection IP44 (once installed). This downlight is ideal for use throughout the modern home.

Luce Bella’s downlight is a versatile and stylish lighting solution that will bring a touch of class to any space. Luce Bella products are backed by a 2-year warranty, giving you peace of mind that your purchase is of the highest quality.

Important features:

90mm LED downlight by Havit Lighting

Havit Lighting is Australia’s leading lighting wholesaler, and they have just released a new LED downlight that is sure to revolutionize the market.

The downlight has been designed with Havit’s signature quality and attention to detail, and it is already being lauded as one of the best on the market.

The light is made with high-quality materials, and it uses only the best LED chips and drivers. This means that you can be sure that your downlight will last for years to come.

In addition, Havit Lighting offers an industry-leading warranty on their products, so you can be confident that you are making a wise investment.

If you are looking for a high-quality, long-lasting LED downlight, then Havit Lighting is the brand for you.

Important features:

HPM DLI 7W 90mm LED Dimmable Downlight

Looking for an energy-efficient way to light up your home? Check out these HPM fixed downlights.

These lights produce 820 lumens of cool white light while only using seven watts of power, making them a great choice for those looking to save on their energy bill.

They’re also compatible with trailing edge dimmers and have a low ceiling depth, so you can easily install them in your home.

Plus, they’re Insulation Contact – Fire Resistant (IC-F), so you can safely install them in areas where building insulation is exposed to 90oC. Give these HPM fixed downlights a try for your next lighting project!

90mm LED Downlight installation in Sydney

Are you looking for a team of reliable and experienced electricians to install LED downlights in your home? If so, our authorized electrical business in Sydney can help.

We understand that having work done on your home can be stressful, which is why we take care to treat your property with respect. We also pride ourselves on being punctual and efficient, so you can be sure that the job will be done right the first time.

It’s important to have a quality lighting system in our homes. Not only does it improve the aesthetic of our space, but it also can save us money on our energy bills. If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your home’s lighting, consider switching to LED downlights.

LED downlights are a type of lighting that is becoming increasingly popular due to their many benefits. Not only are LED downlights more energy-efficient than traditional halogen downlights, but they also last longer, emit less heat, and are available in a variety of colours and styles.

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What are the benefits of upgrading downlights under NSW Energy Saving Scheme?

NSW homeowners and businesses can save money on their electricity bills by upgrading to energy-efficient lightings, such as LED downlights.

Under the NSW Energy Saving Scheme (ESS), eligible customers can receive a discount on their electricity bills when they upgrade to energy-efficient lighting.

In addition, the ESS also offers rebates for businesses that install energy-efficient lighting. So if you’re a business owner, you could save even more money by upgrading to LED downlights!

Not only will you save money on your electricity bills, but you’ll also be helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. So switch to LED downlights today and start saving money

Exciting benefits of NSW LED Upgrade scheme

Additional Products

Q. What is a tri colour downlight?

A tri colour downlight is a type of LED downlight that can produce three different colours of light – warm white, cool white, and daylight.

Q. What is the difference between warm white and cool white downlight?

Warm white downlights emit a soft, yellowish light, while cool white downlights emit a brighter, whiter light. The warm white is around 3000K while the cool white is around 5000K

Q. What is the difference between a GU10 and an MR16 downlight?

GU10 downlights are designed to be used with GU10 light bulbs, while MR16 downlights are designed to be used with MR16 light bulbs.

Q. How do I know if my downlight is compatible with a dimmer switch?

If your downlight is compatible with a dimmer switch, it will be marked as “dimmable” on the packaging.

Q. What is the difference between an IP44 and an IP54 downlight?

IP44 downlights are designed for indoor use, while IP54 downlights are designed for both indoor and

Q. What is a dimmable LED?

A dimmable LED is an LED light that can be used with a dimmer switch to create different levels of lighting in a room. Dimming an LED light can save energy and help to create the perfect ambience in any space.

Lighting has always been a matter of great interest due to its power to transform any space. With evolving lifestyle and trends, the world of space lighting has witnessed significant advancements, and new lighting products are constantly being introduced.

Smart light bulbs are one such new product introduced to meet evolving customer requirements. 

While traditional lighting products have been used extensively in the past, today they are becoming increasingly popular.

What is a smart light bulb?

A smart light bulb is an advanced form of light bulb that provides customized lighting, scheduling, and remote controllability. 

Smart bulbs are internet of things (IoT) based light products that come with smart functionalities like the capability to connect to smart devices and home assistants for a more advanced space lighting experience and convenient control.

They are internet-enabled light bulbs that are adaptable to the home automation and smart home concepts of today.

Where to use smart light bulbs?

The current trends in interior design and evolving lifestyle have increased the popularity of smart bulbs. 

There used to be a time when traditional light bulbs were used for the sole purpose of lighting up rooms and offices.

However, today lighting products are an indispensable component of interior décor too, where smart bulbs now fulfil décor enhancement needs along with space lighting functionality.

As such, they are being used almost everywhere for the versatility they offer. They are extensively used in homes, offices, and corporate spaces. They are also being used in the commercial sector as well.

Advantages of Smart Light Bulbs

The main reason behind the increased popularity of smart bulbs are the numerous advantages offered by them as a result of their advanced technical features. 

Here we will discuss the major advantages of using smart bulbs instead of conventional light sources.

Energy Conservation

Amid the ongoing energy crisis, consumers prefer energy-conserving products and appliances. 

Through optimized operational control, smart light bulbs help save considerable energy without compromising illumination quality.

Particularly, smart LED light bulbs provide an enhanced illumination experience with minimum energy utilization. 


Lights are a great source for ensuring ambience in any kind of environment.

Smart bulbs enhance this ambience factor through their versatile functionality and additional incorporated product features.

This makes them a good fit for all sorts of public places and visiting spots.

Most of the smart light products offer multiple coloured lights with adjustable illumination and intensities.

Through the variety of options available, compatible products can be selected as per the user’s preferences.

This helps create an ambient environment in all kinds of places as per the space requirements.

Convenient Operation

Conventional lighting products are often inconvenient because of their effort-demanding operations.

Smart Wi-Fi Dimmable LED Bulb

Set the mood from the convenience of your phone with this Wi-Fi-enabled Smart Bulb from Tapo

Having to leave your couch or warm bed for the sole purpose of switching ON or OFF the light is too tedious. 

This is where smart bulbs jump in to help you with their advanced functionalities.

With smart bulbs, device operation becomes more convenient for the user, as they can be operated from the comfort of a couch or a warm bed. 

You don’t need to physically press switches; rather, a smart app can easily perform this function, so you can conveniently operate them with minimal effort.

Health Benefits

Lights sources have been proven to have significant health benefits for users, and smart bulbs are a great source of such benefits. 

Smart light bulbs come with lights of varying colors and frequencies. Many rainbow hue-type smart bulbs even offer multiple colored lights together.

Many of the smart light bulbs also mimic daylight and replace it in places with no daylight exposure like basements which helps prevent seasonal affective disorder. 

In addition to that, task-specific and purpose-specific light colors and varying intensities provide an optimal lighting experience to users without straining eyes.

Remote Controllability

Perhaps the greatest benefit of smart light bulbs is their remote controllability even from far-off distances. All you need is to have an established connection with your smart home products in order to control them remotely using smart devices.

This can be done using a smartphone app or home assistant, and can also be achieved using connectivity options like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Décor Enhancement

Smart light bulbs are extensively being used for décor enhancement, as their versatile nature and precise controllability helps enhance the space décor. 

Smart light bulbs of varying colors, intensities, and designs fit well with different themed decors. As such, they resonate with different spaces and interior designs. 

In addition, smart light bulbs not only beautify interior spaces but they are good for outdoor usage too. 

Motion Detection

Many smart light bulbs come with motion sensing technology.

These bulbs stay OFF during normal situations; however, once they detect any motion, they switch ON.

This motion detection and sensing technology has made them highly popular from a security perspective.

As such, smart bulbs can help in preventing and monitoring crimes like robbery and theft particularly at night. 


A great feature of smart bulbs that gives them an edge over traditional light bulbs is their customizability. 

They are highly customizable when it comes to light colour, bulb design, and light intensity. They also offer customizable options for their operations and controls, where they can be programmed using features like timer and sleep for automation. 

This enhances the user experience and provides automated product control with minimal effort.

Architecture Personality

Smart light bulbs reflect the architectural quality of a space. 

The Installation of smart bulbs is a sign of modernity which ultimately adds value to homes and commercial properties.

With evolving trends and lifestyle changes, people tend to prefer homes and corporate spaces offering maximum smart features. 

Hence, using smart light bulbs can increase the worth of your property and lead to financial benefit from higher resale and rental values.


The final considerable advantage of smart light bulbs is that almost all of them come with warranties.

The duration of a warranty can vary based on the manufacturer, where they usually start from 1 year but can be much longer

Various kinds of warranties are offered by companies and manufacturers, where some offer replacement warranties while others may offer maintenance during the warranty period. 

Such warranties help prevent financial loss in the case of product breakdown.

Disadvantages of Smart Light Bulbs

Though smart light bulbs come with many benefits, they also hold certain disadvantages like any other product. 

Here we will discuss a few disadvantages of smart light bulbs to consider when buying them.


Smart light bulbs can be quite expensive, as they come with advanced technology and different features. Hence, their price can increase based on the product brand and features offered.

Besides purchasing costs, it is also worth considering the cost of installation and operation of smart light bulbs. 

Installation of smart devices is often complicated, as the connections need to be precisely established with smart devices and remote modalities.

Along with that, if you have too many smart bulbs installed, they could drain electricity even when they are apparently switched OFF, as the smart system stays active. 

As such, these increased costs may turn out to be a major drawback of smart light bulbs that makes them unaffordable for many.

Additional Hub

Many smart light bulbs require additional hubs for optimal functionality. This hub requirement can become quite expensive for users as it adds to the cost of installing smart light bulbs. 

These hubs are not required for all smart light bulbs, but their installation helps ensure smooth and consistent operation of the smart appliances. 

Again, this can be a disadvantage for the people who can’t afford to install hub for smart light bulbs.

Technical Glitches

Technical glitches are another disadvantage associated with many smart bulbs.

Smart bulbs require a highly precise system for optimal operation; however, many of these bulbs come with technical glitches that mar their performance.

Some examples are that smart apps turn out to be incompatible, or remote connectivity issues arise leading to compromised product performance. 

Such technical glitches may cause the user to suffer and lead to financial losses too in case of product breakdown.

However, this risk can be minimized by using products from trusted brands and by careful installation of the bulbs to ensure smooth product operations.

Security Issues

Smart light bulbs can pose a security threat due to their Wi-Fi network connectivity. 

As such, they can be hacked or accessed leaving other systems in the network vulnerable to security breach issues, as hackers can access them through lateral privilege escalation.

In this case, smart light bulbs can lead you to a significant security risks, where malware can be installed on other devices connected to the same network.

However, having a strong Wi-Fi password, regular firmware updates, and features like two-point authentication may help counter such potential security risks.

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Factors to Consider when Buying Smart Light Bulbs

Based on their increased popularity over time, today a wide range of smart light bulbs is available in the market. 

Numerous brands are introducing their smart light products in the market with a varying price range and product features. Hence, it can get difficult to choose the product that best meets your needs.

Here we will discuss 5 factors to consider when buying a smart light bulb. 

This will help you narrow down your choices and select the product that best matches your requirements.

1. Product Cost

Cost is the main factor to consider when buying smart light bulbs. 

Products with varying prices are available in the market depending on the brand and features offered. 

In addition to upfront product cost, the ongoing power consumption of the smart light bulbs should also be considered. 

Bulbs with higher power consumption may lead to higher operational costs in the long run. 

In order to make a smart purchase, try to select the product that fits best with your budget in terms of both upfront and operational costs, while adequately fulfilling your requirements.

2. Product and Light Colors

In addition to their basic function of space lighting, bulbs also play a significant role in interior décor. 

Considering product and light colors can help you choose the one that best resonates with your interiors. Look for the product and light colors that match the current theme or color palette of your home or office. 

Multicolor smart bulbs can also be a useful option to fulfill a versatile range of purposes.

For optimal utilization of your smart light bulbs, it’s best to first consider their potential usage and then select the light colors that meet your purpose accordingly. 

3. Luminance

Luminance defines how bright or intense the light emitted from a product is, and it is also an important factor to consider when buying smart bulbs. 

This is usually measured in Lumens, where the higher the lumens, the brighter and more intense light.

Product luminance needs to match the usage purpose, as smart bulbs with incompatible luminance can lead to straining of the eyes and inefficient product function.

4. Connectivity Features

Connectivity and smart functionality are quite fundamental features to consider when buying smart bulbs. They help you operate your smart products remotely with minimal effort.

In general, a product should be compatible with common smart devices and apps like Google Home and Alexa. 

In addition, you should consider products that offer connectivity with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies, as this would facilitate operating your smart bulbs remotely.

5. Hub Requirement

Many smart products need additional hubs for optimal functioning; however, these hubs are not required by all smart light products. There are many smart bulbs, that can be installed and operated individually without the need for installing hubs.

Therefore, before making a purchase, assess the product hub requirements based on your budget. If you can afford to install an additional hub, you can go with any of the smart bulbs available.  Otherwise, only go for light bulbs that do not require hub installation, as they will work optimally without the need for any additional hubs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can smart light bulbs be used without a hub?

Many smart bulbs require a hub for smooth operation and optimal functionalities. 

However, hubs are not needed for every smart bulb. Some can work individually without the need for installing additional hubs.

2. Do smart light bulbs use electricity when they are Off?

Yes, smart bulbs can drain electricity even when they are apparently switched Off. 

This is because the smart system stays activated even when the bulbs or other connected smart devices are Off.

This leads to the utilization of electricity while the bulbs are apparently switched Off.

3. Is there any warranty for smart light bulbs?

Yes, like any other smart device, smart bulbs also come with warranties. The duration of the warranty differs from product to product. 

Some manufacturers offer replacement warranties while many others offer maintenance and labor services during the warranty period.

Yes, like any other smart device, smart bulbs also come with warranties. The duration of the warranty differs from product to product.

Some manufacturers offer replacement warranties while many others offer maintenance and labor services during the warranty period.

4. How can I operate smart light bulbs with a smartphone?

You can easily operate smart bulbs with your smartphone using smart apps. They can also be operated using smart home assistants like Alexa and Google Home. 

Besides that, you can remotely operate your smart bulbs using connectivity features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

5. Why should I prefer smart light bulbs over conventional bulbs?

Smart bulbs are quite advanced light bulbs that provide numerous benefits. You can remotely operate them with minimum effort. 

They also provide features like sleep and timer for automated control. They come in a wide color range allowing you to choose what matches your needs. 

They enhance space décor and optimally fulfill space lighting requirements.

6. Can smart light bulbs cause security issues?

Smart bulbs, being connected to your Wi-Fi network, may pose security issues. Hackers can invade your network through them making other network devices vulnerable. 

However, a strong Wi-Fi password, regular firmware updates, and two-point authentication features can help prevent such issues.

Wrapping Up

Smart bulbs have gained popularity with evolving lifestyle trends, and their versatile functionality and remote operation have increased demand for them. 

With increasing demand, new and advanced smart bulbs are being launched regularly. 

Such a variety of smart light products makes it quite difficult to select the most convenient one when making a purchase. However, it’s important to consider cost, color, luminance, connectivity, and hub requirements.

I hope this guide will help you assess the pros and cons of smart bulbs and buy the most suitable product to meet your requirements.

In this article, we will look at the seven best black floor lamps to buy in Australia, based on your preference and requirements. Following is a summary of our selection.

Best black floor lamps summary

1. Most Modern- Nance Floor Lamp – Matt finish

Nance black floor lamp

Well suited for the modern home, the Nance Black Floor lamp is ideal for adding a stylish twist to your space with its interesting tripod style. This floor lamp is stylish yet different and perfect to add a wow factor to your home decor. 

Key features

2. Most Affordable- Beat Floor lamp – Black

Beat black floor lamp

With its curved arm and large head, the Beat Black Floor Lamp is ideal for any space that needs to be illuminated, while making an impression on your guests. 

Key features

3. Versatile usage – Denise Floor Lamp- Black

The Denise floor lamp is the most versatile because it suits most décor. Adding warmth to your space, this lamp is ideal for a slightly bigger space such as a dining room, family room, or study.

Key Features

4. Most Stylish- Drake Floor Lamp – Black

Marked by elegance, style, and luxury, the Drake black floor lamp has a contemporary look and feel to add the ultimate touch to your special area. It is made of a combination of opal and metal glassware that provides the perfect warmth. 

Key Features

5. Most Minimalist- Sammy Floor Lamp – Black

With an adjustable metal frame, this lamp is perfect for any spot in your home. The adjustable frame makes it easier to light any area without much effort making it a perfect minimalist design ideal for a living room.

Key Features

6. Best for Industrial Spacing – Klop Floor Lamp

Klop black floor lamp

This floor lamp is a perfect choice for lighting industrial spaces or industrial-styled décor. With its pipe-like lines, this lamp makes for a great decorative choice.  

Key Features

7. Best for long term energy efficiency – Tyler LED Floor Lamp- Black

Tyler black floor lamp

Modern and stylish, this black floor lamp features a flexible neck and has the latest LED technology making it ideal for long-term energy efficiency. The Tyler comes in 3 stylish colors, black being the most modern and blends in with anything.

Key Features

Kitchens are valuable and central spaces within everyone’s home, where we spend significant time on chores such as preparing meals, washing dishes, in addition to sharing experiences of dining with friends and family.

Proper kitchen lighting allows you to perform particular tasks effectively and smoothly; simply put, good lighting boosts your productivity. 

The kitchen sink area in particular needs ample bright lighting levels to allow you thoroughly wash and sort your dishes, fruits, and vegetables.

Lighting above and around the sink area is essential for ensuring proper hygiene, and with the right type and level of sink lighting, will give your sink area an interesting appearance.

This article serves as a guide to assist you to properly illuminate and define your kitchen sink area.

Types of lights for kitchen sink:

There are various types of lights to use above the sink area.

You should plan your light system creatively, with careful installation planning above the sink. Some of the types to be used include:

Decorative lights

Although recessed ceiling lights are the most common option for lighting above-the-sink, other possibilities offer more interesting options. A pendant light illuminates the working area while also providing a beautiful accent to your kitchen.

Make sure to avoid the intense glare from the bulb, so look for a pendant that covers the bulb on the sides.

It is most appropriate to hang a pendant approximately 30 inches above the work area, and 60-watt halogen lights can offer great lighting outputs.

Sinks with cabinets

If your kitchen sink is already installed under a cabinet, under-cabinet illumination is your best choice. In this case, ceiling lights installed above the cupboards may cast unwanted shadows on the sink area.

Under-cabinet lighting offers a major advantage of being located directly over the sink, with no obstacles between the light and the sink.

kitchen lights
Source: fidelitybuildersanddesign.com

Under cabinet lights can be a collection of several small lights, a single circular light, or one long bar of light installed under the cabinet.

The lights can be controlled directly from the room switch plate or may have a built-in local switch on the side of the light itself.

It is advisable to consult the manufacturer’s instructions as well as expert lighting advice to determine the capacity and number of lights required for your specific cabinets.

Standard lights

Ceiling lighting is ideal for a kitchen sink in spaces that have a window or open area above it. In fact, the National Kitchen & Bath Association suggests a simple recessed lighting fixture for over-the-sink illumination.

If you have a great view from the window above your sink or require an inconspicuous light, this can be a great option. A recessed light with a shallow trim will offer adequate lighting without detracting from the area.

Depending on the size of your sink, you can use a halogen light within a 50- to 90-watt range, with larger sinks requiring higher wattages.

kitchen lights

Tip: Be careful not to use under-cabinet lighting on food-holding shelves since the heat created by the light might cause food to deteriorate faster. The only exception is LED and fluorescent lighting, which do not produce a lot of heat.

To avoid shadows, ceiling lights, whether recessed or pendant, should always be set squarely above the sink.

Top kitchen lighting ideas

When looking for the ideal lighting above a kitchen sink, there are several aspects to consider. The first and most critical factor should be the location of the kitchen sink.

Under Cabinet lighting can be more useful for small sinks buried behind cabinets. Sinks built inside kitchen islands or countertops can benefit more from large pendants and chandeliers.

Another factor to consider is the style of your kitchen sink lighting, depending on whether you desire a clean, minimalist aesthetic from linear suspension lights or a more glamorous effect, from a huge, creative chandelier.

Translucent shades give your kitchen sink a bright and airy atmosphere. Clear shades can be trendy and contemporary, with types having exposed lights offering an Edison-style ambiance.

This rustic charm can soften kitchen spaces with dark wood tones and furnishings.

Here are some great and modern kitchen sink lighting ideas to help you with your kitchen remodeling efforts.

Beam with balance: (Linear lights)

Minimalist lighting is a trendy concept for modern kitchen sink lighting.

Hanging several straight, narrow light tubes above the kitchen sink creates visual symmetry and balance in the room and above the space, this lighting type works especially well in kitchens with long countertops or islands.

Mobile art for kitchen sink: (Linear suspension pendant lights)

Suspending a series of straight, narrow light tubes over the kitchen sink produces visual harmony and balance in the space.

Bold and mini: (Small pendant lights)

Small pendants are a great option to install above the kitchen sink as they can fit in almost any space, and only a few mini-pendants can create a major statement.

To add rich visual texture to your kitchen, use a bold or dramatic hue, such as black or gold.

Support the chandelier: (Chandelier lights)

A modern ornamental chandelier can be a great option for the kitchen area, not only does it add style to the space, but it also accentuates the apparent depth of your kitchen sink.

Chandeliers have specialty star-like stems that offer visual texture to a room without making it feel weighty.

The ambiance of candlelight:

Candlelight has a unique quality that may create a soft, cozy environment for your kitchen sink.

Accordingly, choose candle-effect lights with metal covers to introduce candlelight into your kitchen and add a contemporary touch and a vintage appearance.

There are several excellent ideas available that can help you upgrade your kitchen sink lights. Chandeliers can offer a powerful and dramatic effect in any room, and given the flexibility of forms and sizes of pendants, there is a very wide selection to match your style.

Mini pendants are ideal for small spaces, and LED lighting pendants can be a great option, providing powerful and long-lasting illumination at minimal energy consumption.

Tips for sizing kitchen lights

Pendant and chandelier lights:

Measure the width or circumference of your table if you’re installing a chandelier or a single huge pendant over a kitchen island or table.

Look for light options with dimensions between two-thirds and three-quarters of that breadth or diameter.

Always keep in mind that a light fixture with a complex or complicated design will appear larger, so reduce the maximum size slightly if that’s what interests you.

If you do not receive ample natural light in your kitchen, task lights for the kitchen sink are a great option, such as a glass or acrylic pendant light.

Make sure the light is not too close to the sink to ensure ample working space.

The proper lighting above your kitchen sink might become the focal point of your space, so do your research and select the right fixture.

Measure the length and width of the room you wish to illuminate with a single fixture for kitchen ambient lighting, put the numbers together and convert this quantity to inches.

Kitchen lights

The figure represents the optimal width of the fixture. For an 8’x10′ space, an 18″ broad fixture would be suitable.

The typical height for hanging a chandelier in standard usage is 7 feet. However, that may be adjusted for your home based on the size of the fixture, ceiling heights, occupant heights, and so on.

Recessed lighting should be installed exactly above the corners of the counters and spaced approximately 3 feet apart. 6-inch cans can ensure the optimum beam spread.

The smaller the size, the closer the placing of the lights, which will require more openings in your ceiling and more fittings.

Match the color of the fixture with the color of the ceiling, for example, if your kitchen ceiling is white, add white recessed trims to make it appear as if the fixtures vanish into the ceiling.

Consider the size of the fixture as well as its placement when installing under-cabinet lighting.

Always keep the specifics and details of your space in mind. If you are sitting within the light’s line of sight, installing under-cabinet lights at the rear of the cabinet may produce glare.

If you have reflecting countertops and backsplashes, mounting the cabinet lights in front may cause glare.

Kitchen lighting designs

The three most frequently used kitchen lighting types are:

  1. Traditional lights: Traditional style lights are becoming more elaborate with exquisite designs that are embellished with ornamental flourishes and accents.
  2. Modern lights: Modern design lighting has a very clean, streamlined appearance.
  3. Transitional lights: Transitional type lights are less ornate than classic style lighting and are quite adaptable.

Other lighting styles are also available in the market, such as coastal, farmhouse, and industrial.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kitchen Lighting

Which light is best to place above the kitchen sink?

Kitchen lights

A pendant lamp above a kitchen sink is very handy as a task light to wash dishes or prepare a meal. A pendant light’s height is typically 30 to 40 inches above the sink or counter; you can alter this height based on the measurements of the person who uses the sink the most.

Which place is best for installing a kitchen sink light?

A pendant light illuminates the working space while also providing a beautiful accent to your kitchen. To avoid the intense glare from the bulb, it is advisable to get a pendant that covers the bulb on the sides. It is best to install a pendant approximately 30 inches above the work area.

What is the best way to hang a pendant light above the kitchen sink?

Hanging lights above tables and worktops should be placed 30 to 40 inches from the surface to be illuminated to the bottom of the fixture. When calculating the distance to hang the pendant, begin at the countertop rather than the bottom of the sink.

Is it safe to install a light above the kitchen sink?

As a first step, make sure the light fixture is moisture resistant as water splashing may occur often above the sink area.

While hanging a light fixture, you should consider several other factors, such as if it is near water, in direct sunlight, wind, or others.

If it is near a body of water, make sure the light fixture is moisture-resistant.

Moisture-rated light fixtures protect the internal electrical components from moisture, reducing electrical risks and allowing you to install a light fixture above your kitchen sink.

How much distance should you maintain between the light and the sink?

The basic rule of thumb is that light fixtures should be at least 30 inches away from the nearest surface.

This dimension is solely determined based on the height of your ceiling and the distance between the ceiling and your kitchen sink. The space between the ceiling and the countertop must be measured.


If your kitchen does not have enough natural light, task lights for the area above the kitchen sink are a great option.

Regardless of the type of light used, always ensure enough distance between the light and the sink, in order to minimize risks and to keep adequate working space.

The most appropriate lighting for the area above your kitchen sink may become the center point of your kitchen, so always consider all the kitchen details and the space factors before choosing the right fixture.

Showers are no longer only a space to clean, the shower area has become an essential area to revitalize and boost one’s energy with elaborate decors and interiors. A dimly lit bathroom, or one that has improper lighting can turn the relaxing experience of taking a shower into a horrible one.

Shower lighting is an essential and practical aspect in the overall appearance of your bathroom.

Adding extra bright lights within the shower space and installing in-shower lighting can further highlight the space and make it more approachable.

shower lighting fictures

Lighting in the shower area can create a relaxed atmosphere and unconsciously elevate the shower experience.

Dedicated shower lights can be very practical to meet the light levels for different tasks that are part of your daily washing practice.

The most straightforward approach is to install one or two recessed spotlights in the ceiling directly above the shower, which will provide direct bright light to the shower area and offer high visibility.

Several affordable shower lighting options are available on the market to match your bathroom and shower specifics.

Why should you be concerned about your shower lighting?

Shower lighting can provide a beautiful or relaxing element to your bathroom while ensuring enough task lighting. The additional illumination allows you to focus on details for precise tasks, such as shaving.

Smooth illumination levels can contribute to a comfortable mood, just as much as the gentle stream of hot water.

Shower lighting is a necessity

Showers are frequently boxed away as a separate portion of your bathroom, nestled into a corner or sunken into the wall of the space.

shower ighting fixtures

In terms of lighting design, this makes the shower space a separate zone with its own requirements, and in most situations, requiring its own light.

Even in small bathrooms, this zoning is due to the partition, glass partition or a curtain one, that separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom and effectively blocks out a large percentage of the light from the bathroom, making the space appear dark and gloomy.

What factors should you consider when selecting shower lighting?

To select the right shower lights for your space, choose your fixtures to meet your lighting and functional expectations from the space and to match your finishes and interiors.

For example, if you have a habit of shaving in the shower, but the bathroom lighting does not adequately illuminate the space, you may select bright shower lighting solutions.

Careful lighting selection and installation also improves visibility for cleaning your shower walls or plexiglass doors.

Although these concerns are based on the functional needs that necessitate more light, the installation and location of the lights is crucial.

If your main concern is the decor of the bathroom decor rather than increasing the shower light levels, then it would be more appropriate to install the lights outside the shower area.

Outside spaces require damp-rated fixtures which are protected against moisture (such as condensed steam) but not the water itself.

For lights within the shower space, use wet-rated fixtures to guarantee protection against direct water exposure and ensure safe and long-life operation.

Shower lighting ideas

Upon highlighting the reasons why you need shower lights, their location and their water protection requirements, you can look at the different options available and listed in this section to turn the vision or idea you have for your shower into a reality:

Recessed lights

Recessed lighting is by far the most popular and practical alternative for shower lighting as it is readily sealed against moisture.


Simply ensure that the recessed lighting is moisture, wet, or damp-location rated. These fixtures will include specialized trims that seal off the fixture completely and keep water from entering.

These fixtures also have additional safeguards such as rubber gaskets that reduce harm to the light should water infiltrate past the trim.

Recessed lighting is very desirable for shower spaces as it easily fits with and maintains the appearance of the overall space, especially if these lights are installed within the entire bathroom area, making the ceiling appear uniform.

Other types of specialty hidden lighting include LED light bars and innovative custom lighting solutions, such as the color-changing drain lights, which are being more frequently installed in modern spaces.

Recessed lighting can offer both functionality and good aesthetics to the bathroom, helping to create a relaxing and comfortable environment.

Bathroom recessed lighting has a clean, modern appearance that merges well with any bathroom design.

Unlike traditional wall or ceiling-mounted light fixtures, recessed bath lights may be positioned directly above shower stalls or tub sections.

Laser bulbs

Bathrooms often have ceiling fixtures installed throughout the space, however, these types of light fixtures might not emit light the desired light levels.

This does not require a complete purchase of a new lighting fixture, instead, conventional bulbs can be replaced with laser bulbs.

Your bathroom will be flooded with a soft red, green, or blue starry sky that will define your space and make you feel more relaxed.

Laser bulbs can ensure a smoother light, and a peaceful, comforting experience.

Galaxy light

Going beyond conventional lighting solutions, galaxy lights can take your relaxing experience of a steamy, normally lit shower area to a whole new level, with blue-green nebulas and stars surrounding your bathroom.

shower lighting fixtures

These lights can envelop your bathroom in beautiful midnight images, to ensure a heightened sense of comfort and an altogether new showering experience .

Make sure to keep your projector away from water sources, and take it outside the bathroom once done, to guarantee the light source stays dry and to be able to enjoy the experience regularly.

Wall sconces

Although typical bathrooms are generally illuminated from the ceiling to the floor, modern bathrooms are adopting different types and installations of wall sconces.

Installing wall lights with certified wet bulbs allows you to illuminate your shower from within the space rather than have light shining on the area from outside. Wall sconces may be used in either a walk-in shower or a bathtub shower.

Wall lights can be installed at a high level to properly illuminate the area with uniform light, while avoiding contact with excess water.

A laser bulb can also be used with your wall sconces, allowing you to create a particular setting for your space.

Tips for better lighting in shower rooms and cabins

Whether it is a small shower cabin or a massive walk-in shower, every shower needs lighting, and shower lighting differs considerably from the standard living room or kitchen illumination in quite a few ways.

Below are some tips and hints to improve the light in your shower area:

1. Shower light color

Showers are a time to unwind, and the lighting used should be a natural calming light to help with relaxation. Avoid lights with high color temperatures (cool white light) and focus on low color temperature options (warm white).

Dimmable lights with a dimmer switch allow you to manipulate your light levels and temperature outputs (if the fixtures offer multiple color options) to control and change the setting of the shower as required.

You can also use RGBW spots that offer multiple color options and can transform your shower into a true health sanctuary, as these types are useful for color therapy sessions.

2. Shower safety zones

Given the different safety zones in your bathroom, the different locations for your shower lights require different IP values, necessary to safeguard against short circuits and electrocution.

3. Shower lighting options

It is advisable to illuminate a place uniquely to suit your specific needs and desires. Below are some excellent shower lighting options.

Shower ceiling blemishes

The most convenient approach to illuminate a shower is a built-in central point in the ceiling. Two or more locations are required for larger walk-in showers.

Indirect ceiling lights

With walk-in showers, indirect ceiling lighting is a new and growing trend, with new extra-large rain showers that are constructed into the ceiling. The borders of this artificial ceiling are great for installing indirect lighting and can offer a stylish appearance.

Outside the Shower, there is a movable spot

A practical option is installing a movable spot immediately outside the shower area, with an IP value that does not have to be very high.

A vibrant wall

To guarantee a more interesting and comfortable experience during the shower, you can install a light wall.

The light wall is a semi-transparent synthetic panel with an RGBW LED strip on the back. The wall scatters the light and creates a beautiful diffuse glow, allowing you to choose your desired color.

Indirect wall lighting

Recesses in the wall used to store bottles and jars of shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, and so on, can also be a good location for the installation of waterproof LED strips.

4. Provide light from outside the Shower

You can get light from outside by placing eyeball lamps one to two feet away from the shower and directing the bulbs towards the shower.

This method works well in small bathrooms with showers that are separated by a curtain or a transparent glass door.

5. Go for the luminance

To produce an exquisite wash of light in the space, install lighting along with a drop ceiling or at each corner of the shower.

Here are a few fantastic ideas to illuminate your shower area

1. Install an enormous circular light for a modern look

This large, circular light gives a considerable boost to the illumination level in the bathroom, particularly in the shower.

shower lighting fixture

It is a shower lighting design that gives a modern appearance, ideal for a minimalist bathroom’s modern vibe.

The shower’s glass walls keep the whole bathroom well-lit without generating any gloomy or dim regions.

2. Keep the whole space bright

When shopping for the most convenient shower lights, keep the lighting in the bathroom as a whole in mind. If the entire bathroom is well-illuminated, it is much simpler to have a well-lit shower area.

Other ways to keep the entire space light and bright include light paint or tiling hues such as white or pastel blue, in addition to a wide collection of paint colors for negative or low-light spaces.

3. Use the bathroom light for the shower

In smaller bathrooms, you can use the bathroom fixture to make an excellent shower lighting solution. In this case, a lovely light above the mirror also serves as a shower light.

This is an ideal choice for bathrooms with a basin and mirror directly next to the shower, ensuring that the entire space is well-lit.

4. Include additional lighting with dark shower walls

When the shower walls or tiles are dark in color, a brightly lit bathroom can benefit from an additional shower light.

shower lighting fixture

Showers with dark-colored tile may be pretty elegant and make a statement, but it is crucial to ensure they are well-lit.

Although a bathroom may appear to be well-lit, keep in mind that if you have a shower curtain, it will lower the light level in the shower if there is no additional shower lighting.

5. Maximize natural light

Another excellent option for shower lighting is to make use of natural light, in case windows are available in the space. Natural light can create a comfortable and energy saving option for your shower setting.

When constructing your bathroom, try to situate the Shower near the windows so that natural light may enter.

6. Place a wall sconce light in the shower

This option provides a high level bathroom light without requiring the installation of a ceiling spot light.

The wall sconce lamp adds just enough brightness and uniformity to the area, especially with its warmer tone against the background and surroundings.

Wrapping up

When it comes to shower lighting, it is essential to hire a licensed professional to ensure that the installation is done safely and the light operation will not cause damage or electrocution at any point during the fixture’s lifetime. Moreover, avoid fixtures with cloth shades in humid environments since they might get musty and mildew.

Brushed chrome, nickel, and stainless steel finishes outperform cast bronze and brass, which are more fragile and prone to corrosion.

This guide highlights the key features and hints to adopt for choosing shower lights and improving your overall experience.

Exterior residential lighting is just as essential as interior lighting. One should effectively design and planned to provide a comfortable setting that is also safe and fun.

Lighting has a significant impact on the overall appearance of your garden and balcony.

All the lighting details and features from the type of lighting used to the location and orientation of the light make a vast difference in the appearance of the space.

Designers, landscape architects, and lighting specialists have proposed numerous lighting ideas and concepts, giving the public a wide library to choose from for each specific exterior setting.

Thus, outdoor lighting should be functional and aesthetic.

Its purpose is to enhance the productivity of human activities during the night and illuminate developments, transportation hubs, construction sites, as well as public areas, while making these spaces livelier, more productive, safer, more secure, and comfortable.

exterior house lighting

The wide possibilities in terms of systems, types, and installation methods can make the selection process quite difficult.

However, a few simple rules can help you narrow down your options and focus on the exciting aspect which is choosing your light fixtures.

Lighting for Your Outdoor Areas

The exterior of your home is no longer an aesthetic space that has no purpose. People consider their outdoor spaces to be an extension of their home and focus on making them feel more dynamic and versatile.

Furthermore, outdoor lighting is essential in transforming the outdoor space, shifting it from a bland, uninteresting area to a lively and comfortable setting, and using all the types at hand: from landscape lights that compliment a garden or walkway to exterior lighting fixtures that illuminate an outdoor kitchen or patio.

Outdoor lighting systems also contribute to safety as they create a sense of security in the dark and deter burglars from the space, by giving the appearance of an occupied home when the homeowners are away.

Exterior house lighting consists of outdoor wall lights, ceiling fan lights, post lights, hanging lights, and outdoor string lights.

You can use different types to decorate any area, from a small one right in front of the main door, up to the entire patio and garden.

Recent developments in the field

In recent years, LED and Energy Star lighting allowed homeowners to make eco-friendly outdoor lighting choices; especially since standard exterior lights can consume large amounts of energy.

You can use exterior house lighting in a variety of ways, including illuminating a path or steps, lighting a poolside area, highlighting an attractive tree or plant, or providing light in specific patterns over garden elements.

If you find outdoor light fixtures that have exposed bulbs annoying and unattractive, you can select fixtures with frosted glass, seeded glass, wavy glass, or other translucent effects that will conceal the bulb while providing the desired glow.

Landscape lighting complement facade and patio lighting fixtures to further accentuate the home’s exterior features and illuminate the garden.

You can use specific landscape lighting types as a path guide to highlight walkways and driveways. Landscape lighting systems have become much more affordable and straightforward to install in recent years.

It is important to note, however, that security lighting is not the same as landscape lighting.

Whereas landscape lighting is more subtle and has a lower brightness level, security lighting floods an area with bright light, primarily to investigate and intimidate intruders.

One can use several types of lighting fixtures for outdoor spaces, and there are numerous ways to use these types, each of which results in a different style and effect.

This article will highlight ideas to make your home look more attractive using exterior house lighting systems.

How should you plan exterior house lighting?

As a general rule, your outdoor lighting should create a welcoming and safe environment outside of your home. Given the variety in types and designs, the decision process might seem overwhelming.

This section tackles the fundamentals of selecting and positioning your outdoor lighting, in any kind of outdoor space.

Lighting your front door

Your exterior house lighting should illuminate the lock in your door’s main entrance (usually the front door) and assist you in identifying visitors.

Entrance light

Using an outdoor wall light on either side of the door is a good option. Secondary entrances should also be well-lit, a single fixture should suffice in most cases.

Most homeowners prefer decorative outdoor lights at the front door, however, the most important feature in any fixture is providing ample light without causing glare.

It is advisable to go for a design that allows plenty of light to pass through.

Lighting your balcony or deck

Install exterior house lighting fixtures at the same height as your patio furniture cushions to make your deck or patio a practical social space.

This guarantees that when people sit down to enjoy the area, they will not get an annoying glare in their eyes. Carefully study the installation process and the light effect to avoid any future discomfort.

Moreover, when designing outdoor lighting for your patio or deck, pay special attention to areas where there is a lot of activity, such as around the grill or by the pool, and consider adding additional task lighting where required.

Lighting Passages and Staircases

Make sure that your outdoor lighting highlights steps, slopes, or other grade level alterations to ensure your space safety (Deck and step lights are a great idea to use).

staircase lighting

Passage and staircase lights should not be bright but should provide a dim and comfortable effect on the path. This will allow users to walk around with confidence and good visuals.

Choosing a path light that is too bright makes it challenging to see the ground or the surroundings at night. Where required, illuminate these areas with a series of outdoor lighting fixtures, such as landscape path lights.

Lighting your parking area or garage

Consider using a pair of outdoor post lights to define your property at the driveway turn-in.

They do not have to be exceptionally bright to be effective, but you do not want to cut back on quality. Visitors will be able to find your house with the help of these post lights.

Consider installing additional lighting above the garage door for added security. Different light types suit different garage layouts and sizes.

If you have a basketball hoop in your driveway, you can easily illuminate it from the roofline.

Moreover, consider a light with a photodetector or timer that automatically turns on and off, for ease of control and maintenance, and energy savings.

Do You Need Dusk to Dawn Lighting and Security Lighting?

Are there any dark locations on your property that might attract burglars, such as seldom-used side paths or entrances? Security lighting can put your mind at ease.

Motion sensor lights

motion sensor lights

These lights are activated by surrounding activity, making them excellent for security and high-traffic areas of your property, such as entrances and pathways. The range and angle of motion sensors vary depending on the design.

Dusk to dawn lights

These lights are equipped with sophisticated photo sensors that automatically switch them on and off when the sun sets and rises. They are simple electronics, guaranteeing that your outdoor lighting only turns on when needed.

Dusk to dawn and motion sensor lights

These designs incorporate both capabilities in a single light, and these features are not limited to security lighting fixtures. Many types of outdoor lighting are available in both dusk-to-dawn and motion sensor configurations.

Do You Require Outdoor Lights That Can Be Used in Wet or Damp Conditions?

Most outdoor fixtures are designed and manufactured for use in either wet or damp environments. Here is the distinction between the two:

Wet Rated (or Wet Location) fixtures suit areas subject to direct wind and rain. Wet location lighting includes outside wall lights, post lights, and motion sensor lights.

Damp Rated (or Damp Location) fixtures are intended for use in covered patios, pergolas, and other areas that are not directly exposed to rain and moisture. Outdoor ceiling lights and hanging lights are approved for moist use.

How much light do you require?

The look and impact of an exterior house lighting fixture, when lit at night, is the single most significant aspect to consider.

To avoid intense brightness from a single lamp, you should use several outdoor light fixtures simultaneously.

For instance, outside wall lights are installed at the front and side doors, in addition to lighting surrounding the garage door or an outdoor ceiling light in the carport, and path lights to define the approach to the front door.

While transparent glass is used in many outdoor lighting, you may desire a different aesthetic.

Other options include frosted or opal glass, textured transparent glass, or fixtures with integrated LED light sources. Consider RLM lighting, which focuses and reflects the light downwards for more focused illumination.

Is there anything else you should be aware of? 

Some states, such as California, require outdoor lighting fixtures to be energy efficient or Dark Sky certified to reduce light pollution.

There may also be local legal restrictions or homeowners’ association guidelines regarding the types of outdoor lighting used. Before you buy, make sure you are aware of and comply with the requirements in your area.

How do you select the best place for outdoor lighting?

There are various options available depending on where you wish to add lighting.

Ceiling & hanging lights

Covered Patios and Porches are the best places to use these lights.

exterior house lighting

Ceiling lights and hanging lights are excellent choices if you require additional light to your porch, or if you don’t have enough space for wall lights.

These lights, designed for moist environments – but not to direct rain exposure – can offer a bright and stunning addition.

Wall lights

Porches, patios, entryways, and garages are the best places to install wall lights.

Wall lights, the traditional front or back porch light, can go on practically any vertical surface.

Wall lights, one of the most widely visible exterior fixtures, are a long-lasting and stylish method to brighten your home and outdoor spaces.

Security lights

These lights go best with walkways, alleys, and garages.

Motion sensor lights are motion-activated and are a great choice for a safe and secure property. Security lights provide a robust and flood-like light that deters potential attackers.

Post lights and pier mount lights

Driveways, walkways, and patios are the best locations for installing these types of lights.

As the name implies, post lights are fixtures that go on top of posts.

Most post lights come “wet rated,” which means they survive direct exposure to rain and moisture as they generally function in open-air settings such as driveways and walkways.

The diameter of the post (also known as a pole) required varies depending on the design. You may find specific suggestions on the product description pages.

Pier mount lights are similar to post lights in appearance, but they stand on top of columns or walls.

The use of adaptors allows you to mount post-light fixtures on top of columns or walls.

Landscape lights

garden lighting

Gardens and landscape features are the most practical locations for landscape lights.

Landscape lighting is generally a low voltage system that covers a range of wall and ceiling lights. You can utilize path, spot, and floodlights in tandem to give your property a rich, layered appearance.

What are the reasons to buy outdoor lights?

There are three main reasons to purchase Outdoor Lighting Systems:

Recognizing the advantages of outdoor lighting can allow you to develop a lighting strategy that fits your needs and desires.

Below are three reasons why you might want to install lights on the outside of your house.

1. Enhances Curb Appeal with Outdoor Lighting:

Outdoor lighting adds a great ambiance to any property.

A post light at the end of the driveway, for example, adds a welcoming touch. Installing lights in various areas and at different levels gives a tiered appearance with optimum curb appeal.

2. Outdoor Lighting Creates a Uniform Aesthetic:

To achieve a coherent look, utilize fixtures in the same style or from the same lighting collection.

3. Outdoor Lighting Improves Safety and Security:

Ensure there is enough light where you need it, particularly near entrances, patios, and walkways.

An ultimate buying guide for exterior house lighting

The days of lighting the exterior of your home with a single wall or post light are long gone.

With growing attention on outdoor areas, proper choice and installation are essential for your home’s overall appearance and value.

It is critical to select exterior lighting fixtures that complement your home and provide ample light layers.

Luckily, most exterior light fixtures are available as part of a defined collection, making it simple to match your items if you wish to do so.

Before making a purchase, plan well and determine which types of outdoor light fixtures you want and need, and which of these types can also match your house architecture and your outdoor settings.

1. Exterior wall lights

2. Exterior post lights

3. Exterior ceiling lights

4. Exterior hanging lights

Exterior Wall lights

The most common exterior light fixture traditionally come in pairs to illuminate a home’s entrance from the house’s outer walls.

Exterior Post lights

These exterior fixtures illuminate areas that are not connected to the house, such as the driveway or sidewalk.

Post lights are an excellent option for homes with long driveways or large outdoor entertaining areas, such as swimming pools. Post lights cast a uniform general light that creates a welcoming ambiance.

Exterior Ceiling lights

exterior ceiling lights

These light fixtures are typically flush mounted and are similar to their indoor counterparts, but more weatherproof.

They are one of the most cost-effective outdoor lighting options for homes with covered porches and can provide ample general light to a space.

Additionally, they can be installed in the ceilings of garages and carports, and above front doors.

Exterior Hanging lights

Covered front porches can accommodate outdoor hanging lights that give the entrance a unique style.

Hanging lights vary in style from simple to elaborate, and from traditional to more modern. In fact, outdoor chandeliers are becoming increasingly popular.

Outdoor hanging lights, as opposed to standard outdoor ceiling lights, are ideal for sloped ceilings and provide more uniform light.

If you are considering replacing your outdoor lighting, you might want to explore models that comply with specific environmental regulations.

A growing number of states and municipalities are enacting legislation requiring energy-efficient lighting or Dark Sky lighting. Even if your local legislation does not have specific requirements, the investment may be well worth it.

Dark Sky

Dark Sky-approved fixtures reduce light pollution, which is a growing problem in urban areas. Light pollution dims the night sky’s visibility, disrupts circadian rhythms, and harms ecosystems.


LED outdoor lights are a great way to save money on energy and replacement bulbs. Several LED fixtures have built-in light sources, so you do not have to worry about replacing bulbs and they produce bright and practical light that is great for any environment.


Outdoor fixtures that use compact fluorescent bulbs come under Energy Star, though not all of them. Indoor and outdoor Energy Starlights have been tested and approved to meet specific energy requirements and can help you save money.

Outdoor lights, in particular, benefit greatly from Energy Star efficiency because they function frequently for extended periods.

Outdoor light fixtures can brighten your entrance area, illuminate a balcony, or shed light on the poolside.

The following section explores the different outdoor lighting styles and highlights types, sizes, features, and helpful hints.

Remember that outdoor lighting fixtures tend to last more than a decade, so it’s important to make sure you are making the right decision for your outdoor space.

Explore exterior house lighting designs

There are a variety of designs to study for exterior lighting. Before making a rash purchase, determine which outdoor light design you desire for your space.

Traditional, transitional, and contemporary are the three most common outdoor lighting styles. Additionally, industrial, farmhouse, and craftsmen are the other types.


exterior house lighting

Outdoor lights are frequently ornate, with elegant decorative touches such as curving hooks and flourishes. Traditional outdoor lights have styles inspired by classic decor eras, such as Colonial or Craftsman.


These outdoor lights have some design elements in common with traditional lights, but they are not as ornate. As a result, they are very adaptable to a wide range of homes.


These outdoor lights have a streamlined and minimalist design, often with geometric accents. Innovative designs enabled by LED lighting are standard.


These outdoor lights (also known as Mission outdoor lights) have a clean, simple design with Spanish and Art Deco influences. You can also find amber-colored or specialty art glass options.


industrial outdoor lighting

The style of these outdoor lights takes influence by factories from the early twentieth century. Popular shades are made of solid metal and cage details. Coastal outdoor lighting involves rust-proof items that are also industrial elements.


These outdoor lights combine traditional and vintage style elements to create a flawless lighting appearance and a popular country flair.

Choosing the right size of outdoor lighting

Wall Lights for the Front Porch:

This is usually the most visible fixture on your property, so it’s important to select appropriately. Here is a quick formula:

Hanging and ceiling lights

Piers mount lights

exterior house lighting

Anatomy of Outdoor Fixture:

Finial: An ornamental decoration at the top or bottom of a light fixture.

Glass panel: It shades the light sources of the chandelier.

Glass Holder: The glass holder or cup connects the glass panels, the frame, and the light source.

Roof: A stylized roof protects the fixture’s lights.

Fitter: Sometimes known as a post cap. It is a device that secures a light fixture to a post (post lights only).

Cage frame: A structural element that holds the glass panels to form the fixture’s shape.

Are these lights long-lasting?

If you’re going to use an outdoor wall light or post light, make sure it’s certified for use in direct rain and weather exposure.

Also, if you’re hanging a lamp beneath a covered area, like a porch or a roof overhang, it should have a damp rating.

Choose an exterior house lighting fixture constructed of durable materials for harsh weather environments and high humidity regions such as beach and lake residences.

Other useful information

For lights used in covered locations, look for a UL damp location certification. Wet location ratings are required for lights directly exposed to the weather elements.

If you’re lighting a seaside property, choose fixtures with durable marine-grade resin or solid metal, which are more resistant to salty air.

So, before purchasing outdoor lights, check your local and state regulations, as well as restrictions from your homeowner association. There might be specific rules regarding light pollution or energy efficiency about outdoor lighting.

For example, you should use Dark Sky certified fixtures to restrict the overall illumination in your house.

Dark Sky illumination prevents light pollution, obstructing our view of the stars, disturbing ecosystems, and altering human circadian cycles.

Also, you may look for Energy Star outdoor fixtures, which consume significantly less energy and help you save money and the environment.


Exterior house lighting is not simply a light source for a specific lux level, it defines the perspective of your house, and determines the aesthetics and style of your space and environment.

This article offers a guide to help you choose from a wide variety of options on the market, to select several high-quality types that can satisfy your operational, safety, and ambiance desires.

A thorough and well-planned house renovation will not only be a fun activity for you, but it can also be therapeutic.

And one of the main targets to ensure a proper glow, coziness and comfort of the house is a lighting renovation, to match the furniture, carpentry and interior redesign.

LED lights can be used to create a festive atmosphere, to decorate your space, illuminate cove details or to draw attention to a specific decor or architectural feature.

LED lighting has a significant impact on the overall ambiance of your indoor and outdoor spaces and an increasing number of designers, contractors, and homeowners are retrofitting the lighting in the house with LED lighting, specifically the kitchen area.

When strategically placed, each lighting element is critical for properly illuminating the space, providing safety, security, and style, and making the area appear more significant.

At night, LED lighting illuminating the facade and garden gives focus to architectural elements, and can create a dynamic, exciting and unique appearance to your house.

Landscape lighting brightens the house and helps create a multi-functional space.

LED brea lights installed within your home’s steps are a great way to improve the curb appeal, visibility, and safety of your home while limiting trips and falls.

LED lights are also critical for safety.

Outdoor shadows and dark spots can make certain areas appear less safe and can increase the chance of accidents, which is why professional lighting calculations must be completed before installation , and the lights must be properly configured to cover the entire outdoors space.

There are several types of brea lights on the market, with a wide variety of sizes, lighting effects that can meet a range of needs and purposes.

LED brea lights may be quite familiar for you, as many households and commercial spaces have LED lights or LED light decorations.

To determine how brea lights fit in your home and their overall advantage, this article will highlight options and details to assist you in your selection process, and guide you towards the most convenient choices for your specific requirements.

What is an LED Brea light?

LED lights are well-suited to a variety of applications due to their high efficiency, directional nature, as well as their capacity to operate without chemicals and with no UV ray emissions.

LED lights are also completely recyclable, which can help you significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

One LED light can replace approximately 25 incandescent light bulbs over its lifetime, thus greatly saving on materials and production costs.

LED lights are made of one or several microchips that conduct an electrical current, illuminating the light sources and producing visible light.

Where can LED Brea lights be used?

Below are a few recommendations on locations to install the LED brea lights, where they can provide the best value.


Led wall lights can be used in any room, both inside and outside. When used in conjunction with ceiling lights, a wall-mounted fixture provides additional illumination, however, using Led brea lights instead of overhead lighting fixtures can create a smoother effect and remove glare.

Bathrooms (vanity)

Vanity lights are essential elements in bathroom light layering: To eliminate the shadows cast by overhead lights, place wall fixtures on either side of a mirror.

Desk lamps

A wall-mounted swing-arm light is a practical alternative to a traditional desk lamp in an office or craft room, freeing up horizontal surfaces for tasks.

Furthermore, picture lights enhance the appearance of the artwork, while wall-mounted spotlights highlight the details of niches, sculptures, and other architectural elements.


Outdoor wall lights are commonly used in porches and exterior walls to improve safety and security, even though many designers prefer to incorporate a decorative touch for safety features.

Wall lights are an excellent addition to rooms with overhead lighting and floor/table lamps. They contribute to the ambiance and brighten corners that might otherwise become dark after twilight.

To simulate the effect of natural light coming in, try flanking large windows with wall sconces or adding a wall light near a particularly dark corner or next to a doorway to illuminate your way into the room.

Furthermore, having all of your lights on separate switches gives you more control over your light settings. Wall lights are especially well-suited to dimmer switches, which allow you to modify the area’s ambiance.

What are the possible benefits of using an LED Brea wall light?

There are numerous advantages to using these lights.

Best LED Brea wall light

Picking the proper wall light is generally not complicated as there are a few basic types to focus on:

There are many various types of LED lights on the market, and before purchasing a product, you must consider the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

This breakdown will narrow down your choices and allow you to select based on your particular needs.

1. Brea square LED wall light – White – Simple installation

Brea LED wall light - White

The Brea square Led wall light is an excellent choice that is appropriate for almost any space and application. It includes a complete LED driver and is very simple to set up.


It has the following technical specifications:

Key Features:

2. Brea square LED wall light – Aluminium – Smart & Sleek design

Brea LED wall light - Aluminium

This Light is not only cost efficient, but will also help to protect the environment by releasing fewer carbon emissions.

It is available in two different color temperatures, which allow you to enjoy different lighting outputs based on your environment.


—> It is available with the following technical information:

Key Features:

How many Brea lights do you need?

The location and height of your wall lights is critical to maximizing their effectiveness. Install them at eye level (5.5 to 6 feet), though the height of your ceilings and the size of the fixture will play a role.

It is important to remember that no matter how high your wall light is hung, you should never come into contact with an exposed Light bulb (except, of course, in the case of stylized fixtures that purposely feature bare decorative bulbs).

In hallways, led wall lights are commonly used, however be careful of installing an excessive amount of wall lights, as the long, dark corridor can start to resemble a runway.

You should decide on the height and spacing depending on the lumen output and your space requirements, however, on average, one light fixture installed every 8 to 10 feet should be enough.

Staggering the lights so that they do not line up throughout the corridor is a more natural pattern; and fewer or more fixtures may make a statement.

Take into account how far your fixture protrudes from the wall: Low-profile fixtures are best suited for narrower halls, stairwells, and high-traffic areas near borders.

ADA-compliant fixtures are an excellent choice because they are no more than 4″ deep, and thanks to LEDs, they are frequently much slimmer, allowing for maximum clearance.

How do you match Brea lights to your room’s décor?

An important first step before considering options or installing them is to determine the use and purpose of the light.

Determine whether your requirement is primarily decorative or functional.

Although there are many options that combine form and function, you can narrow down your choices significantly by deciding whether you want your wall light to blend in or stand out.

Buying guide

Frequently asked questions

Why do I require wall lights?

Wall lights are essential components of well-layered lighting, adding beauty and utility to overall design schemes.

Where should I use wall lighting?

You can use Led wall lights in any room, for vanity lighting, and for indoors and outdoors spaces.

Wrapping up

LED brea wall lights are great options that can instantly add ambiance to your space while also saving energy. The variety of LED Brea lights and options available on the market, allows for a wide range of choices to meet your lighting intent.

Before purchasing LED lights, properly define your application and area constraints and details, as well as your options for installation, power consumption, and colors.

In general, it is advisable to direct the lights upwards toward your wall. Well planned brea lights can have a significant impact on the space and can greatly accentuate the light levels, interiors and space

Bamboo pendant lights are becoming popular solutions for space lighting and overall room décoration.

Often lighting enthusiasts look for products that can simultaneously fulfill lighting and decoration functions that usually go hand in hand. This is the reason why lighting products have become more advanced and intricate over time.

Today, a wide range of bamboo pendant light products are available on the market. This article will highlight the 10 best bamboo pendant lights to buy in Australia.

What is a bamboo pendant light?

Bamboo Pendant light is a modern light source that includes a light fixture hanging from the ceiling.

It can be typically suspended by a cord, metal rod, or chain, and the material from which the fixture is manufactured is mostly bamboo.

5 places to install bamboo pendant lights

Bamboo Pendant Lights are a great light source that not only fulfills space lighting requirements but also enhances the space décor.

Nowadays, bamboo pendant lights are becoming popular, with advanced trends including modern light sources.

One of the main reasons for their increased popularity is their versatile design and appealing overall illumination. Due to their versatile nature, these pendants can be installed in all types of spaces with different interiors, ranging from traditional to stylish ones.

Bed Rooms

Pendant lights are a great fit for bedside use. If you lack space for bedside lamps on your side tables, pendant lights can be suspended over the bedsides with focused lamp-like lighting.

For bedside use, pendant lights with slim construction and focused illumination are the most suitable.


Kitchens need a rich and dynamic lighting experience, and pendant lights can be a great option for improving space lighting and kitchen décors.

Pendants can either be centrally installed or installed over benchtops for focused task lighting. Warm-themed pendant lights are specifically popular for kitchen purposes.


First impressions are typically a point of concern, which is why entryways are often carefully studied from a decorative perspective, in order to provide a glowing entrance appearance.

Pendant lights are great options to use for enhancing entryways, specifically those with wide constructions and multiple bulb holders to enhance the appearance of the entrance.


Space lighting in washrooms is often a challenging task. Pendant lights can be a very convenient light source for washroom lighting.

They can be installed in the center of the space or above the basin and mirrors.

Restaurants and coffee shops

One of the most versatile usages of pendant lights is their usage in restaurants, bars, and coffee shops.

These settings require a contrasting light experience to the customer to ensure an ambient and relaxing environment. Pendant lights are a great fit for such locations to provide comfortable and minimal illumination.

Best bamboo pendant lights summary

Best bamboo pendant lights reviews

1. Logan Pendant Light – Slim built

Logan Pendant light is a slim and stylish pendant light. The fixture has an elegantly designed timber frame that is elongated and holds a simple glass shade.

It is a great option for warm-themed interiors due to its soft tones. Logan is an ideal pendant light for over-counter bars and kitchen use.

Key Features

2. Erika Pendant Light – Graceful finish

Erika Pendant Light has a graceful design that makes it a great décor enhancement and space lighting item. Its beautiful design, combining timber wood and glass, gives it a refined warm look.

Another great feature of Erika Pendant light is the glass-encased timber framing that makes it a suitable item for all kinds of spaces.

Key Features

3. Kikki Pendant Light – Minimalistic look

Kikki Pendant Light has a modern design that gives a very minimalist impression and offers a decorative touch to the space. It is precisely constructed from a combination of timber and glass.

Its sophisticated design makes it a resourceful article for space décor and lighting. Thus, the Kikki Pendant Light is a good fit for a wide range of spaces, including kitchens, bars, offices, and restaurants to enhance the space appearance.

Key Features

4. Maya22 Pendant Light – Compact size

The Maya22 Pendant Light is available in 2 diverse colors to choose from, to match your space requirements. This fixture is unique as its design was influenced by a Mexican hat characterized by a large brim.

Moreover, the pendant has an attractive build, combining solid timber and metal. Along with its beautiful construction, its compact brim size makes it a suitable option for space lighting in small and congested areas.

Maya22 can be a good fit for your bedside use, for kitchens, dining rooms, and even for corporate offices.

Key Features

5. Parker Pendant Light – Simple design

Parker Pendant Light has a very popular design that makes it a good fit for all kinds of space uses. It is constructed from durable material, combining metal and timber in a resourceful and appealing design.

Parker Pendant light is a great addition to all kinds of interiors. Its metal body and teak-colored solid timber top make it an attractive component of modern spaces.

In fact, it is a good fit for home use in living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms as well as for corporate and commercial purposes.

Key Features

6. Olga Pendant Light – Traditional option

Olga Pendant Light is an advanced design of the standard pendant light that includes an option to install multiple bulbs. 3 bulbs can be fixed into its frame to enjoy brighter spaces without compromising the space décor requirements.

Olga comes with a durable construction of wrought iron and timber, giving it a dominant and solid outlook. This appearance makes the pendant a very good fit for traditional purposes in different types of spaces.

Moreover, its strong build makes it a durable product with a long-lasting efficient performance.

Key Features

7. Blade60 Pendant Light – Elegant design

Blade60 Pendant Light is an incredibly fascinating product that can enhance different kinds of spaces. Its broad design and wide shade make it a great fit for open spaces like living rooms, lounges, and lobbies.

It is beautifully designed and well-crafted from bamboo combined with acrylic, resulting in an attractive and unique design. Blade60 can be a great addition for residential, commercial, and corporate spaces to enhance your interior design with this elegant product.

Key Features

8. Finn3 Pendant Light – Creative design

Finn3 Pendant Light is a beautiful pendant light that has a uniquely adaptable creative design and construction. It is a durable product made of iron and wood, and constructed with utmost precision.

Finn3, has a unique construction that makes it an amazing fit for traditional industrial and rustic interiors.

Moreover, it hosts 3 lamp holders to install bulbs of your choice. The candle-like holder design makes it a fine product to utilize in dark places to mimic cozy candle lights.

Key Features

9. Trump 10L Pendant Light – Best illumination

Trump 10L Pendant Light is a massive product for large spaces and big rooms that can ensure a highly illuminated space.

It has a solid construction that combines timber, glass, and metal. Trump 10L is a versatile and stylish product that is fitted with 10 lamp holders for bulbs of your choice.

This product will greatly accentuate all kinds of interior decorative spaces and fits well with traditional in addition to classic interiors given its precise and geometric structure.

The Trump Pendant pendant is a great fit for living rooms, lobbies, meeting rooms, corporate offices, and product showrooms.

Key Features

10. Willow 8L Pendant Light – Fine construction

Willow 8L Pendant Light is one of the finest and most elegant products among available pendant lights.

Its immensely modern design and elegant colors give it a refined and very distinguished look that can create a wonderful effect on interior spaces.

The willow 8 pendant light is constructed from a fine combination of teak-colored timber, simple opal matt glass shades, and a beautiful cloth-covered suspension chain.

This product offers the option to install 8 bulbs in its holders to brightly illuminate open spaces with high levels of light.

Key Features

Frequently asked questions

What material are pendant lights constructed from?

Pendant lights can be manufactured and constructed from a wide range of construction materials depending upon the product and the desired effect. Some are constructed from a combination of bamboo and timber, while many types incorporate metal and glass too. The suspension can be made either from metal or plastic wires or metal chains.

Where can I use my pendant lights?

Pendant lights are a versatile product that fit well in different types of spaces. They can be used in bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, kitchen, washroom, offices, lobbies, restaurants, and meeting rooms.

Do pendant lights come with a warranty?

Pendant lights are usually available with a warranty; however, the warranty duration depends upon the product. Most of the Pendant Light products come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Wrapping up

Pendant Lights are versatile products in the lighting scene that can work well with various kinds of interiors and spaces. They not only fulfill space lighting requirements but can also help enhance your interior décor and appearance.

A variety of pendant lights are available on the market; and proper planning is required to make a suitable selection. This article can serve as a guide for comparing features and details between the options, to help you select the most suitable pendant that meets your requirements, interior spaces and budget range.

A bathroom wall light can be a key element in making your bathroom space more attractive and comfortable.

Bathroom wall lights can breathe new life into your space with subtle and effective models that can cause a considerable shift in the appearance.

Choosing the right bathroom light can be a challenging task given the massive range of choices available on the market.

This article attempts to make the taks less daunting and confusing, by highlighting the top ten bathroom wall lights to match specific requirements.

What is bathroom wall lighting?

Bathroom lighting includes all lighting fixtures that can be fixed onto walls and offer a stylish way of illuminating the bathroom.

They are available in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes, but all should have the mechanism to get fixed to a vertical surface and provide an additional source of light, without taking too much space.

A bathroom is made up of different lighting zones, divided for safety purposes around the water sources, and the distance between the lighting unit and the water source will determine what type of light can safely be used.

Task lighting is usually used for the vanity area and is referred to as vanity and mirror lights – their sole purpose is to provide lighting to the bathroom vanity area.

Where should bathroom vanity lights be installed?

Vanity lights should be installed on either side of the bathroom mirror about 36 to 40 inches apart and should be placed about 66 inches from the floor.

Best bathroom lights summary

Best bathroom lights reviews

1. Goth 1L Wall Light – Brass + Clear Glass – Most Stylish

The Goth 1L Wall Light features a delicate glass shade that is fixed to a brass rod by black tubing; the result is a mixture of industrial and urban design.

Finished with your choice of globes, this wall light will create a welcoming light that is very stylish.

Key Features

The Goth 1L Wall Light – Brass + Clear Glass has the following product features:

2. Sara 5L Wall Light – Matt White – Most Classy

The Sara 5L Wall Light features a modern, linear design with a unique and distinctive style that can complement your modern décor.

Update your bathroom lighting, or enhance a feature wall with this stunning design. The Sara 5L Wall Light – Matt White is available with the following options:

Key Features

The Sara 5L Wall Light – Matt White has the following product features:

3. Darcy 20w LED Wall Light – Chrome – Best Durability

Darcy 20W bathroom light

The Darcy 20w LED Wall Light has a modern design with a contemporary straight line. The acrylic diffuser is ideal to reduce glare, and the metal body makes this vanity bathroom light very sturdy.

Moreover, this wall light has a weatherproof rating of IP20, allowing installation in bathrooms that are well ventilated.

Key Features

The Darcy 20w LED Wall Light has the following product features:

4. Greta II 18w LED Wall Light – Best Overall

The Greta II 18w LED Wall Light is a perfect addition to any bathroom, en suite, or even to your laundry area.

The adjustable head (up and down tilt) is housed in a slim design, allowing the Greta II Wall Light to provide ample light with minimal shadows.

Key Features

The Greta II 18w LED Wall Light has the following product features:

5. Nova 2L Wall Light – Chrome – Best Design

Nova 2L bathroom light

The Nova 2L Wall Light is traditional yet contemporary in design. This wall light is ideally suited for vanities and hallways.

The Nova wall light features a bronze-colored frame and white opal matt glass shades, resulting in a very elegant design.

Key Features

The Nova 2L Wall Light – Bronze has the following product features:

6. Oras 24w LED Wall Light – Chrome – All round Usage

Oras 24W LED Bathroom Light

The Oras 24w LED Wall Light offers the option to alternate the LED light color between 3000k, 4000k, and 5000k via an internal switch.

This vanity light is ideal for diverse locations and environments with its IP44 rating.

Key Features

The Oras 24w LED Wall Light – Chrome has the following specifications:

7. Rivoli 1L Wall Light – Bronze ­­­– Best in Trend

Rivoli 1L Bathroom Light

The Rivoli 1L Wall Light can add an elegant touch to the décor of the space. This versatile fixture can be installed with the light directed up or down.

Key Features

The Rivoli 1L Wall Light – Bronze has the following product features:

8. Goth 4L Wall Light – Brass + Opal Glass – Best for large bathrooms

The Goth 4L Wall Light features delicate glass shades that are fixed on brass rods with black tubing, resulting in a very industrial and urban design.

Different globe options are available for this light that will create an attractive and stylish light. The Goth Wall Light is a Replica Ian K Fowler Bistro Collection.

Key Features

The Goth 4L Wall Light – Brass + Opal Glass has the following product features:

9. Dover 2L Wall Light – Chrome – Best for large bathrooms

Dover 2L Bathroom Light

The Dover 2L Wall Light is traditional yet contemporary in design and is ideally suited to vanities and hallways.

The Dover wall light features a polished chrome frame and white opal glass shade, making an elegant design. This wall light can be positioned with the glass shades facing up or down.

Key Features

The Dover 2L Wall Light – Chrome has the following product features:

10. Benson 1L Wall Light – Chrome – Best for large bathrooms

Benson 1L Bathroom Light

The Benson 1L Wall Light is a simple and classic lighting source. This fixture can be installed upwards or downwards to direct the light in the direction of choice, to create a more attractive and specific appearance.

This item goes great in traditional-styled homes, adding warmth and coziness to the spaces.

Key Features

The Benson 1L Wall Light – Chrome has the following product features:

Best bathroom lights buying guide

One essential point to always keep in mind is separating electricity and water, which makes the task for choosing and installing bathroom lighting more complicated.

The bathroom is covered by stringent safety regulations in terms of installing electrical equipment, so you’ll need to hire a qualified and experienced electrician to perform the job.

Here is a list of factors to consider before purchasing bathroom lights:

Color of the light

The color of the bathroom light is one of the most important factors to consider, as it will determine the appearance of your bathroom.

Price tag

Make sure you allocate a budget before embarking on the selection process, in order not to waste time with types outside your range.

Material of the light

To avoid electrical problems resulting from water splashes and contact with water, select bathroom lights made from materials that don’t conduct electricity like plastic.


Bathroom lights with high CRI levels between 90 and 100 CRI display the most accurate colors. If the bathroom light has a CRI lower than 70 CRI, the colors would be dull.

IP rating

The higher the IP rating, the more resistant the light will be to dust, water and friction.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy bathroom vanity lighting?

As the nation’s largest specialty lighting retailer, Lamps Plus has a large selection of bathroom and bathroom vanity lights in a wide range of styles.

From modern to traditional, including LED and classic incandescent, you can be confident of finding the best bath light for your home.

Are there plug-in lighting fixtures available for bathrooms?

The majority of bathroom lighting fixtures are hardwired and connected to the wall switches in your bathroom. Plug-in lighting is generally not used in bathrooms due to the prevalence of moisture and condensation.

How do I install or change a bathroom light fixture?

Installing or changing hardwired fixtures such as bathroom lighting fixtures can sometimes be a complicated affair.

We generally do not recommend attempting this yourself unless you are a professional electrician.

How do I clean bathroom light fixtures?

To remove dust from your fixtures, it is best to carefully wipe them down using a microfiber cloth or other soft sheet that will not scrape the finish.

If you notice rust spots appearing on your fixtures, you can use vinegar or a rust removing solution along with a soft cloth or towel.

Wrapping up

Overall, bathroom wall lighting is a great addition that can revive your bathroom space, and improve your vanity area experience for a number of uses throughout the day.

Bathroom wall lights are simple additions that are generally worth the time and effort to buy and purchase, as they can make the space more personal.

This guide highlights the industry recommendations and typical factors to consider when choosing bathroom wall lights, to help you make informed and well-planned selections that will meet your specific needs.



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